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'Bored,' A blonde hair operator slurred as her blue eyes drifted her screen, staring idly before closing her eyes and let out a tired yawn. After that, looking back on the screen disinterested, 'bored,' she repeated again to herself,

She never really hated her job; in fact, she loved it. Thing is running smoothly here.

Everything is running smoothly right here in the YoRHa bunker as it should be. Every operator, including herself, of course, goes on with their daily routine such as analyzing and collecting databases, system maintenance, providing support to their representative units, and so on.

That's the life of an Operator! A life that she is proud of living on, for the Glory of Mankind! Where would YoRHa be without them!? Every Unit depends on them!

And yet... it can be boring... very boring. She can understand the importance of this joy and for humanity. But it can be very tiring after centuries of working, she's not a mindless robot! She an Andriod! An Andriod with feelings!

She grumbles, " I hope 2B is having fun out there," she muttered with envy as she turns around and stared down at earth.

... Earth ...

Just staring down at the most beautiful planet put her mind all at ease, like all the boredom in her system, all the worries, all the pain, has been erased from existence. She loved it.

So much to learn about the world, and oh... how she envies 2B, exploring the whole world, meeting new place... Searching for lost relics of humanity... Understanding how human lives, for what they live in, to fight in, to-

"6O, please pay attention to the matter at hand, you can sightsee later,"

And mood died, 60 simply slump on her chair as she looks back on the monitoring screen, "Spoilsport," She muttered quietly,

"What was that?" her fellow operator asks,

"I mean, thank you 21O!" she quickly replied to her rather stoic friend as she sat straight, eyeing very hard at her screen with her hand on her command console, hoping that 21O would drop the topic.

21O simply stared at her that made 6O uncomfortable but tried her hardest not to flinch or to stare back. She hitched her throat, noticing that 21O wasn't going to drop it as 21O open her mouth to probably scold her. Only for 21O froze midway and turn back to her screen, "21O here, what is it 9S?" she asked with her usual business tone.

She sighs in relief 'Thanks Nine!" That girl can glare. Kinda make her wonder what would happen when she partner up with 2B. Those two seems to have a lot in common... Almost.

Again her eyes bored on the screen, 'bored,' she fidgets under her seat, 'For once, can't the Commander give us more time off?' Oh, how she can't wait for the next recess, going through the archive database to find out more topic about human and the beauty of nature or enjoying a famous dish that 22B has been cr-

Her eyes widen in shock and were quickly replace by excitement once finding out recess was soon in order, she bit the bottom of her lips as she begins to tap on the floor with her high heels rapidly. How on earth did she lose track in time!?

"No matter! Come on! Just a bit more! All most there!" She express anxiously as her grin grow bigger and bigger and-


"huh?" she blinked in confusion as she stared a red dot blinking on a map that show on the screen.

Her screen monitor begins to pick up a high frequency embedded signal. And a very strange one in fact. Either this is the most obvious trap she has seen in centuries or the most stupidly SOS signal that has no mind of worrying about the consequences of leaving an unprotected message that can be easily tracked by anyone. No one would that unless they're really desperate. Or... A trap.

"Hmm," curiously she began to type on her keyboard at an incredible speed, trying to find who sent it. After a few seconds of coding turns out that she is indeed correct! A sos signal!

She couldn't help but smirk victoriously under her veil, 'Ha! Nothing can get past to this sexy operator!' she cheered proudly to herself.

Her smirk vanished after learning that she couldn't find whoever sent it. Again. After a few seconds of coding, she finds out no YoRHa units are around the area where the signal was sent.

"Huh," Her eyes slightly widen when detected a few machines circle around the detected area where she guesses the signal was sent, the number of them grew and grew rapidly by the minute, "Wait a minute, that's the abandon facto-"

Her screen turns red, in fact, every monitor screen that's been occupied by every operator has turned red, catching every android in the room by surprise. 60 grimace as she listens to the sounds of an alarm along with the cries of shock that filled the room.

"What is going on!" The Commander demand, completely losing her composure, not that 6O can blame her. Everything was running smoothly, that was until now. She has never seen something like this before, and she's fairly sure that Commander hasn't either.

"Commander!" One of her fellow Operator called out, "I detect multiple machines in the Abandon Factory-t- their-their growing in numbers!"

Before the Commander could even respond, another Operator called out, "Commander! Multiple Goliath are being detected."

