After promising myself never to write one of these poem-fics I have been forced to submit one against my will. That's right, I'm being blackmailed, and if I ever get enough information to counter blackmail the person who is doing this to me you can rest assured they will pay for this indignity. Now sit back and listen to my Labyrinth poem! Good luck interpreting it.

Of Mortal Girls

The riddle that is in your eyes,
Is challenging my own disguise.
But when I choose my path anew,
I find myself too close to you.

The answers in your heart and mind,
I fear that I will never find.
Your contradictions overwhelm,
Defenses of my soul and realm.

I fight the whispers that aboud,
Such an imaginative sound,
Softly screams the silent roar,
"You cannot win forevermore!"

But though it may avail me nought,
And hide more deeply what I've sought,
My primact will not allow,
A strategically retreating bow.

Your heart of new-cast gold may be,
My hope, a tarnished silver key.
And why, oh why, I wish I knew,
Of mortal girls, it must be you.

~Your Worshipfulness