xx - New life in a new world - xxx

A/N: Ok so this is the other story that I'm going to do. This one is going to be a full-time story. It's going to be long, that I know for sure. This story is going to have a LOT of OCs. Several of which are going to be in the harem, so buckle up boys and girls you're in for a long ride.

Harem so far: Judy Hopps, Nicole Wild (fem! Nick), Kushina Uzumaki (genetics will be charged so no Incest.), Koyoko (fem! Kyuubi), and Ariel Otterton (otter OC). Now, this is the harem so far, there are others that are still in the works. Jobs, species, and other things have been decided. All they need are names and a bit of fine-tuning on their personality.

I'm also going to change some things: Major changes: 1) Nick is female. 2) Naruto can get ANY female in zootopia pregnant and it will be the same species as the mother. 3) being the only human in zootopia Naruto is allowed to have a harem and is able to choose who he wants to be with. This is because he is considered an endangered species and needs to Repopulate his species. He will find a way to do this aka. Any BS reason you can come up with. 4) The nine tails are female. 5) Kushina is alive but doesn't know Naruto is but finds out and is transported to zootopia fifteen years after Naruto gets there. She also has her youth restored to when she had Naruto. Which is 22.( yes she is in the harem, it is the reason for the pairing I didn't put furry harem.)

Minor changes: 1) Nicole is the same age as Naruto and Judy. 2) Naruto learns how to use Chakra, but doesn't become a ninja. Kami sent scrolls on how to use it and how to make seals. And 3) Naruto and Judy can speak English and Japanese so that when they want to have a secret conversation they can switch languages on a dime.

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It was a dark and cold November night in Konohagakure, and everything seemed calm from afar. But at the edge of the village, we see a boy around the age of five running from a mob of villagers. This boy is Naruto Uzumaki, jinchuuriki of the nine-tailed fox. He was on his way home from his first day of the academy when the mob showed up. They were shouting things like "kill the demon!" And other things like. "Let's finish what the Yondaime started!" could be heard from the mob. They had been chasing him for three hours and he was getting tired.

'Will these guys just give up! I haven't done anything wrong. I haven't done a prank in five days!' Naruto thought he kept running until he was in front of one of the training grounds there was a sign that said 'training ground 44' on the fence around it. He decided it would be better to hide in there than to keep running out here. He climbed the fence and ran into the forest. He looked back to see if they were following him, and to his dismay they were. 'Why are they so stubborn, they usually don't follow me in here whenever I try to hide here. It's like they don't care about how dangerous it is anymore.' Naruto thought before turning around and running in the opposite direction. He kept running for a few minutes before he was too tired to run anymore, he looked around to find a place to hide before he found a tree with a big enough gap that he could hide under. He crawled under the tree to find the root system was pushed out a little bit, it was obvious that a large fox or badger used to live here.

'Hopefully, they won't find me down here. Why does this happen today of all days? My birthday I understand, they've been doing this since the lady at the orphanage kicked me out two years ago. But it's only ever happened on my birthday, what's different about today than any other day?' Naruto thought to himself. What Naruto forgot to do was turn around so that his legs weren't sticking out. While he was catching his breath, the villagers had caught up. They had lost some people to the animals who lived in the forest. They were standing around each other trying to catch their breath.

" Where did that little demon go? He couldn't have gotten far, let's search the area and see if we can find him. If you do find him don't yell out so he doesn't know we found him grab him first the call out. That way he doesn't escape." the one leading them said before going to look off to the north of the last place they spotted naruto.

