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Tai: So, it's back to the beginning? Any idea what the first saga will be called?

SSJ4T: The Digital Invaders Saga! Weren't you paying attention?

Tai: No.

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SSJ4T: You two won't even come into the series for a looooooong time. This first series will be based from Digimon 01, the very first season. So, without further ado, enjoy the fic!


(Digimon Adventure theme "Butterfly plays)


All is peaceful and quiet in the outer regions of the Digital World. The beautiful morning skies shine bright over the land and running waters flood the landscape. Digimon began to swarm every available ecosystem available. Nothing seemed to threaten the very existence of this luscious world.

However, that would soon change. A small shuttle came hurtling through the skies as if it were a speeding comet. The digimon looked up to see what it was. They would not realize that a dark being lurked within the pod-like shuttle. It seemed to be in a hurry as if it were a mission.

Elsewhere, a local Scarecrowmon was walking about as he was planting more pumpkin seeds on his field. He looked to grow some more pumpkins for the next harvest. He whistled about as if nothing were going to ruin his precious day. Just then, the shuttle pod came crashing down many yards away. The Scarecrowmon shrieked and jumped away from the sudden impact. He looked forward and pulls out his double barrel.

"What the heck was that? It just landed from the sky?! Is it some sort of digital extra terrestrial? Oh man! I better check this out!"

He scurries off over towards the impact hole which the crash landing created. He looks down over the crater and saw the shuttle pod. His eyes widened in bewilderment.

"That's not meteor. That's for damn sure."

Suddenly, the shuttle pod slowly started to open and a clawed hand came reaching out. Scarecrowmon backed away and readied his double barrel. He felt drips of sweat coming down his face and chills up his spine. The being walked out from the shuttle. He was tall, skinny with some muscular features. His eyes were crimson and his face was pale as snow. He had a pair of torn-like wings on his back. It looked just like the Devimon that once reigned over File Island. However, this one wore a device around his left eye and battle armor around his chest. He looks up and flies out from the crater. He looks around and then lands on the ground. A small growl came from him as he examined the landscape.

"So, the inhabitants of this digital plane are still alive! Damn that, Agumon. You have failed us!"

Scarecrowmon scurried back as he pumped up his double barrel and pointed it over towards Devimon. The evil one walked towards Scarecrowmon with a malicious smirk.

"Get back! You stay back or I'll shoot!"

The device on Devimon began to make a few calculations. It stopped as it read a numerical writing. He smirked and pointed his finger at Scarecrowmon.

"A level 5? Man, what a weak digital plane!"

"You stay away! I've warned you, man! Stay back!"

With that said, Scarecrowmon clicked the trigger and fired two shells at Devimon. The bullets neared Devimon,s head, but the evil one easily caught them with his hands. Scarecrowmon was taken back by this and jumped back in fear. Devimon easily caught two bullets. A normal Devimon would have been shot but this one was different. Devimon flung the two bullets right back at Scarecrowmon. The digimon couldn't react nor scream as one bullet went right through his forehead and the other right through his chest cavity. The body goes flying back as his body was deleted. Devimon turned away with dissatisfaction.

"Bah. This digital plane is full of weaklings. I shouldn't bother."

Again, his device started going off as it quickly picked up another ki reading. He peered over to the right and his face was so full of excitement. He quickly realized that this could be the Agumon that he was looking for.

"There's a life form of great power! It's over at Section 7895! Is that you, Agumon?! Digimon of courage?!"

With that said, Devimon goes flying off towards the far distance with great speed. He began his search for the one digimon he has been searching for. This was the Agumon, who belonged to the Chosen Child of Courage. Devimon was on a mission of some sorts and he looked to complete it by finding Agumon.


A Dark Invader! The Dark Wing of Devimon!


Elsewhere within the Digital World, a beautiful blue sky loomed over a lonely horizon. There was a cliff side with a rather ominous figure. The figure turned out to be none other than Leomon. This was the digimon who helped the children defeat Devimon from File Island. He looked towards the horizon and peacefully meditated to himself.

Suddenly, his eyes widened as he felt an upcoming presence heading his direction. He turned to see where the mysterious chi was coming from. He felt a dark presence from this certain chi.

"Whoa! I sense a great and tremendous power! It's coming closer but who is it?! That must be War Greymon and Taichi!"

Leomon peered over towards the far distance to get a better look at the distance. He gasped as he saw Devimon heading his direction. Leomon was seeing a ghost, or so he thought.

