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(Fortress of Doom, Fourteen Years Later)

"In anderen nachrichten wurde de Golem gesechen, wie er einen militärischen Außenposten angriff. Zahlreiche tapfere Männer wurden getötet, um das tier zu vertreiben, als die basis brannte. Es wurden keine anzeichen seiner leiche gefunden, aber patrouillen sind immer noch auf der hut. Damit ist die zehnte basis in diesem jahr vom Golem getroffen worden.(In other news the Golem was seen attacking a military outpost. Numerous brave men were killed driving the beast away as the base burned. No signs of its body were found, but patrols are still on the lookout. This makes the tenth base struck by the Golem this year)"

The Slayer vaguely listened to the news report as he worked on his new plasma rifle. VEGA had easily hacked into the Nazi-owned public radios, spouting the usual Nazi propaganda bullshit. This one was about one of his most recent actions against the Third Reich, the news using his newly acquired nickname, "Golem". Apparently due to his armor making him look less human as it completely covered his body.

It had been fourteen years since the Slayer had traveled back in time. Fourteen years as the Nazis took over the world, with only a few places still resisting. The Slayer had done what he could, but not even he could be everywhere at once. An unfortunate reminder when the Nazis somehow invented the atomic bomb and dropped it on New York City. Another part of the demon's influence no doubt. And it caused the US to surrender immediately, saved for small resistance cells across the country. Only Africa remained freed of Nazi influence, if barely.

After the atomic bombing, the Slayer worked to impede the Nazis' takeover and to discover what the demons were planning. Said efforts included destroying factories, bases, freeing labor camps, eliminating Nazi leaders and acquiring information with VEGA's help. The technology in this timeline was primitive compared to what they had in the year VEGA was created. And thus, it was easy to access most of it remotely, though some machinery required the Slayer to be there physically and serve as a conduit for VEGA. In either case, the Slayer's actions had not gone unnoticed. Survivors of the attacks began referring him as the Golem and had turned most of their attention towards finding him rather than search for rebels.

At the same time, the Slayer had made some improvements to his arsenal and armory. The Praetor Suit remained the same, except now he had attached an armblade, the doomblade, to his left gauntlet, the blade made of adamantine. In addition, attached to the back of the left shoulder was an equipment launcher, created by cannibalizing a grenade launcher that Hayden had left. It also acted as a flamethrower thanks to the flame belch. It fired not just frag grenades, siphon grenades and holograms, but also smoke grenades, ice bombs, tesla rockets, shield walls, and kinetic mines. He also added a short-range personal teleporter, threat scanner, and lateral thrusters and traversal gear to his armor too. The Seraphim had sent several new weapons and upgraded versions to his current ones. Hell, he even had the Slayer's original super shotgun, the meat hook in polished condition. He almost didn't want to know how he got that.

But soon, it would be covered in blood and gore. For VEGA had just reported that Blazkowciz regained consciousness, managing to escape the asylum with Anya when the Nazis began killing the patients, and having also killed Anya's parents. The Slayer made a mental note to pay a 'visit' to the garrison those soldiers came from.

Back to the matter at hand, VEGA followed them onto a train towards Berlin. William had managed to break into Eisenwald Prison and free the rebels. And now he had joined up with the Kreisau Circle and was now already carrying out his next mission. [Captain Blazkowicz is currently in London. He is to help the resistance acquire experimental helicopters part of Project: Whisper. He will soon clear the area, but I am detecting Nazi reinforcements en route to their position. The rebels will not be able to escape in time] VEGA paused as he watched the Slayer get up, storing his plasma rifle into his Warp Backpack before making his way towards the console. [I have already set the portal to the London Nautica]

The Slayer did not say anything as he pushed down on an orb in a pedestal. A long bridge opening and shifting into a ring at the end. A glowing blue portal opened inside it as the Slayer rushed through.

(London Nautica)

The former ranger recalled how everything ended up to here. After escaping the burning hospital with Anya, the two had met with the latter's grandparents before heading towards Berlin to free the captured rebels. Imagine his surprise when one of said rebels was none other than Royal Air Force Fergus. Said man then led the two to meet with what was left of the Kreisau Circle, where William was met with another pleasant surprise that it was still being led by Caroline, though she was now confined to a wheelchair. Other members included Private Wyatt, former Nazi Klaus Kreutz, his adopted son Max Hass and the recently deceased Bobby Bram. It made BJ proud to know there were still folks willing to fight against the Nazis.