Xxx - meanwhile at the Hokage's office - xxx

Hiruzen sarutobi was not a happy man, he just found out that a mob of villagers was just spotted chasing Naruto after he just got out of a council meeting. The topic was actually about the blond, the head of the Inuzuka clan brought up adopting the boy again after swearing up and down that his mother made her his godmother. ( a/n: and she did, Minato just named Tsunade his godmother. He was not a fan of thinking of his son being raised by tsume as she and him were bitter rivals.) he was told by Minato directly on his death that Tsunade was naruto's godmother. Now he was gathering a team of Anbu to arrest the mob, " they better not have harmed naruto. Kushina would have my head if she found out that her son was alive, but killed by the villagers five years later because someone had a big mouth. She would kill us and leave the village for good." Hiruzen said to himself as he was trying to find Naruto using his crystal ball. Just as he found Naruto there was a knock at the door, well knock is putting it lightly it was more of a bashing. As soon as the door opened the one that was on the other side was none-other than Anko Mitarashi an early graduate of the academy and the former student of his former student Orochimaru, And she had a pissed off look on her face. He knew why ever since she and Naruto met last year they have been inseparable. You could never find one without the other. Some even suspected that they had a secret crush on each other, but were afraid that the villagers would use one of them to harm the other. 'I wonder if they know about each other's feelings. Anko it's a possibility, but Naruto I don't think so. I'll have to talk to him about that if I ever get a chance.' hiruzen thought to himself before he looked at Anko. " What can I do for you Anko-chan, I'm already looking for Naruto as we speak so you don't have to worry about that." he said before looking at his crystal ball. When he finally got an image of naruto hiding under a large tree.

As soon as Anko saw the tree she knew where Naruto was." That's the tree in the forest of death that I used to use as a hiding spot when I was training there before that bastard betrayed the village. It was during my wilderness survival training, I killed the badger that lived in it years ago. I still have the skin from it on the floor next to my bed as a rug. The blasted thing just wouldn't die." Anko said, still glaring at the Hokage. She hated that he wouldn't let anyone adopt Naruto, and now he was being hunted by those assholes. If she ever finds a way to live with him in peace she'll take it. No more cursed make, no more villagers, and no more Orochimaru. That will be a day she will give almost anything to have, but her virginity isn't one of them. She is saving that for Naruto once he graduates the academy. What people didn't know was that they had talked about many things over the past year. They knew about each other's feelings for the other, they had talked about the future and what they wanted from it. She knew they would change over time. But one thing would remain the same, they would love each other for the rest of their lives.

Soon Anbu arrived in the office. Each one had a mask in the shape of an animal, rabbit, fox, otter, wolf, tiger, lion, kangaroo, cheetah, hyena, bat, and wolf. (an: this is a hint. To what you will have to think hard to find out.) stood at attention in front of their leader. The one in the fox mask spoke up. " Hokage-sama, we are here as requested." She said in a soft but strong voice.

" Kitsune you and your squad will accompany me and Anko to save young Naruto from the villagers that are trying to kill him." The aged Hokage said to the squad leader. As he was getting up he noticed something, one of the villagers found Naruto and pulled him out of his hiding spot. " We need to leave NOW!" Hiruzen shouted before running out of his office as fast as he could. ' Naruto please be alright when we get there!' He thought before running a little bit faster soon he was joined by Anko and Anbu. What they didn't know is this would be the last time most of them would ever see Naruto again.

Xxx- a few minutes earlier - xxx

Naruto had been laying there for a few minutes now. He hoped that they had given up on finding him. ' I hope I lost them. They have been chasing me for hours now, I hope Anko is safe right now. I swear if they hurt her-' naruto's thoughts were interrupted when he felt someone grab his legs. He screamed as he was pulled from his hiding place, and was grabbed by his arms. " I found him! I found the demon!'' The villager holding naruto yelled out, getting the attention of the others. Soon almost all of them were around naruto, they were holding knives, daggers and one of them was holding a branding iron with the kanji for 'demon' at the end. The villager holding Naruto then said. " Now we will finish what the fourth started!" the others cheered before starting to torture Naruto.

One of the villagers came up to naruto and ran his blade across his chest before driving it into his stomach twice. Naruto screamed out in pain at the stab wounds, they then began torturing him after that.

Ten minutes later

Naruto was lying beaten and cut. For the past ten minutes, the villagers had been torturing him. He had well over a thousand cuts and bruises all over his body. He couldn't move at all and could feel that while the older cuts were healing. He couldn't do anything to get away from them. Soon the man with the branding iron came up, they had somehow heated it to a burning hot red. As the man holding it approached he said " turn the demon over I want to mark him for what he is." before the ones that were holding him down turned naruto over so that his back was exposed. Just as he was about to brand Naruto, the brand suddenly began to disintegrate. They were amazed at what just happened. Suddenly they heard a voice behind them.