"What?! It can't be! It's Devimon! How could he have survived that encounter on File Island? It's impossible!"

Devimon stopped and landed on the cliff. He stood by and confronted the brave beast. A smirk came across Devimon's cryptic face.

"Excuse me, but I was just heading into the neighborhood and I thought I'd ask you a question. I hope that I'm not interrupting you."

"You're excused. You must be a different Devimon. You don't happen to know the one who once terrorized File Island? I'll never forgive him for forcing me to kill the Digi-Destined."

"I'm sorry, but I'm a different one. That Devimon was a weakling."

"Feh. Now be off, demon."

"Oh, you're quite the feisty one."

Devimon merely smirked and pressed the device with a simple poke. He began to get a reading over the device and received a confirmed power level on Leomon.

"Hmph. Your power level is at a mere 322. That's more than I expected from this part of the digital plane. I can definitely see that you're among the most powerful."

"Now see here, demon! You came here to start something! I have no interest in fighting you!"

"Well, I do."

Leomon growled angrily to himself as he balled up his fists. He felt an increasing power ready to be unleashed upon his new enemy. He pulled his fist back and thrusted forwards with incredible force.

"Fist of the Beast King!"

The lion-shaped blast came shooting out towards Devimon and it connected with impact. A large explosion occurred and it seemed to have done Devimon in. Leomon smiled in satisfaction, until he looked ahead. He gasped at what he saw. As soon as the smoke cleared, the landscape was devastated but Devimon stood unscathed.

"He. He. That was a fine display of power, unless that was your real intention."

Leomon looked on with horrible shock as his body started to shake with tremendous fear. He had never seen such a creature take a blast like that and walking out unscathed.

"Now, allow me to show you how it's done. Are you ready? I'm going to show you some real power."

Devimon prepared to deliver a devastating blow to the beast warrior, until his device started going off again. He looked on the reading and picked up a huge power level.

"Another incoming power! It's an even greater one! That must be him!"

With that said, Devimon flew off into the skies to pick up the location of his designated target. Leomon fell to his knees and was shocked over what had just occurred.

"This Devimon is going to pose a problem. The children have to be on the lookout for this guy."


Devimon soared over the skies as memories of Agumon's birth started running through his mind. He was certainly desperate in finding Agumon.

"Have you really lost your sense of pride, Agumon? You were to destroy this portion of the digital world! You weren't meant to be some child's pet! Agumon! You have dishonored our code!"


Meanwhile, on an unknown location within the Digital World, several members of the Digi-Destined were standing by. Among those in waiting were Izzy, Tentomon, Joe and Gomamon.

"Uh, this is boring! When's the fun going to start?" Gomamon asked.

"They should be here any minute," replied Izzy.

"Izzy! I see Mimi and Lillymon!" Tentomon replied.

Lillymon came flying down with Mimi at her side. The cowboy hat-wearing girl jumps off and walks over to her comrades.

"Hi guys! Sorry that we're late," Mimi said.

"No problem. You're already late," said Joe. "We've been waiting!"

"Don't mind me. I was just putting on some makeup before I got here," the girl said.

"Hey, where's Sora?" Izzy asked. "I thought we agreed to stick together ever since we beat Venom Myotismon back home."

"She said that she had to take a walk somewhere, but she'll meet up with us soon," Lillymon replied.

"What about Tai, Kari and TK?" asked Joe. "We just can't wait for everyone to get here."

"They're on their way over," said Mimi. "But my feet are killing."

"Funny, cause we didn't even have to walk over here," Lillymon pointed out.

"As a former princess, I shouldn't be sweating like this. It ruins my image."

"I'm assuming that everything is fine in the digital world," said Izzy. "I don't see anything wrong with it."

"Weird, I kind of figured that something was wrong. We've checked around for hours," Tentomon said.

Just then, War Greymon came dropping by unannounced with Tai on his back. Tai was also accompanied by TK, Patamon, Kari and Gatomon.

"Hey guys! We have arrived!" Tai called out. "What are you guys standing there like a bunch of sad cases?"

"We've been waiting for you! Here you come all unannounced," Izzy cried out.

"Hey. Hey. Take it easy, dude," Tai said as he chuckled to himself.

"So, was that a fun ride," TK asked the girl who was Tai's little sister.

"Yeah. So, wheres Sora," Kari asked.

