My life of bullying with a broken heart

Once a time there was girl name Saiunkoku Monogatari who was bullied at Himeji Koko high school. For being different having all kind of monster that she was. Now few years have passed and she thinks of the pains that hurt her so much makes her blood burn of anger, hate and alone to be the monsters kind who have four kind monster in her blood in her and have a life that everyone push you for having four different kind of monster. There was no one knew who know her secret but if any other than her and her sibling who has four blood, I find out it will hurt her. That is why everyone nicknames her like a freak, ugly and more. At first, that doesn't make a difference to her if there were calling her mean name at the schoolground. That was for she had a sibling that can help her but now she lost her heroes from the war that was near to her and now the war end few month ago and now there was no one protest her anymore and now everyone who calls her mean name that she lost her protest heroes and started off make fun of her but no one need to worry about anyone tell them to stop under till there were new students coming to the school and their name was Seiran Shi and Ryuuki Shi and there were brothers. In the being of class, they were popular with all girls and when boys saw them. There was shock and there know that there can't ever get the girl to like them. We start class and when the bell for lunch started all the girls ask "Seiran and Ryuuki if you two want to eat lunch with us." there look at each and said "Sure" but then the brothers stand up turn to look at me and ask me "Hey , do you want to eat lunch with us. Are you feeling alright you look pale?" After Seiran and Ryuuki ask Saiunkoku if she want come the girls say "No, we will not eat lunch with her because she is a freaky and she never talks to anyone after her older brother and sister die in the war few month ago who was freaky too and plus, do you know why we don't talk to her and call her freak and another thing that is because of being different from the other student who goes to this school." The brothers turn to each other and were the shock of learning about my past history and ask "Um , does your older brother and sister named Yuki and Luka Monogatari the captains of the first and second force of the kingdom of Changshu (Literally)? She went into shock turn to look up and said "Yes, there was my family but how do you guys know that my older sibling name? How did you know what force they were? How did you know they were captain? Please tell me who tell you this because I never tell anyone that there was captain of the army force the first and second." They smiled and said "We know because we were with them in the line of duty and saw their death. They ask us to protect their young sister for them, but we didn't any idea what you look like. Now we know that their younger sister will be one of our classmate's." There stop and saw she was crying and said "We're sorry for your lost. Can we ask what your first name is if that is all right." She was still crying but said "Oh, my first name is Saiunkoku. Please to meet you and thank you for serving our country in the war. Why did you two pick this school to go to if I may ask." There said, "Oh, there few reasons why we can here for coming here for we sense you were nearby." I was a surprise and their continue said: "Oh can you guys please tell me everything about the war after school." I nod my head and waited hours pass and school were finally out, and I ask Seiran and Ryuuki "So what was the reason to come to the school and there please to tell me what the reason was to come to Changshu." There answered "That was for we wanted to keep the promise to the captain Yuki and Luka to protect me and find the right place to call home, but we are really happy to find me. Captain Yuki and Luka never told us that their young sister was our age and we never think their young sister will be a classmate's. You are really beautiful as your older brother and sister said to us. They tell us you hide your pain and keep it hide under till you can't hold it and cry out in the night for seeing the pain over and over. That they couldn't help you erase the pain that was in your heart and make us promise to keep you safe." but their stop and turn to look at me and their says "Can there can stay with you. We will do cooking and cleaning as payment if I like." But I said "Oh please don't you guys can stay over at my family house but please no payment will be a need for you guys for your help my older brother and sister fight in the war but if you want to help. You guys can help me with cooking and cleaning but if you see me fainting to the ground. So please call the doctor if that happen it is on the refrigerator with my name next door is the number with my doctor so please call him if I faint. The Brothers were surprised and ask "Um, is there a reason why do you need to call the doctor if you fainting to the ground." My answer was "Oh, I easily get woozy, light-headed or unbalanced of overworking and stress of everyone hating me so do you guys want to come oversee the house if it is ok with you guys." Both look into my eyes and ask "um, are really ok with us staying at your house"? My answer was "Oh yes, it is fine with me and plus I live all alone with nobody to talk about my pain of losing my older brother and sister death, so do guys want to come over my house to put your stuff in the house so are guys ok with it. There said "Yeah, we will put our stuff in the house but are you scary with guys staying at your house without no blood related with your and let us be free without rules. My answer was "Oh yes, you are free to do but please nook on the door when I'm the bathroom for there is a secret that you guys must not see is that ok with you guys to do that for me to let go home and have dinner for the first time then the brother started to smile." Soon as we were walking home under till some of boys from our class say "hey freak, why are you walking with popular newcomer and laughing saying ugly, freak, and unless but I start to run hard and starting crying that is when Seiran and Ryuuki saw it and hit the boys and started to ran after me and there can say "will you be ok, Saiunkoku so please stop crying." I answered "yes" and stop and started to walk after a few minutes I started to ask "are you sure that I will never be alone anymore and there will be hero's back in my life and thank you for stand up for me and oh that right what do you want to eat for dinner. "Um, how about yakisoba chicken noodle that is ok with us if you have ingredients at home." Yes, we do have the some of ingredient at home but I have got so chicken so I went to the Marko and also can you guys help me with cook it together when we finished buying the chick. We reach home and I saw some boxes on the front door and started to smile and open the door and