It was the middle of the night, and Blue Demons were escorting human prisoners down south through a dark Canyon. The human prisoners just sat in silence, not knowing what would happen when they reached their destination, but they knew their lives were going to end.

"Hey, do you have any idea what's going to happen to each one of us?" one of the prisoners asked, but the rest of them just remain quiet. He then started to laugh like a man. "We're going to be fed to the Demon Race."

"Don't say that, stop laughing!" However, the prisoner just kept on laughing. "No, I don't want to die! Somebody save us!"

He then began to shake the wooden cage they were in, and then one of the Demons grabbed his head, digging its claws into him.

Hiccup then suddenly jumped down from the canyon and drove Endeavour. "Dragon Slice!"

He then sliced right through the Demon right down the middle and before the others had time to react quickly moved in and killed another. A third demon then swung its claw at him, but he was able to dodge and sliced through its body.

Three Demons then flew down towards him, but Snotlout appeared out of nowhere and struck him on the head with his mace. Hiccup continued slicing through the other demons someone crashing into one of the wagons demolishing the door.

The prisoners were utterly astonished, but they wasted no time getting out there cage. They then immediately went to work freeing the other prisoners and watched as both Hiccup and Snotlout eliminated the last of their demon guards.

The sun was beginning to rise, and there were no more demons to kill.

Hiccup clapped his hands together in satisfaction. "Ah, mission accomplished."

"What was going on back there?" Snotlout smirked. "You're looking kind of rusty there, Hiccup."

"Right back at ya," said Hiccup and then made his way over to the prisoners. "Do you mind only where these demons capture all of you?"

"There's a village not too far from here that felt and evil trap. Those that live there and those were passing through…"

"I get the idea. We'll talk some more once we take care of them."

Hiccup and Snotlout then moved out towards the village the prisoner mentioned.

At the kingdom of Berk, everyone was repairing the damage that had been done during the previous battle. Everyone was slowly getting their lives back together and Ake and Gael when helping; however, they could with the repairs.

"So I knew Inquisitor been sworn in, huh?" said Ake.

"Yeah, from what I hear, there will be holding the ceremony soon," said Gael.

"Well, that can only mean one thing then. It will go to either Sir Alvin or Calder and either way I am all about it. Now that's something to look forward to, right?"

Gael wasn't exactly as excited as Ake, but he remained quiet.

"Higher, just a little more!" said a worker as they were lifting a huge slab of stone up onto the wall.

"Hey, I'm going to leave this right here okay?" said Ake as he and Gael left the car to food next to him.

"Thanks and sorry," said the worker. "I can't believe I have a Dragon Knight helping me out with all this."

"Don't worry about it, because after all giving a hand to people in need is part of our job anyway," said Ake then turned his eyes upon the city. "And look thanks to Sir Ragnar the kingdom is finally back to normal after half of it was destroyed."

"Well, not exactly," said Gael.

Ake looked at him, confused. "What do you mean by that?"

"It's true that the buildings that were destroyed in the devastating battle have all been repaired and rebuilt. But the people themselves are still shaken and haven't gone back to the old way of life. The Demon Race has cut off all supplies to the towns nearby, and this kingdom is suffering from a food shortage. The Seven Deadly Sins and we Dragon Knights may be in the process of liberating them, but they're still a great number of villages under the rule of those monsters."

Ake then quickly turned towards the worker. "Hey, listen! If there's anything else, I can help you with just say so anytime anywhere!"

The worker was quite taken aback from his enthusiasm. "Yeah, sure."

It was late at night and Hiccup, and Snotlout had set up camp next to a small waterfall.

"You know I really did miss your cooking," said Snotlout as he bit of a large piece of meat. "The others couldn't cook for shit, I'm grateful you came back from the dead and began cooking again."

"Thanks, but I think everyone else is glad that I'm back from the dead in order to battle against the Demon Race," said Hiccup.