" you will not harm this boy any longer. I've watched this go on for too long and now it's time I stopped watching and do something about it." said someone in a woman's voice. Everyone looked behind them and saw a woman with bright white hair, the whitest hair they had ever seen it almost looked like fresh snow flowing down her back. She was wearing a golden silk kimono with a sun design on the front and possibly the back. The only anyone knew about this woman, was that she was pissed. The shadow of her hair hid her face because she was standing on a branch, she jumped down from the branch and landed in a crouching position. She stood up, revealing that she had bright gold eyes and her skin was a blemish-free snow white. But one thing stood out to everyone was the absolutely pissed off look on her face. Her eyes had a fire in them that screamed anger, and her face was a deep scowl.

One of the villagers finally woke up from his stupor and spoke. " what gives you any right to stop us from killing this demon!? He killed our families and friends, he should pay for what he's done!" he said, getting shouts from the others who also woke up during his little speech. The woman looked him in the eyes for a few seconds before he started screaming. The villagers who were holding naruto let go of him and jumped back as they watched their friend drop to the forest floor with a dead look on his face. when they looked at his eyes they saw that his eyes looked like they were made of charcoal.

" Like I said this ends now. You all have predicted an innocent child for no reason, but holding the thing that caused the death of others. You saw him as the creature he holds and not the child himself. You will all be punished for your evil actions against him. Feeling everything you have ever done to him and have the pain multiplied a thousandfold." The woman said before snapping her fingers soon all of the villagers in the area started screaming at all the pain that they had inflicted on poor Naruto for the past 5 years.

She turns to Naruto and her gaze softens. She walked over to Naruto and cupped her hand on his cheek. A light started to come from her hand, soon the cuts and stab wounds started healing. Naruto winced in slight pain, as the stab wounds were the most painful when healing. Soon all of Naruto's injuries were healed and he was able to move again. Naruto sat up and looked at the woman, after a few seconds he asked. "Why did you save me? No one has ever stopped them except for a few people." Naruto said, wondering why she had saved him. He didn't know who she was or why she cared. From what he got from her speech, she has been watching him all his life so far and that she is sick and tired of watching and decided to do something about the villagers attacking him. He hasn't seen anyone like her before in the village, so that's out of the question of if she is from the village.

" I saved you because you are special to many people Naruto, to those that you have met and those who you will meet. As for who I am, you humans have called me by many names. God, Yahweh, and many more but most nowadays call me Kami." the now-named Kami said, smiling at Naruto. She then frowned and turned to the left and gave a hard glare at the clearing next to them. At that moment Hiruzen, Anko, and the Anbu finally arrived, they saw all of the villagers on the ground and Naruto with a woman who was glaring at them. " Hiruzen, how nice of you to join us. I just did YOUR JOB for you, you have been too lax on these monsters. Even demons have more decency than they do, and that's saying something. The Ichibi has less ways to kill people than these bastards." Kami said before looking at the villagers. She then raised her arm up and snapped her fingers and the villagers started to disintegrate before their eyes. " There now that it's quiet around here. We can talk about how you hiruzen sarutobi, have let things go on for far too long. I know you heard who I am so don't bother asking. Now here's how this is going to work, you are going to tell the village what happened here, ALL of it, no trimmings, no skipping over details, nothing do you understand." Kami said, staring into hiruzen's eyes. He nodded knowing what could happen if he didn't do that she said. " Next you are going to tell everyone that Naruto is being sent away, which in a sense, he is but we will get to that later and Anko, no you are not going with him. You will reunite with him eventually along with three others from his past that will be going to where I am sending him later. For now, your job is to protect two of them until the time is right." Kami said, glancing at Anko when she started talking to her. " now what you are going to tell them is that you are sending naruto out of the village because of the attack tonight. You will say that he is out of the elemental nations and will not come back until the village changes their ways. To spoil any hope you have of ever thinking that you have a chance of him coming back I will tell you it will never happen." kami said knowing he would think that the village would change for the better with naruto gone.