enter in the pitch black hallway and open up the curtain and saw a hanging picture of my family that is when I started to think of my family and crying of lost everything I have is gone and it will never come back to me. The brothers saw it started to hug me and say, "there will be in your heart so please don't cry anymore and let start cooking dinner so we can eat and after put everything in the house is fine with you to that." A smile came to my face and started to laugh and say "ok let cook and eat. When we finish dinner, we can start cleaning the guest room and putting all of the boxes in the room and do you guys want anything to drink"? Their answer was "Do you have any meng ding gan lu tea" and my answer was "yes, we do." I started to make meng ding gan lu to hear a loud noise from the outside so I went out to see who it was and to find there was someone point a gun near me and ask "are you the younger sister of Yuki and Luka Monogatari if you are shake your head up and down for the answer is yes or if not please tell us where we can find her and kill her for killing our brothers who fight in the war and die." I shake my head up and down show I was the younger sister of Yuki and Luka Monogatari but then there start an evil grin and start saying "we will kill you for your older sibling do to them but I was confused and then there was a noise of something that hit their head and turn to see it was Seiran and Ryuuki with their sword and grab my hands" and there ask "are you ok, Saiunkoku" and I tried to say some words but I just shook my head up and down for saying I'm fine but no words came out of my mouth from the shock of someone taking to kill me so I start cry and started to shout out "please help me Yuki, Luka "but the people who were trying to kill me ran away and I fainted from the shock of being scary so then Seiran and Ryuuki let there and saw me faint and started to pick me up and take me in the house and call the doctor to telling him I faint and what should there do to help me and the doctor tell the boys "please take her to her bedroom and I will be there in a few minutes so please watch her until I got there and please tell me what happen to her when I got there and started to call the police to pick up the mens who were trying to kill me" and there said "we already did and there said there will be there in a few minutes to find them" So the doctor and policies come to see the killers were still on the grounds and left to say "thank you for this we were look from them for long time for scaring girls so have a great day" and so the doctor came into the my bedroom to care for me but the doctor sees into my eyes and asks the boys "if they know why I faint and did I say something before I pass out of the shock"? There said, "Um yes, she did say something, but we don't know why she faints so fast please tell us why she faints after she calls out her older sibling's name?" He answered the question "Of course, I can tell you why she faints, but do you know why she calls out her older sibling's name?" There think but there couldn't why or not sure if it is the correct reason for her calling out her older sibling's names but she calls out for help and then is when she faith" so the brothers say "so can you tell us why she faint please so we can help her with the pain she is in. He said "Oh the reason is over shock, fear of her life but not sure if it's is correct so please call me when she wakes up and give her this pills after she wake and after breakfast and then the doctor stand up and say "thank you for calling me to tell me that she fainted but I never see you guys before so please tell me your names"? There look at each other said "Oh, our name is Seiran and Ryuuki Shi and please to meet you and can we ask, "if we may ask what your name is is." The doctor answer "Oh, my name is Ka Shin and then the doctor stand and left. The boys where worry for me so there stay in my room all night and fall asleep and few hours have past and I wake up and saw the brothers where near me and giggle a little bit and stand up and go to the kitchen to cook breakfast and lunch then I heard loud sound coming down the stair and it was the brothers who open the door hard and ask "are you okay to cook food?" I answered "Oh I'm fine and sorry to worry you guys over this and it was just your first night in the house I'm really sorry for this" and the brothers say "now the doctor give us some pills for you to take right after I was awake up" I started take the pills the doctor left and ask the brothers if there can you guys help me in cook breakfast and our lunch together you guys. The boys giggle and say, "oh yeah the doctor did give us some pills for you to take right after you finish breakfast" and I answered "ok, let's start cooking breakfast and our lunch." When we finished breakfast and we started to change our clothes and got ready to go to school. We got to the school there were notes of paper sticking onto my shoe locker and when I open it, they were a great pile of notes of saying freak, ugly, lowers and more meaningful words. The brothers started to see why I always what I mean of over stress of seeing the notes and they look at me to see the sadness with my eyes of seeing mean notes and pick up all the notes and put them in the recycling bin and ask, "are you going to be okay"? I answered "Oh yes, I'm fine but then the boys hug me hard" and say "we know you are not okay" and I start to cry a little bit and the bell start to ring so rush to class so we start to run to our class and we went to our seat to see my desk was not there and the teacher ask "why was I not in seat and saw my desk went missing again" and the whole class start to laugh and even the teacher started to laugh too but Seiran and Ryuuki weren't laughing and start to stand up and ask "why do you guys do this to her when she didn't do anything to you guys." the whole class said "we don't care if it is fun for us, ok." The brothers saw me start to move to the back of class and then the whole class when silent after seeing Seiran and Ryuuki standing in the back of the class too and then the teacher start to shout to the brothers to go back to their seat but then the principal came into our class to ask "when is meaning of why is there are three students back of the class and she can see there is two empty seat and one missing seat why is that." The whole class lied that Saiunkoku take her deck and her chair out of class and the brother help taking her desk and chair out. She says, "So why are all of you girls and boys telling a big fat lied in front of me?" Everyone in class when silence and She ask Seiran and Ryuuki if there really did but there shook their heads and so she continue Why is everyone telling me is a lie so then why do I see Saiunkoku the girl who is kind and smile all the time crying in dark places of the school and see this note that was in the recycling bin that Seiran and