Chapter 2 'Scarlet Creation Story Plus Notes for the Spix's Tribe'

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I'll have to make some notes for clarity/extra detail for the Spix's macaw tribe. That will be in the first part of this chapter. The second will be the creation story for the scarlet/red macaw tribe.

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For clarity, I will say some more things in regards to the religion that the Spix's macaw tribe believes in, in terms of practises.

Laera is seen as a secondary God, (or more accurately, Goddess) and she is mostly worshipped by mothers and is seen as a symbol of fertility and motherhood. As symbols of parenthood are often matriarchal, she is often seen as a symbol of parenthood in general, including fathers.

In their views, Laera is behind the gift of life and parenthood. While she is revered more by mothers, fathers may also thank her for allowing them and their mates to be parents. While Ara is seen as the more powerful deity, and is worshipped more often, Laera is still integral in their religion.

It's a duality, without Ara there would be nothing, and without Laera that something would be primordial, devoid of life. It requires both of them for the world to exist, Ara made the rocks and the landforms, and Laera gave it life.

Expectant mothers (and fathers) will pray to Laera more than Ara, as its thanks to Laera that they are able to have children. Often, families may celebrate a mother laying her eggs with food and a gathering of family and friends to congratulate the expecting mother and father, and to wish them the best of luck in parenting.

There are sometimes gatherings to worship Ara and Laera, this is done in a tribe celebration, which is accompanied by a feast, dancing and music. This is often paired with an important event, such as surviving a disaster, celebrating the arrival of children in the tribe leader's family, matehood of a tribe leader or his/her children, (their kids find a mate and this is celebrated) or to celebrate the new tribe leader.

Other small details are that followers will give thanks to Ara before eating (essentially giving grace) and that many believe that a soul cannot find peace until they have found out how they had died. So, families and friends of the recently deceased will try to give peace to the souls of their loved ones by helping guide the souls to their bodies.

They believe that the souls of the recently deceased will awaken in their homes or a place special to them. Its up to the families to guide them to their body and say a final goodbye as the recently deceased will be able to be at peace and move on into the afterlife.

The religious morals do keep in line with standard morality (murder is bad, be kind to others etc.) and the religion has been moulded to condemn humans thanks to the destruction the birds faced from them. As the religion is not in written form like human religions, it is instead passed down orally (or whatever the word would be for beaks) and is thus open for changes along the way. As such, humans were once not condemned by it, but with the industrialisation and logging, it came to condemn them.

For other things like homosexuality, there isn't any condemnation of that as it never posed as a problem and so was just left as something that exists. Without the human influence in regards to the morality of homosexuality, they simply view it as something that exists and isn't anything to worry about.

For the appearance of Ara and Laera, I'd imagine the creation scene being done in hand drawn animation. For the appearance of them, which I didn't answer, I'd imagine them having a spiritual aura around them, with glowing eyes and a soft, yet powerful voice. Laera has a calm and motherly voice, and Ara has a calm and deeper voice. Their voice also is spiritual sounding, I don't know how else to describe it.

Scarlet/Green Wing Tribe (Red Tribe)

In the deep void of the universe before creation, an omnipotent being opened his wings. This void would be his canvas to create a wonder. His name is scarlet, a cosmic being who took the appearance of a scarlet macaw. But he was more than just a macaw, he was God.

Scarlet created a ball of fire that emerged from his wingtips and he morphed into shape with his two wings, before letting it sit in place. He gave the fire life, giving it a part of himself. Sulor, was his name.

Scarlet said to Sulor, the being which he had given life to,

''Sulor, the yellow ball of fire, I give you the significant task of shining your warmth and light upon a body I shall create.'', Scarlet told Sulor. Sulor obeyed,

''I shall, Scarlet, it is an honour.'', he said obediently. Scarlet knew he had to create an opposite, so he made an illuminating cold rock from his wingtips and morphed it into shape just like he did with Sulor. He too, gave it life, by implanting a part of himself in it, naming it Luun.

''Luun, the opposite of Sulor, you shall shine at night, illuminating the world for those to see. You and Sulor must be in synchronisation and must be at balance and peace for the world to go on.'', Scarlet commanded. Like Sulor, Luun was obedient,

''Yes Scarlet, we will be in synchrony and will serve our purpose, as you intended.'', Luun spoke. Scarlet was happy to see this, and so he made the world. It was bigger than Sulor and Luun put together, and he filled this plane with the mountains and valleys, he made the great rivers and lakes and oceans, and seeded the forests and plains and all the rest.

From his red wingtips, red birds emerged, with the leader of his creation guiding them into their home in the great green. These birds were scarlet macaws and were his favourite. But Scarlet also created their ally, the green wing macaws, who were also guided by a leader. Scarlet made them to be allies, as they looked alike and lived side by side.

With them created, Scarlet decided to make all the animals. Like the scarlets and green wings, all the animals emerged from his wingtips, racing off to their respective biomes. He populated the skies with birds of all shapes, colours and sizes, with different purposes and areas to live in. He populated the waters with fish and other lifeforms, and gave the ground itself little critters, like worms, for the ground and sky dwellers to eat.

With all the lifeforms done, it was now night. Scarlet looked at Luun, who seemed dissatisfied with something.

''Luun, you appear unhappy, mind telling me?'', Scarlet spoke, and Luun nodded in his own way that Scarlet understood.

''Yes,'', he responded, ''The skies are bare and black, its so empty and plain. Sulor has pretty blue skies and clouds, but I just get black.'', Luun complained. Scarlet took this into account,

''Very well, I shall populate the heavens.'', he spoke, and with the brush of his creating wings, he spawned many shiny dots in the sky, known as night shiners, of several colours, but mostly white. He also made the night clouds, which were dotted with the night shiners, which gave the night sky arguably more pretty than the day sky.

He also made the sky fires, which would streak across the sky, with the appearance of night shiners being dragged out. He created more intense versions, known as night Sulors, which were brighter and lasted far longer than sky fires.

Now with the night sky populated with beauty, he felt that things were complete and all that needed to be done would be to make a place for his creations to go after they pass. He named them the great beyond.

In the heavens, in his place, lied the Great Above, (although most refer to it as the Great Beyond, as most tend to feel that their loved ones will go there), a place for the dead to roam and be with Scarlet. They, like Scarlet, can watch down upon the world, and their loved ones.

For the despicable, he had the Great Below, a dark world like the great beyond, only under the world and cast in cold and darkness. This is where the evil beings go to pay for the acts they did in life.

Scarlet made a middle ground, known as the Great Plain, a place for those who were neither good or bad, or for those who have received sufficient punishment and may remain here until they are deemed worthy enough to ascend to the Great Above. It sits between the Great Above and the Great Below.

Scarlet was pleased with his Great Beyond he had created for his creations to go to after death. Everything was complete, and so Scarlet resigned to the heavens, letting Sulor and Luun do the job of keeping the world in balance of day and night respectively.

Scarlet watches down from above, with his creations by his side as he occasionally interferes with the world, keeping everything in balance for his creations, especially the scarlets and green wings who were made in his image.

And thus, that is how the world came to be…

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I have no idea when the next chapter will be out, but it'll likely be a mythological story, rather than a creation story.

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