"What?" Commander asked with a raised brow, not at all bothered by the news since it was common to find one or two Goliath, " How many?"

"Two," Operator answered, "No, four-er- seve- eleven. Fi-fifteen! Eighteen! Twe- Commander!" she choked, "Identify confirm as Engels and are multiplying!"

That certainly caught the attention of not only the Commander but everyone, "Show me, put it location on screen" The Commander commanded. (A/N: LOL)

"Affirmative Commander,"

A large holographic screen appeared in front of her, a display of the Abandon Factory is presented to her along. Red dots are scattered around the map which indicates every exact movement where a machine is standing.

The Commander's eyes narrowed as she not only find the positions Engels but to every other type of machine, from the weakest to the strongest, "I want every unit to depl-"


Her eyes shut closed, take a deep breath to calm her nerve, "What is it?"

"An unknown entity has hacked in our system and is now in our server," A random Operator informed, "It has access to all classified files and is in the process of downloading every database stored in our system."

Commander's eyes burst open, "Cut off its access immediately, lockdown every database within our system. Track down this individual or an object, I want this thing down. And I want a full report on what it have access to," She commanded as she watched every one of her every Operator typing down furiously on their command console, trying to debug whatever is on her system.

"What is going on?" She muttered softly in thought, trying to come up with the most possible theory she can muster, "This isn't a doing of a-"


Oh for human sakes!

"I hope you have found what is within our borders 6O," Commander White affirmed firmly, without taking a glance at the Operator, "And able to pinpoint its exact location?"

"Um, n-no Commander," 6O flushed as she nervously stares at her commanding officer, "B-but I did receive SOS signal along with a message and I think you shou-"

"Send in a rescue team," Commander interrupted, "and a full report on it later."

"A-affirmative Commander," 60 stuttered nervously, "But the messa-"

"Now is not the time for meaningless data that our units have sent," Commander answered calm, but harshly, "Not when a bigger threat is within our system."

"Y-yes Commander but-" 6O stumble up a few words, her body shaken nervously of the tone that the Commander use, she gulp it down, " but the message might be a key component for the awakening of the machines or activating them," she spoke carefully and without a shutter, though her body still trembled, fearing that she might have made a mistake for talking back to her Commander. Punishment isn't gentle, "along with an odd energy signal."

A moment of silence filled the room as the Commander tilt her head, surprise and annoyed no doubt, but so the Commander nodded, allowing 6O to exhale all the air she sucked up, "Very well, put it up screen."

"Right away Commander," 6O sigh in relief, typing immediately

"Unit 60," she flinched as she turns to her Commander, "If the data does not meet my expectations," she gulped when the Commander narrows her eyes at her with a tone of calm and dangerous warning, "You will accept punishment without complaints."

She choked, "Y-yes Commander,"

"Good," She turned to the main screen, "Begin the message,"


The Commander watched as the main screen of the room change from the map of the Abandon Factory to a pixelated static screen. Commander White simply side-glance from the corner of her eye, eyeing at a slump Operator.

[Audio File confirm: begin transmission]

[ Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Soundtrack - Main Theme -}

Commander White waited patiently as the sound of static error was soon join together with a humanoid voice, along with heavy sounds of metal clashing against each other... she assumed there must be a fight going on. The background sound of strange energy fire and explosive sounds along with cries of machines proven her case, but puzzled her.

[ZZZZZZZZZZzzzz-URRY UP T-ZZZZZZZzzzzzz-long I can keep up!]

Commander White blinked, one... he spoke of old english which is odd, two... how... youthful the voice of an Andriod sounds like, oddly pleasant for some reason. Without the multiply sound of machine stupidly echoing Kill kill kill... ect.


[Have no fear Member John P-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz- Eqip wi-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz- old and require speci-ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz]

"John?" Commander silently repeated the name, "John?" She simply ignores the other cheerful humanoid voice which sounds older and dull than the other.

[Well please hu-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz-arm is getting tired.]

[I'm almos-ZZZZZZZZZZzzzz-There! All fixed]

Instantly the pixelated screen abated, allowing her and her Operators to get a perfect view of the background which was taken place outside, which is odd. Multiple machines... dead... lying everywhere, scattering through out the area , all marked with stab wounds, other missing limbs, A some have strange hole in some part of the body as smoke arises from it. Probably doing of an firearm. In front of the camera is a...

