Love and Lightening

Disclaimer: I do not own Rurouni Kenshin, the anime series that I adore! Rock on Kenshin!

Summary : Well, this is your basic Kenshin and Kaoru get together story. It might develop into a full length story with like a killer plot and stuff like that, depending if you guys, the readers tell me its worth your time. Yes this has the potential of becoming a lemon, so you have been warned!


Dear Readers,

Greetings to my few noble readers. I would first like to apologize from the very bottom of my heart for this long, very long break between my last update, and now. I could list on both my hands and endless array of excuses for my actions, but none will be given, for none of them matter now.

My hope is to pick up where I have left off, and give you, the readers, the continuation you have all been waiting and begging for. Though with nearly 3 years since my last chapter, my writing style and caliber may have changed drastically, so I feel I should warn you first. This may not be the author you once knew. Hopefully my work will have improved with age and practice, instead of growing old and stale with technique.

I hope to have the new chapter up this week, and it will hopefully be long and satisfying. THERE WILL BE A LEMON in the following chapter. It shall be graphic, but with taste. If one can believe such a thing exists.

So, I hope to hear what you all have to say about my absence, I will accept much needed scolding and criticism. I hope you like the next chapter, and tell me what you thinkā€¦.

Your servant,

Anime Goddess (2)