"Yeah, me too." Snotlout then looked at him seriously. "But joking aside, you may have your strength which is great, but you nowhere near the level you were on that day right?"

Snotlout was referring to his battle with Fraudrin, that battle has been completely one-sided. However, it was mostly due to Hiccup's willpower that prevented him from using his full powers he was afraid of the Demon locked inside of him getting loose.

"Hey, just so you know," said Snotlout bringing Hiccup out of his thoughts. "No matter what kind of mental baggage of carrying around in that head of yours. Doesn't change the fact that we're comrades. You're the Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins Hiccup the Dragons Sin."

"Thanks, Snotlout," Hiccup smiled.

"Another all this mushy stuff, what our next move?" Snotlout asked.

"We're done rescuing the travellers captured by the Demon Race like Topaz asked so our next move should be taking back Xeovell Castle. At least that's what it should be."

Snotlout looked at him, confused.

"But before we can do that, there's something as we got to do, remember?"

It was morning in a small farming village, and a young boy had just exited a mill carrying a bag of flour over his shoulders. He then began running as quickly as he could into the village, passing a farmer.

"How's it going, Neal?" the farmer asked. "Are you helping out your dad again today? You're a hard worker."

"I told you my name is Necup the Dragons Sin!" he yelled. "And I'm not helping out, I'm training okay!"

The farmer just chuckled. "Is that so? Well, keep it up then."

Neal managed to reach his house and found his father inviting a man inside.

"My dad?" he frowned.

He then immediately rushed over to his house in order to investigate dropping the bag of flour. He then peaked through the window in his eyes widened in horror.

In the kingdom of Xeovell, Zeldris was sitting on the throne listening to a report from a Blue Demon.

"So you were attacked, is that it?" he said.

"All of my allies were wiped out," said the Demon. "And we lost every single one of the sacrificial victims in transit."

"Were you able to determine who was behind this?"

The Demon merely shook its head.

"Enough, you're dismissed."

The Demon nodded and began to walk away.

Zeldris had an inkling he knew who was responsible for this recent attack, and it made him furious. He then made his way to another chamber where his brother was being healed in a container of magical liquid.

'My brother was wounded during that last battle and hasn't regained consciousness. Galand, Greyroad and Fraudrin were all brought down by the Sins. Even now Monspeet and Derieri whereabouts are unknown.'

Their previous better had not presented with the outcome the hoped-for, the Ten Commandments have been effectively cut in half plus neither Drole nor Gloxinia had been seen.

"Such incompetence," he grumbled and then left his brother.

However, Estarossa was having mental images of his older brother Meliodas who he had been seen courting with an Angel.

His eyes then opened. "Melidodas."

Neal was with his father as they were bearing several bodies just on the outskirts of the village. Here discover that his father had been handing travellers over to the Demon Race

"How could you do this, dad?" he yelled. "You handed over travellers to the Demon Race just to suck up to them!"

His father sighed. "Try to understand, I'm doing this to protect you, Neal."

"That doesn't make any sense! Let's all fight together and kick jerks out of—"

His father then quickly covered his mouth as he just witnessed an Ochre Demon wandering around, close by. Once he was certain the Demon was gone, he quickly turned on his son looking furious.

"Now, what if they heard you? Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

Neal just pushed him away.

His father closed his eyes and looked at the graves they had dug. "I'm sorry, Neal. So sorry."

"You're nothing but a bunch of cowards! I've had enough, I'll bring down the Demon Race on my own!"

His son then ran off into the woods, leaving his father horrified.

Neal hit behind some bushes and saw a man giving the Ochre Demon some captive travellers in a wagon. The Ochre Demon was quite chubby with a long tail, six arms and multiple purple tongues.

"Here's this week's quoter as promised," said the man and then he quickly ran off. "Now if you excuse me."

"Hey, hold on just a moment!" said the Demon. "Looks like you're one short."

The man stopped and slowly turned towards the Demon. "Sorry, forgive me. The rumours are spreading, and travellers aren't coming near our village any more."

