It was finally the big day. Kaorin was allowed to go home with the babies.

As soon as she got home, she found everyone waiting for her. Sakaki, Chiyo, Osaka, Tomo, Yomi, Kagura, Yukari, Nyamo. They all cheered her, offering congratulations and wanting to see the children.

"Twins!" Yukari said. "Who woulda thunk it!"

"Identical ones, too!" Osaka said. "You're gonna have a lot of fun tellin' 'em apart, Kaorin!"

"Three cheers for Keito and Kotona!" Tomo yelled. Everyone cheered.

Sakaki took the children straight to Chiyo. The younger girl was caught somewhat by surprise.

"Chiyo, these are your nieces!" Sakaki said with a smile. "Oba Chiyo!"

Chiyo nearly lost control there. Sakaki really did think of her as a sister. Even after all these years.

"Oba Chiyo," she murmured to herself as she cradled Keito, then Kotona, and passed them back to Kaorin. "Oba Chiyo."