・゚. *✷・.✧゚・゚. *✷・.✧゚

There were two tombstones in front of her.

One was empty, one was not. But both people were gone.

Mavis had always assumed, that as the eldest, she'd go first. Her little brother and sister would far outlive her, even if their age difference wasn't all that great. It was just the way her mind had worked.

She was born first, she would die first.

But she was the only one left.

First, she'd been unable to make the allure of war be unpalatable to her brother, no matter how much they begged and pleaded, he felt it was his duty, and nothing could compel him. Mavis had spent her days worrying and doing all she could to ensure his wellbeing, but even protection spells couldn't fight death went it truly wanted to take someone.

Then, even though she fought, raged, even begged, her sister died. Or rather, was killed. And the worse of it was it could've been Mavis. It should have been Mavis. But Rowena laid dead on a coffin while Mavis drew breath, and nothing made her hate herself and the world more than that.

The worse of it was she couldn't die now even if she tried. Fate was cruel, and Mavis knew that with glaring certainty.

The cemetery was silent, but the sound of a crow pulled her out of her mind.


The familiar, who should've been gone alongside her sister, was still here, perched on top of her witch's tombstone.

"She's not gone," she said.

As much as those words were all she wanted to hear, Mavis couldn't bring herself to believe it.


"No! I know this to be true, I can feel her soul," the familiar said, and Mavis couldn't help the flicker of hope that ignited.

"Are you certain?"

The crow nodded, and Mavis felt her eyes fill with tears.

"But I held her as she died, how?"

"How are you still alive even after you tried not to be?"

Something must've happened, nothing had worked as expected, and if Mavis's newfound immortality was one of them, Rowena not being truly dead might be another.

Morrigan faltered, dropping from the top of the tombstone, and Mavis caught her before she could fall to the ground.

"My physical form won't hold for much longer, but my spirit will continue to roam, until a time when she's returned."

Mavis held her as she died, just as she'd done with Rowena. The knowledge she wasn't truly gone didn't lessen the grief she felt, but as she carved a hole just above where her sister was buried, Mavis found herself feeling something she hadn't for as long as she'd been gone.

Burying Morrigan, her own familiar forlorn by her side, Mavis cast a spell to carve an addendum to Rowena's tombstone.

As she left the cemetery hours later, fresh flowers sprouting to surround both graves, a contrast to the dying grass around them, Mavis was filled with hope.

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