Ryuuki put in the bin so please don't tell me a lie ever again all right boys and girls. Oh, by the way, can I have Saiunkoku, Seiran, and Ryuuki to come with me, please." We started to walk out of the class but Ryuuki was closing the door and I start to fall down and faint to the ground again. Seiran and Ryuuki caught me in the right time and yelled "Saiunkoku, are you okay" but then the principal said called her doctor right now and take her to the infirmary. When the doctor came to the school, he was shocked to find to see Saiunkoku faint in school for the first time and ask "what inform do you have for her to faint at school for the first time and do you know why she faint Seiran, Ryuuki. There said "No." This time we don't know why she faint so please tell us why she fainted and what do you mean about this is the first time she faints at school. She never faints at school before so that is why I'm shock her faint but who tell you guys to call at my home number." Seiran and Ryuuki answered "oh that was our principal Reishin Kou but why do you ask doctor." There were confuse and ask, "why do you ask?" The doctor answer was "That is because Reishin Kou is her uncle but she doesn't know about is her uncle that is because he didn't want his last name affect her in school so before change his last name he ask her father to not tell her about him so please don't tell her is that her uncle is the principal of this school." The brother was but they were confuse until the brother ask wait is there politician name Kurou Monogatari is her uncle too." The doctor smile "Oh yes, he is her uncle too but she knows about him so you can talk to her about him but please keep the principal is her uncle as a secret so the doctor told the boys to go back to class and will see why I do faint. So the brother went back to class and wait for the bell to ring for lunch so there can go the infirmary to see if Saiunkoku was awake up yet but I didn't wake up yet and I still can faintly hear the doctor, the infirmary doctor and the principal talking about me and said "So doctor how is she doing. "So the doctor tell infirmary doctor and principal that he doesn't know what to do for me to wake up but then the doors went open and heard Seiran and Ryuuki in the doorway say "what do you mean you don't know why she is not wake up" and start to crying to say " she deals with many bullying and got a broken heart that why never heal so why do everyone in class hate her so much that is funny to them but not her. Her kind soul didn't do anything to them so why do they hate her so much" but everyone in the infirmary faintly heard some sound of step coming to the infirmary so there all hide and saw Jun Yu and Eigetsu To went in and say "Saiunkoku, please forgive us for not helping but if anyone find out that you were kind to us and never show our kindness to you when everyone cut you, stab you with knife, kicking you to death and never call the ambulance to take you to the hospital. Please forgive us and please get better soon" after their left the infirmary and everyone in the infirmary came out of their hiding spot to see me faintly breathing and now know why I couldn't to wake up and Seiran and Ryuuki started to cried and said "why did you not tell us the you were kick, stab and cut by bullied" and saw faintly scars and ask the doctors and the principal "can there ask the doctor to take off my shirt to see my back please" So the doctor, infirmary doctor, principal, Seiran and Ryuuki saw the scars of kicking, knife and cuts on my back and there finally know and the brothers said "that is why you tell us to knock on the bathroom door when you are in there" so Seiran and Ryuuki where shock and went back to class and the bell of end school rang and When I wake up to see Seiran, Ryuuki , both doctor and the principal and there all ask "why I didn't tell them and why you don't want us to know about my back." My answer was "Oh, that is why I don't want you guys have to know" and ask "but how did you guys find out without me telling you guys. "There answered was "Oh we overheard it for Jun Yu and Eigetsu to who came in while we were hiding" and ask, "so why we're hiding this from us." My answer was "That is because I didn't want you guys to fight with everyone in classroom" and ask, "why is the principal here if I may ask." As I ask the brothers were think why the principal was here for to not tell me that was because he was my uncle and say, "um he was really worried about you." Seiran and Ryuuki left them in the infirmary and went home as soon as I enter the house fall asleep to hear light turning on and the brothers smiled and took me into my room and went to the kitchen and cook dinner for them and went to bed. The very next day the principal call everyone to the gym to talk why bullying is bad and if anyone who did it will be treated the same way as if there are bullied too. All of the student started to laugh as if it was funny, but the principal started to say lit was not funny to make funny of other student." Everyone still was laughing until Seiran and Ryuuki stand up and everyone went quiet after Seiran and Ryuuki went up to talk and say "Do you know how bullying start and work on everyone different." Everyone say at the same time and same thing "We know what bullying is, but we will never hurt someone so why do you care if we hurt someone who don't belong here at Himeji Koko high school." Seiran and Ryuuki were shock and answer are "that is because we care about everyone safety but if we hurt someone who didn't do anything wrong to you and continue say why do everyone wear a mask to hide pain in our hearts and put it in a dangerous place." Now the Principal said everyone was excused to go back to class but not our class there have to stay here and answer some question of why did they hurt me and put cut and scars on my back. There all answer was "we hate her so much that we want to kill her and put everyone who were like me to death" and left to go back to class. Seiran, Ryuuki and Principal were in shock to find out why everyone in class hated me and started to cry and say "why do it hurt us so much to hear everyone hating Saiunkoku and left and go back to classroom. Soon as there when in the class there saw me desk having words like "we hate you and just die." As soon I saw it Seiran and Ryuuki came into the classroom and saw it too and ask 'Who did this "and everyone started to laugh and said "why do you care so much about her and wait and see you will find out her dark little secret that is hiding that is when you guys are feeling hurt and lied too. "and said "I think you guys have no idea how it feels like when everyone you trust told you that they were four like of monster and their family all death and have anyone you can truth, right you guys that is what you mean about her little darker secret." That is when everyone started to think to understand why I don't ever tell them