The Demon and slowly made its way towards. "Guess we'll just have to sacrifice you."

The man looked utterly terrified. "No, I beg you! I have a family who needs me and—"

The Demon then punched him across the face, and Neal jumped out of the bushes wielding a tree branch.

"Leave him alone!" he yelled and began hitting the Demon with it. "You big freak! I'm going to bring you down!"

The Demon merely swiped him with his tail. "You're not even worth sacrificing, I'll just kill you right here."

"Like I'll let you," Neal glared.

By this point, the other villages had arrived and were witnessing everything along with other Demons.

"You're brave, but an example needs to be made," said the Demon. "This is what happens to anyone who defies us."

Neal charged swinging his tree branch, but the Demon merely punched him across the face. Neal kept on getting back up, but the Demon always knocked him down with its fists.

"What's the matter, kid?" said the Demon. "Is this the best you can do? I thought you were going to bring us down."

The children watched horrified at the brutality.

"Neal!" two boys yelled.

Their grandfather held them back. "You can't help him!"

"But why?" a little girl asked.

"There's nothing we can do," said her mother.

"Not my son," said Neal's father.

"Making dad, and my friends, and everyone in the village," said Neal as he slowly rose to his feet. "Making them so sad and hopeless, I'll never ever forgive you for that because I am the Dragon Sin Necup and I swear you will never defeat me."

The Demon did not look terrified in the slightest. "Your boring, die already."

Then suddenly, a pitchfork from out of nowhere and struck him in the head.

Neal's father then rushed over to his son. "Are you all right, Neal?"

Neal costs picking out some blood. "I'm okay."

"I am so very sorry if only I had the courage to stand up to them sooner."

"No, don't blame yourself. This is all their fault, blame the Demon Race."

The Ochre Demon then got back up. "Curse you human, and after I let you live too."

Neal's father then pushed his son behind him, but then the other villages began taking up arms against the Demons, grabbing what weapon they could.

Neal's father looked back at them, shocked. "Everyone?"

"Screw it, we're massacring all of you!" the Ochre Demon roared slightly of them with his tail.

He then grabbed Neal with his tail and pulled him towards him, making sure that he was squeezing him tight.

"You'll be the first, loudmouth," he said as he squeezed.

"Can't breathe," said Neal.

"That's the idea, tell me more!"

"Leave him alone!" Neal's father yelled.

"Yes, let me hear more of that delicious screaming," said the Demon, and then he is a monstrous scream. "That's right, a big screen like—"

He then stopped when he realised that he did not come from the boy but in fact, one of his Demons.

The villagers were utterly astonished as a Red Demon lady dead on the ground. Standing on top of it was Hiccup and Snotlout, but they were accompanied with the other Sins and Skull, who was sitting on Ragnar's shoulder.

"Who the hell are they?" said the Ochre Demon. "Kill them!"

Two Grey Demon swooped down upon them, but Hiccup and Snotlout jumped into the air. Hiccup sliced off the head of one of the Demons while Snotlout punched the other one's face clean off.

Brown Demon, which was rather muscular with two horns on its head, began to approach them. "Come here, let me devour your souls!"

Hiccup and Snotlout quickly moved in, and Snotlout dealt a few powerful blows into its stomach while Hiccup kicked it hard across the face. Their attacks were not to push the Demon back, but not enough to kill it.

"Your souls!" he roared.

"Stubborn one ain't here?" said Hiccup.

"What a pain in the ass," said Snotlout.

"Let me devour them!" the Brown Demon roared.

Hiccup and Snotlout moved out of the way and then the Brown Demon began to pummel Eret into the ground.

The Ochre Demon merely laughed. "Yes, keep pounding them! Take them out! But let me deliver the finishing blow!" He then tossed Neal into the air. "So this is what your defiance gets you, now die!"

He then began swinging his fists at Neal, but then suddenly astral appeared directly in front of him.