For his first mission, Caroline had sent William to steal prototype helicopters that would prove invaluable to the resistance. Bobby had given his life to destroy the front entrance of the London Nautica. Though horrified at the loss of just a recently made comrade, BJ knew that Bobby had wanted to go out like that. The man had lost his wife after the war, he had nothing else to live for. William could only ensure that his sacrifice was not in vain.

After having taken down any Nazi who got in his way and picking up some files that Anya asked for him, William was finally able to secure the helicopters. He let in Caroline, Wyatt, Fergus, and Klaus who entered via gliding. William had just helped up Caroline when a door at the other end of hangar suddenly opened. Charging through were several Nazi soldiers, with three Heavy Robots coming up from the rear. BJ could only curse "Shit!" before taking cover behind some crates with Caroline. Sticking his head out, BJ fired his Sturmgewehrwhile passing a handgun to Caroline.

"Fucking hell! Blazko! I thought you dealt with all these cocksuckers!" Exclaimed Fergus as he hid behind a box, shooting his Maschinenpistole. Wyatt and Klaus scrambled and got behind some poles, joining their comrades.

The rebels were able to kill some of the soldiers, but it was the Heavy Robots that were the real problem. Firing their superlaser cannons, they were a few moments that they almost killed Blazkowicz and the others. BJ still had a few tesla grenades, but his LaserKraftWerk was out of power. And without anything stronger, there was no chance in hell of denting the metal armor of those machines. The worse part was that prolonging this fight could potentially damage the helicopters. Not only would that make this mission and failure, but they would have no means of escape.

And if things weren't bad enough. "More coming behind us!" Wyatt shouted as he spotted a few more Nazi soldiers coming towards them.

The Soldats stopped running and raised their weapons. But before they could fire one of them had his head blown off. It was somehow followed by a secondary blast that injured the soldiers nearby. Those were also killed by small explosions that tore their bodies to pieces. Looking up, both the rebels and the remaining Nazis saw someone standing on a platform. Someone both sides recognized but for different reasons.

"Es ist der Golem! (It's the Golem!)" One of the Nazis shouted as he and his comrades focused fire on the green armored man. The bullets merely bounced off the armor though as the man pulled out a double-barrel shotgun. Except William noticed that there was a golden hook attached to the bottom. He was shocked when the hook was covered, revealing to be attached to a flame covered chain. The hook impaled one of the soldiers, causing him to scream as his body was light up and burning. His screams were just for a moment as the chain pulled the armored man towards the Nazi. Blazkowicz watched as the armored man almost flew in the air before descending. 'Like an Angel of Death.' He thought as the man fired the shotgun, killing the Nazi behind, followed by the man stomping his foot on the burning Nazi's face, killing him.

Shifting his focus, the man fired his shotgun again, killing another Nazi. A Nazi tried to stab the man from behind, only to be shocked as his knife shattered upon contact with the armor. The man merely swung the blade attached to his left arm and separated the Nazi's head from his neck. Following that, the person than pulled out what appeared to be a large red colored rifle. The sides of the rifle opened up and several small objects came flying out and sticking to the remaining Nazi soldiers. Blazkowicz watched in morbid fascination as said soldiers were torn to shreds by small explosions.

One of the Heavy Robots lunged at the armored man, only to miss as the person slid between the robot's legs. BJ watched as the man pulled out what looked like a rocket launcher, adorned with a skull on the sides. Taking aim, the man fired three projectiles that struck the back of the robot. The force was more than the armor could handle, as the robot exploded almost immediately. He then pulled out another huge weapon, colored silver that appeared to have two prongs on the sides. It began to hum loudly, glowing blue as the man pointed it towards the second robot and fired a blue beam that tore the Heavy Robot in half.