that I was a four like monster and why I never let anyone came near me but then the class bullies came up to Seiran and Ryuuki and they started hit Seiran and Ryuuki hard and start to laugh and say "Do you really believe them or us when she kill everyone we love ones five years ago." Seiran and Ryuuki were confused and ask, "What do you mean she was killed everyone's loved ones five years ago." Their answered "Oh you guys don't know that she kills everyone in this classroom love ones and her older brother and sister never tell you guys that happened five years ago. Now she is a monster who will lose her mind if we make her really anger and we don't care if you guys are protest her so leave us to have so fun." The brother answered "We can't because Yuki and Luka ask us to protest their little sister and so tell us what happened five years ago was accident that you guys push her to the limit your own willingness and her brother and sister said that she warned you guys to not doing this but you guys don't listen and told her that you guys put her family in danger place and that is why she can't hold on to her powers and let everyone that you guys care about in endanger instead so why did you guys did it and ask her to show here power you guys don't think about your own love ones instead if you listen wisely your love ones will be still be live. We don't believe she will be telling the lie and push her to the pass the line of over her boundary." So, we went back five years ago to find your family that die five years ago. So Seiran and Ryuuki start to laugh and say "you guys got to be kidding me right she have barrier all over her body from that day that is why she know that you guys hate her but you guys don't know that she lost one on that day too." everyone laugh and say " we don't care but she will pay for what she have do to us." You guys really don't know believe in her but she is trying to revolve them but she can see your family spirit but you guys don't believe her your family spirits are alive and there said "are really sorry for what you guys are doing and help her in secret that she will not be blaming you guys and she know you guys really hate her but she told you guys that she doesn't want to do it but you guys force her to do it." Seiran and Ryuuki said "Yuki and Luka don't believe you guys will forgive her, but you have no right to take away for peace of mind and make her eat what is done inside of her heart. What are the true of being a monster that causing fear to everyone that we all fear of making a mistake? We hate making people that are beautiful to ugly of saying meaning words. "the whole class start to think but then everyone just start smile and laugh out "We don't care if you two don't believe us but we will do the same thing as we did to her and we will hurt you guys if you guys continue protect her we will broke every piece she have left in heart." The bell start to rang and class started and everyone went to their seat and Seiran and Ryuuki when back to their seat and wait to see the teacher where with the students who hate me for there will always give a f on my test/ quiz and some said in pencil "you get A+ on the back of the tests" and some say " You have study hard" but Seiran and Ryuuki look at my test and knows the all of my answer on the tests were correct. The brothers were wondering why there hate me so Seiran and Ryuuki wait until school end and ask "Why don't they hate me" and some of the teachers answered was "We don't hate her we just play like we do but don't hate her" but some of the teachers "We hate her for what she did five years ago" so they know why some of the teachers didn't hate me but some do for the deed I did five years ago. So Seiran, Ryuuki and me left school after we ask the teachers why do they hate me and I went to open me locker and smell like gunpowder from my locker and ask " Do you guys know to do if you smell gunpowder" and the brothers were confuse and ask " Why do you ask, Saiunkoku" and I just pointed to my locker and they knew what I meant and smelled gunpowder too so we when to the principal and ask "Can you come with us" and he answered " All right just give me a few seconds ok" and we waited for him and when he came back we ask "Can he come with us and if can smell gunpowder" and he just nod and look at Seiran and Ryuuki and said "Can you guys take Saiunkoku home and call the police to come to the school grounds." Then the brothers call the police and told them to meet the principal at the school grounds and said to be careful. We went home but into our walk to my home there was boys from our class and started to toss rock to my eye and one got my eye and I drop my books and bag to the ground and there started to said " We hate you so much we can just kill you but we will not wait to kill you" and then look and Seiran and Ryuuki and said " We will warn you two to stay away for her if you don't we will not hurt you." The brothers just ran to my side and pick up my books and bag and look at them and just stand up and hit one of them on the face and said, "We care for her and we will not let anyone hurt her anymore" and so we left. Seiran and Ryuuki took me the hospital and said to talk to Doctor Ka Shin. So, the nurse call doctor shin that someone was look for him and said "Oh what are their names are." The nurse asks us what our names and ask "Can they answer so of the question on the paper" and we answered "oh okay but can we do the paperwork with talk the doctor shin for it is really important to talk to doctor Shin our friend and his patient. The nurse smiled and said, "Of course, you can do that he is in room 8 and we will tell that she is here, but can you tell us her name please for was the need to the doctor to look over this." The brothers answered " Her name is Saiunkoku Monogatari" then the nurse stand up and said " Please hurried take her right way to the doctor Shin" The brothers were confuse but their ran to room 8 and the doctor saw my injury and told Seiran and Ryuuki to left for a few minutes and talk to me how I got the injury and long the bleeding to get here. My answered was "there were some student toss some rock at me and one of them got my eye and about 15 minutes to here." The doctor when calm and smile to say" thank goodness, I was worried the injury was bleeding was for a while. So are you alright?" My answer was "I'm alright but I feel like the bleeding will stop in few minutes, but can you look at it please." The doctor smile and say "of course, I will look at it so let see." Few minutes last the doctor say, "all right the injury will heal in a few hours but please ask The brothers if their have driver license and take you home in the you older brother or sister car, Oh ok." I just nod my head and then the doctor call the Seiran and Ryuuki to come in and talk them if their have driver license to driver my home then walking for if I get anymore injury will leave