Seattle Mayhem

As the elevator door dinged, out walked a tall green eyed man with an expensive suit on. As he rounded into the main office or bullpen, two other people came into view. The investigator walked over to his desk and looked at his partners, Ziva the petite Israeli and McGee, to his right also typing away at his computer. His green eyes focused as his fingers flew across the keyboard. Tony straightened out his expensive suit and sat at his desk, ripped a piece of paper rolling it into a ball, and threw it at McGee's slim figure. McGee protested while Ziva just told Tony to leave him alone. Ziva had said that as she tied up her long brown curls and her brown eyes skimmed over the email she was writing. Tony was intrigued and as always, got up to be nosy. Typical him. Of course he made a movie reference because it was what he always did. Just as he was going to mention the name of the movie the elevator bell dinged and out walked Gibbs. Gibbs, their fearless leader walked out with a cup of scorching hot coffee in hand, salt and peppered hair, his dark blue eyes fixed on Tony's head and SMACK! His hand collided with the back of Tony's head.

"Sorry boss!" He apologized.

"Grab your gear, we have a case!" Barked Gibbs as he walked to the elevator and his team followed hot on his heel. He threw the keys of the car up into the air so Ziva could catch them.

"Ziva's driving." Gibbs stated. Tony and McGee's expressions soured. She would always drive horribly and cause one of them to feel ill. They would have to drive all the way to Seattle for this case. The drive's worth was a day and 13 hours but with Ziva driving they made it in a day's drive. When they arrived at the gloomy city, it was snowing.

"You know McGoo, this reminds me of that one movie where they are at the beach and-" Tony was cut off by McGee.

"It looks freezing cold, Tony, how can this remind you of a movie that takes place in the summer."

"Hope you brought warm clothes." Replied Gibbs. At that they arrived at a warehouse. They investigated the rest of the case and finally found their suspect. It was Blake Doyle. They had his picture and finally found him. They were chasing him down, well more like Ziva was hot on his tail. Zooming through the dark alleyways, as the steam wafted out of the sewers into the cold night. The air was frigid and cold as it was starting to snow lightly. As she caught up to him a BANG! Was heard and she fell to the ground. The man disappeared into the cold night but was injured because she had managed to wound him. As her team caught up to where she laid, they called an ambulance. Luckily for them, the closest hospital was Grey-Sloan's Memorial Hospital. They rushed her into the ambulance and then when they made it to the hospital, they rushed her out.

"Female name Ziva David, 26, GSW to the chest page cardio and general." Said one of the paramedics. Gibbs had caught up and was holding Ziva, his daughter like figure's hand, when she said,

"Go catch him I'll be fine." He nodded and ran out with his team to find the bad guy. Blake Doyle was their main concern and they knew they had to find him and fast. It shouldn't be that hard, how far could he go since he was injured. Dr. Grey, tall, slim, blonde, blue eyed and Dr. Yang, a woman with long black curls that accentuated her brown almond shaped eyes, took Ziva into a room but after that they rushed her up to surgery.

2 Hours Later…

A few hours passed and they took Ziva into one of the post-op rooms. She was being monitored regularly by the doctors. Dr. Yang and Dr. Grey walked in to check up on her when she woke up. She had woken up to the soft sound of snow tapping against the window. Tap. tap. TAP. it started getting louder and the wind started to pick up. She could hear distant thunder rumbling in the distance. The murmurs of the nurses could be heard. When one of the nurses was going to a supply closet to get some new things for Ziva, she saw it. Her best friend, a nurse that worked with her, was lying dead on the floor. It was Clara. Her body lay limp, nurse June could hear her heart beating. AHHHHHHH! This is what was heard throughout the halls. Ziva shot straight up in bed. Nurses started running straight to her, and they all gasped. Nurse Clara was dead. She had a GSW also. They were all fearing what was happening. Who would want to kill a nurse? A nurse?! The head of the hospital decided to lock down the hospital. As the minutes went by, screams of fear were heard throughout the hospital.

"What's going on?" Asked Alex to Cristina. She responded with a shrug of the shoulder. She decided to ignore the man with the scruffy beard and brown eyes and was why she shrugged. The night was getting colder and the storm was worse than before. It was snowing hard outside and people were coming into the hospital for shelter. Throughout the night more people would come in and supplies would start to disappear. The parents of the kid patients were anxious and scared. They wouldn't want their children to be in harm's way. Loud noises would ring through the hospital and so would screams. Loud bangs caught the attention of many of the nurses. On the second floor, where Ziva was, there were many weird noises. At least three nurses and an attending had been found there too. All lying on the floor in a secluded area, lifeless. A few hours passed and Ziva's heart rate levels were elevated so Dr. Yang and Dr. Grey came in to check on her and make sure that everything was ok. As they concluded that everything was ok, they were moving to head to the door when the lights went out. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Flatlines were heard from all the rooms including the one that they were in. The door opened with such a force and then walked in a tall dark figure. The figure held something up and pointed it at the three women. At that moment the lights came back up because of the backup generators. The monitor had a normal rhythm again and when they looked at the door they were staring down at Blake Doyle. He had been in the hospital the whole time. The lights kept fluttering and shuffling feet were heard running down the halls to get as far away as possible. As the lights went out for a second time Ziva lept out of the bed and tackled the man kicking the weapon away. The lights came back on and she grabbed her cuffs out of her belongings bag that was next to her bed, and put them on Doyle. He head butted her but she didn't let go. She had gone against doctor's orders and done "strenuous activities" right after a major surgery. Grey and Yang looked at each other knowing that they would have a long talk later that night. "It's like Mr. Clark all over again." Thought Cristina. They were shocked that he had followed them into the hospital. Security walked in soon after and they took Doyle into custody. When he was out of the room the doctors checked out Ziva to see if she didn't mess her stitches up. They had called the rest of the investigators to come over and pick up Doyle. When they had gotten there and opened the door and walked into the room where they were holding Doyle, he was gone. The room was as empty as can be. The team was confused and thought that security was messing with them but they were wrong. Doyle had escaped into the night. Thunder was at its loudest point in the night and you couldn't see without ten feet in front of you. He had escaped.