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Max: hey, guys! I'm running the show again after I ehard that SSJ4T got his ass kicked by Mega Man X and Zero.

Tai: Dude, I pity that fool. Maybe we should be running the show.

TK: Good idea, that will make things run a lot smoother.

Matt: Which reminds me, shouldn't we wrap this saga up and get ready for the Burizalor series?

Max: I think you got a damn good point. Since we have no guests today, we'll just go on with the fic! Read on, peeps!


[Digimon Adventure theme "Butterfly plays as the opening sequence plays]

Digi-Destined Regroup! Destination: Spiral Mountain

Sora placed her hand on Tai's right shoulder and rested her head on that same shoulder. TK and Kari held hands. Gatomon and Biyomon were looking after War Greymon. Just then, the group looked up to see their comrades arriving just in time. They saw Kabuterimon and Lillymon flying down with Izzy and Mimi on their backs.

"Hey there, guys!" Izzy exclaimed. "Whoa! This place is trashed. I guess there's a lot of explaining to do."

"Thank god that you guys are alive!" Mimi cried out.

Suddenly, Ikkakumon came pushing his way through the debris. Joe is seen on the digimon's back. He waves over to the group.

"Oh yeah. We've definitely got a lot of explaining to do," Tai said.

As soon as everyone gathered around, Tai and Sora began to explain everything that has happened within the battlegrounds. Kari was able to explain the gruesome battle against Etemon, plus the four lost casualities. There was a look of shock and utter disgust over the party.

"My god! How could Matt have joined those ruthless brutes?" Mimi said. "TK, I'm so sorry about your brother. It must have been hard for you."

"You don't have to apologize," the boy replied. "We managed to free his mind. I just hope he comes back and decides to join our side. I can't stand seeing him all alone."

"He's not alone," Tai said. "As long as Gabumon is with him, Matt should be able to take care of himself."

Everyone nodded as they began to get prepare for departion from the area. War Greymon had de-evolved back to Agumon and was placed onto Ikkakumon's back.

"Thanks for allowing Agumon to rest on Ikkakumon. He took one hell of a beating."

"Not a problem, Tai. I'm not surprised that he took a beating. That was one heck of a war, wasn't it?"

"More like a bloody genocide. I never want to go through something like that again. Hmmm, speaking of which, shouldn't we use the digicores?"

"We tried looking for them, but we were told that the four holy beasts were resting," Sora replied. "I forgot to mention that to you."


"That's right," Izzy stated. "We were told that they would be over the highest regions of the digital world. However, it will be very difficult to get there. We'll need something like a spaceship to get there."

"A spaceship in the digital world?" Kari asked.

"Hey, anything is possible. Who said that the digital world was ever logical?" Joe said.

"Logic as in science?" Ikkakumon asked. "That's a good one."

"Hmmm. Maybe X would know something about this. Afterall, he's the overseer of nearly the entire digital universe," tai replied.

"Who's X?" Izzy asked.

"He helped train Agumon and gave me inside detail of the digital world. He's pretty cool and has a phat simulation program. Alright, here goes nothing. I'm kind of rust of sending telepathetic messages, but I'll give it a shot."

"Since when did Tai use telepathy?" Sora pondered. "X must have taught him that. That's no surprise. Afterall, he was gone for pretty much a whole year."

Tai closed his eyes and quickly was able to send break through to the masked warrior. X felt a telepathic message and noticed that it was from Tai himself.

"Tai. You don't have to send me a telepathic message. I can hear you just fine from here. What's up?"

"You should have told me that earlier. Listen up, I'm wondering, where could the four holy beasts be found?"

"The four holy beasts? Ah, of course. Why do you think I'm called the overseer of the digital universe?"

"Nearly the entire digital universe, you say."

"Hey! I can hear him too," replied Gatomon.

"You can?"

"Remember, Kari, my ears are not just there to make up my head."

"Ok, I'm sure that my friends can hear you now. So, please tell us."

"When you and War Greymon went down, I honestly thought it was over. I was so impressed. TK really saved the day."

"X is commending us, TK."

"Wow, that's the first time that I've ever been praised for anything since my last report card."

"I didn't expect Metal Garurumon to be so powerful," Tai said. "Not even the freaking Mach Speed did much against him.

"Well, um. Yeah, Metal Garurumon's power was also a bit of a miscalculation. Ok, I made another mistake. Nobody is perfect."

"Was it right to left him leave?"

"I can't believe that you actually let him leave," Izzy said. "We could have reformed him."

"But, remember. Everybody needs their space at some point in their life," Kabuterimon stated.

"Ok, now there's something you have to know. It does concern the four holy beasts," said X. "As of now, they were captured and sealed away. All four of them were captured and their power was drained away."

"Whoa! Who could have done that?!" Tai asked.