scars on my skin. Seiran answer was yes, he had a license and Ryuuki too. So, for then we drove to school and go home and I never got hurt anymore but there is the thing I get hurt but I will heal in few minutes. But Seiran and Ryuuki still feel like I will still get hurt so they're never leave my side and I really feel like I was with my late beloved siblings. Still, at school, I get bullied but then some girls and boys stop for there don't want Seiran and Ryuuki hate them or pick a fight, so some boys started to fight hard but their own plan with the same girls who hide behind the boys. Seiran and Ryuuki feels like there will be no peace for me but Seiran Ryuuki were look so sad. So, I ran to them and give a big hug, smile and said: "you are a really big hero just like but brother and sister thank you for doing this but I can fight for myself." Seiran and Ryuuki just smiled and then their look at me and said "you just an angel who fly so high but then there are hunter who want your feathers then you look over and wide and saw safe places but you see there are fly some persons who have the same wing so you fly and got the safe land but you still not free. For you did your best to get there but of the hunter shot a wing but you still fly and then walking for you know there will more danger came to you." I smile as I was think so to my them happy so I said, "Do you guys want to go to a restaurant for dinner as my thanks." They're just nod their heads and smile and said, "you can pick the restaurant place." I smile and nod of an ok so look at some restaurant that are really good and I find there is one near to the house but the remember of someone for our class but don't think of who. So I call them to make a reservation and I was shocked to find out the one who answers was the biggest bullied who pick on me and his name was sakujun said. He answers and I talk to home look a bit different voice and so he won't find out who I was so I made the reservation for four people who were coming today and put the name of Kou for I invited the principal so it was not weird when we got there he was shocked to see me but that saw the principal and ask " Why did you bring the disappeared person here for." The principal smiled and said, "Oh are you scared for her, sakujun?" He just put a fake smile and said "oh no, I'm fine. So, do you have reservation with us." So, the principal Just said "oh yes, I do it is under my name." Sakujun look up if there was really have a reservation under the Kou and saw there was but the voice that made the reservation was more ladylike and look at me and said:" Were you the one I talk to the phone with, monster." So soon he said those word his mother and brother come out of the kitchen and their both hit him behind the head and said "please forgive this dummy son/young brother of our and we show you to our seats. What would like to eat today." Seiran, Ryuuki, and principal kou ask for the special and it was gyudon (Japanese simmered beef and rice) and I order was zaru soba we all ask for red bean bun for dessert and drink was ryokucha (green tea). Sakujun mom and brother said, "All right please wait a few minutes for your and please enjoy your meals." We waited for of meal and heard sakujun mom and brother said "oh no the musical are all sick and there was people coming in few seconds for party what should we do" there were too scary to call anyone else for it so their start to ask anyone in the restaurant if their can play music and near to everyone don't play so their look at us with puppy dog eye and "Do you any of you guys play music Principal Kou said "Sorry no, I don't play" Seiran and Ryuuki said "A bit but it have been few years since we play" then there look at me and ask with their puppy dog eye and just look at them and just nod and said "Yes, I do but I can owner play the kokyu." So there ask I don't mind playing but I Look at Seiran, Ryuuki and the principal and their all nod their heads saying it was oh ok with them. So, I answered "All right I will do it but under that our meals comes out. So, what song do you want me to play?" Their answered was "spinning song." I was a bit surprised to find out the song, so I started to smile. The big group came and saw the lovely music when the music was done our food come out and I said, "we will be to continue after a break." So Seiran, Ryuuki, principal kou and I started to eat our meal. It was really great food, but we waited for our red bean bun dessert and ask "where is our dessert at. We had been waiting for a half an hour for our dessert so we ask the server where is our dessert and there was "Oh please forgive us the chef was listening to your song forgot the red bean bun so right now he if is make a some new red bean bun so Pleaser wait about 45 more minutes for it to be done and the owner want to know if is the is miss can play another song if it is ok with you guys. Seiran, Ryuuki and principal kou look at each other and nod saying, "Ok but let say the one who will be playing the music." I think about and said" all right but what song do you guys want for I can't think of any song top of my head." their answered was the same song as I did before. So, I play the same song and everyone said "It was a beautiful music" and clap at the ending of the song. Soon as I finished playing the song the dessert came out and Seiran, Ryuuki, Principal Kou and I eat our red bean bun and pay for our meal but before we leave the sakujun mother and older brother said "Thank you for your help and please come back soon." We went home and go to bed, but I don't remember have got to bed. I woke up and everyone was asleep and know I feel scary of Sakujun will do something to me tomorrow at school for he never was nice to me every sign our meeting in first grade. He was the new kid and everyone didn't talk to him so I tried to say hello but he just push me down and didn't say sorry to me after school my older brother talk to why did he push me down when he saw my brother and said "I push her for I thought she will hurt me" then my start to smile and said " she will never hit someone who is new to these school." Sakujun said "There is some student say that if any push her will get hurt." My brother looks at me and said "The story is a lie for she can use magic but there is only when she is upset." Sakujun thought the story was a bit odd and said:" I'm sorry for pushing you down I was scared that you will hurt me." I smile and said "I forgive you and I'm sorry but where did you hear that story about me." Sakujun said "he heard it over the the boys in classroom." I started to smile and say, "The story is maybe some are true but some are wrong for I will never hurt anyone for no reason so please don't be scary." Now I tried to think in the present, if I want to know if everyone doesn't push me what will happen if don't got upset and don't make everyone hates me. I tried to dream of the day will come to