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Chapter 1

Hermione checked everything for the third(and hopefully last) time and, satisfied that she had packed everything, left Ginny's room to go to the living room. She found Ginny and Mrs Weasley there and greeted with a 'Good morning'.

"Good morning, Hermione" Mrs Weasley said rather stiffly. She, like Ron, still hadn't gotten over the fact that Hermione harbored no romantic feelings for her redheaded best friend. After their kiss at the Battle of Hogwarts Ronald had seemed to think they were together and had, of course, told all the Weasleys. This resulted in a whole summer of awkward situations and escapes to Andromeda Tonks's house for Hermione. It was a week ago, during a very quiet dinner following her two weeks absence, that she explained her lack of feelings, telling Ron in front of everyone she loved him like a big brother.

Ginny who had taken it better swallowed her mouthful of scrambled eggs and said brightly "Morning, Mione. Come have a piece of toast."

"Thanks" Hermione said, sitting down and spreading jam onto her toast.

"Have you girls packed?" Mrs Weasley asked, sitting across Hermione.

"Yes" they both answered in unison.

They ate in silence for some time, Mrs Weasley sipping her tea, throwing pointed looks at Hermione from time to time. After about fifteen minutes the three of them heard male voices, and soon Harry and Ron entered the kitchen. Harry was already dressed while Ron was still in his small pyjamas.

"Morning" they said.

"Good morning, boys, come eat" Mrs Weasley said pleasantly. They smiled and walked over eagerly. Harry sat next to Ginny, kissing her on the cheek. Ron plopped down next to Hermione, draping an arm over the back of her chair; she leaned forward immediately.

"So, Andromeda will be coming to see us off, Mrs Weasley?" she asked quickly.

"Yes dear" the woman replied, though it couldn't have been plainer that Hermione wasn't very dear to her at the moment.

"These eggs are divine, Mrs Weasley" Harry piped up.

"Thank you, dear, but I remember telling you to call me Molly."

Harry smiled at her then turned to Hermione and his smile became apologetic. Thankfully, the fireplace roared to life at that moment, and a figure formed in the green flames. A second later a woman stepped out: a mass of light brown curls and a flash of dark brown eyes before she spoke.

"Sorry we're early but Teddy was getting excited." The turquoise-haired baby boy in her arms gurgled happily as if to prove her point.

"No worries Andromeda" Mrs Weasley said and stood up to take Teddy so his grandmother could brush the soot off herself. "Someone is excited about seeing the Hogwarts Express, hm? Do you like big trains, Teddy?" she cooed at him.

Andromeda stepped towards the table now that everyone knew this was her and not her sister.

"Hello children" she greeted the four teenagers, sitting around the table.

"Hello, Mrs Tonks" they said together.

"How are you, Mrs Tonks?" Hermione asked innocently.

"Ah, ah, Miss Granger, what have I told you?" the woman said, mocking a haughty pureblood's voice. The impersonation was quite good, Hermione would give her that.

"That it's Madam Black now" Hermione answered with a straight face. The two of them managed to stay serious just a second longer before bursting out laughing.

"Cheeky witch!" Andromeda said, sitting gracefully on the younger woman's right.

"Same to you, Andy" Hermione replied. While helping Headmistress McGonagall rebuild the castle this summer Hermione had found herself working with the middle Black sister quite often. They enjoyed each other's company and developed a close friendship. It was good for Hermione, being with someone who knew what it was like to lose one's whole family. She found the desired solitude she just couldn't find in the Burrow when she went to Andy's for tea and sometimes lunch.

"So," Andromeda said, taking Teddy from Mrs Weasley's arms, "you kids all packed?"

A collective "Yes" answered her question and she looked satisfied.

"Good, good. Now, Hermione, Cissy just flooed, do you want to come for tea?"


"Yes, dear, of course" Andy said warmly."You can Apparate to Hogsmeade with Draco this evening. If you want to, that is. We understand you'll probably want to catch the train with-"

"No!" Hermione interrupted her. Her loud voice almost echoed in the silent kitchen – when had it become this quiet? – so she cleared her throat awkwardly. "Er... I mean it just sounds childish – going with the train after..."

"Understandable" Andy said sympathetically.

"You didn't say anything like that whole summer, dear" Mrs Weasley spoke. Her voice was polite but carried venom, and Hermione felt it spread through her body when the words reached her. She turned to look at the woman full in the face before saying "I didn't want to ruin it for everyone. I would understand if the train ride felt like returning some normalcy in their lives."

"So what changed?" Mrs Weasley inquired. "I was in the kitchen, I couldn't catch the conversation."

"I made her a proposition" Andromeda turned to the red-haired woman.