" Can we at least say our goodbyes Kami-sama? I want to at least have that." hiruzen asked with hope in his tired eyes that he will be able to say goodby to his surrogate grandson." And I know Anko-chan would love to give him a goodbye kiss to Naruto to hold her over until she can see him again." Hiruzen said knowing that Anko would have his head if she didn't get a goodbye kiss from Naruto.

Kami thought it over for a few seconds before saying " Fine I will give you a few minutes to say your goodbyes AFTER I'm done telling you what to do. Now the last thing I want you to do is to deal with a threat that WAS going to be up to Naruto to stop, but I have changed my mind after tonight. The first thing you need to do is stop the Uchiha coup before it can happen, WITHOUT killing all of the Uchiha. I have already dealt with one of the main problems that get it to that. That bastard ex-teammate of yours was trying to get it to that so he could use their eyes to control others on the council to do his bidding. Another thing you need to do is have a team of Anbu to wave country in eleven years to get rid of a little rat by the name of gato. These are a few things naruto would have fixed if he would have been left alone. But the events of this night would have ruined that as he would have become a shell of his former self if I let what was about to happen, happen. There will be a scroll of the other things that will need to be taken care of before they can happen on your desk." kami said before taking a few minutes to let everything that she just said to sink in for the old Hokage. After he nodded she continued, " now what I'm going to do is take Naruto to a new world to live a better life. He will be cared for by a loving couple that has been trying for kids for a while without luck. They will have one a year from now, but they are the perfect family for him as the father has a history with such hate similar to Naruto's. This new world will be very different from this one, Naruto you will be able to use chakra there and I will give you a blessing when you get there that will allow you to gift one person the ability to use chakra they will have the same amount of chakra you will have later down the line. But they will need a teacher. You to be specific." kami said, finishing her speech. Looking at Naruto.

Naruto thought about it for a second before saying "I'll do it, I will choose wisely Kami-sama you can count on me." he said before going over to hiruzen and hugging him. " I'll make you proud Jiji. I'll find a goal to go and help as many people as I can." he said before he was hugged from behind by Anko " don't worry Anko-chan we will meet again I promise you that " Naruto said before being turned around to face her. Before he could say anything she kissed him hard on the lips. They stayed like this for five minutes before separating for air. " I love you Anko-chan and when we reunite I promise I will never let you go." naruto said after getting his breath back.

" I'll hold you to that Naru-Kun, maybe this is the chance that we have been waiting for. It may not be how I imagined it, but what the hell if it means we can be together for the rest of our lives then so be it." Anko said before giving Naruto one last kiss before letting go. She was about to back up when a thought came to her mind. " Hay Naru-Kun, who are the people that I'm supposed to protect. I know it's probably someone that I don't know so who is it?" she asked, looking curious about who she would be protecting.

" Their names are Tenten and Kira. They are girls that I met a few days ago. Tenten is an orphan like me and Kira is part of the Inuzuka clan." naruto said before going back over to Kami. Just as he got over to her he stopped and almost fell over had she not caught him.

"Naru-Kun!" Anko shouted before running over to them.

Kami held him like a mother would her child. "Don't worry Anko, he is just exhausted from running for so long. Like I said he will be in good hands. But I will tell you this, you will have to get used to the idea of sharing him. He will be put into a program that will make him have more than one wife. Why I let things get to how they were is beyond me sometimes. I may work in mysterious ways, but sometimes things go in ways that I don't want them to. A lot of times I need to put things in motion to fix the wrongs that happen." Kami said with a sad look on her face. Before getting a serious look on her face, and looking down at the seal on Naruto's stomach, she then sighs and looks at hiruzen. " I always hated this thing. The reaper death seal is the one thing that I didn't want to be created, but it was necessary for the future of this world. Now I'm going to erase it from existence so no one can ever use it ever again. Unfortunately, anyone who used it before now will still be dead." Kami said before turning to look at the shy. She saw the sun rising in the distance. " it is time for me to go. Remember what I said to you Hiruzen, Anko, these things must be done so everyone can live to see another generation take over for the old to rest." Kami said before she and Naruto disappeared in a flash of light.