"She'll meet up with us later," said Tai. "I still can't believe Matt ditched us. I couldn't even find him anywhere."

"I hope he doesn't hate us," TK said. "He must have had a reason for leaving us like that."

"I'm sorry, TK," Patamon said.

"Don't worry. We'll find him eventually," replied Tai. "Don't you sweat it, TK. He's bound to be out there somewhere."

"Once Sora gets here, we'll be heading off to investigate the digital world," said Izzy.

Suddenly, War Greymon looked up towards the skies as he felt a dark chi heading his direction. Soon, the other digimon were able to sense it.

"What is it, War Greymon? What's the matter," Tai asked.

"Something is coming, Tai. Something strong is heading our way," the mega replied.

"A rather powerful one," Patamon said to himself.

"Patamon? Is it really heading our way," TK asked.

"Yes and I don't like the looks of it."

"But I don't see anything," said Kari.

"You can't see it but we can sense it," Gatomon replied.

"What are you guys on? I don't see anything," Mimi said as she looked up.

"Um, that's cause you don't have the sixth sense like we digimon do," Lillymon said.

"No! It's a much, much more powerful chi. It's super strong!" War Greymon thought to himself. "But what could possibly emit such a strong power?"

"Look! I see something above us!" Tai cried out. "It looks like…"

Devimon smirked as he found the children's exact location. He flew down with tremendous speed, which caught the attention of the children's digimon. They stood in defense as Devimon landed. The children looked like they had just seen a ghost. They never thought that they would see another Devimon. TK was the most frightened one of them all, since he had to suffer to watch Angemon disappear after beating Devimon. The first Devimon had tried to kill TK and those plagued the boy's memories since then.

"I'll protect you without dying this time," Patamon said. "I'll never leave you again."

"Thanks, buddy."

Devimon faced off against the children as he gave a stern look over towards War Greymon and Tai. Devimon broke the sudden silence as he spoke.

"Ah, I thought I'd know you. I certainly remember seeing you, Agumon," Devimon said.

"What? How do you know my real name," the mega asked.

"Huh? Who is this," Joe asked. "Do you know this Devimon. He doesn't seem like the one from File Island."

"If you are, then tell us how you came back to life," Tai asked angrily.

"That pitiful weakling is nothing compared to me. I'm on a much different agenda. Now answer my question, Agumon."

"Why me?"

"What the hell have you been doing this whole time? Has something distracted you from completing your mission?"

"My mission?!"

"War Greymon. What is it that he's talking about? Did you have some sort of previous identity and not letting me know before?" Tai asked.

"I'm telling ya. I have no idea what he's talking about."

"Your mission was to exterminate the digimon of this sector! What have you been doing?"

Lillymon was getting bothered by Devimon's words and approaches him with a look of frustration.

"Lillymon! What are you doing," Mimi asked.

"Look, pal. I don't know what you're talking about, but I think that you've been drinking a lot. Scram! Shoo! The last thing that we need is a drunk digimon attempting to threaten us."

War Greymon felt a powerful presence coming from Devimon as a tail came lashing out from behind the demon. He was the first to point out and cried out to his fellow digimon.

"Lillymon! Get the hell away from there! Look out!"

However, it was much too late to even react as Devimon's tail lashed out and struck Lillymon across the face. The force sent Lillymon flying back and she de-digivolved back to Palmon. Mimi ran over to her digimon's fallen side.

"Oh no! Palmon! Are you okay?"

"Hey! What the hell was that for," Tai asked. "She wasn't apart of this! You struck her intentionally!"

"Pardon me, but the lady approached me first."

"You low life," TK exclaimed. "That's all you are!"

"Heh, so now you know who I am," Devimon said.

"Know you? We don't even know who the hell you are," Tai said. "What do you want from Agumon?"

"Impossible. You couldn't have forgotten about me and our mission," said Devimon. "What happened to you, Agumon? Did you take a blow to the head?"

"I don't know what you're talking about! Stop bringing this crap up," War Greymon exclaimed.

"I'm not making it up. You must have suffered brain damage," said Devimon. "Am I right?"

"Okay, I did hit my head once as Koromon but that was a long time ago."

"Damn it! That would explain it!"

"That would explain what?! Tell us!" Tai exclaimed.

"Guys, I think you need to hear this," Tentomon said. "Especially you, War Greymon. I was told that you were found separated from our group before Tai and the others came. You were quite a wild digimon that couldn't be tamed. That is until you fell down a gorge one day. We nursed you back to health and you managed to pull through. Since then, you've been a loyal friend to us and you became a loyal partner to Tai."

