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Summary: A fic in five parts, Inu/Kag, Mir/San, Sess/OC. When Kagome fell through the Bone Eater's Well, she never thought it would happen to anyone else, but when it does, things go a little crazy.

Falling Over You

By: Banshee Puppet

Chapter One: Through the Well

"Thanks for helping me study Ayame," Kagome said as the older girl rubbed her tired eyes and stretched a bit. They'd been at it for hours. "Don't worry about it Higurashi. I know what it's like to miss a lot of school because you're sick. It's really no big deal. Besides, Li asked me to do it as a favor to him, since he's friends with your little brother, and this makes us even. No more dishes, YAWN, no more cleaning his room, no more driving him places. Besides, like I said, I don't mind. I'm fluent in English anyway, so it's not like it's difficult for me or anything." Ayame was two years older than Kagome, tall and thin with short black hair and brown eyes so pale with golden flecks that gave them a bronzed look. She had naturally long eyelashes that most girls would kill for, but mostly, they just seemed to piss her off. She took off her calico reading glasses and put them back into their small leather case. "That's right. Sota said you know a lot of languages," Kagome said. Ayame nodded, ticking them off on her fingers as she listed them, "Japanese, English, Spanish, and a bit of French and Mandarin Chinese," she said. "How do you remember it all?" Kagome asked in awe. "Well, I've traveled a lot. You pick stuff up when you've got to," Ayame told her absently. "Besides, a lot of it comes from the music lessons. And I used to go to a lot of gymnastics competitions before I hurt my right arm in that car accident three years ago." She talked about that accident like it was nothing, but Kagome remembered Sota and everyone talking about it. She almost died. She'd bashed up her arm pretty badly, but she was lucky that was all she'd done. The other person in the car at the time, Li, a distant cousin, one of those relationships that Kagome could never quite figure out, had her to thank for getting out of it hardly without a scratch. Drunk driver, the papers had said, and they never caught the guy. All in all, things seemed to have worked out, and Ayame had started playing her guitar with the band sporadically about a year ago; also learning how to write with her left hand. The writing was sloppy, but mostly legible. But she hadn't been able to go back to her gymnastics, and the doctors didn't think she ever would. You pick stuff up when you've got to. Yeah, Kagome figured, what choice has she had? "That it for today?" Ayame asked. "Yeah, I'll walk you out." "Hey, Higurashi, I was wondering," Ayame said as she put her things back into her pack. "Would it be okay if I took a picture of the bone eater's well? I'm doing a project on "places of worship" for my history class, and visual aides are a must, I've got a few of the shrine I visited in Kyoto, and some synagogues and cathedrals in France and Spain that have been lying around the house forever, but." "Oh, sure, I don't see why not," Kagome said. Ayame had helped her out so much, and what harm could a picture or two do? It wasn't as if Ayame would get sucked into the well like she had, and Inuyasha wasn't likely to come try and fetch her until tomorrow at least. "Really? Arigato!" Ayame said happily, having to practically empty her bag again to dig her camera out. Kagome laughed. If nothing else, it was worth it to see that big grin back on Ayame's face. For having lost her parents so young, Kuma Ayame seemed to be one of the happiest people Kagome knew. They'd never really associated before, but Kagome wondered if maybe they could get together more often. She liked Ayame, and the older girl didn't really have many friends. Who am I kidding? What would someone like Ayame want to hang out with a kid like me for? Kagome thought, but then she wondered if that wasn't what everyone thought. Ayame was "cool", she was the only girl in the high school who wore a boy's uniform, something she'd thrown a fit to be able to do pretty early on. There was a rumor that it was because she had a bad scar on her shin from the accident, but nobody knew for sure, and she didn't try to hide the one on her arm, so that didn't make much sense. Kagome just figured it was because she didn't want to show everybody her panties when she was out in the courtyard playing basketball with her cousin and his friends. Well, whatever, it didn't matter anyway. Besides, making new friends was hardly something Kagome needed to do now. It was just too difficult to come up with excuses when she went through the well, and her grandfather's "illnesses" were not what she would have come up with.not by a long shot.