" Be safe Naruto-Kun, I know you will make us proud." The aged Hokage said before turning toward the Anbu behind them. They have been standing there all this time and were awaiting orders. " What happened here will only get out when I have told everyone myself. Under no circumstances are you to breathe a word of this to anyone, is that understood." Hiruzen said, getting multiple shouts of 'yes, Hokage-sama!' Before they all left. Once they were gone he turned to Anko. " if you can make it to a special jounin or jounin by the time those two girls get out of the academy I will make you their sensei. Hopefully, now that the worst of the council is gone things will be a lot smoother around here." he said before starting to get all the paperwork done. Anko followed him, but not before looking back at where naruto once stood and thinking. ' soon Naru-Kun, soon we'll be together forever and with lots of people who love and cherish us.' she thought before turning back around and leaving the clearing with the leader of her village.

Kami's throne room

In a flash of light Kami and Naruto appeared in her throne room. It was a pearl white with gold trim. The throne itself was solid gold with jewels of all types at the base of it was a space underneath where you could see that it used to contain something. She walked over to her throne and sat on it. " I should really see how things are going over there, I haven't checked on them for a while now." she said before using her power to summon an angel over to her.

The angel bowed to her asking. " what can I do for you Kami-sama?" said in a tone that held the utmost respect for her.

"Bring me the shinigami, I require something he has sitting in his gut. Also, tell him I got rid of that horrible seal that the humans of the elemental nations created. So he shouldn't be there except to do his job." she said before sending the angel off to do as he was told. She then looked at Naruto and snapped her fingers and a red mist formed around Naruto before separating from him and forming a vixen with orange fur with black on her eyes and on the inside of her ears. She looked around trying to figure out where she was before seeing Kami. she then started shaking as she knew who she was standing in front of. Before she could say anything Kami put her hand up telling her to be quiet and let her speak. " I already know what happened to you Koyoko, there is no need to tell me. Believe me, I know how shy you are and that you wouldn't do anything like that without being pushed or being mind-controlled by that Uchiha bastard. So here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to send you and Naruto to a world where they can live in peace for the most part. He will be able to get you out of the seal in fifteen years. This is when I'm going to send those girls that have fallen in love with him from the elemental nations as well as Kushina. He is to be your mate later in his life is that understood." Kami said to the vixen.

Koyoko stood there for a few seconds before nodding with a huge blush on her face. She knew he would make a good mate for someone in the future as he had a pure heart with the need to help others. That was one of the things she loved about him. " yes Kami-sama I understand, I do have one question though. Where are you sending us? As you never said where we are going." Koyoko asked, as there were places that she and the other Biju couldn't go to without permission to go out of the elemental nations. Without Kami's permission, they were stuck there. It is why they didn't just get up and leave.

" you two are going to a place called zootopia. It is a place where animals have become more human-like and can speak. They look like you do now in that form you have taken. There are several things that have changed with several species so they don't work as they did in the old world. Kangaroos don't have pouches anymore, smaller animals are bigger than they used to be, and hyenas well, you get where I'm going with this. The point is things are different from the old world. Many extinct species are alive and thriving for the most part. Though with free-will comes problems. Things really got out of hand a couple hundred years ago and they are still paying for it" Kami said with a sad look on her face. She looked now in thought, seeing all the faces of good mammals that she let into the kingdom that died because of greedy males and vindictive females. She hated how animals that she herself would have mortals use as offerings to her in olden times. Would become the worst offenders of this heinous act. ( A/n: I'm just going to let you guys guess what this act was. I'll even give you a hint, we went to war over this over a few hundred years ago.) Just then Kami's train of thought was interrupted by the sound of the doors to the throne room opening. Looking up she saw a man with purple skin and the face of an oni. He was wearing a deep purple yukata with samurai sandals on his feet. He had a katakana on his left hip that looked like it could take your very soul.

" Kami-sama, it is nice to see you. I must thank you for getting rid of that blasted seal. I hated it just as much as you, it cut into my job every time it was used. Now, what is it that you needed of me? I was just about to throw someone into the lake of fire when you called. I never get to do that nowadays because it's only for the worst of the worst. That little shit in white fur got herself killed in jail after insulting a lioness. " Shinigami asked before he saw Naruto and Koyoko. " AH, I see you need her other half, give me a second, I need to grab it from the blond idiot who started this in the first place." Shinigami said, reaching into his stomach and pulled out the Fourth Hokage himself. He then pulled out the other half of Koyoko and put it in her. Koyoko glows for a few seconds before she too is unconscious on the floor of the throne room.