Like the others, Blazkowicz had been watching gobsmacked as the newcomer tore through the Nazi reinforcements. But he suddenly became aware that the final Heavy Robot was preparing to fire at the armored man's back. Not even hesitating, BJ threw a tesla grenade at the robot. The EMP caused the Heavy Robot to lose power and fall to its knees. That left it vulnerable long enough for the stranger to tackle it. Followed by tearing off the metal on its 'face', exposing the wires and gears underneath for him to impale his blade through.

With the last of the hostiles down, the armored man retracted his armblade and silently made his way towards the rebels. Fergus, Wyatt and Klaus stood still as their savior approached, weapons at the ready though, in case he turned hostile. Blazkowicz helped up Caroline as the man came up to them.

[I recommend that we leave] A voice behind the helmet said, surprising them. It sounded emotionless. [Before additional forces arrive]

"Hold on the god fucking minute!" Fergus said, approaching the three. "We have no bloody idea who you are, and you suspect us to let you tag along?"

The armored man turned to face him. And Blazkowicz could see Fergus lose some of his usual toughness as the gaze from the man seem to bore into his head.

[Your caution is understandable. But now is not the time, Mr. Fergus. All will be explained once we arrive to a secure location] The voice explained.

"He's right. The Nazis will send more soldiers. Time for us to go." Caroline said as Blazkowciz helped her to the pilot seat.

"Caroline, you serious?" Fergus asked, giving the armored man wary glances.

"Now's not the time to argue, Fergus." Blazkowicz said. "Besides, neither of us would be here if he didn't save our asses fourteen years ago. So, quit complaining and get into a helicopter."

Without even waiting for the offer, the armored man joined Blazkowicz on the first helicopter. Fergus relented and got into the second one with Wyatt behind him, and Klaus took the last one. Once that was done, the three copters spun their rotors and took the air. It would only be thirty minutes would additional Nazi soldiers arrive, only having to report having failed to stop the thieves.


Most of the flight was a silent one. No words were spoke during the entire time. Instead, Blazkowicz and the stranger were having a staring contest…at least, he assumed the armored man was staring at him. It was hard to tell with the helmet on and the visor covering his eyes.

Eventually they reached the hideout under the Monument of Truth. The helicopters easily fitted into the hangar due folding their wings momentarily. Once safely landed, everyone got out and headed towards the meeting room, with the armored man in the middle. Waiting for them was Anya Oliwa. She had a relieved look on her face, though it briefly turned into surprise when she spotted the newcomer among them. Also present was Max Hass, the mentally challenged young man welcoming his adoptive father.

Caroline moved her wheelchair to the table in the middle. She was joined by the others. "Now then" She said as she looked at the armored man. "Before we proceed with our next move, perhaps our friend would entertain us by introducing himself."

[Of course, Ms. Caroline] The same voice said, but this time sounding as if it was coming from everywhere. Everyone became startled as the screens turned off for a moment, and then turned on again. This time though, they all had a strange symbol on them.

The Kreisau Circle members were startled by this sudden development. On instinct, Fergus and Klaus pointed their weapons at the armored man. "What the fuck did you just do?!" Fergus demanded.

[Apologies. But the person you are pointing your firearms at is not the one responsible] The voice said. [My name is VEGA, a sentient intelligence. The man inside the armor is called the Doom Slayer. I merely serve as an assistant and his voice in most cases]

Caroline was surprised. "An Artificial Intelligence. I had heard that the Nazis were developing such things, but I never thought I see one in person."

[With all due respect, Ms. Becker. I was not created by the Nazis, and I would appreciate if you did not compare me to those inferior Ais] VEGA said. Though his tone remained the same, you could hear annoyance in it.

"Right…sorry about that." Caroline said with a cough. "Now then, perhaps one of you can explain just who you two are, where you come from and why you decided to help us?"

[Very well. To begin, the Doom Slayer and I have come from the future] VEGA said plainly.

There was absolute silence at that. It took a minute before Fergus summarized what everyone was thinking, to a degree. "Fucking bullshit" Only to caught agape when VEGA immediately brought up several images on the screens. They showed tall buildings, each one larger than the last. They were cleaned, polished and looked way better than anything the Nazis had built. But one building made them think that perhaps VEGA was telling the truth.

"T-that's the Empire State Building!" Exclaimed Wyatt as he pointed at said building. "That shouldn't be possible! New York City was completely leveled when the Nazis dropped the atomic bomb!"

