Love and Lightening

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Summary : Well, this is your basic Kenshin and Kaoru get together story. It might develop into a full length story with like a killer plot and stuff like that, depending if you guys, the readers tell me its worth your time. Yes this has the potential of becoming a lemon, so you have been warned!


The wind blew harshly over the trees and rolled across the hills of think grass. The birds were silent, and all that could be heard was the rustling grass, and the distant drum of thunder, fitting the gray sky. 'A storm is coming…' thought the man alone by the river. All others having retreated to their homes most likely, the prospect of rain chasing them indoors.

His amethyst eyes closed slowly, 'I should be heading home, that I should' the rurouni sighed heavily, "Home" He said aloud to himself, a word so small, yet holding so much meaning for him. After wandering for 10 years, he now had a home. 'All thanks to her…'

He reopened his eyes as the first drop of light rain struck his scarred cheek. He could vividly remember the day he had first crossed paths with Kaoru. To see someone so beautiful, with such a strong swordsmen's spirit, had struck a chord with him.

But now, after spending all this time by her side, seeing her strength, and her determination; Kaoru's devotion to him was no longer one sided, he loved her. It had taken him the longest time to realize it, but his heart was all for her. She had unwittingly saved his life on more than one occasion, her mere existence kept him breathing.

Kenshin's thoughts continued to wander freely, even as the rain had begun to fall steadily, soaking him thoroughly to the bone. The former manslayer was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he did not notice he was being watched.

"Kaoru…" he whispered to himself with a smile.

~ ---*--- ~

Holding an umbrella firmly in her hand, Kauro Kamiya set out from the dojo, the approaching storm causing her to worry for Kenshin. The wind pulled playfully at her hair and training gi, but she still searched for him.

A smile crept to her lips, realizing how silly she was, worrying for Kenshin. He was a grown man, and a strong one at that. He was more than capable of taking care of himself. 'But I still worry for him…'

Kaoru had known for a long time that she loved the rurouni that had stumbled into her life. Though she would never think of confessing to him, it wasn't her place to. '…and what if he knows, and simply does not return my feelings?'   That thought often swelled to the surface, causing her heart to sink, and her throat tight.

"Enough of this!" she confided to herself audibly, a look of determination now returning to her deep sapphire eyes. She had to find Kenshin before the storm arrived. That brought her eyes to the steadily darker sky, and the fierce winds weaving through the treetops. With that she jogged towards the river, Kenshin seemed to visit there quite frequently, and she doubted the merchants would still be out in this weather, so the market was out.

'The river it is then!' She nodded and quickened her pace slightly as a drop of rain fell on her forehead, followed closely by another. Kaoru frowned and broke into a run, the bridge now coming into sight.

Her feet slid to a stop as she caught sight of Kenshin, as she had found him many times before. He was staring blankly, a thoughtful expression on his face. Even as she opened her umbrella, and the rain began to cascade down, seeping into the earth, he remained standing there.

"Kaoru…" he said softly, but she heard him nonetheless. Assuming it was simply his honed senses, and that he knew it was her, she replied brightly. "Kenshin?" Though she found it odd, he had not referred to her as 'Miss Kaoru' as he always did, at that moment she felt uneasy,' is something the matter?'

She watched, as his eyes became alert and his shoulders visibly rigid. "It's raining Kenshin, what are you doing out here!" she decided to cover the uncomfortable situation with false anger as she placed her free hand on her hip, looking sternly at the object of her affection.

~ ---*--- ~

"Kenshin?" came a cheerful, innocent voice from behind him. His thoughts all screeching to a halt, and his eyes widening slightly. He could feel his form grow still.   Even though she couldn't possibly have heard his thoughts, he still felt off guard, how she had been just standing there, why his mind had been intently on her.

But luckily, Kaoru's voice grew stern and the worry for him in her voice grew painfully apparent. It brought a smile to his lips and he turned to her, though he couldn't think of a reasonable excuse for standing in the rain, he scratched the back of his head, and played innocent. "Oh! Miss Kaoru, I am sorry if I worried you, that I am"

With that he ignored her question and strode over to her, for the first time since it had started raining, realizing how incredibly soaked he was. He could feel his cloths clinging to him in the most irritating way as he stopped at Kaoru's side. He had to pull his crimson bangs from his face in order to see where he was going.

Kaoru's anger seemed to die suddenly as they started walking back towards the dojo, so much so, that he could not refrain from looking towards her. Her expression was closed, and her eyes shifted rapidly. His eyes then lowered to her hands, both clutching the umbrella so tightly that her knuckles had become whitened.

The rurouni smiled softly, 'I suppose Kaoru doesn't like storms, or being out in one at least.' Kenshin sighed audibly in the uncomfortable silence and returned his gaze to the water-laden street ahead of them. His mind kept returning to Kaoru, wishing he worthy of loving such a woman, worthy of having a second chance.

~ ---*--- ~

The rain was now pouring, and her feet were soaked, but that was not watch plagued Kaoru's mind, it was the thunder that rolled closer and closer with each flash of light. Being the Assistant Master of the Kamiya Kasshine style, she would not admit to being afraid of lightening. It didn't bother her, unless she was in this sort of situation. 'Why did Kenshin have to pick today to go all the way to the river?!'