"Thank you sheni, now I can send them to their new world without any further delay. All I have to do is give Naruto that blessing and they can be on their way to a new and better life." Kami said to Shinigami before walking over to Naruto and placed a finger on his lips. They glowed blue for a few seconds before going back to normal. " There now they are all set. Now to just put Koyoko back and off they go with everything they will need to learn how to use their abilities." Kami said she then snapped her fingers and Koyoko once again turned into a red mist before returning to Naruto's body. She stood back before Naruto disappeared in a flash of light.

" so, who will be his parents over there? I know you don't do things like this at random. You had to have thought this through to cover every angle to make sure something doesn't screw this up." Shinigami asked, wondering who Naruto's new parents would be.

" Tod and Vixy." Kami said with a straight face. Silence filled the room for a long time before Shinigami put Minato back in his stomach and walked off. " What didn't think I would send him there?" Kami asked with a smirk on her face.

" As much as I hate the place it's perfect for him. All the big fuck ups have already been dealt with. The only thing left is that version of that evil little sheep and her goon squad." Shinigami said before walking out of the throne room.

" now to set things in motion so that everything will be ready for when it happens. It's a good thing I didn't tell them that I did more than making it so he could give one person chakra. Things will definitely be interesting in the future for you Naruto. You will finally have the love you deserve. Maybe you can change that stubborn rabbit more than Niky ever could, that's not to say you won't help change Her as well. Poor thing won't know what hit her by the time she realizes it." Kami said to herself before she started laughing to herself. Oh, what does she have planned?

The road from zootopia to bunny Burrow

Going down a dirt road was a new orange pickup truck. In the cabin of the truck were two foxes, one male, and one female. The male was had burnt orange fur, green eyes, and a cream underbelly and chest that peeked out the top and gaps of his flannel shirt. He also had on blue jeans and a cowboy hat. "Well, I'm glad we got this new truck. Who knows how long the old one would have lasted if we hadn't seen how bad all the parts were." The male fox said to the vixen next to him.

" I know Tod, I don't want to think about what could have happened if I was pregnant and it broke down when I was in labor. I just hope we can have kits before I get too old to have them." The vixen said to the now named Tod. She was wearing a purple dress that went down to her knees. Her fur was a light orange with white going down her chin all the way to the collar of her dress.

" I know Vixy, I don't want to think about that either. But now that we have this new truck we don't have to worry about that. As for kits, I think this next one will be our year." Tod said to the now named Vixy. The two have been trying for three years for kits with no success. They went to a fertility specialist in zootopia. The doctor said that Vixy just had a harder time getting pregnant because she had a rare condition that made it hard for females to conceive. It didn't stop them completely or harm the baby at all, it just made it difficult to conceive one. They hated the news, but it was better than the alternative.

"I hope so, I want my own little boy to spoil. Vivian said her little vixen was looking to become a bunny scout next year." Vixy said while looking out at the road. Just as Tod was about to say something he saw a bright light flash up ahead of them. He slammed his paw on the brakes and the truck came to a screeching halt. "Tod, what was that?" Vixy asked, wondering what just happened.

"I don't know hun. Stay here and I'll check it out." Tod said before getting out of the truck. He walked to the front of the truck before seeing something laying in the middle of the road. As Tod got closer he saw that it wasn't something, but someone. He rushed over to see if they were alive. When he got the person he saw that it was a he, Tod got a good look at the person and saw that he was breathing. Next Tod looked for any injuries or signs of this him being thrown out of a car. After seeing none and getting a good look, Tod realized this person was no older than a five-year-old kit. Picking him up Tod brought him to the back seat of the truck.

"Tod what is it, you seemed a little panicked a second ago." Vixy asked from her seat upfront. Looking in the backseat she saw her mate with someone in his arms. "Goodness what happened to him?" She asked worried if the child was hurt.