have everyone forgive me but I know there will never happen, but I hope. I wake up to hear my alarm clock and start to go to the bathroom but I feel like Seiran and Ryuuki was in there, so I went to the kitchen to cook breakfast but heard loud noises that was coming to the kitchen. Seiran and Ryuuki rushing to the kitchen and saw me cooking and asked "are you alright?" I was confused and answered "I'm alright why." There was confuse and ask "you don't remember anything?" I was a bit confuse and look at them and ask, "what happen to make you guys so work up for?" There look at each other and answered: "you fainted after back home and it has been three weeks till the day, and we were worried that you won't wake up." I was shocked to find out how long I was asleep and said "I'm sorry to worried you guys but I'm fine now." but then I heard another person coming to the kitchen and saw the principal in a big panic and came to hug me but then Seiran and Ryuuki stop him and said " we will be right back give us few seconds to talk to the principal, ok Saiunkoku." I confuse but I don't ask why. So, I went back to cooking and after we finished breakfast Seiran, Ryuuki. Me and principal kou. We went to school, but everyone was shocked to see me back to school and then toss some rock at me, then Seiran and Ryuuki went to protest me but principal kou was at the staff parking a heard noise coming from the front of the school. He went to the front of the school he saw blood on the ground and saw Seiran and Ryuuki protesting me. Principal kou started to say "Students, what is this about there is blood on the ground and today is a big deal for we will have important guests coming?" The students don't answer their were quiet as mouse then the principal kou turn his head and saw the important guests and said "welcome to our school. The important guest was the monsters group of peace their saw everything and said "Mr. kou, Is this the peace we want did to do?" Principles kou don't answered but then Seiran and Ryuuki stand up and answered "No, this is just hard answering your question. We are sorry for what you are seeing right now but Please excuse us we have to stop our friend bleeding. The important guests saw me on the ground with some wound on face and leg. Their came near me and one of them bring out their hand but I don't take their hand then Seiran and Ryuuki said "We are sorry she can't trust anyone right now so please excuse us." They shake their hand for their understanding how it feels like to be different from other. Seiran and Ryuuki took me to see my doctor in the infirmary. When the doctor come in the infirmary. Seiran and Ryuuki saw the doctor holding a box so their ask "what is in the box, doctor?" The doctor answered "in the box is blood but we don't have many of her blood type so I don't know if we'll have anymore of her blood type for she is one of a kind monster known that she is the last of four blood kind." Seiran and Ryuuki ask "what is her blood type." The doctor answer "her blood type is rare blood type that there is not a lot with any other monster it is blood type ab- and we have only one leave and we don't have any more of her blood type and right now she really need more than one packet of blood type ab-. I worried she won't make it over the day." Seiran and Ryuuki said "doctor shin, we have her blood type." the doctor was in shock and ask, "how is that even possible there is one out of thousand that have her blood?" Seiran and Ryuuki say "The blood is rare but please don't have a lot of time didn't you say if there anymore of her blood type she will not make it over the day. Please take our blood and save her for we will protect her from anything that will hurt so please do it fast." The doctor just nods his head and did it and said "you boys are really care for her and thank you for we will do our best." As soon I awake to see Seiran and Ryuuki back and say "hello there" Seiran and Ryuuki turn to see me up and help me stand up and smiling and said "we were worried about you but we still went to class to take notes and saw the important guest again and there just nod their heads and the principal was there too. How are you and do you feel weird, Saiunkoku?" My answer was "I'm feel a bit okay but my body feel like a bit off for some reason." The doctor, Seiran And Ryuuki went in shock and asked "Part of your body feel the most like bit off if we can ask?" I just look at them and asked: "My hip and legs are the one that is off." Everyone in the room when silent and the doctor took out his cell phone and call someone. A few minutes later there was a knock on the infirmary door and doctor shin answered" you can come my old friend" then there was a man standing by the door and said "Hello, I'm please to meet you all. My name is you shikou, I'm a doctor that know how why you hip, and legs are feeling off. That is because by choice got shot by a gun or hit too many times your body just don't want more pain, so you are now a handicap." Seiran and Ryuuki were confuse and ask " what is this handicap meaning" doctor Shikuo and Shin answered was at the the sometime " it means she will never feel her legs as much ever again." Seiran and Ryuuki were crushed to find out the meaning of handicap and turn to me and ask, "is there something you need, Saiunkoku?" I think about and answered Yes, there is something I have to tell you doctor Shin, Seiran and Ryuuki something that I don't tell you three, that doctor Shikuo is telling the truth that I was going to become handicap for I never tell thee that I got shot a few days before Seiran and Ryuuki came to the school. Everyone went quiet and stand up at the sometime and start to yell " what, how is this every possible when we saw you don't look pale at all, Saiunkoku." My answer was "I hide them for I don't want to see the bruises anyone and I was scared if I said anything, I will got more hurt. I'm sorry for not telling trust in the beginning." Everyone was look sad and a bit hurt but then the infirmary door opens fast. To we saw all the students and then all of them start tossing rock to me, but the doctors put up protest wall. Then some of the students unspell the protest wall and started to hit me but Seiran and Ryuuki started to yell and then the principal came in and ask, "what is happening here?" Everyone went quiet and the doctors said "the student just came in and so tossing rock to miss. Monogatari and we put up protest wall to save Saiunkoku and then take the protest wall off and about to hit her before you came in." The principal went quint and the important guest were still here for the want to what sport we did but shock to every sport team was in the infirmary attached a student who was too weak to protect herself and just attach her for what. Their couldn't watch it anymore. I could heard their voices saying "why would student attach a girl who didn't do anything to them. I started to smile and