"It's right in here," Kagome said as she held the lantern up. "Are you sure you'll get a good picture in here? It's dark this late in the day. You can come back tomorrow morning when it's brighter out." "No, no big deal. It's a new camera and it should be fine. Besides, I don't want to hassle you." It's no hassle, Kagome was about to say before she remembered Inuyasha. Maybe now would be better. Who knows what'd happen if she ran into Inuyasha. My cover would be blown, that's for sure. Ayame put on the flash and took a picture from the doorway. "I want a closer one, it's okay?" she asked. Kagome nodded. She was awfully polite. So Ayame moved into the shrine and took a few shots of the bone eater's well up close, leaning over slightly to get a good angle of the opening of the dry well, she was about to snap the photo when she tripped on something. "Ah!" she yelped as she fell over the lip and into the well! "meow?" "Buyo!" Kagome scolded as she ran towards the well with a distinctively sinking feeling. "Ayame, are you alright!" she called. Shining the lanterns into the depths of the well, she realized.Ayame wasn't there.

"Ow," Ayame whined as she brushed herself off, realizing that, strangely, nothing hurt. She looked up out of the well as she called, "I'm fine, Higu..ra..shi? Stars? Isn't the well inside the shrine?" She shook off the weird feeling, and seeing the shadow of some vines inside the well, she squinted. They appeared to go all the way up. She'd just climb out, save Kagome the trouble of having to rescue her. She grabbed one and gave it a gentle pull. It should hold. Reaching the top, she surveyed her surroundings.her forested surroundings. Cocking an eyebrow, she said, "We're not in Kansas anymore, that's for damn sure. But where the hell am I?" She sat on the edge of the well for a few minutes before standing. At least I didn't hurt my camera. It was really expensive, she thought. "Higurashi? HIGURASHI!?" she called as she walked away from the well, trying to find the other girl, not expecting much, since she didn't even seem to be in Tokyo anymore, feeling rather perplexed and much like the subject of a bad manga. "This is so not funny," Ayame complained as she looked up and spotted the God tree. "Hrm? The God Tree, so I'm still at the shrine, but.maybe I fell and hit my head and am now unconscious. Everything will be back to normal when I wake up, right? Sure, that makes sense, might as well enjoy the ride while I'm here then, right?" Ayame shrugged, rather confident that she was going to wake up any minute now..any minute now. "Who're you!" "Eep!" Ayame jumped as a white haired boy jumped down out of a tree right in front of her. "Uh. Hi," she said at first, noting the ears and claws. Dreaming about dog demons? That's it Ayame, you're switching to decaf. "My name's Ayame. Kuma Ayame." Inuyasha started sniffing. There was a girl, and she was wearing strange clothing with some sort of silver contraption in one hand, and she was coming from the bone eater's well, and it wasn't Kagome. Human though, that much he could tell. And confused. "Um. Gomen. I, uh.I'm a bit lost. I'm looking for someone. A girl about so high with black hair. She answers to the name Kagome Higurashi, have you seen her?" "Kagome?!?" now it was Inuyasha's turn to be extremely confused. "You know Kagome?" "Hai. I was helping her study, and well, I fell into the well at her shrine." "You fell into the bone eater's well!?!" Inuyasha hollered. "Uh.yeah. You don't have to say it so loud," Ayame said as she took a step back from Inuyasha who was getting rather close with his.yelling. She brought a finger up and stuck it in her ear, shaking her head to try and stop the ringing. "Inuyasha, what's your prob.who're you?" Shippo asked as he bounded over. "Now a fox demon kit," Ayame mumbled. "Well, why not, this is a weird dream anyway," she blinked a few times. "Ayame, Kuma," she answered after a few moments. "She fell through the well. She knows Kagome," Inuyasha said sarcastically. "Decaf. Definitely Decaf," Ayame mumbled to herself as she noted the dog demon's ears swivel and him start sniffing the air, and the fox kit doing the same. "My name's Shippo!" the fox kit said. "Kagome!" Inuyasha said, seeming to light up a bit, but also still rather irate. "Eep!" Ayame squealed as he grabbed her wrist and started to drag him after her rather quickly, she was running to keep up. "Uh. N-nice to meet you Shippo!" she called back.