"I don't know Vixy, he was lying on the road right where that flash came from. My guess is whatever put him there was the case of the flash. All I know is that we need to get him to a hospital. Maybe we can find some answers there and have him checked out, I also found a scroll on him like a note or letter to him or whoever found him." Tod said before getting into the driver's seat and sped off down the road.

An hour later

After driving for an hour they finally arrived at the Bunny Burrow General hospital. Tod parked at the front while Vixy raced inside to get some help. She got to the front desk which was manned by a gazelle nurse. The nurse looked up at the vixen " how can I help you, ma'am." The nurse asked seeing that the vixen was panicked.

"You have to help me, my mate and I were on our way back from zootopia when we saw someone lying in the middle of the road. We were able to stop in time but he was unconscious. We brought him here to make sure he's alright. We don't know what spices he is either so we figured we let the professionals handle it. All we know for sure is that he is very young." Vixy said, explaining the situation.

"Alright ma'am I'll get some help and we will go out to your car." The gazelle nurse said before walking over to the window that led to the back. She stuck her head through it before yelling. " we got an R402 out the front door. I repeat we got an R402 out the front door." When she finished she brought her head back before going out the door that led to the waiting room, she was quickly followed by two more nurses one a lion the other was a raccoon dog. They raced out to the truck where Tod was standing by the passenger door on his side.

I just checked on him, he has a pulse and now that I got a good look at him in the light I might know what he is. But if I'm being honest here I thought they were extinct." Tod said before opening the door. The nurses looked inside to see a creature with blonde hair on its head wearing a shredded orange jumpsuit, with orange pants and blue shoes. They could see that the creature was male and that he was very young, if they had to guess they would definitely agree with the vixens statement earlier of five.

"I don't believe it. They were supposed to have gone extinct years ago. An actual human, this is Big like really Big. We need to make sure he is still alive and well. The government would have our hides if they found out we let this kit die. Razor help me get him on the stretch." The raccoon dog nurse said, snapping the lion out of his stupor and getting the boy on the stretcher. As Razor wheels the boy into the hospital. " Abby call, the mayor's office. I don't care if you wake him up. Human or not, this kit needs parents and the adoption paperwork needs to be here yesterday. Sir, ma'am thank you for bringing him in. I don't want to think about what it could mean if the last chance for humans to live again died on that road you found him on." The nurse said to Tod and Vixy.

"No problem, and I'll be honest. From what I can tell the poor boy has had a rough life. I saw a few scars underneath his jacket. He probably ran from someone who was chasing him and managed to get away." Tod says walking into the waiting room with Vixy and the nurses.

"Still thank you, you just gave a species a second chance at living. And I know this is a lot to ask, but I was wondering if you would like to adopt the kit. It's going to be a nightmare trying to find a good home for him because. Let's face it, Mammals are greedy. I'm hoping you can take him in so there isn't any fighting over him." The nurse said, with a hopeful look in his eyes.

Tod and Vixy looked at each other for a moment before nodding to each other. "We would love to take him in. He could make a good addition to our family. Also, I found this on him, looks like a scroll or something." Tod said with a smile, before handing the scroll to the nurse.

He took the scroll and opened it before his eyes went wide. "It's written in Japanese, it says the boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki, and that he is five years old. It also says that he is the last of a clan of humans that were prominent where he is from. But he doesn't know any of this because he is an orphan. It says the ones who find him the writer wants you to take care of him because he has a bad past with abuse. It finishes by saying that there is more to him than meets the eye. Whatever that means." The nurse said before putting the scroll down. " the rest is for Naruto to read. As it is a letter to him from the person who got him to where you found him. We will run a few tests on him so we can know what is wrong with him and I will come back with the adoption papers in a minute. The tests will take a few hours, two or three at the most. I'll tell you if we find anything." The nurse said before picking up the scroll and rolling it up and handing it back to Tod.

"Thank you, also could you tell me if you know a teacher who can teach Naruto English for a year. He is old enough to go to school, but he can't speak or write in English if all he speaks is Japanese." Tod asked as he knew that it would be hard for Naruto to learn things if couldn't understand the language.

"Sure, I'll get you his number so you can call and set-up appointments later. Also, I never gave you my name. My name is Johnathan brown." The now named Jonathan said.