speak in my powerful voice and said "please everyone do not worry our guest look and why do everyone go back to their activities But can I still talk to Seiran, Ryuuki, the doctor's, principal and our important guest." everyone went to their activities but their look at me like dirt and then the important guest ran to me and ask "how did you know what we were our feeling for this attach to you?" I look at Seiran and Ryuuki if they're really were ok if I tell them as well and their nod their head so I started to answered was "I can hear your voice from my mind." Everyone was shocked to find out about it and then everyone heard a big noise and everyone in the infirmity when quint so Seiran and Ryuuki look worried and the doctors put up protests wall around me and look at the door. Everyone from class came in and attack me but their didn't see Seiran and Ryuuki fight back to protest me and their stop right before their hit them and shout "why are two protesting a monster like her from us. We are doing this to protest everyone who she hurt." Seiran and Ryuuki slap them and shout "why is everyone in right hurting one people who said sorry alright but you guys can't forgive her but I can how will this hurt her and more. Saiunkoku lost sight of feeling below her hip because of you guys and I think we have to take her of this school and as well as for how you guys can't seek forgiveness to her and ask great school who is more open to Saiunkoku past." Everyone when silent and Sakujun came up and being to say "sorry for I have done to you, Saiunkoku. I think you ask nicely to back then to not push your buttons and now we push this bullying a bit over but we were so upset of you kill everyone love ones to seeing that you warning us to be care but we didn't listen to you warning and we put too much fear on your body and on I understand that we did for the past few years was doing the something of we don't want and everyone went down to the floor and said we are really sorry to push you to few away to see the pain that hurt you was painful. What I heard in my mind was opposite but Sakujun was telling the truth and so pull Seiran and Ryuuki sleeve and shook my head side to side and they understand and acted as if they believe them. Everyone leave but Sakujun stayed and look at me And ask, "you can hear our in self voice, Saiunkoku" and I look at Seiran, Ryuuki and doctors to see if bad or good idea to answered but then Sakujun cell phone was ringing. Sakujun look at us and we nod it is ok for him to pick up his cell phone and answered and went pale of shock and ran away from the infirmary. Seiran and Ryuuki help me out of the infirmary bed and we went home to find my home was burning down and saw Sakujun and everyone from class in front of my home laugh but Sakujun was not laugh at all and the neighbor were talking to the police and try to walk to the police office and ask "what happen but I couldn't speak." Seiran and Ryuuki know what I was think and ask the police office "what happen". The police office answered, "Oh do you two live here?" Seiran and Ryuuki answered "yes, we do and as well as her over there" the police officers turn to see no one but then Seiran Ryuuki said "can you please look down" the police officers look down and shout "ahhhhhhhhhh" and faint. Seiran, Ryuuki and me when up to a different police office and tell them one of the office faints because I scary them then police office to laugh. The police officer ask "by choice did he see blood or any big injury" we shook our head and said " he just saw me and then faint" their at me and saw nothing and ask of the neighbors to bring a bucket of water and then put the bucket of water on him and he wake up and shout "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME OF SHOCK" and then Seiran and Ryuuki put their hand to close my eyes and I heard a loud noise like hit and Seiran Ryuuki let go and I saw a red cheek and other office shout "WHAT HAPPENED TO MAKE YOU FAINT TO SEE A GIRL WHO IS HANDICAPPED?" The office stand up and said "are the daughter of the actress Shoukun and Shouka Monogatari?" The other office, Seiran and Ryuuki look at me again and nod their heads to saw the resemblance to them. I was a bit surprised and just look down and nod my head in "yes" and everyone started to ask "what happen to them and why did their say their had a another baby girl?" My answered was "there don't want anyone to find out about me is for I have bloodline in my veins and what to them is their past away for accident back when I was really young and have no memory but my older sibling Yuki and Luka knew if the news gone out it will hurt me more for our partners was pure line and there have child who was no pure line it will break me more. Seiran and Ryuuki were shock and ask "wait if you are not pure line then how about Yuki and Luka are pure line then." I nod my head and said "there are pure line but I was not for every thousand there will be a child who will be different from her or his family so when I was born their won't in a big shock to see me, but the nurses and doctor was in shock and faint. Right now, the doctor child were there too but don't when into shock for he was a college student." Everyone was a bit confuse for who is the boy back then. Seiran and Ryuuki ask "who was the doctor's son?" I smile and answered, "you guys have met him all really." There were still confuse so told Seiran and Ryuuki call doctor Shin and tell him to come over please and can I use your phone to talk to him. So, their did and I talk to the doctor. A few minutes had pass and doctor shin came and saw my house in ash and ask "what happened here!" Seiran and Ryuuki told the doctor the story and then he sighed and said "here we go again. Why do this happen every five year, Saiunkoku?" Seiran and Ryuuki was confuse and ask, "what do you mean by every year?" The doctor remembers that Seiran and Ryuuki don't know about this. So, he told them the story about this house and this house will never become ash for this house have a protest around this house so Saiunkoku already known it would happen so late Luka and Yuki put up this protest wall to keep Saiunkoku safe. Seiran and Ryuuki understand but was a bit worried and ask, "What will happen now since their past away?" The doctor looks at me and I answered "their put up a protest wall that will not broke under till I passed away." Seiran and Ryuuki look at each other and smile to me. Doctor Shin Smile and look around to see the student from our class and he connect the dots and look at me and I nod my head. Doctor Shin went to talk to the police officers and there were talking and turn to student who were on the ground and with cuff and talk to them and then turn their head to Seiran, Ryuuki and me. Doctor shin came to us and ask, "Do you want press criminal charges on them?" Seiran and Ryuuki look at me to see if I will press charges. I look at them and nod and said "Yes, but