[What you are seeing is New York City in the year 2013] VEGA said before shifting the image to show several newspapers. Some read 'Allies Invade Normandy' or 'Hitler Dead! War Over!' and so forth. [The timeline we are from is where the Allies won World War 2. This timeline has been altered and the Doom Slayer and I have come to fix it before it is too late]

The Kreisau members looked at one another. As much as they found this unbelievable, the evidence was right in front of them. Blazkowicz had already been convinced, having his own share of unbelievable adventures. "Okay, so say you are from the future. It is clear the Nazis did something to change it. I'm assuming it has to do with their technological advancement during the war." Caroline said.

[You are correct. However, to explain that, I must change the topic] Once again, VEGA switched to another image. This time showing a group of men and women wearing business suits or lab coats. The tallest and oldest of them stood out to the resistance members. Especially the familiar head deformation.

"No way. Is that…" Wyatt said, looking at Max.

As if answering, VEGA began to explain. [Max Hass, born 1933, Germany. Adopted son of Klaus Kreutz. In 2015, he became one of the founding members of the Union Aerospace Corporation and was the first human to live past 100. Most notable achievement was discovering light-speed travel, enabling humanity to spread out across the solar system and colonize other worlds. He is regarded as one of the greatest contributors to humanity in Earth's history. Even Dr. Hayden spoke highly of him]

Blazokiwcz whistled. That did sound like hell of an impressive feat.

Klaus patted his son on the shoulder. "You hear that my boy? Du bist ein genie (You're a genius)" He said proudly. Max said nothing but continued playing with his toys.

VEGA than continued. For the next hour, the AI explained the advancements the UAC made to humanity and the betterment of Earth. Bringing up dozens of files and video logs of what the company had done which peaked the attention of the Kreisau members. This continued into how after many years, an energy crisis threatened to cripple the planet and all those that lived on it. Desperate for a solution, Doctor Samuel Hayden, CEO of the UAC, and his science team had found a new energy source that could end the crisis indefinitely while at the same time opening an entirely new field of study. It was only when they were where the energy source was coming from did the rebels realize just who had been helping the Nazis.

"No…you can't possibly mean…" Anya said in disbelief.

Everyone watched as VEGA brought up a new image. This one showed a recon team going through a portal...and finding themselves in a nightmare beyond comprehension. A world of fire, infinite abysses, rivers of blood and acid, the air filled with the screams of damned souls...and beasts that made anything the Nazis could build up look tame.

Klaus immediately got up to shield Max from the sight. Everyone else was silent as they watched footage of Imps tearing a scientist to shreds, soldiers trying to push back hordes of Unwilling, a Hell Knight ripping a soldier in half and a Cacodemon eating another alive.

Wyatt actually began to pray. Meanwhile Fergus had nearly fallen off his chair. "Hell…Hell is actually bloody real."

[The situation continues to escalate from there] VEGA said as he showed more recordings. This time showing the UAC experimenting on the new energy source, named Argent due to originating from godlike entities of the planet with the same name. What came next caused Blazkowciz to stand up in fury.

"Those bastards were weaponizing them! Are they insane?!" He exclaimed as he watched the creation of a Revenant. Followed by a Mancubus being supplied cannons for arms. It reminded him of the Nazi's super soldiers. If the demons were responsible for helping the Germans win the war, than it would make sense where they got the idea.

[Dr. Hayden and various other members of his inner circle saw the benefits of military applications through use of the demons. Their resilience and strength were seen as a boon to help defend humanity] Explained VEGA as he showed images of demons being dissected. [However, it eventually went out of control. Dr. Hayden realized too late of Hell's influence. One of his most trusted, Olivia Pierce, had become indoctrinated by the demons with promises of power and knowledge in exchange for her help in releasing them. With the aid of her own staff that had been equally persuaded, they unleashed an enormous Lazarus wave from within her personal labs which claimed the lives of 61,337 of the personnel that operated within the Mars facility. 64% of which had been turned into undead creatures classified as Possessed]

"Damn, sounds like a real shit show." Caroline commented. She then looked at the Doom Slayer, who had been standing there silently the entire time. "So where does he come in to all this?"

