We all needed a kiss in that scene in Julie and the Phantoms. You know which one I mean. So here are my take(s) on how Julie and Luke should actually kiss now that they can touch. I'm ignoring the whole possession thing in the very last scene. I might do more as they come to me but I couldn't get these two out of my head, so I figured others who are as obsessed with the show as I am might appreciate them.

Bright and Early

The morning after the Orpheum performance, Julie slipped outside after breakfast and headed to the studio in the garage. She needed to know if last night had been real, and if the boys were still the same.

She swung the doors open and smiled a little when she saw it was only Luke there, sitting behind the piano. He played a few notes tentatively before he looked up and saw her.

"Oh… hey, Julie, how are you? Did you sleep okay?"

She smiled at his concern. "Yeah I slept fine. Where are the boys?"

"Well, Alex went off to wander around LA and try and find Willie without attracting Caleb's suspicion. I think Reggie went off to see if the cheerleaders can see him now."

Julie laughed out loud. "Classic Reggie," she said before slipping onto the piano bench next to him. "Whatcha doing?" she asked, lightly bumping against his shoulder and smiling at the fact that it still worked. She could still feel him.

He looked down at where their shoulders had touched, then looked in her eyes for a moment, before breaking eye contact and shrugging shyly as he turned back to the piano. "I just… I haven't been able to play the piano before, you know? Or at least barely. Since the whole death thing. Cuz, I figure it's our instruments tied to our souls, right, and the piano is tied to yours, while the guitar is tied to mine. So, I could play guitar, but piano was like trying to open doors so…"

"So it's your way of testing if you're still physically here," Julie finished for him, and he smiled at her, grateful that she understood.

"Do you… feel different?" she asked.

"Just… stronger… better… I don't know how to describe it except maybe more alive?"

"Do you have any idea what made the curse disappear?" she asked, genuinely curious about what had happened.

"Seems like love did the trick… or, you know, uh, liking, like friends liking friends, that's powerful, too," he said, starting to backpedal quickly.

Julie snorted and gave him a soft shove, happy for any excuse to touch him. "Ah yes that 'interesting little relationship' you were talking about." He glanced up at her quickly and she almost felt like there were literal sparks jumping between them. Although, since he was still technically a ghost, maybe there were sparks… she wouldn't be surprised.

She didn't have any more questions so she just started humming the song that had been stuck in her head all morning, Perfect Harmony.

"Voice like an angel, I've never heard before…" Luke sang under his breath.

"We say we're friends, we play pretend," Julie sang back softly. She reached for the keys and began playing the song from the beginning. Luke joined in with a harmony part higher on the keyboard.

Their voices flowed together beautifully, just like they always did. Feelings rushed through both of them. This song had meant so much when they couldn't touch but now that they could… When their fingers brushed on the keyboard, the song trailed off and Julie just looked into Luke's eyes.

At the same moment, they reached for each other. His hands tangled in her hair, and her arms went around his neck as their lips connected in a kiss that held all the emotions of the past weeks. The kiss was just like she had dreamed, just like she had imagined every night as she was falling asleep for so long. She felt so close to him, because of the music and because he was pressing his body up against hers.

Somehow, without her knowing just how it happened, she was sitting on the piano, with Luke standing between her legs and their kiss was intensifying. The same kind of energy that existed between them on stage fueled the passion in this kiss.

Finally, they broke apart, and just stared at each other in amazement for a moment before Luke cracked one of his crooked smiles and said, "I told you, it's an interesting little relationship we have." Julie laughed and leaned in to rest her forehead against his. No matter what happened next, she knew they couldn't ignore their connection any longer after this.


Julie opened the door, surprised to see Nick standing there. But she quickly recovered and said thank you as she took the flowers from him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Well, I, uh, just wanted to tell you how great your performance was last night. I could see you were going through a lot at the beginning but you really pulled it off. I hope you're proud of yourself."

"Oh, thanks!" Julie said, smiling sweetly at him. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a head that looked suspiciously like it had a beanie over longish brown hair pop out from behind a tree and then disappear again.

Nick scuffed his shoes against the floor boards, looking for something to keep the conversation going. "Do you guys have any more gigs lined up yet? You know I'll be at every show you perform at."

"Oh, no, not yet, but we're hoping that after last night we'll get some calls from managers and stuff. Maybe this band will take off."

"If anyone can do it, Julie, you can."

"That's sweet, Nick, thanks."

Nick couldn't come up with any other excuses to stay standing outside her front door, and Julie hadn't invited him in yet, so he figured it was time to leave. "Well, I guess I'll get going," he said sheepishly.

"Thanks for stopping by and for the flowers!"

He leaned in for a hug and she was too polite to push him away, but she pulled back quickly when he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"See you on Monday!" they both exclaimed at the same time, and Julie closed the door and leaned back against that. What was that? She thought to herself, and then headed upstairs to her room.

She almost screamed when she found Luke sitting on her bed.

"HEY, what did I say about boundaries?" she exclaimed.

Luke just rolled his eyes. "Nice flowers," he said sarcastically.

"Oh, Nick just brought them over to congratulate me on last night's show. Here, they're as much yours as mine since you were on that stage, too."

"Oh come on Julie, you know that's not why he was here. He's in looooove with you," Luke mocked.

Now Julie rolled her eyes. "And what about it? Are boys not allowed to give me flowers?"

"I'd give you flowers…" he mumbled.

"Are you… jealous Luke?" she asked, faking amazement.

Luke stood up in indignation. "Who me? Jealous? Of some kid that looks like he's 12 and can't dance to save his life? What's there to be jealous of?"

"Mmm sounds like you're avoiding my question, Luke," Julie teased and then poked him in the chest.

"Oh please Julie, if you can't tell when a boy's flirting with you it's not like you could tell if a boy is jealous over you," Luke responded defensively.

"Still being pretty defensive if you're not actually jealous," she said and went to poke him in the chest again, but he caught her hand this time.

He paused for a moment, holding her hand. Then he dropped it and brought his hands up to her face, pulling her close to him and crashing their lips together. It was a fierce kiss, fueled by the feelings of jealousy that Luke was refusing to admit.

He pulled back a moment later and dropped his hands, looking at her with a scared look. "Was that… okay? I didn't mean to…" But before he could finish his sentence Julie wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back with just as much enthusiasm. He wrapped his arms around her waist, but her motion towards him made them lose their balance and they tipped over onto the bed, laughing.

"Hey," he said, stroking the side of her face. "You're right, I don't like seeing other guys flirt with you and bring you flowers. Cuz I want you to be my girl."

She just smiled and leaned in to kiss him again.

Let me know which one you liked better or if you've thought of another way they should get together!