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Rosalie traced her fingertips along the elegant letters on the headstone. The name that was carved into it was barely readable to a human in the darkness of the evening, but with her supernatural vision they were easy to discern.

"A loved one?"

She looked up to find an old lady standing on the path that led along the graves of the cemetery. The lady was leaning heavily on a wooden cane, but there was a lively and curious look in her eyes. It reminded Rosalie of someone, but that thought was quickly pressed down into a deep, dark corner of her mind. She smiled sadly. "Something like that, yes."

"My best friend is just a bit further along," the old lady said, motioning with the flowers she held in her hand to a grave a few feet away. "She would have loved this night. The dark was her thing. Obsessed with Halloween, the crazy girl. Anyway, I must keep on moving, if I want to get back home before it's too late. I wish you all the best."

Rosalie returned the regards with a soft voice, not finding it in herself to pull up the emotionless mask she usually wore around strangers. She knew – though she would never admit it – that her heart had softened throughout these past few years, and she did not know whether to love or hate the change. Turning back to the gravestone she had cleaned earlier, she traced along the letters once more, taking in a few deep, unnecessary breaths.

"Swan," she said almost without sound as she lifted her hand away from the last word.


Rosalie snorted and rolled her eyes, snapping out of the depressive mood she had slowly been sinking into. "You're quick. You texted me it'd be a while. Did you manage to find flowers anywhere?"

Arms clasped around her middle and a chin came to rest on her shoulder. "Yep!"

Rosalie lifted a brow and turned around in the arm's grasp, coming face to face with a certain sandy brown-haired girl. "And how on earth did you manage to do that in Forks, in the middle of fall, at nine in the evening?"

A somewhat guilty look flashed across the girl's face. "I might have found them in a front yard? And I'm not sure if they're flowers, but they're plants? That counts, right?"

"Char," Rosalie said with an exasperated sigh. "Seriously? I thought you'd come back with nothing when you decided to go hunting for flowers at this time."

"And you didn't stop me?" Charlie looked offended now.

"You were gone before I could talk to you," Rosalie said, glancing up to the dark forest that bordered the cemetery. "Not that there would have been any way of stopping you either way." She hooked her arms around Charlie's neck. "Well Miss 'steal-plants-from-human's-yards', how about you go put said plants on your grandma's grave and we can move along with our night." She emphasized her words by pulling Charlie in for a passionate kiss. However, not even a second later she pulled back. "Char…"

"What?" Charlie asked, smiling innocently, making sure to keep her teeth covered.

"Open your mouth."

"Ooh," Charlie said as she looked away, hiding from Rosalie's gaze. "Getting-"

"Charlotte Swan!"

"Alright, alright," Charlie mumbled with a pout. She shuffled her feet. "Don't get mad alright? It's just, me and Emmett-"

"Oh for the love of God, what have you two been up to now."

"-have been trying out the costumes we picked out! It's nearly Halloween, we have to make sure everything fits." Charlie met Rosalie's eyes and grinned.

"Are those fangs."


Rosalie finally noticed that her girlfriend was not wearing her usual winter coat either. "Is that a cloak."

"…it might be?"

"You are dressed up like a vampire."

Charlie was still grinning. "Yep."

"Those fake fangs better be out of your mouth by the next time I want to kiss you, or you'll be sleeping on the couch for a month."

"But I don't even sleep-"

"You get what I mean."

Pure fear entered Charlie's body. She knew how much Rosalie could hold a grudge and whenever she said something like this she was not kidding.

Charlie knew that particular fun fact from experience.

Extracting herself from Rosalie's grasp, she hopped back to the backpack which lay discarded on the path. She ran a finger along her teeth and popped the fake fangs out of her mouth. They got a nice spot in the front pocket of her bag. Charlie took out a little black pot with the green plant from the main compartment and stood up again to find Rosalie staring at the gravestone.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Rosalie quickly reassured, but something felt off.

Charlie leaned down to place the little plant on the stone slab, blowing a kiss towards the headstone. Straightening up, she stared at Rosalie until a realisation occurred to her. "You're thinking about it being me."

A wry smile spread across Rosalie's lips. "It could very well have been if you had not decided to take action."

"Rose," Charlie started, stepping forward to pull Rosalie back to the path by her wrist. "I know it could have been, but it wasn't me in the end. Besides, do you think I would have let myself been buried in fucking Forks? Come on."

That got a little chuckle out of Rose.

"I mean, I love the place, sure," Charlie continued, a new glint of amusement in her eyes. "But I wouldn't have wanted to be put here for the life of me. I might've written that somewhere on my phone when I knew I was going to die. Anyway, I think it's time we should get moving. Someone promised me we would move along with our night, and I have a few ideas of things I'd like to do." She added a little wiggle of her eyebrows.

A gag sounded from somewhere close by.

"Shut the fuck up, Leah!" Charlie shouted, noticing the smile that accompanied Rosalie's roll of the eyes. "I told you, you could leave! Why are you still here?"

"I'm waiting for Seth to come and pick me up, bitch!" Leah shouted back, her voice loud to the two vampires even though they could not see her. "Not all of us are equipped with never-ending energy, alright? And your need to have me help you to find a plant after our meeting had me burn through all the food we ate. I ate. Ugh, whatever."

Rosalie shook her head in amusement. "Let's go, Char." She pulled Charlie along towards the exit and right into the forest. "Where did you and Leah get that plant?"

Charlie grinned. "Let's just say a certain chief of police might be missing a piece of his garden now." Before Rosalie could react, she continued, "Race you back to the hotel?"

Off into the night they went.

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