"I don't think so," she said and then began dealing him a massive pummelling in the face.

Skull quickly swooped in and transformed it is human form catching Neal and then gently landed back onto the ground.

Neal looked at him, weakly. "Wh-who are you?"

He then fainted.

"Neal!" his father yelled, dashing towards him.

"Easy, easy, he's fine he only fainted," said Skull handing Neal to him.

Astrid was still pummelling the Ochre Demon, and her attacks seemed to be getting stronger with each blow.

Ochre Demon return to the Brown Demon, who was still pummelling Eret. "Hey, moron! Quick touching the ground and help me out already!"

The Brown Demon finally stopped, but then he discovered that his hands were broken. "My hands? What happened to my hands?"

Eret then rose to his feet without a single scratch on his body. "That massage was pretty average, needs work."

Eret then spun around holding his greatsword, Rhitta in his hand and sliced the Demon right down the middle.

The Silver Demon, which was more humanoid than the other Demons, meanwhile was charging towards Ragnar.

"Random Ball!" he yelled, firing different coloured balls at the Demon.

The Demon then produced several long silver tentacles which then began to absorb Ragnar's attack. Then its body began to glow, and its muscles began to expand.

"Fascinating," said Ragnar. "See that if you can convert someone else's magic power into your own nutrients. Then why don't you try this on the size."

He then created a single purple or on the tip of his finger and inflicted down towards the Demon. The Demon absorbed the ball with its tentacles, but the moment it did its entire skin turned into a poisonous purple.

"Have some Purgatory Venom!" Ragnar smiled. The Demon then collapsed as he was killed in an instant. "Looks like you still have some room to evolve."

Astrid had finally stopped pummelling the Ochre Demon, who had now witnessed the demise of all the Demons brethren. He then turned around and saw Hiccup, Snotlout and Astrid standing behind him.

"Look you blob, you want to keep going or would you rather take off with that dirty tail between your legs?" Snotlout smirked.

"He doesn't have legs," Astrid pointed out.

The Demon then quickly slithered away as quickly as he could.

"There's your answer right there," said Hiccup.

"You've done it now," said the Ochre Demon. "Turning the Demon Race against you is the same as turning the Ten Commandments against you. Burn the whole village to the ground!"

Everyone looked up and saw directly above them were dozens of Red, Grey and Blue Demons. All them opened their mouths and were about to rain destruction down upon them, but Hiccup jumped into the air.

"As a matter of fact, that's exactly who we came to take down," said Hiccup. "We're the Seven Deadly Sins."

All the attacks struck Hiccup, but he managed to absorb each, and every single one of them reverted into his dragon form.

Hiccup opened his mouth and began to glow purple. "Plasma Blast!"

Hiccup had absorbed the power from all of the attacks, and he was now finally right back with a powerful plasma blast. He fired a blast directly at the Demons and the moment it made contact with the first one that exploded wiping them all out instantly.

The Ochre Demon just watched horrified and saw Hiccup landing back down the ground next to the other Sins.

"You better not forget," said Hiccup.

Snotlout then raised his hand and pulled out all four of the Demons heart appeared in his hand. "Have a nice trip back to hell."

The Ochre Demon eyes widened in horror as Snotlout crashed them all killing it instantly.

The villagers rejoice as they were finally free from the Demons.

A few moments later, Ruby joined and began hearing the injuries of the villagers.

"Wow, you heal that instantly," said one of the men astonished.

"There you should be fine now," Ruby smiled.

"A village offering on unexpected travellers as sacrifices to protect themselves and their families," said Ragnar folding his arms and looked at Hiccup. "Very interesting so wedded you hear about this place?"

"A guy told me about it after Snotlout, and I saved him," said Hiccup he then approached Neal. "Looks like Ruby healed you good as new as well."

"Hey, why did you bother to come out here and save this village?" Neal asked.

"Thanks to all the Demons have done to this land even some humans have gone astray. And we see it as our job to help out with that too."