A new video appeared. This one showed Samuel Hayden and a team of elite soldiers traversing Hell to a newly discovered location. A journey that claimed the lives of several until they came across a type of temple that had been heavily guarded and covered in demonic runes. And at the center of this temple was an altar where a stone sarcophagus was set. Shortly after, Hayden had the UAC transport the sarcophagus back to Mars for examination. Soon after, the Hell Wave came, unleashed by Pierce and forcing Hayden to act. Footage shifted back to the lab, showing several robotic arms opening the sarcophagus to reveal a muscular, scarred, and very naked man chained to the interior.

Anya blushed at the sight, but it soon turned to shock as the man freed himself from his bindings, dispatching the recently possessed humans. Upon entering another room showing a familiar armor, the rebels realized that the man was none other than the Doom Slayer. They wanted to ask why he was in there or how he even ended up in Hell of all places, but saved their questions for later, as by then they were too enraptured by the footage.

From that point, the group bore witness to the slayer waging a one-man war against Hell's legion on Mars through the visor of the Praetor suit. Creatures that they had seen killing the average man with ease were now falling before him as he literally tore them apart in addition to shooting them with an impressive arsenal that he had been collecting along the way. One of said weapons being a chainsaw which had been used a great deal.

They watched as the Slayer finally met VEGA and Hayden for the first time. Then preventing the foundry from suffering a meltdown, followed by destroying the filters for the Argent tower. Finally, the Slayer pursuing Olivia who was dead set on opening a portal to Hell…which unfortunately, she succeeded, and in the process sent the Slayer back to Hell as well. To the same region where Hayden had found the Slayer's sarcophagus.

Caroline than spoke. "Before we continue, I have to ask one thing." She looked at the Slayer. "What exactly is your connection with the demons? And why were you even sealed in Hell of all places to begin with?"

The Slayer of course said nothing. He merely looked at the screen as VEGA played the testaments. The Kreisau members all shivered as the demonic voice spoke. From there the rebels learned of the Slayer's origins and his relationship with the demons by activating each of the testaments and from VEGA playing the others. How the Slayer had been wronged by the demons, and swore vengeance against them, starting his one-man crusade eons ago. Eventually becoming the leader of an ancient order known as the Night Sentinels before it's fall, as well as being bestowed power by a divine being, and then returning to Hell and slaying countless demons. After slaying a particularly powerful demon known as a Titan, the Slayer had been tricked and sealed away until discovered by UAC.

No one said anything. Their minds were already blown away that their visitors were from the future, along with that Hell was real. And now they were learning that this man was in fact millions of years old, given power by an angel of all things. The rebels had so many things to say but could not find their voice. They just opted to continue watching the video. However, William would now and then take a quick look at the Slayer. He couldn't help but wonder just what could drive a man to willingly damn himself to destroy his foes.

Anyway, the recording went on to the Slayer fighting through Hell and eventually returning to Mars. By then, the UAC station had been taken over by demons, forcing the Slayer to fight his way through in order to reach Dr. Hayden. The cyborg would then direct him to the Crucible, a demonic artifact that would help seal the source. The humans were impressed as the Slayer fought against the Cyberdemon and Hell Guards. It eventually ended with the Slayer now facing the Spider Mastermind, who had taken over Olivia's body. The fight was even more intense than when William took on Heinrich I.

Eventually the Slayer was victorious, only to be suddenly transported back and detained by Hayden. The cyborg then took the Crucible before sending the Slayer away through the tether. [And thus, we had arrived too this timeline, to see the Nazis kill or capture survivors of the failed raid on Deathshead's compound] VEGA said. [Fortunately, were able to find a long lost Argenta command station and have been using it as our base for the past fourteen years]

The Kreisau Circle members were silent. This had been much to take in, that was for sure. And much of it sounded so unbelievable that they didn't know if it was the truth or not. But for those like Blazkowicz and Caroline, it was something that could be possible. Both remembered what had happened in Isenstadt and the Black Sun. That left only one more question. "Why exactly did the demons come to this time? Why help the Nazis and change the war? From what you have shown us, they could wipe us all out without using smoke and mirrors." Blazkowciz asked VEGA.

