I'm sure we all hated on how this episode ended. I hate on how Megan always wins and Drake & Josh lose. So here's my alternate ending in which Megan finally gets caught. Taking place at the end of Tree House.

Megan is on the phone with Janie

Megan: That was the best party ever. No I don't know what happened to my boobish brothers and I don't care.

Audrey: Megan we're home.

Megan: My parents are home.

Walter: Where's Drake & Josh?

Megan: Who cares.

Audrey: Megan don't be rude.

Megan: Didn't they went on their dates?

Audrey: That was hours ago. They should be home by now.

Megan: Well I'm going to my room.

Walter: Give Drake a call.

Audrey: On it.

We cut to the tree house where Drake & Josh are still inside

Josh: Why has nobody come for us?

Drake: I don't know.

Drake's phone rings

Drake: My phone.

Josh: You had your phone?

Drake: I forgot. Hello?

Audrey: Drake it's mom.

Drake: Mom?

Audrey: Where are you?

Drake tells Audrey everything

Audrey: Oh my we'll be there soon.

Walter and Audrey arrive to free Drake & Josh

Walter: Are you boys okay?

Josh: We've been better.

Audrey: How did you get trapped in that tree house?

Drake: Megan locked us in there.

Walter: Why?

Josh: So she can go to her friend's party.

Audrey: Thanks for telling us. Megan is in so much trouble.

Walter: Let's go.

Drake: Josh am I dreaming or is Megan getting busted?

Josh: Oh happy days.

The camera cuts to the house


Megan: Mom, Walter what's going on?

Walter: You know very well what's going on!

Drake: Yeah!

Megan: Oh you're back.

Audrey: How could you trap your brothers in that tree house. What do you have to say for yourself?

Megan: They stared it.

Josh: No we didn't.

Megan: I wasn't going to get to go to Janie's party.

Audrey: Yeah and you're not going to any parties for awhile.

Megan: Why?

Walter: Because you're grounded for 2 months.

Megan: 2 months? Come on Walter.

Walter: You don't call me that and now it's 3 months.

Audrey: Go to your room now and think about what you have done!

Megan: Thanks you boobs!

Megan walks away

Audrey: We're glad you're okay.

Drake: Thanks mom.

Walter: Alright honey time for bed.

Audrey and Walter walks away

Josh: Did that just happen? Did Megan finally get caught?

Drake: She did.

Josh: Hug me brotha!

Drake & Josh hug

Drake: At long last she got busted.

Josh: This is the happiest day ever.

Drake: You said it. We may have missed our dates, but I'm glad Megan is finally in trouble.

Josh: And for 4 months.

Drake: This has become the best day ever.

The End

A/N Let me know what you think of my alternate ending. Just to let you all know, I am not going to be doing anymore sex stories or revenge stories. I want to get back to writing my own stories because that's how I started on here and sometimes it looks like some of you guest users out there make it seem like I'm not allowed to write my own stories. I don't know when I'll do requests again but I'll let you know when I do. Until then, I'm writing my own stories. Whether you like it or not.