Chapter 2: First Contact With JSDF

Commander Tel of the First Recon looked through his Macrobinoculars to find any life forms within their distance. They found none. Little did they know there was one behind them.

"Find anything Commander?"

"None," Tel said as he put his Macrobinoculars down. As they turn around, they can see two beings with dark skin. Surprisingly they came out of nowhere. The Clone walked up to the dark skinned people as communication tried to begin. One of them held a comlink to send a Protocol droid over for communication.

Later as they tried to communicate, the protocol droid arrived with a clone trooper with a speeder. The Dark Elves were surprised to see a carriage of unknown and as well a golden human figure made of metal, with glowing eyes that can't blink. Commander Tel went up to the protocol droid and asked him, "Who are you?"

"Why I am C3PO Human Cyborg Relations. I heard you need translations?" he asked

"Yes, the two behind you"

3PO turned around with his mechanical body to find two dark elves one is a female and one is a male. Their heads tiled to the side in confusion.

"Oh, well Hello I am C3PO human-cyborg relations, I am here to translate your words" 3PO spoke in the Dark Elf language.

"You can understand us?" The Dark Elf female name Yao Ro Dushi asked

"Why yes I am programmed to speak over six million languages"

"That many!" Yao asked with a surprised look.

"Why yes, where we come from, there are many species and we need to translate their dialogue and writings to understand. So would you like to begin communications?" 3PO asked

"Yes" Yao said

The communication between the two began as 3PO constantly have to turn from side to side to understand each other.

"My name is Commander Tel and this is my Reconnaissance team. From the Galactic Republic" he said as 3PO turned to the Elves to speak in their languages.

"His name is Commander Tel, A Commander of the Galactic Republic" 3PO said

The two elves were surprised. The male dark elf is known to be the chief of the forest. He then began speaking "I have never heard of this Galactic Republic, where is it located?"

"The Republic lies in the stars. We are known to travel in between worlds and stars" 3PO said

The dark Elves were shocked with this revelation. These people visited the stars, for them it's impossible. They are just too far up to reach. Even their moon is too far. Could these be gods or something?

"Commander Tel, are you people from the Gate that lies beyond Alnus Hill?"

"No, we come from another place. According to some of the Imperial's we captured this hill is not named, it's just a random hill. That lies within the Saderan Empire. What do you mean by other people?"

"Well rumors have been going around saying there are these people in green outfits who defeated the Empire at Alnus Hill. They have these magical staff that shoot fire. They had weapons similar to yours" The Chief said as he gestured his hands.

"Shoot fire? Interesting" Commander Tel said

"What does he mean by that?"

"Probably referring to weapons similar to what we have, only probably this other army may have outdated weapons than ours. So you said men in green?" he asked


"Where is this Alnus Hill?"

General Jel and his Padawan were helping out the Clones carrying crates of boxes to the storage area. Where it held various stuff like weapons, food, water, and other supplies. It was until one of the Clones came up to Jel speaking to him.

"General Jel, Commander Tel has found other intelligent life forms while doing his reconnaissance"

"I see, what is this lifeform?" He asked

"The species they encountered are called dark elves"

"Dark Elves? What are they like?"

"Near-human species, but have dark skin ,and pointy ears like your Padawan"

"Interesting, Inform Commander Tel that I will be there"

"Right away" the clone said as he walked away to inform Commander Tel in another location

Jen walked up to her master in curiosity. Wondering if she needs to come along as well "Master, am I coming along with you?"

"Yes my Padawan. Jedi are known to be negotiators. We are the go-in between" Jel said as he turned to Commander Tel "Commander Tel, I need a droid to scan any lifeforms nearby instead of Dark Elves"

"Right away sir" Tel said as he walked up to some group of clones that were sitting down dilly dallying. As the Commander saw this, he yelled through his helmet. "HEY GUYS, I NEED YOU TO DO SOMETHING"

"Yes Commander anything you wish?"

"I need a droid to scan the planet for any life forms available"

"Yes sir"

(Imperial Senate)

Two days have passed, All senators of Sadera came together to talk not just about the war against Japan, but also the announcements of an unexpected Gate opened up near Schwartz Forest. Marquis Casel el Tiberius is known to be the leader of the Imperial Senate.

"My lord there is an unexpected anomaly that just happened. It appears that another Gate has opened up unexpectedly. According to reports, it led them to a world where towers reached up to the heavens and also flying carriages flying in the sky. This is something that would be made by the gods, but no reports to see any gods."

Senators began to mumble about these reports of an unexpected Gate opened up in a place where towers reached up to the heavens and many carriages. They don't have their allies anymore since they were sacrificed to the other enemy. So there is really no point of sending an army towards this other Gate. The only way they can take back the two gates is rebuilding the army, but it would take months or years to do such a thing.

"Do you know where this other gate is located?" Emperor Molt asked

"It is located near Schwartz Forest. Though I don't know the precise location" Tiberius said

Imperial Senators continue to mumble on one another about the location of the second Gate located in Schwartz Forest.

