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After that long day, all six girls are now relaxing in the lobby room of their dorm, now de-transformed and in their pajamas.

"Ah...kotatsu…" Osaka mewled.

"Yep!" Tomo stretched, "It sure is comfy!"

Meanwhile, Kagura was wrapping a bandage onto Sakaki's bitten hand.

"There, now don't go out and pet that gray cat ever again!" Kagura told the tall girl, "Besides, I gotta make some dinner for everybody."

"Kagura-san, how did you learn how to cook?" Chiyo asked the tomboy.

Then, all of the older girls looked at each other with weirded-out faces. They knew that if Chiyo wanted the answer, then they have to tell her about their backstories and how they all met.

"Well, Chiyo-chan, I hate to do this to you," Kagura said, "But now it's the time for you to know more about the five of us."

All of the girls gather around the kotatsu, getting some blankets and snacks.

"Okay, this story is in five parts, from the oldest to the youngest," Yomi explained to Chiyo, " And since Kagura's the oldest out of all of us, she'll tell her story first."

"Well, Chiyo-chan," Kagura sighed, "It's time to tell you about my story…"

"Well, you that I'm Ryukyuan, born and raised in Naha. But what you didn't know about me is that I came from a poor family, like really poor. Due to that, my grandma and my father fashion themselves as Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, they even gather some strangers and friends to form a revolutionary group to someday make the Ryukyu Islands independent from Japan. But until that day happens, my family will remain poor. When I was able to read for the first time, dad and grandma gave me a hand-translated Little Red Book, just so I can follow in their footsteps. And that book became my guidebook for life, even my motto is 'Take not from the masses a single needle or piece of cloth, for then we will win their welcome and support.' My mother was still a magical girl when my older sister Keito and I were still kids.

But when I became 10 years old, everything changed. Mom left Okinawa for Honshu to deal with a special mission, even the government told us that she'll be fine. But dad and grandma didn't trust them one single bit. So mom left, and we waited for her return. But when a plane from Honshu landed near our shed of a house, I was horrified. The government people told my family that my mom died during the mission, and the only remains of hers are her magical girl gear, which I later inherited as my own. And after that announcement, well, I went through what we Ryukyuans called 'kami-daari'. After mom died, I never ate anything, I went mentally insane, and I even vomited out some blood. Thankful, grandma's a priestess, and she managed to stop it before it got too serious. But instead of making me a yuta, grandma said that I have to travel to Tokyo to fulfill the ancestors' wishes.

And then, I left Okinawa for Tokyo, entered Mahou Acamedy, and became the sole person living in Dorm 4, before things got a little bit crazy."

"And that's how I got here in the first place," Kagura finished, "Tomo, Your turn."

"Hehehe... Chiyosuke!" Tomo shouted, "Time for me to tell you about my backstory!"

"So…I wasn't born in Tokyo. In fact, I was born in Kamakura! And I'm the middle child of five! (Mom and dad had lots of fun, too much fun) For the first five years of my life, I lived in that backwater town, until dad got hired by the Tokyo Police Force and the entire family had to move to that big city! Once I started to get used to the new neighborhood, I heard somebody crying in the trashcan, so I went towards it and lifted the lid. And inside was a girl with glasses, and if you guess that this is how I met Yomi… then you're correct! That little fatty was crying because some bullies hurt her feelings, so I decided to become friends with her!

Now, just like Gura, my mom was also a magical girl. And just like Gura, everything changed when I was ten years old. You see, it all started when mom and I were going to the shopping district when a mysterious woman in red showed up and threw a fireball at the both of us. Mom then turned into her magical girl form so she can save me from that woman. But… that lady killed my mom in front of me, and when dad came, he was furious. He blamed me for the death of my mom, and… and… he beat me up for it. After he left me to die on the streets, I grabbed all of my mom's magical gear and ran to the nearest living space, which was the dormitory I'm currently living in. Gura saw me lying near the doorsteps, and she took me in. I told her everything, and she sympathized with me. We basically became like sisters and later…."

"Okay, you can stop, Tomo," Yomi said, "Ayumu, it's your turn."