I don't want anything the will hurt them please." Seiran and Ryuuki smiled and nod as that will be great. Doctor shin nod and went to the police office and told them what I just said and nod and turn to me and smile. After a few minutes one of the police officer came near me and look Seiran and Ryuuki and ask "can I ask you boys if it is alright if I talk to Miss. Saiunkoku, why she pick you don't want them to get hurt their hurt you so much? Why would you forgive them to put a lot punish on them?" I look at Seiran, Ryuuki and the officer and started to answer but Seiran and Ryuuki look at me and told the officer is alright if she answers tomorrow? As soon I could hear the answer I blackout. I awake in my bed and saw silver hair next to me and stay up, but I couldn't and Seiran and Ryuuki awake went pale to see me trying stay up. So Seiran and Ryuuki help me stay up and look at me to saw the pale white skin I had and Ryuuki said "he went out of my room to call doctor Shin and Seiran stayed with me and few minute pass and Doctor Shin come in and saw my pale skin and touch my front head and look at Seiran, Ryuuki and the doctor Shin shocked his head like I was really near to death but don't death. I should know for I can hear their inner voices as fear of my life. I look at them and smile. Their look at me and Ask at the same time "Do you know how long I has been sleep?" I shook my head to no and look around and look at Seiran, Ryuuki and Doctor Shin and saw their look older. Seiran, Ryuuki and Doctor Shin and look at each other and said, "It have been year since the accident and you have not need worried, Seiran and Ryuuki help you in fixing the house and how do feel?" I answered "I'm feel good" but as soon I look down at hand, I see my pale skin and I look up. Seiran and Ryuuki smiled and said, "Are you hunger, Saiunkoku?" I look at them and nod my head and smiled. When Seiran and Ryuuki left the room and I turn to the doctor and ask, "Am I alright, Doctor Shin?" The Doctor Shin turn to me and shook his head and said "No, for you were near to death for you were weak right now of blood loss and stress and we had to put you up to life support. Why don't you say anything about the stab wounds on your back?" I answered "Please don't tell Seiran Ryuuki what I going to say" and the doctor nod and I take a breath and say " I got stab after when Seiran, Ryuuki, Doctor shikou and you too left for few minute and one of the student from our class who was hiding under the bed and take the protest off and stab a few times and put protest back up. If I told you about my stab wounds. I would have me fear after few minutes, I blackout from fear and loss of blood but it was just bit not a lot I guess." The doctor went silent and I hear inner voice that I already knew and the door open to see Seiran and Ryuuki stand there and I saw them crying and drop tray of tea, cookie and knows that there were crying for their don't know I was stab and heard their inner voice saying "When there left their should had look before their to go back to class." I look at them and started to smile for their really care for me and wave my hand and said "Seiran and Ryuuki, Please don't blame yourself for what you don't know for I insured had told you Guys about this. I'm sorry for not telling about I got stab." Seiran and Ryuuki look at me and said "Please Saiunkoku, we don't blame you for we really care about you and we knew you care about us so that is why you don't us about the stab on your back." I smiled and said "Thank you for your understanding but I had done is hurt you guys so much how can fix the pain that you guys had feeling our the past year." Seiran and Ryuuki blush and look at each other and said, "We had feeling over the year with wanting to going on date with us." I started to blush and smile to answer "Yes, I will go with guys out." the doctor shin come in to say, "You guys, can take her anywhere but don't put her any put danger on her life please." Seiran and Ryuuki nod their heads and turn their head to look at me and smile. They went out to get ready for the date. The doctor comes to me and stay down on the bed and start saying "If you push yourself" but I stop him for continued and shook my head so I know what he was going to say, and he understands because he remembers I could hear his invoice. He still say "Please be careful." I nod my head and Seiran and Ryuuki come in and take me to the first place of the date. It was the Amusement place, Seiran and Ryuuki look at me and ask, "What place do you want to go on and look at the map and I really don't know for I never have went to the amusement place before." Seiran and Ryuuki look at me and say, "You have never gone to the amusement place before." Seiran and Ryuuki were surprised and said: "you never ever when to the amusement place before." She nods her head and started to smile. Seiran and Ryuuki smile and pointed and said: "let go of the merry go around." Seiran, Ryuuki, and Saiunkoku had fun on the merry go around then went to the ferret wheel and other place and after their went out of the amusement place. Seiran and Ryuuki take Saiunkoku to the Restaurant and order lucky duck and fish with a bowl of rice. After finish lunch, Seiran Ryuuki ask "So where do you want go, Saiunkoku?" She thought and turn around Saiunkoku to see everyone from school but all graduation and don't look happy to the monster is back their continued thing and Seiran, Ryuuki stand saw I was feeling a bit water and put up protest wall around me. They shout and said, "Why are you still protesting her, she is a monster who should never be love you." Seiran and Ryuuki stand up and take me and left the restaurant but before they pay their bill. They turn and to smiled and Seiran and Ryuuki started to say, "You guys will never understand why Saiunkoku never say anything mean to you guys and we love her more than anything." Saiunkoku started to blush, smiled and kiss Seiran and Ryuuki cheeks and started to say "You guys, are correct that care for them with all my heart. For their my hate me but I will never hate, and I love them too very much." Seiran and Ryuuki was blushing bright red from the kiss on the cheek and then their hugs Saiunkoku and say "Thank you for loving us, let go Saiunkoku. Where do you want to go now, Saiunkoku?" She though and remember she really when she was a young girl would be wanting to go to the Pokémon Center and Suzu Cafe and ask "Do you wanted to go the Pokémon Center and then Suzu Cafe?" Seiran and Ryuuki smile and nod their head and said "Sure, where else do you want to go too." Saiunkoku thought and remember there was one thing she really wanted to go with her older brother and sister was to go to Fushimi Inari Shrine to get a good luck charm. Saiunkoku ask Seiran and Ryuuki "Do you guys wanted to go to Fushimi Inari Shrine too?" then Seiran and Ryuuki replied "Sure, let go to Fushimi Inari Shrine too" and smile.