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Prologue: Death of a Dynasty!

"...And so ends the terror of yet another pirate. On the night of October 25th, the pirate captain known as 'Dead-Bones' Thomas was sentenced to death by firing squad. His execution was held at exactly midnight that same night. Before they shot him to death, these were the final words he said…

Tied to a post using special Sea Stone Cuffs to prevent him from using his Devil Fruit powers, Dead-Bones Thomas, or Tommy as his closest friends in his crew used to call him, stood at approximately six feet, four inches tall and weighed two hundred and forty pounds in muscle. His long bone white hair that was usually done up in a braid was loose which allowed it to flow down to mid-back. He was currently blindfolded, concealing his uniquely colored purple eyes, and the marines allowed him to wear his pirate captain's uniform for his execution before they buried him out at sea. This uniform included a white dress shirt under a lavender overcoat with two long coattails, a pair of black trousers that stopped above his ankles, white socks from what could be seen of the fabric, and a pair of black shoes with white soles and laces. He also wears a dark blue bandana with a skull embroidered on it tied around his left bicep.

Why do they call him 'Dead Bones', you ask?

It's because of a special Logia Type Devil Fruit that Thomas ate just before becoming a pirate. It allows him to use his own bones as biological weapons. He can fire his fingertips like bullets, remove his upper arm bones from his body and use them as actual swords with a tensile strength similar to steel, sprout spikes from his forearms and even all around his body to impale enemies(as well as for defensive purposes), and even remove his own spine to use as a whip! At the same time, he can infinitely regenerate the lost bones as quickly as he uses them, and can even create a layer of bone under his skin to use as an all-encompassing shield for his more squishy parts.

...Meaning his muscles and organs.

This does lead to a drawback to this Devil Fruit's power, though. The use of this Devil Fruit requires a lot of calcium and vitamin d in his diet in order to keep up with the constant removal and regeneration of bones. If he's not careful, Thomas can accidentally burn though his calcium reserves faster than he anticipates and, essentially, render his Devil Fruit powers useless. This is actually how the marines managed to kill off his crew and capture him during an ambush attack.

As one of the marines was finishing what would be the pirate's final shave of his facial hair, the man spoke his final words and request.

"I am about to die here, anyway, but I make this final request to the people of the world: please… look after my son."

The people watching, civilians and marine alike, were utterly flabbergasted. This pirate had just outright said to the whole world that he has a son. And right as he's about to be executed, no less! The cloth blinding Thomas began to stain as tears gathered in his eyes, and began to pour down his face.

"I know that I am a notorious pirate wanted for many crimes against the world government, but my son should not have to suffer for the sins that I have committed. He is an innocent little boy, no older than four years at most. Please, marines of the world… grant a man a single dying wish, and do not persecute my son for the wrongs I have done! He's only a child and deserves to live a peaceful life!" Thomas all but begged.

It was surprising to see this powerful pirate captain, who ate a Devil Fruit that lets him use his own bones as weapons, was actually crying for the life of his child. Many were fearful of possibly letting the spawn of such a man live, but at the same time they couldn't bring themselves to hate the man at the moment. Right now they don't see him as the captain of a once notorious pirate crew. They see a father desperate to keep his child safe from the dangers of the outside world. And in a way, many of the parents who were watching this couldn't help but feel a form of kinship with this pirate.

Besides, even if he is a pirate, he and his crew always did more good for the world than bad. After consulting his superiors, the Admiral in charge of the execution gave the verdict on this last request as the troops readied their firearms.

"Dead Bones Thomas! Though you are a pirate who is wanted for many crimes, it has been decided that your last wish shall be honored. No harm shall come to your son." he said.

As the soldiers took aim, Thomas closed his eyes behind the blindfold and gave a sad smile. His final words barely heard, as though they were a whisper in the wind.

"Thank you. Farewell…"

And with the sound of gunfire, Dead Bones Thomas and his crew were no more.

But his legacy would not end there.


For the story of his son was just beginning.

***To Be Continued…***

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