"Huh? So that wild Koromon was myself," the mega asked.

"He was."

"War Greymon, you never told me any of this," said Tai.

"I'm sorry. I should have told you, but I still don't know who this creep is. Trust me. I speak the truth."

"I know you wouldn't lie to me about this guy. Theres something about this ass that I don't like," the boy said.

"Take heed warning," Devimon said. "If there is any trace of memories in that thick skull of yours, I will find a way to reveal them."

Everyone stood by as Devimon slowly approached them. They eyed the demon. TK kept his eye on him and wasn't going to let his presence frighten him.

"I'm not scared of you. I'm not going to let you hurt me or my friends."

"We need you back, Agumon! Your people need you back," Devimon said.

"Becareful, War Greymon," Palmon said as she regained her senses. "He's more than your average enemy digimon."

"Yeah. I just noticed. Just seeing him makes my spine tingle. I have no idea why."

"Ha! You want to know why? That's because that you are no normal digimon! You are an elite warrior from another digital plane! You are amongst the most powerful from the Shadow Dimension!"

"Shadow Dimension?!" Tai said in shock.

The entire group were puzzled and shocked by this sudden revelation that Devimon has beared on the children. Agumon was once apart of an elite warrior group sent from the Shadow Dimension. Tai couldn't believe it.

"No. It can't be," Tentomon said.

"I am Neo Devimon. I'm apart of the higher rankings. My experience has made me much more powerful than any Devimon known from this digital plane."

"So you're pretty much an alien to this sector," Izzy said.

"Correct. I didn't just come here to smell the roses."

"You're a liar! You take that back!" Tai exclaimed. "Agumon is much better than you ever hope to be."

"Heh. Heh."

"If Agumon is an alien here, then why was he chosen to be Tai's partner," Mimi asked.

"Yeah, why should we believe you?!" Gatomon asked.

"You maybe sorry that you've asked, but the answer is a pretty simple one. We're a warrior elite. We're pretty much dimensional pirates in a way."

"Pirates? You go and steal other digimon's homelands?" Gomamon asked.

"We locate hospitable digital planes and sell them to other digital life forms for living space. But to make those worlds suitable, we must exterminate those native inhabitants. Think of it as trading other digimon's spaces for other's suitable needs."

"Well, that figures why we haven't heard from anyone outside this digital plane," Tentomon said.

"When an elite warrior is fully grown, he or she is usually assigned to the most difficult places, with the most powerful natives. But warriors, such as ourselves, need years of experience. Then, we will be experienced enough to start depopulating one digital plane."

"If this is true, then these guys make Myotismon look like a freaking joke," Joe said.

"It's quite lucky that this world has a moon, because you would have wiped out everyone within a year, Agumon. You would have dominated if you didn't hit your damn head!"

"Wait a minute," Tai replied. "What does the moon have to do with anything?"

"Are that damn retarded?! Looks like I'll have to explain this to you as well. Only when a moon is full will you be able to tap into your full potential powers!"

"I have no idea what you're talking. You've been spewing nothing but crap!" War Greymon said.

Devimon gasped as he looked over towards War Greymon as if he were about to have a heart attack. The demon's eyes widened and he quickly clenched his fists.

"Where the hell is your tail?! By the way, I don't mean your real tail, but your battle tail? Tell me what happened to it?"

"It was removed before I met with Tai," War Greymon replied. "it was getting on my nerves. Having a tail like that became a great pain in the ass."

"No wonder you've become so soft in this comfortable world!" Devimon exclaimed. "You're dishonoring our code and making yourself one of them! You've turned into a human-loving softy!"

"Shut up! I don't care what you say I am," War Greymon exclaimed. "You're not going to tell me who I really am! I'm Tai's digimon partner and I'm proud to have such a friend."

"Yeah! So do us a favor and get the hell away from here," Tai said.

"Yes! Just go and leave us alone," Mimi said.

"You tell him," Izzy said. "Like they say, 'nurture over nature'! Unfortunately, this creep doesn't understand that."

"We even saved this world and our world from three other creeps," said TK. "We'll beat even you!"

"That's right!" Kari cried.