"We shall not worry about it" Molt said as he made hand gestures we need to focus more on the main enemy. For the time being, I want information on this other Gate and the new enemy immediately"

"Yes sir" Tiberius said

Commander Tel and his Recon team were riding on their vehicles to continue to do bio-scans. As they went to a precise location, they parked their vehicles and got off it. Commander Tel began ordering the whole Clones to begin a planetary bio-scans on the planet. A Clone Trooper named Lur or known as CT-2853 holds up a device with two antennas beginning a Bio-Scan. In Bioscan device, they can detect thousands of lifeforms, even communication transmissions (according to Wookiepedia). As the Clonetrooper continues to use it, they have detected some background voices. Through the speaker. Lur went up to Commander Tel to inform about this information.

"Commander Tel, I have detected an unknown communication. Take a listen at this"

Commander Tel listens to the voice that can be heard through the bioscan. It was very clear that they were speaking in an unknown language and not the Galactic Basic. Clearly it can't be the Saderan Empire since they are in a primitive state of technology. Could this communication be the people in Green?

"According to our scans, the Interception is within 10 miles from here" Lur said (note: from their location is 10 miles ahead to Alnus Base. From the Republic Outpost to Schwartz Forest is about 0.5 Miles. Their current location is between Alnus Hill and Italica..)

"This could be the people in green that Yao mentioned. In her words, they speak in a very different language. So this could be them." Tel said

"Commander, should we contact them?" Lur asked

"We might as well. They eventually will have knowledge of the existence of the Republic"

In another location of the Falmart Continent, these so-called Green People or known as the Japanese Self Defense Force, also got into the war with Sadera. But they had no knowledge or know the existence that the Saderan Empire has caught itself with another Faction and the existence of a Second Gate opening up to the Galactic Republic.

Itami Yoji is known to be the Hero of Ginza, because he saved countless lives when the Empire attacked Japan. Itami was chosen by his superiors to be the Commander of the Third Recon Team. His rank is Lieutenant. Itami and this Third Recon team were driving over to Italica to do some trading with Dragon Scales. Itami was driving his humvee following with multiple humvees. Inside Itami's car were natives. A mage named Lelei, An Elf named Tuka, An apostle named Rory, and a few other JSDF soldiers. As they progressively drove on, Itami stepped on the break and took out his binoculars.

"Oh my goodness" Itami said

"Lieutenant what's the problem? More trouble" Kurokawa asked

"No, I see white armored people holding strange staffs, and one is holding some device with two antennas."

"Could they be natives?"

"No, they look way to advanced to be living in this world" Itami said

"Should we approach them?"

"Yes" Itami said as he radioed the rest of his Third Recon Team "Everyone we are going to make a left. We apparently found some strange beings on the left."

All of the third Recon team made a left to where the Clonetroopers were. As they drive to the location of the Clonetroopers, the clone troopers turn around to find a green metal vehicle. Noticed they had wheels on them. Could these people be the Green People that the dark elves mentioned?

The vehicles parked as they got near the Clone Troopers and they all got out with their weapons pointed to safety. The Clonetroopers did the same. Commander Tel held up a signal not to fire by holding his right hand. Itami walked up to the Clones as Commander Tel walked up towards Itami.

"Why'd we stopped" Tuka asked

"It looks like we got new visitors," Lelei said as she looked at the Clone Troopers.

"Greetings I am Lt. Itami Youji. Commander of the Third Recon Team of the Japanese Self Defense Force" he said in his native language

"Hello I am Commander Tel of the Galactic Republic"

Itami was surprised to hear they were speaking in English. But for the Clone Troopers it's Galactic Basic. Itami knows English just a little bit, but kinda understands.

"Can you repeat that? 'He asked in English

"I am Commander Tel of the Galactic Republic"

"Galactic Republic? You mean you're from space?" Itami asked as Rory, Lelei and Tuka went out as the rest did.

"Well Interstellar Travel is common, and all, but we actually come from this structure that opened up in our Capital. We call it the Gate, and send troops here because the Saderan Empire attacked us."

The Third Recon Team was shocked to hear these revelations. These people were also attacked. Tomita glanced at Tel for a moment while Tel explained everything about the events going until now.

"Amazing!" Itami said "Your space travel is something you would find in novels and such, but it's a reality.

Then suddenly, Commander Tel's holoprojector went off as he answered it. It was revealed to be General Jel. Itami and his team were amazed with awe as they saw a functioning hologram on his arm.

"Commander Tel, how are the bio-scans?"

"It's good, General. Good news, we found these Green People. They call themselves the Japanese Self Defense Force"

"Interesting, what system are they from?"

Commander Tel looked at Itami, asking him what planet they were from.

"We're from Earth" he said as Commander Tel looked back at the hologram "General these Japanese people came from a planet called Earth. Human dominated and such."

"I see that. I will contact the Senate to find this Earth System. I don't want any Separatist taking over their system."

"So what do we do?' Tel asked

"Since we got these new green people, I want you to follow them. Assist them with any needs."