With ever sound her eyes darted towards it; she could feel the tension knotting in her shoulders as the walked briskly through Tokyo. Kaoru heard Kenshin sigh and stole a glance his direction. He didn't seem to notice the lightening, or his soaked clothes, he appeared to be thinking of something far away. But something flickered behind his amethyst eyes, sorrow. 'Kenshin?'

Kaoru parted her lips to ask him what was wrong, but she noticed something odd. Kenshin's hair was rising slightly. Her eyes then shifted to her arms, where the hair there was also sticking up. 'That's odd'

 Then it came there was a blinding flash of light, but this one was immediately followed by a deafening slap of thunder.

She couldn't help it as she screamed and threw her arms around Kenshin's waist and hid her face in his chest. Kaoru was certain they had just been struck by lightening, that is, until she could feel the rain saturating her gi, and sliding over her cheeks.

What she noticed next made her breath catch in her throat. Kenshin had his arms tightly wrapped around her, his hand pressing her head against him. She could heart his heart racing in his chest, and he breathed heavily into her hair.

"Miss Kaoru… are you alright?" he spoke, but his voice seemed weak. Had it frightened him as well? Her eyes opened and she pulled away from him slowly, the adrenaline slowly seeping from her body. "I… I think so." She responded meekly as she looked herself over. That's when she noticed that she and Kenshin were no longer on the street, but on the roof of the house next to it.

Kaoru felt her knees grow weak as she saw that where they had been standing mere moments ago, was scorched earth. 'Kenshin must have used his god-like speed to get us up here before we…' Her mouth was suddenly dry, and she couldn't find the strength to say anything. Before she could regain her composure, Kaoru fainted.

~---*--- ~

Kenshin, felt the static charge suddenly fill the air; bring his mind back to the present. Abruptly he felt the displacement of the air as the lightening bolt careened downward towards them. He turned, and found Kaoru was already turning to embrace him, which made griping her and leaping into the air with god-like speed easier.

His feet connected with the roof as thunder made the ground shake violently, causing him to flinch slightly. 'That was close…' he whispered inwardly, clutching Kaoru instinctively against him. It was then, when he realized she was trembling, her arms locked firmly around his slender waist.

"Miss Kaoru…are you alright?" but it came out close to a whisper, his suddenly movement, and the instantaneous fear for her safety making his heart drum against his rib cage furiously. When her embrace grew lax and she stepped back, Kenshin inwardly wished she hadn't released him yet; the feel of her arms around him lingering as he eagerly awaited her response. He could without doubt tell how rattled Kaoru was, her eyes were slightly dazed, and her hands were shaking noticeably.

"I… I think so" she spoke softly, her voice tremulous. He watched her eyes grow clear as she looked around, and fall on their previous position. Next thing Kenshin knew, he had to step forward and catch her as she collapsed.

The wander sighed and shook his head softly as he gently lifted her into his arms and began leaping from rooftop to rooftop, soon bringing them to the door of The Kamiya dojo, their home.

Kenshin entered swiftly, to get Kaoru and himself out of the rain. He stepped onto the porch and kicked off his sodden sandals and slid open the door. The warmth from inside made him groan with relief. He closed the door with his foot and continued in.

Worry seeped into his mind when he realized there was no one home, but nearly as soon as the thought of something horrible happening to Yahiko and Sano, he caught a glimpse of something tacked to the far wall.

It was a note, left by Sano "Me and the kid went to Megumi's for dinner since it was Kaoru's night to cook. Sano"

Kenshin fought back a sweat drop, suddenly feeling grateful that Kaoru wasn't conscious to read the note, and that he now knew that his friends were safe.

With that taken care of, he walked quietly to Kaoru's room, the entire dojo silent but for the roll of thunder and constant drops of rain outside. It was also getting late, and the storm clouds had made the inside of house dark, like night almost.

When he finally reached her room, her entered and gently placed her on the floor. 'I really should get her out of these wet cloths…' The thought of striping off Kaoru's cloths brought a bright blush to his cheeks. He turned and lit a lantern and turned back to her.

"I really should try to wake her…" he placed his hands on her shoulders and lightly shook her, but got no response. "Miss Kaoru?… You need to wake up and get out of these wet cloths, that you do."

 Kenshin frowned and sighed heavily as she remained asleep.

He leaned over her, his hands gripping her gi, and he began to remove it, his hands shaking slightly, in part for fear of Kaoru waking up and hitting him. But aside from fear, desire was begin to swell inside him, his eyes darkening as he watched her still form. Her face was angelic, and peaceful, as she remained sleeping. His eyes tracing over the soft skin of her neck. He swallowed deeply, following the curves of her bound breasts. He knew well he shouldn't be looking at her in such a way while she was unable to protest, but despite all of his samurai strength, and years of training, he could not pull his eyes away.

Kenshin loved her with all of his soul, and his body ached for her touch. Kaoru turned her head to the side and moaned softly in her sleep. Kenshin managed to close his eyes tightly, his fingers tightening into fists on her clothes. His chest rising and falling more rapidly now.