"Heh. Seriously, how do you expect me to take you all seriously? Here's the deal. We are among the last of the elite," Devimon stated. "We survived because we were on other digital worlds and continued exterminating their natives. What you call 'wrong' is what insured our survival from enemy attacks. We remaining three have recently found a digital world which we know can be sold at a very high price. The locals are very strong and the three of us will have some trouble. But just think, the four of us should do enough to finish the job. Thank the digital gods that I've remembered you. You, Agumon, should be enough to tip the scales. So, what do you say? I've come back to take you to the fold."

TK and Kari stood by the other children's sides as their digimon stood by to protect them. War Greymon turned to face Devimon as he gave him a simple answer to his offer.

"You can go screw yourself," War Greymon said with venom in his voice.

"You know his answer! It's a hell no!" Tai exclaimed.

"How sad, but this has become quite interesting," said Devimon. "But do tell me something. Are those two little brats yours, boy?"

Tai's blood chilled as he saw Devimon making eye contact with Kari and TK. His own sister was now becoming a prime target for the demon digimon.

"No! You stay the hell away from my sister and TK, asshole!"

"We've got you're back!" Patamon said.

"Don't you even come near them or I'll rip your heart out," Gatomon hissed.

"Oh is that so?" Devimon said. "I suppose that you happen to be one of those chosen children? I can tell by looking at those two weakling digimon."

"You leave them alone!!" War Greymon growled angrily.

"Sorry, it can't be done," said Devimon. "If you won't deign to help me, then I'll just have to borrow those two brats."

Devimon walked over towards the group as Tai and War Greymon stood by protectively. TK and Kari looked on with frightened looks, but Patamon and Gatomon stood by their sides.

"You makde one more step and we'll kill you!" War Greymon cried out.

"Get him, War Greymon!"


Devimon quickly phased out as War Greymon was caught by surprise. The mega looked ahead and was given a devastating knee to the gut. War Greymon was sent flying back. Tai ran over towards Devimon with his fists tightened.

"That was a cheap shot, ass!"

Devimon turned and he delivered a clothesline, which nearly decapitated the boy. Kari cried out as she witnessed her own brother nearly turned inside out. Both were now on the ground and writhed in tremendous pain.

"Tai!" the children cried out.

"That was not fair!" Izzy exclaimed.

"No, he moved too fast. He took out a mega easily," Tentomon said. "But that's not possible…"

"Tai!" Kari cried out.

"Kari! Look out!" Gatomon exclaimed.

"Oh no you don't!" Devimon said.

The demon grabbed both TK and Kari. Gatomon jumped up and was preparing to digivolve but Devimon brought her down with an elbow shot. Patamon attempted to attack, but was taken down by Devimon's wing.

"Let us go!" TK cried out. "Patamon!"

"Big brother! Help!"

"If you wish them to be returned to you, boy, then you must follow my orders," Devimon said.

"I can't believe it," Mimi said.

"He beat War Greymon with one kick!" Palmon replied.

"I'll give you one digital cycle, which is one earth day, to make a decision," Devimon stated. "If you decide to join us, then you can find me with your instincts. You'll know where I'll be waiting. If you don't do so, I'll kill these two brats. Trust me, I have plenty of experience when it comes to slitting children's throats."

These words alone were enough to make the children's stomachs wrench and enough to boil the blood that was running through Tai and War Greymon. It was all up to War Greymon's simple decision.

Unaware of what was taking place, the group, including Devimon, were watched upon by a mysterious masked man. The masked man looked on over towards Tai and War Greymon. Thoughts were now running through his mind.

"There they are, but it looks like they'll be needing a lot of training."

We find out about War Greymon's past and it's been revealed that he was sent to the digital world to destroy it. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned and this has angered Devimon. With TK and Kari captured, will War Greymon and Tai recover to stop the demon's cold-blooded tactics? And who is this masked man who speaks of our two courageous heroes?

(Digimon Adventure first ending theme "I Wish" plays)



Tai: My sister and TK have been kidnapped by some creep! War Greymon! We have to go and save them!

Leomon: Not unless you need my help. War Greymon can't beat him alone. You'll definitely need my help.

Tai: Great idea! Meanwhile, you guys look for Sora!

Devimon: So, you two managed to come and face me? Let's just see how strong you two really are against me.

War Greymon: We're more than enough for you!

TK: Next time on Digimon Fusion, episode two!

War Greymon and Leomon! The Digital World's Strongest Team!

Kari: It's the first major battle of the series, so don't you miss it!


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