Final chapter

Deathevn was twice the size, twice as huge, and twice as ugly as before. He looked like a huge beast with horns coming out of his head and fangs bigger then his head sticking out of his mouth. His skin was a pale blue and he had fury legs and scaly feet. His face looked like a bull or something and he had red-orange eyes. "Hahahah! Do you really think you can beat me?! HAH! FOOLS!" Deathevn laughed.

"You don't think we can, but we do! Come on guys! Let's get him!" Ryu yelled. He griped his sword tighter and smiled.

"I'm with ya all the way brother!" Rei said as he pulled his daggers back for an attack.

"Count me in!" momo shouted as she charged her canon on her shoulder, taking aim for Deathevns belly.

"I can only rest once Myria has decided my mission is complete. Till then, I'll fight along side you." Garr told Ryu as he raised his spear.

"I love you. And I'll always fight with you." Nina said as she started to chant another spell.

"Then it's settled! You're going down!" Ryu screamed as he charged for Deathevn.


It all happened in a flash. Momo was helping Rei walk, and Garr was holding Nina's limp body as I fought against the awesome power that was bing inflected on my body. I could feel his deathing blast coming through my scales. Heh, at least I was protecting them. Dammit! My wings! It was hours during the fight and the heroes had Deathevn almost defeated.

Ryu's wings were damaged heavily as the remaining body of Deathevn tried his best to kill the heroes along with him. "You'll never get out of here alive! NEVER!" he yelled. Once again, Ryus dragonic body was damaged by the beams of death.

"GO! Get out of here!" he yelled at his friends.

"But Ryu! We can't! Not without you!" Momo screamed back.

"Go! I'll catch up! GO! NOW!" Ryu screamed once again.

"Come on. He wants us to live so let's get out of here. Come back alive you hear us!" Garr said as they started to walk their way out of the inferno of hell. The place was falling apart as Deathevn tried in the remaining of his power to kill Ryu and his friends.

Ryu pushed Deathevn off the edge but Deathevn used his huge claw and grab into Ryu's body to hold on or take our dragon hero with him. "RAHHHAR!" Ryu roared in pain as the sharp claws dug into his flesh.

"If I go down, you're going with me DRAGON!" Deathevn remarked. He dug deeper into Ryu's flesh as the dragon hung from their side. ryu dug his own claws into the brick platform. He was able to keep his head up but was struggling to kick Deathevn off him.

Ryu looked out, he noticed a huge figure approaching. 'Dammit. Not another demon! Argh!' he thought as the figure came through the falling rocks of the ceiling. It appeared to be a dragon. It's wings were folded back and his scales were grey. It was Ryu Bateson. Then, other dragons followed closely behind him. A total of six was with Ryu Bateson, three on each side. The grey dragon bend over to speak with Ryu eye to eye. HOw they got here, he didn't know or cared for that matter.

"You have done well, Ryu of the Brood. But, let us handle him from here." the dragon told him. He motioned his head for two other dragons to fly down and make the grip on Ryu to let go. Hey did as instructed and the claws were forced out of Ryu's flesh. ryu Bateson motioned for two other dragons to help Ryu up and guard him for a moment. They, too, did as told. Ryu was now on the platform about to transform when he looked back at Ryu Bateson. The grey dragon was glowing a silver light. Soon, the light was gone and a young man stood there with long blue hair and emerald green eyes. He smiled a warm smile then spoke, "Carn and Juvs, fly down and get Deathevn to where I can see him. I want him to die knowing that I came back." the man spoke. The remaining two dragons nodded and with the help of the two dragons who helped Ryu, got Deathevn back on the platform.

"Ahhh... Nikanoru... you have come to die as well?" Deathevn smirked.

"The only one who'll die is you. I'm going to seal you up in the dark realm!" Ryu Bateson shouted at him. He stood tall and firm. The destined child brought his fist up and crossed them over his face. He yelled out and started to glow. He threw his fists to his side and a flashing bright light consumes him. The light rushes into Deathevn and comsumes him up too.

"Come on! We have to get out of here!" yelled one of the dragons. Ryu detransformed and climbed onto the back of one of them and watched as they flew off. The place was falling apart. He heard a cracking noise. Ryu looked up and saw a huge rock falling from the ceiling. Not being able to do anything about it, he was hit across the back.The pain sent a shock through his whole body, causing him to faint.


"Morning... sleepy head..." Nina said to him as Ryu woke up in a bed. The bed was like a feather. He didn't realize where he was till a Sharp pain in his back brought him back to reality. The dragon looked at himself and notice his chest was wrapped up in a cloth. He also had some wrapped around his head.

"What...? Where am' I?" he asked a little dazed.

"You're in my palace Ryu." Nina answered him. She stood up and opened the curtain, letting the sun shine in.

"What happened? All I remember was the battle then..." Ryu still couldn't quiet remember everything that had happened a few weeks ago. All he really remembered was fighting Deathevan and transforming. Then more dragons came and the place started to fall apart. But just trying to think about it caused his head to hurt even more.

'You were hit by a rock and was out for three weeks. We brought you here and Mom and Dad have forgiven you after a long explanation. How are you feeling?" Nina walked back to his bed side. She placed her hand on his forehead to check his temperature. "You're not running a fever."

"I feel much better now. Thank you. I'm going to get dress and I'll see you in the hall or something." Ryu told her as he started to move.

"All right." Nina said as she walked out of the room. Ryu got dressed in his usual clothing, finding it stitch back together just like new. He walked out in the hall where Nina stood waiting.

"Shall we?" he ask holding an arm out. Nina noded and accepted his arm.

"You won't believe how much father wants to speak with you about..." she told him.

"Oh really?" The two walk down the hall together.