[The manipulation of time is not an easy feat. Even the Argenta, the Night Sentinels, only had limited use of time with their magical runes. Time travel above all is something that requires a large amount of energy. In addition, the demons require a medium on this side in order to invade. Thus, they are using the Nazis, taking advantage of their belief of being a superior race. They assisted them by leading them to a safehouse belonging to an ancient society known as the Da'at Yichud. As to why they are using such extreme measures, the demons' attempts in the past to invade Hell have always been thwarted by the Doom Slayer] VEGA explained.

"So, they decided to go back in time where the Slayer could not follow them." Anya summarized.

[Correct. It was only a stroke of luck that Dr. Hayden detected the temporal anomaly and allowed the Slayer and I to travel to this era] VEGA added.

"VEGA, Doom Slayer." Caroline said, catching their attention. "While I thank you both for this information, we need time to discuss this. If you don't mind giving us privacy?"

The Slayer silently nodded. [Disconnecting myself from your computers] VEGA reported. The Hell Walker than proceeded to walk to another section of the room, leaving the Kreisau members alone.

Caroline looked at the others. "Thoughts?"

"How can we be sure they're telling the truth?" Fergus asked. "Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the guy saved our arses twice, but can we be sure that what they said is real?"

"No, those images they showed us were real." Anya said. "Those…things were too lifelike to be fake. And they clearly knew about the Da'at Yichud, the same group mentioned in those files I found. Either way, having them on our side would be a boon to us."

"Oh, heck yeah, that's for sure!" Wyatt said. "After all the stuff he's been doing as 'The Golem' we could sure use his help! He's a one-man army! And did you see his weapons?"

"Ja, I remember back when I was with the Nazis when he first started causing a ruckus. The big shots were running around like headless chickens, pulling their hair out." Klaus joked. "Having him helping us would definitely put the odds in our favor."

Caroline looked at Blazkowicz, who had been quiet the whole time. "What about you BJ? What do you think?" She asked.

Blazkowicz was quiet for a moment or two. "Like Fergus said, he saved our lives…twice. I've also seen plenty of weird shit during the war that I am willing to believe their claims. And I may have been in a coma all this time, but I get the feeling that this Doom Slayer means us no harm. If what you all said is true, then he has only been killing Nazis these past fourteen years. I know we can trust him."

Caroline sighed, but had to admit that they were all correct. She had read the news that the Doom Slayer had been doing the past fourteen years. Destroying Nazi outposts, factories that produce their weapons and vehicles, liberating prison camps, killing high ranking Nazis, and even giving Deathshead a headache. And with someone like VEGA, they could possibly conduct operations that would be deemed impossible. "Alright, it's decided. Bring him back in."

(Doom Slayer and VEGA)

[It was a wise decision to keep your connection with Captain Blazkowicz and Ms. Oliwa a secret] VEGA asked over the private comms. [We cannot risk disrupting the timeline anymore than it already is. Especially yours]

The Slayer said nothing of course but let out a grunt. Even he had to agree with the AI's logic. It was a miracle itself that the Slayer had brought Blazkowicz to the same hospital that Anya worked at. According to the original timeline, the strike team had succeeded in eliminating Deathshead. However, many of the soldiers were injured, including Blazkowicz who was rendered into a coma, one that lasted only for a month, rather than fourteen years. They had been taken to the nearest hospital the one Anya worked at. From there the rest is history.

His thoughts were interrupted when Klaus walked up to him. "Come on big man. We're ready for you." Klaus said.

The Slayer reentered the main room. The ex-Nazi sat back down while the Slayer stood before the gathered members. Caroline spoke first. "To make sure we understand clearly, unless we stop the demons, we can't beat the Nazis?" She asked.

[That's correct, Ms. Caroline. The demons are manipulating the Nazis from the shadows. We must destabilize their control over the world and destroy any places with demonic influences. Once done, the resistance shall be able to overthrow the Third Reich] VEGA replied.

"Then we have a common goal." Caroline said with a grin. "Now, in the beginning I would never dare think of doing this because we neither had the time or the resources. But, with you two, it would give us a major advantage." Pulling out a map from a draw, she laid it across the table for everyone to look at. "A communication station in Heidelberg. It connects and transmit nearly 60 percent of the Nazi's lines including propaganda. We're going to sneak in and hack it."


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