" thank's, the name's Tod Tweed and this is my lovely mate Vixy Tweed." Tod said, introducing himself and his mate.

"Well let me go get those adoption forms and you can go wait with your new son." Jonathan said, before going over to the front desk to get the papers they needed.

Ten minutes later

"Well, that takes care of that. You can go in now, he's down the hall third door on your left." John said letting Tod and Vixy in so they can wait with Naruto.

Tod and Vixy walked down the hall before standing in front of Naruto's room. " This is it Vix, the moment we've been waiting for. Might not be how we imagined it. But who am I to complain." Tod said to his mate, knowing that she was worried about Naruto already. Oh, he knew they would have one of their own one days. But Naruto took priority right now.

Vixy looked at the door to the room and said " I know Tod, I'm just nervous. What if he doesn't like us? What if-" Vixy said thinking about what it's when Tod kissed her on the lips. After a moment he released the kiss leaving Vixy to blush.

"He won't hate us. He might be scared of us for a little bit, but that is because he probably doesn't know where he is or how he got here." Tod says before opening the door and walking inside with Vixy following closely behind. They saw Naruto hooked up to a heart monitor and an IV in his arm. Now that they were in the light they could see six whisker marks on his cheeks, three on each side. Vixy goes over to Naruto's left side and starts to rub one of the whiskers on his cheek. He began to lean into it like it was the most relaxing thing in the world.

"Wow, I didn't think that would work. He's like a little kit who is napping on his mother's lap." Vixy said as she continued to do this for a little while longer.

Two hours later

The door opened revealing Jonathan walking in to see Tod watch Vixy and Naruto sleeping together on the bed. Tod looked at the raccoon dog and said " evening doc, how are the results looking?" Tod asked, wanting to know if he could take his new son home as soon as he woke up.

" They look good. The only things that stand out is that from what we can see is that he is completely exhausted and is very malnourished. During the physical several nurses found numerous scars on his body. That letter wasn't lieing when it said he has a bad history of abuse. There are easily well over a hundred of them. As far as bills are concerned you don't have to worry about that. The mayor has told me to tell you that, due to Naruto being the last human in zootopia to our knowledge. Naruto will atomically be put in the ESA." Jonathan said letting Tod know what was going to happen.

"Yeah, I figured as much on that. Being the last of the humans, it's going to be his job to repopulate his species. Though I do wonder what the chances are of him being able to do that is. As far as being malnourished, we can fix that pretty quickly if we can find out what he eats" Tod said looking at Naruto. He was glad that his son was alright

"From what we could gather, it seems humans are omnivores. We can tell this by looking at his teeth. They need clothes to keep warm due to a lack of fur and they have a great amount of intelligence due to the shape of his skull. Though I doubt he is smart right now due to him being so young. Give him the tools to learn and he will be a very smart boy when he grows up." Jonathan said looking down at Naruto's chart. Before seeing something that made him do a double-take. " That's strange, it says here that there is a strange energy reading coming from his stomach. It also says there is a weird symbol on his stomach where the energy is coming from. But it isn't brought out by any means we have of discharging it. But it seems to be helping him so it is advised to be left alone by us. As we don't want to accidentally kill him by trying to take it out. I figured I should tell you about it so you can watch out for it and maybe even see what it's for." Jonathan finished reading off to Tod before looking up at him.

"That's not a problem, that just makes him even more special. If it's helping my son recover faster then by all means let's leave it there till the Lord comes back." Tod said before getting up and shaking Jonathan's paw. "Thanks again for giving us this opportunity. Me and Vixy have been trying with no success, but now we have an opportunity to be the parents that Naruto needs. I just hope that we can be there for him when he needs it." Tod says before walking over to his mate and son and sits in the chair right next to them.

"Don't worry Mr. Tweed, I'm sure you will be a better father than you think. There are worse fathers out there." Jonathan said before walking out of the room. " Good night Mr. Tweed." He said before shutting the door.

"Hopefully tomorrow will be even better than today. New truck and a new son that I can teach. I don't know what it will bring, but the future looks bright for us Vixy." Tod said before kissing his sleeping mate on the head and joined her in the land of dreams. Dreaming about all the things he was going to teach Naruto.

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