A/N: Behold, the largest fic I'm going to do for Azumanga Daioh! This one's based on a dream I had, and I got help from NorwegianMidnight for developing the concept into a fully-fledged story, so I thanked her for helping me out ^_^. This chapter is a prologue to the entire story, so despite it being chapter 1, it's called "Chapter 0".

1945, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Millions of lives are taken in the event and many more were later killed by the nuclear radiation. But for the animals of the area, something else happened, something more sinister. Their bodies become more grotesque, their nature became more violent, they become mutants.

Nobody knows the existence of the mutants until the early 60s, where a farmer in the Saga prefecture noticed a giant, monstrous raccoon dog rampaging throughout his field. He took a photo and shown it to the mayor. Soon, the photo reached the Japanese government, and they have to do a meeting at the Diet Building.


"All members of the National Diet of Japan are present and accounted for!"

"Alright then, we recently got reports of mutated animals as far north as Hokkaido and as far south as Iriomote Island. We need to do something about this! Does anybody have any suggestions?"

"I have one: What if we let the women fight these mutants? I mean, while we men do the political stuff, the women have done nothing but stay home and make bento for their children. So, who's in?"

And on that day, Project Mahou Shoujo was born. Every year, millions of 10-year-old girls from all 47 prefectures are given their gear consisting of a transformation brace, a wand that transforms into a weapon, and a miniature robot that can detect the mutants that look like animal plushies, and are sent to Mahjo Academy in Tokyo for their 8-year long training. The first five years are spent teaching the girls the basics of magic girls, and the last three years have the girls finally participating in missions to defeat and purify mutants, ending with a final exam and graduation into fully-fledged magical girls. This is the story of 6 girls who did extraordinary things. And it all started on a birthday…


In a lavish mansion in a neighborhood owned by the Mihama Group, the largest manufacture of magical girl gear in the country, the young heir to the group, Chiyo Mihama, is finally getting her magical girl gear.

"Happy Birthday, Chiyo!" Mr. Mihama said, giving his daughter a box, "Here's your gear, specially designed for you."

"Thank you very much, father!" Chiyo said. She then opens the box, and she sported a smile on her face. The contents of the box include a pink and white striped wand with a yellow star on top, a penguin plushie, and a purple wrist device with a blue orb in the middle. "Wah, it's perfect, father!"

"And next month, you'll be going to Mahjo Academy to begin your training," Mrs. Mihama explained to her daughter.

"Will Yuka and Miruchi be there?" Chiyo asked her parents.

"Sure they will," Mr. Mihama answered, "After all, they're also starting their training at the same time as you."

Chiyo smiled, but what she doesn't know is that this year, she'll have the craziest experience that any beginner magical girls will ever have.

At the principal's office of Mahjo Academy, Mr. and Mrs. Mihama are waiting for their daughter to out of the testing room, since they want her to not deal with the five years of learning the basics of magical girl combat. Soon, Chiyo and the principal came out of the testing room.

"So, how was it?" Mr. Mihama asked the principal.

"Well, your daughter successfully passed her magical girl basics test with flying colors," The principal said, "I'm assured that she's more than capable to do some mission to destroy and purify some mutants. She'll be moved to the sixth year of magical girl training!"

Chiyo's parents started to cry tears of happiness as they hugged their daughter. Indeed, Chiyo has passed her basics test and is now ready to begin doing missions for the government.

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