With his eyes sealed forcibly, he continued to remove the soaked material, his fingers occasionally brushing against her warm clad skin. The rurouni swallowed deeply again as he finally removed the last of her clothes. He only opened his eyes after turning to find a blanket of something to put on her to keep her warm.

Upon locating a thick blanket he turned, unwittingly looking on her mostly naked form. He had left the binding on her breasts, not trusting his resolve enough to do so. But now, he once again found himself unable to move, or take his eyes from drinking up the image of pure beauty before him.Her soft skin glowing in the flickering candlelight, her flushed cheeks, and the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest with every breath .'Get a hold of yourself!' he scolded himself and looked away; releasing a breath he had not realized he had been holding.

He slung the blanket over her quickly, and felt the tension leave his muscles, but the lust had not left his eyes, no longer sure if his cloths were soaked from rainwater, or sweat. Kenshin knew that he wanted Kaoru, but he had not known to this extent. It was as if ever fiber of his being wished to claim her as his immediately. He could hear her breathing, though it sounded quicker than before, it only drove his conviction to its edge more so.

His eyes remained downcast, his heart pounding in his ears, as al he could do was sit there, sure that any movement on his part would sever any remaining restraint.

~ ---*--- ~

Kaoru vaguely remembered hearing Kenshin's voice, but it wasn't very clear what he said. It was as if she couldn't make herself respond. She was fully aware of his presence, and had the irritating feeling that she needed to wake up.

However she couldn't make herself stir, until she felt her gi shift slightly, she shifted, a soft moan escaping her parted lips. After that, it felt as if someone was removing her clothes. 'What's going on?'

An image of Kenshin leaning over her, slowly taking off her gi came to her. He was looking down at her body, and her first reaction was to shout and hit him to avert his eyes, but the desire in his eyes made her quiet, the intensity of his gaze stirred her feelings for him, blushing as his fingers brushed her flesh faintly, and briefly every once and a while.

He then placed his hands on either side of her face, and leaned close to her, his warm body pressed against the length of her body. His eyes locked on hers, gleaming with the intensity of the battousai, yet it was lust, not anger that made them glow so. His lips hovered just over her mouth, until he closed the small distance placing his lips against hers

Kaoru's eyes flew open then, to gaze up at the ceiling of her room. Kenshin was no longer there, and upon moving one of her hands she found a blanket in place of the warmth Kenshin had given her. 'It was only a dream…' She assured herself, but then she realized she was, in fact, naked. Her eyes darted around, until she found Kenshin sitting next to her.

She started to berate him for undressing her, and for being so presumptuous as to think he could see her naked. Even though in truth, she would like nothing better. But what silenced her was how his eyes remained shadowed under a curtain of copper hair, and how his breathing was deep and heated.

Kaoru reached out and placed her hand over his, wonder what could be wrong.  The man jerked under her touch as if she had burned him, yet he did not pull away from her touch. Her voice found her again, "Kenshin?"

"Yes Kaoru?" he replied, his voice deeper, and softer than normal. She closed her eyes, the sound of his voice how it was seemed to send chills down her spin. He had also left off 'Miss' again, this made her wonder, but then she noticed his cloths were still soaked.

"Kenshin your soaked!" she raised her voice,"You'll catch your death if you don't get into something dry soo..." she couldn't finish her sentence, for he looked up, and saw the same lust she had seen in her dream.  Right then she both wanted him to leave, and wanted him to stay, fearing both.

Kaoru remembered her dream, and the numerous ones that had come to her before. She had longed for a moment such as this to come. His desire for her no longer a question. For it was raw and easily read in the rurouni's eyes. If he left, she might never have another chance to tell him her feelings.

On the other hand, she didn't know anything about how to show her affection. Kaoru had never even been kissed, and she seriously doubted she knew how to do anything the look in his eyes implied. 'What if all I manage to do is embarrass myself? '  But the more she thought about the feel of Kenshin's hands against her skin, the more she wanted to risk it.

But then Kenshin stood, his eyes shadowed once again. He took two steps before she reached out, gripping his hand in hers, the other clutching the blanket to her chest. He paused, but did not look at her, his muscles tense, and 'Is he shaking?' Kaoru could feel the faintest tremble in his hand.

Now she felt stupid, she had him, but she couldn't think of anything to say to him, "Don't leave…" she pleaded, and instantly wished she hadn't, she had no way of explaining to him why she wished for him stay with her.

Abruptly Kenshin's hand turned and gripped hers and pulled her up and against him in one strong, fluid movement that left her breathless. His hand remained around Kaoru's, while his other arm encircled her waist, pressing her to his chest. She was now certain he was trembling, as he released a shaking breathing into her hair as he moved to press his cheek against hers.

She couldn't speak, she couldn't move, and she could hardly breath, the shock of the moment not leaving her fast enough. "Kenshin…" she managed, and she swallowed deeply, her heart now drumming against her ribs like a caged bird. Un sure of what would happen next.

       -------------------------------------------------- ~ * ~ -------------------------------------------------


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