The Sibuna Club Official Bylaws:

A list by Amber Millington
Signed by: Nina Martin, Fabian Rutter, Patricia Williamson, and Alfie Lewis

1. The first rule about Sibuna, is that you don't talk about Sibuna. (Yes Fabian, we are all looking at you).

2. Elections will be held annually for the various officer positions. The current election results include: President/Leader - Nina Martin, Chief Strategist - Fabian Rutter, Snack Supplier – Alfie Lewis, Note Taker and Sibuna Historian – Amber Millington, and finally Queen of Sarcasm and Excuses, Patricia Williamson.

3. Sibuna vows are sacred, if you break one (telling someone about the club without asking, endangering the lives of club members by holding back intel, siding with Victor etc.) you have to run a mile around campus in the shame shirt. (note: the shame shirt is florescent orange that doesn't look good on anybody, with "Shame Shirt" written in huge font across the back.

4. A vote can be called at any point to determine the actions for the club. In the event of a tie the leader of Sibuna would be the deciding vote.

5. Any contact by ghostly figures is to be reported to the group ASAP. As well as any strange men Patricia meets in the woods.

6. Sibunas are to have their phones charged and on their persons at all times, in case they are kidnapped (cough cough Patricia cough cough) or fall down a hole (looking at you Nina).

7. Thursday nights are mandatory Sibuna study hours, with Sibuna Snacks tm provided by Alfred Lewis. The group misses far too much school and three out of the five of them are here on scholarship.

8. The only valid reasons to miss a Sibuna meeting include being kidnapped, given detention by Victor or hospitalized. Dates are NOT a valid reason to skip Sibuna events (Fabian).

9. All adults are guilty until proven innocent. You never know who could be in the murder cult. (Except Trudy. Trudy is an angel sent by the gods to deliver them wonderful food).

10. On any Sibuna outing Patricia and Fabian are NOT allowed to choose the music, unless one wants to be subjected to hours of Sick Puppies and Cradle of Filth.

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