"Okie dokie," Osaka woke up from her nap, "But, it ain't goin' to be pretty…"

"Unlike the rest of ya, Ah was born in the simple town of Wakayama, though unlike everybody else, Ah didn't speak durin' mah first years of life, and ma and pa got worried. They took me to the doctor, and he said that Ah have autism. A blessin' for me, but a curse for mah parents. They thought that Ah would fall behind in mah studies and Ah would be bullied by other people. The doctor told them to stay in Wakayama, but they moved to Osaka. Mah life there was somewhat traumatizin', but when Ah was ten years old, they sent me to Mahou Acamedy, hopin' that I'll have a better life there. Ah soon met Kagura-chan and Tomo-chan, and while Kagura-chan, although boisterous, was nice to me, Tomo-chan was rude and called me 'Osaka'. Ah hated that nickname, all after, callin' a people a stereotype is bad and will cause sufferin'. But, Tomo-chan continued, and Kagura protected me from the insults. Mah life in Mahou Acamedy went well until mah 13th birthday. Ma and pa then gave a cursed gift; breast binders. They thought that people will take advantage of me, so they want to make me ugly. Ah didn't mind the breast binders until Ah was hurt by...somebody. Ah was then forced to wear 'em every day, every hour. The only time Ah removed them was when Ah was takin' a bath or goin' to sleep. And it was painful, Ah felt so stiff, Ah felt like Ah cain't fly. Only trapped."

"That's so horrible, Osaka-" Chiyo paused, realizing that the nickname will hurt her friend even more, "-Ayumu-san."

"Thanks for callin' me by mah real name, Chiyo-chan," Osaka said, "Ah like it when people called me by mah real name. Ah feel more human."

"Wait, you're busty?!" Tomo shouted, "So, how big are your honking junks?"

"About the same size as Yomi-chan."

"Okay, you're sleeping with me tonight! Along with Yomi and Kagura!"

"Geez, you seem to really get around, Tomo," Yomi snarked.

"What? I'm a professional! Now, it's your turn to tell your backstory!"

Yomi then sighed, "Welp, time to tell Chiyo-chan my backstory."

"I was raised in a traditional family, to the point where my parents taught me that being reserved is a strength. But that only brought some bullies, and they launched me into a trashcan when I was 9 years old. Then, I saw somebody pulling me out, a girl with spikey hair. She was the same age as me, and her name was Tomo Takino. She taught me how to let loose and be myself, but then, that day when Tomo's mom died was the day that I was separated from her. You may not believe it, but Tomo's four months older than me, therefore, I had to wait four entire months to reunite with her. I felt so lonely, so sad, so… I don't know how to describe it. Eventually, I became 10 years olds, and I got into Mahou Academy. Luckily, I was sent to the same dormitory as Tomo, but, I have to contend with her two new friends. I tried to contain my building rage with food, but one day, Tomo went there, and I gave her my first double chop. It felt so wrong, yet it felt so good."

"And the rest is history," Yomi concluded.

"Well, at least that story's tame compare to Tomo-chan's, Kagura-san's, and Ayumu-san's backstories," Chiyo said, " So that means Sakaki-san's the only one left!"

Sakaki then shuffled away from the kotatsu, trying to hide something.

"Sakaki-chan!" Tomo shouted, "What's wrong with you?!"

"I don't want to talk about it…" the tall girl murmured.

" Come on! We already shared our dark secrets! Now it's time to share yours!"

"But, if they know…"

"Sakaki-chan, tell us. We can handle anything."

"Okay...I'm not born as a girl. I.. was assigned as male at birth."

Everybody went silent in the room.

"I'll explain everything," Sakaki said to her shocked friends.

"You see, I was born as Kenji Fujiwara, that's what my mother wanted. But, I hated being called cool or manly. I would rather be called cute and adorable. I would rather be a girl. Fortunately, my consulter in elementary school helped me with the transitioning process, and I changed my name to Sakaki. My mom, however, hated me being a girl. She would abuse me and burn my cat plushies. But when I became 10 years old, I decided to enroll in Mahou Academy against my mother's wish. After all, becoming a magical girl means I would wear a cute outfit and be truly happy."

"And that's the end of my story," Sakaki concluded.

"Wow, I didn't know that all of you have such… such…" Chiyo was at a loss for words.

"Such horrible lives?" Kagura finished, " Yeah, but the five of us all feel like family. We support each other when one of us feels down in our luck. And we will support you, Chiyo-chan."

"Yanno," Osaka started, "With the exception of Chiyo-chan, all of us are weirdos in Japanese society. We were born in a society that doesn't appreciate uniqueness, and they can and will force us to act the same as everyone else. But, that's dehumanizin'. If there is not uniqueness, then how will we become truly human? Ah think we should be ourselves, even in the hardest times, cause in the end, we rather be ourselves than anybody else."

All of the girls were amazed by Osaka's speech. Despite her childish looks, she somehow show some intelligence. They clapped for their friend, and after some dinner, they all went to bed.

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