Sorry I abandoned you guys for so long. I fell into a writing frenzy at the beginning of the year right before the lockdown and I used that free time to write a few stories as you have seen :) And I started this one right here in... hold up *checks date of first Word file* April. I was so excited about this story. I planned the whole thing out as I usually do and then I was near the ending I ran out of inspiration. So my logic was "Oh, I'll figure out when I get there." And guess what happened. I didn't figure it out when I got there. So then I got stuck. Other writers get what I'm saying. I also had school work to catch up, exams and everything and then it was summer, and so I've been outside and working since then, etc etc. But I did it! 6 months later, but still. At least it's not a whole year *looks away meme*. ANYWAYS! I have so much to say and I'm gonna say it 'cause this Pilot chapter is quite smol and confusing. I wrote the whole planning on paper 'cause for some reason inspiration didn't hit when I noted it on my phone. So, just so you are aware of the dedication I put into this story, I have over 10 mm of office paper lying right next to me on my desk right now and I've drained about ten black markers on the planning and random notes only. I've killed my hand over this.

I've also done a lot of research and I'm gonna give credits right here. *clears throat* Here we go:


Jim Rohn; Anthony Robins; Patrick Ness; Nathaniel Hawthorne; Shannon L. Alder; George Eliot; J.R. Rim.


How to Train Your Dragon Wiki (god bless the httyd wiki page)

SO! I really wanted to start off this story with the most confusing intro possible so enjoy! I'll be publishing regularly like every 2-3 days to give u guys time to read and for me to have a steady agenda. I'll you soon, enjoy!


"Hiccup Haddock!" shouted Krogan about the roaring flames, his posture asserting dominance over the Dragon Rider who stood tall despite his aching body, the exhausting temperature, and suffocating air.

The Singetail rattled its teeth against the chains, perched on the roof with its claws digging effortlessly in the wood. But Hiccup refused to let the sight intimidate him. He watched as the dragon crawled down, making its way over what was left of the bridges of the outpost. Hiccup didn't move, waiting for Krogan to get closer.

"I've been looking for you," said Krogan, tugging on the chains to bring his Titan to a halt before the Rider.

Hiccup's mind raced to find an explanation of how things could've gone so terribly wrong. How all of this could've happened so quickly. How he, Hiccup Haddock the Third, leader of the Dragon Riders, heir to the throne of Berk, son of Stoick the vast, stand dragonless and teamless on his burning base, face to face with his most hated enemy. He studied the situation he currently found himself in, finding no other word to describe this other than 'surreal'.

Instead, he went with, "I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about." He crossed his arms over his chest, defying the Flyer in his own small irritating ways.

"Mmh," was all that came out of Krogan's mouth before he lifted his chin up high and looked around as if admiring his masterpiece of chaos and destruction. He wasn't infuriated nor did he look disappointed. "I am surprised that you could have forgotten the things you've done so easily." He returned his eyes on the Rider, cocking an eyebrow. "Especially after destroying everything you love and tearing your friends and allies apart."

"What are you talking about?" asked Hiccup, tilting his head to the side slightly in confusion. He wondered if Krogan was simply playing tricks on him, attempting to blame this destruction on him and plant a seed of guilt at the bottom of his stomach. He promised himself he wouldn't fall for that. He'd seen many strategies from the part of his enemies. He wasn't falling for this one.

Krogan chuckled at his question, genuinely sounding amused. Hiccup uncrossed his arms, his stare demanding answers.

"You may have forgotten, Hiccup Haddock," said Krogan, straightening up on his Singetail. "But know that the real damage wasn't my doing… Peace is such a fragile thing. You cannot imagine the depths you went to tilt it over." He paused, looking down at him like he was studying him closely before nodding and huffing. "I am impressed. Viggo has my respect."

Frustration lit up inside Hiccup's chest like a spark catching fire. He might not know who things had ended up this way, but one thing he knew for sure, was that this wasn't how things were meant to end.

Screeching met his ears and Hiccup spun around on his heels to see more Dragon Flyers coming down from above to land behind him, trapping him in an inescapable prison. Hiccup turned back to Krogan, teeth bared and hands balled into fists.

"You can't win, Krogan!" he shouted, taking a step forward. "I will stop you, just like I've stopped you before!"

The Rider felt the strong hands grab him by the shoulders and force him down on his knees. His wrists that he'd just freed were bound together once again behind his back.

"You and what army, mmh?" said Krogan, watching with satisfaction as his men took care of restraining their newest prisoner. He met the Rider's gaze filled with rage and sadness, the confusion and fear obvious in their color. Hiccup held his gaze challengingly while the Flyers lifted him back up on his feet, holding him firmly by the upper arms. "You abandoned them. You let your friends down. You're alone now and they're not coming back for you."

Hiccup wanted to lunge himself at him, make him swallow back his words. Everything Krogan was saying didn't make any sense. Nothing made sense at all. He couldn't be the one to blame. His rescue was the least of his worries. What concerned him was how everything had come to this. He wanted answers. He wanted the truth. Nothing of what Krogan was saying could be true. Him? Abandon his friends – his team? Impossible. He'd lay down his life for them.

He wanted to shout – to scream – to make Krogan take it all back. He wanted to find his friends, his best friend, and make sure they were okay. He didn't know. He didn't know what had happened and he didn't know what was happening. There were so many things to which he wanted closure, but his train of thoughts was brutally interrupted when a hard object met the back of his head, knocking him out of this world once again.