The growled-out reply had everyone turning to Ron. He was staring at Hermione like she'd grown a second head and his ears were red like his hair. Hermione paled; she knew what was coming.

"I don't know if you were aware, Hermione, but we all heard your little chat" Ron continued in a would-be calm voice.

"And?" Hermione prompted him.

"And what would you be doing with the likes of Malfoy and his mother?"

"Narcissa Malfoy and her son?" his mother said incredulously. "What does Hermione have to do with them?"

"Ask her!" Ron said loudly. Mrs Weasley rounded on Hermione but Andromeda spoke up.

"My sister said she would like to have tea with us. Then Hermione could Apparate with Draco to Hogsmeade."

Everyone looked at Hermione. She met Harry's gaze, expecting to see confusion and even hatred in his eyes but he just looked thoughtful.

"You've been talking to the ferret, then?" Ginny broke the silence after a few seconds.


"No, it's fine, we're just surprised" the redhead elaborated.

"You were bound to see them with how much time you've been spending at Andromeda's" Harry said.

"You have reconciled with your sister, Andy?" Mrs Weasley asked.

"Yes, in the end blood turned out stronger than hatred and revenge" Andromeda said. "We mended the bridges between us."

"So you're pals with little ferret and Narcissa Malfoy now, Hermione?" Ron spoke again, even louder.

"Ron-" Mrs Weasley started but he cut her off.

"No, Mum! She's been avoiding us all summer being with her," he pointed at Andromeda, "and having tea with those – those-"

"Think before you finish that sentence, Ronald" Andromeda said immediately, placing Teddy on the chair next to hers. "This is my family you're talking about."

"Yeah, great family – don't you remember what your sisters did to Mione?" Ron stood up. "One tortured her and the other stood and watched!"

"One is dead and the other forgiven."

"Not by me!"

"I think you would agree that Narcissa can only seek forgiveness from Hermione."


"Ron!" Hermione cut him off angrily. "Stop pestering her about her family and rubbing salt into her wound."

"Wasn't so keen on her family during the war though, was she?" Ron slammed his fist on the table. Ginny gasped. Andromeda was on her feet in a flash, wand drawn and pointing straight at Ron's heart. A fire seemed to have ignited in her eyes – a dark one, making them look almost black.

"I don't usually draw my wand on people," she said and her tone was icy, "that was Bella's style. But if you ever speak about my family again, I'll show you just how similar we are."

With that, she took Teddy from the chair, turned around, and strode to the fireplace, grabbing a pinch of Floo powder.

"Tonks' household" she commanded and was gone in a whirl of green flames.

Silence spread over the kitchen. Mr Weasley and George were the ones to break it, coming in laughing loudly. They stopped when they felt the tension in the room and Hermione felt incredibly guilty because it was one of the few times she had heard George laugh since the death of his twin.

"Good morning" Mr Weasley said. "Have we, uh, missed something?"

"Yeah, Hermione's fraternizing with the enemy!" Ron snapped.

"Stop it, Ronald!" Hermione snapped back.

"I hate to pick sides but Narcissa Malfoy did watch you while-"

"I know, Mrs Weasley. I remember it vividly" Hermione said coldly.

"If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be alive now" Harry said quietly.

"She didn't do it for you" Ron shouted. "You said she asked about Malfoy!"

"As any sensible mother would have done" Hermione tried to explain. "Besides, she never believed in Voldemort's ideas, she acted to protect her son!"

"Let's calm down, shall we?" Ginny said loudly but Ron was beside himself.

"So you chose the Malfoys!" he yelled. "Over your loyal friends-"

"Don't speak to me about loyalty" Hermione spat. "It wasn't me nor Harry who ran away from our task last year! I chose to forgive Narcissa. And Draco? Completely unrecognisable. We've spoken many times – he came to help rebuild the castle unlike you – and not once did he insult me. So give people a chance before casting them out, will you?"

Hermione turned away and ran from the kitchen. She climbed up the stairs and burst into Ginny's room, Banishing her trunk to Andy's house. She then sprinted back downstairs, ran through the back door, and Disapparated just beyond the wards.

Back inside, the arguing was renewed.

"Look what you did!" Ginny snapped at her brother.

"Don't pin this on me!" Ron bit back.

"Don't start on her" Harry said. "You could've at least listened to Hermione. If she says Narcissa and Draco have changed, I'm open-minded."

"You too?"

"Has Hermione been wrong?"

"Yes, now!"

"Enough!" Mrs Weasley said loudly. "Go and check your trunks, all of you. Now!" she added, seeing Ron was ready to argue. The three of them left the room, looking at the ground but still fuming.