It was soon sunset and Hiccup, and the others were making their way back to the Berk, leaving behind a very grateful village.

"The Seven Deadly Sins," Neal smiled.

Once they were back at Berk, Toothless and the twins had something to show them.

"The time has come for the new revealing of the new Black Dragon," said Toothless.

Toothless bit down on the blanket and pulled, revealing the new state-of-the-art Black Dragon. It was roughly the same as the old one, but the tavern itself resembled that of a dragon's head, and it had a place for customers to sit out in the open on the roof.

"It's perfect," Hiccup smiled and looked at the others. "What do you think? The new Black Dragon is pretty awesome, right?"

"It looks amazing," said Ruby.

"Must take a lot of work to repair it," said Astrid.

"Yeah, and we did all the work," said Tuffnut gesturing to him and his sister.

"In fairness, I was on an important mission for the King," Hiccup reminded them. "And your meals are free for the next six months."

The twins looked at one another and grinned as that was the best we all they could have asked for.

Ruby, however, was still slightly concerned about Hiccup, who was afraid of the Demon prisoner inside of him.

A few hours later, everyone was gathered at the castle as Topaz was about to announce the new Inquisitor to lead the Dragon Knights.

"Although peace has restored to Berk, the rest of the country still remains vulnerable to the ongoing threat of the Ten Commandments," said Topaz. "Therefore, to prepare for the imminent battle with the Demon Race, I would like to appoint a new Inquisitor."

Ake smiled as he looked at Alvin and Calder. "Yes, the big moment is here am I right?"

"What are you talking about?" Alvin asked.

"It's obvious that the two of you are walking out of here with a brand-new title. And don't worry, anybody who complains will get a serious beat down from yours truly."

"I am happy that you feel that way, but neither of us has the right nor the inclination."

"Now I will appoint him," said Topaz. "The new Inquisitor is… Ake!"

Ake's eyes widened. "Wait? Me? No way, I come from a family of commoners!"

"And your point is?" said Topaz.

"But I—"

"In the defence in war in Berk, you kept a cool head in a time of crisis. You encourage the others and use your own body as a shield. These qualities are exactly the kind needed in an Inquisitor. Of course, you still have a lot to learn so you'll only be serving in an interim capacity for now."

"You are an unreliable goof," said Gabrielle. "But please do your best Interest Grandmaster."

None of the other Dragon Knights had any problems with the decision.

"Way to go, Ake!"

"Let's do this!"

"Fixed haircut first!"

"Hey, what's wrong with my hair?" Ake yelled.

"So then what your answer?" Topaz asked.

Ake was rather bewildered that he had been selected as Inquisitor, but after everyone support, there was no way he could say no.

"I promise that I will do my very best," Ake saluted.

Everyone cheered.

"Way to go, Temp," said Ruffnut.

"Yeah, go Temp!" Tuffnut yelled.

"Go, fill in," said Gael.

"Go, fill in!"

"You can do it, Temp!"

Ake was now starting to get slightly annoyed. "Hey, aren't you going a little overboard with this fill in and temp stuff?"

With the Sony now over the knight started to leave.

"Hiccup, do you have a moment," said Topaz.

Hiccup stopped and looked at him as did the other Sins and Toothless. "What's up Topaz?"

"This morning, I had quite a clear vision."

"Oh yeah?"

"The moon shining on midday, low hanging fog, when it feels the kingdom the Seven Deadly Sins will gather once again."

"Fishlegs and Heather, too, huh?"

"I'm for it, but I'm not saying that moon or any fog anywhere," said Toothless as he looked up at the sky.

"Indeed, it would seem for now the time has not yet come," said Topaz.

Deep within the Fairy Forest, Fishlegs had removed his shirt and was looking at his bareback.

"Why? Why after all this time haven't I grown any?" he said frustratingly.

"You're not the only one who is frustrated," said Heather she appeared around the tree. "I still haven't got the hang of that dance yet."