Give Me Back My Pen...

"Inu Yasha bring that pen back!" I shout at him.

"NO! You are not writing that. I won't let you do that to Kagome." He yells at me jumping up a tree.

Huh? Tree? How did a tree get in my writing studio. "Kagome make him give me my pen back." I pout at the young Japanese girl beside me.

"Nope I'm still mad about Chapter 5."

"WHAT DID I DO THIS TIME!!! I made him tell you he loved you."

"Yea but you also shot him too."

"Well he said to. Now I need to write about what happens to you. Please Kagome Please, make him give me the pen back!" I always hate this point. I'm almost at the climax all the players are in place and BOOM they hate me. "How does Ms. Takahasi deal with the two of you?" I sit at the table and cry. "Do you know how many people want to see Chapter 6??? Now give me the damn pen back, you little half demon you."


"Fine... next time I write a story you meet a powerful witch who turns you back into a 5 year old boy." As I start to leave, he lands softly beside me.

"Here, please finish - I hate lying here on the ground." He says handing back the pen.

I smile at him and resume writing.