"Yes sir"

"Good Luck Commander Tel. General out" he said as he hung up the holoprojector. Commander Tel looked up at Itami, and then to his Reconnaissance Team.

"Well boys, it looks like we're going to assist these Japanese people." Tel said as he turned around to Itami "Mr Itami, my General has given me orders to assist you with any means. Are you willing to accept that"

"Oh Oh yes! If you have energy weapons, then clearly we could really use your help. We are heading over to a place called Italica, You and your team can help us. Itami said as he looked at the Vehicles. With your speeder or whatever your vehicles is...WAIT A MINUTE ARE THEY FLOATING IN MID-AIR!?/"


The Republic First Recon team followed Itami's Third Recon team to Italica. In the distance they can see smoke. "Uh oh, looks like we got smoke," Itami said Commander Tel used his Republic Standard Macrobinoculars. He zoomed in only to find a small sight of the fortress.

"It looks like a Fortress" Commander Tel said "Is that Italica/"

"Yes, we should be careful" itami said

At Italica, the fortress is under Siege with bandits trying to get in, but only to retreat due ot the fact they poured some oil onto them. One red-haired lady named Princess Pina Co Lada was trying to repel the attack against the Bandits. She was on the ground on her butt trying to think of a plan, but only could think about her team. The Rose Order Knights.

"Oh man, if only my Team was here" she said

"In fact a part of her team is with her. The rest are far off heading on their way. Meanwhile, the bandit army retreats to form another plan, Pina and Hamilton went inside the Countess Formal building to rest up.

"Your highness, why did we come all the way here?"

Pina turned around in frustration to her teammate Hamilton. "I thought we were fighting against the otherworlders, but we ended up fighting another soldier from other kingdoms who turned rouge against us."

Pina with all of her frustration, she decided to shout out to the commoners "Listen the bandits are coming back so we might as well clean up this place. Give us three days for my order to arrive."

Pina went inside to rest up. She sipped a drink of wine due to thirst. She was given a meal to eat, given by the maids. After that she heads over to the guest room. She turned her head and said, "I'll be resting for a while. Wake me up for any urgent messages"

"As you wish your highness"

"So wait what if I didn't wake up from my sleep?"

"I got that prepared, I have a nice cold water as my backup" the middle aged maid siad

"Fine that should work"

As Pina enters the guest room, she closes her eyes and dreams about the time she trained her Rose Order Knights and met her teammates for the first time. Doing physical training. Pina constant would have to yell at her teammates to show discipline and especially put Grey in charge but this time, he acts like he wants to kill them. It only took seven years to be fully trained as Knights. Now her knights were given a chance to search for the outworlders. The dream was interrupted when one of the maids splashed cold water onto her body.


"Uh no quiet exactly sure" Grey said "but you might want to check it out"

Outside, Pina was looking through the peep. From her view one carriage had wheels on and one was floating in mid-air. Are these enemies from the other world? What kind of magic are they using (Note: Pina has no idea that a second Gate was opened up).

"Is that carriage made of iron?" Hamilton asked next to her

"If you are not our enemy please come out now!"

Lelei, Tuka, and Rory came out of the carriages, but what really shocked and scared them the most is Rory. Rory is known to be an apostle. She is also very dangerous.


'That's not good" Grey said "If Rory Mercury is with them, we are in serious major trouble"

Unexpectedly, they find two men in white armor. One had yellow highlights all over the armor "wait a minute what are those things in white armor?" Hamilton asked

"Are they ghosts?" Pina asked

"If they are spirits or ghost, then were are so done for" Grey said "

The four walked up to the Fortress in a perfectly straight line. Having no choice, Pina has to be friendly towards these unknown enemies. The Door knocked. Pina then unlocked the doors and pushed the door and said, "Welcome to Italica friends" she said. After she said that, Pina looked down to see one of the ghost white armored people was at the ground, thankfully he wasn't hurt thanks to his armor. The Clone got up to his feet. Itami just watched from his point of view.

"Lur are you ok?" Commander Tel asked

"Did I do that?" she asked

Everyone nodded

"What's wrong with you. You just shoved the door into right into people's faces without looking" Tuka said

Commander Tel put his hand into Tuka's shoulder and said to her, "it's alright, my buddy here has gone through worse things than getting shoved by a door"

Commander Tel's comlink went off as voices came through "This is Commander Tel, everything is alright. Just a mere accident'

"Good, I don't want to start attacking"

"Before we do anything, let's hope we make contact with any member of the Saderan Empire"

"Roger that"

"Ok so who's in charge here" Itami asked as everyone pointed to Pina. Hamilton the went in front of her and began speaking "Everyone you are in presence of her Majesty the Third Princess of the Saderean Empire, Princess Pina Co Lada" she said

"The Princess" Commander Tel "Perfect, finally we can truly make First Contact with the Saderan Empire. Lur contact the Outpost. We have found an official Representative of the Saderan Empire"

"Yes Commander" he said