"It looks like a new dark force has decided to rear it's ugly head. They were able to ambush the four beasts and managed to seal them away," X continued on. "The digicores were scattered and a portion of the digital world was taken apart. It was then reformed into a planet where a spiral-shaped mountain formed. Thus it was named 'Spiral Mountain'. And since then, this evil force has been on the hunt for the digicores."

"Holy crap!" Tai said. "So, there's somebody else looking for the digicores?"

"Any idea on who could have taken them?" TK asked.

"I have no information as of now. It seems that this dark force has been able to block out all communication transmission, including telepathic ones. It seems that they're desperate and will not tolerate for any intruders to interfer. They are onto something."

"So, when did they take this course of action?" Lillymon asked.

"During the year of preparation against the invaders. After Neo Devimon was defeated, not only was a transmission signal sent to the other invaders, but also the head hancho himself. He took the liberty to sending his minions to ambush the four beasts, drain their power and he single-handedly sealed them away."

"So, what's the deal? How are we going to find this Spiral Mountain planet?" Tai asked.

"Good thing that you asked. If you guys were to take the pods which the invaders were using, it would have taken you nearly a thousand earth years to get there. Yes, it is very far. The invaders had very poor ways of getting around than their head leader does. he has the technology of getting anywhere around the digital universe in a matter of days."

"Well, how are we going to find a form of transportation that will get us there in days?" the goggleboy asked once again. "We can't get there within a thousand years. it will all be too late."

"That's why I have provided a ship for you guys," X replied. "Do please, turn around. There's somebody I'd like you to meet."

As soon as everyone turned around, they saw a teenage girl with golden brown hair and blue eyes. The boys looked at her with great satisfaction as they felt their hearts beating.

"Whoa! What a babe!" Tai said. "Um.."

Tai turned to face Sora, who gave him a rather displeasant look.

"Ok, she's not my type."

"Don't worry. I see that look from every guy that looks at me. I guess I'm pretty special," the girl said. "By the way, my name is Keke. I'll be providing you with this ship."

"So, will that ship really get us there in a matter of days," Mimi asked.


"Hmmm. For some odd reason, this girl looks kind of like me," Mimi thought. "She certainly has good taste in fashion. Hmmm."

"Tai. You're an exception. I want you to stay. Because I have a little something that will suite Agumon's needs," X replied. "So, are you willing to stay."

"But, what about the others?"

"Do not worry about them. They'll be fine as long as the digimon are with them," the masked fighter said. "I'm certain that you will arrive at the planet to meet them, but this will be determined by the amount of recovery time Agumon has."

"So, it's all up to Agumon's recovery?"

"Yes, and let me tell you. He's in pretty bad condition. It will take quite a while for his wounds to get healed."

"It's all up to you buddy. Let's just pray that your wounds heal and we'll be able to catch up with the others."


Meanwhile, the hovercraft which carried Matt and Gabumon were drifting into space. It was making it's way back to it's original location. That location was relatively unknown to this point. However, this was the same location where the evil one resided.

The evil one sat in a chair and peered through a monitor. His eyes gave off a crimson glow while taking a sip from a glass. The presence spoke in a rather snake-like voice.

"So, Yamato has failed me. Well, it doesn't really matter now. I don't have a use for him anymore. Though, I'd like to thank him and Neo Devimon for allowing me to seal the holy beasts away and allowing me the opportunity to find the digicores. Spiral Mountain looks magificant. Soon, the entire digital universe will be trembling and bowing before me. Prepare for an age of darkness..."

So, this must be the one who manipulated Matt into attacking his own friends? Just, how will our heroes fare against this new threat? The time of crisis is at hand and there isn't much time to lose.

[Digimon Adventure first ending theme "I Wish" plays]


Tai: Yo, it's Tai! What a break Agumon and I get! I just don't see why my friends have to go onto this dangerous adventure without me. Man, it sucks to be put at the sidelines. I hope you recover well, buddy.

TK: Yay! We'll get to see what this Spiral Mountain looks like!

Kari: But, I wonder? This darkness? Who is really behind this scheme?

Tai: Next time on Digimon Fusion, episode twenty!

The Ship is Ready! Blast off to Spiral Mountain!

TK: Don't miss this!


Max: Kick ass saga! Now, we're continuing on towards the Burizalor Saga.

Tai: Finally, the first actual epic saga that changes the fate of the entire Digimon Fusion series.

TK: Too bad SSJ4T can't be here to see it.

[SSJ4T walks in with a bruised up face.]

Matt: So, did you get you ass kicked?

[SSJ4T falls to the ground face-first.]

Max: That's a big 'Hell Yeah'! So, be sure to check out the first chapter of the rewritten Burizalor Saga sometime soon. Until then...

SSJ4T: No! That's my line, foo! Until then, peace out!

[The author falls back into the state of unconsciousness after that.]