"Pod?" Commander question uncertainly, the shape of the pod is rather odd, every tactical unit pod has a rectangular shape with arms on the bottom, color are vary depending on their units. This particular pod she is looking at now is significantly different. The pod has a large blue optic lens in front... one Optic lens instead of two, the shape is odd as if it's a floating ring and she can determine that the sides are round, and the color reminded her of gold ore along with light blue glow strips above its eye. The bottom lacks arms as their pods, instead, the bottom has a small tentacle that looks like a jellyfish... How odd.

[Yippie! I was able to repair it optic lenses and whoever sees it will have a clear v-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz]

Commander White blinked in surprise, "Ah, so the dull voice came from a pod, make sense," She watched as the pod cock it's head side to side, as it appears to be dancing happily. Strange.


A few meters away she can see a black figure having toe to toe combat battle against, what she could makeup, sword equipped medium biped machine (standard). Both blades lock up against each other as heavy sparks form out.


[Nggh! Not... gonna... happen you bucket of bolts!]


[Not Now!]

She watches as the figure pushed the sword machine back, causing the machine to stagger back a bit before raising it sword up high and swung down, only for the figure to jump back and fired a shot from... its... arm?

She blinked, was unable to respond when the figure summoned an arm cannon that's attached on top of his arm. And fired a large blue energy bolt that hit the machine square inch in the head, causing a heavy explosion that destroys the machine's upper body and sends the rest of it's body flying off and crashing hard against the wall with a deafening bang! The body slumps off the wall and falling to the ground as fire consumes it, leaving behind a huge dent.


Commander White couldn't see the figure anymore, he must have been blown off backward after firing that shot. Not that she's surprised, a shot that powerful not only destroy half a medium biped machine but blast off and destroyed everything within 10 meters radius. Which brought up a question: How did that android gain possession of such powerful weapon?

[Oh dear]

The Pod flew of to it's unit, off range from her view much to her disappointed, though able to hear the conversation the two units are having.

[Are you alright Member John Pax?]

[...Fine... Fine...]

[ You should be careful next time, a shot from your cannons are quite powerful. Luckily your suit manage to take up the splash damage.]


[Oh! Good New! I repaired the unit! Now you can send off your stress signal, isn't that great?]

[Yay... Oww... help me up. We got to move quickly before the robots shows up. My arms are tired enough.]


A minute has passed as the Commander waited patiently to see the units, quite eager to see hi- them. Once the camera was able to view them, she could see a figure slowly walking toward up towards her-er the camera, he wraps his arm over the other as his pod follows behind.

She could see how well structure his body is, assuming it is the body and not the suit. Whoever manufactured him did a good job of replicating the human body's lean muscles. And the suit seems well heavy armor. She put great pride in YoRHA units, the heavy suit they design are able to resist such powerful hit from machines that make their units harder to kill.

However, once she examines the body up and down she took notice that this android isn't a YoRHa. The design of the heavy suit isn't one of theirs. In fact, it looks far more advance. How? Another thing she notices is his emblem he carries in his chest. It isn't YoRHa emblem, rather it looks like an angry face of some sort. Question began to pump up her mind.

The helmet started to... fall... apart? No. It's... folding itself? The Commander watch in bewildered, the helmet is folding itself piece by piece until she could see the android face.

[Ahh~ thank goodness this thing works. Great Job T.X.]

There was a gasp, and certainly it was not her. She glances from her side and found 6O staring at the main screen with wide eyes. She smirks in amusement, she would have guessed correctly that 6O has her mouth dropped. No doubt struck-love, if that what human called it.

She turns back and glazes at the screen, she can understand why 6O reacted in a way. The Android in the video is rather attractive and his voice is , oddly enough, soothing. His physical appearance seems a bit older and muscular than a scanner unit but no older than the rest. His black messy hair that reached to his neck, pale skin on his face along with... purple... spot on his right cheek? Odd. His most striking feature is his eyes, they are dark shades of violet. She has never seen an android with violet eyes.

She could see the smile forming in his mouth as his eyes shines with hope.

[T.X... Now's are chance. To find him. To find them]


The android seems to be shaken, his eyes moisten, his breathing seems to be heavier than before. He knelt his head down, his shoulders shaken as a few tears slide off his face. She could hear his silently sobbing, making her black box in her chest aching, want nothing more than to wrap her arms around him and comfort him. Which confuse and terrified her deeply. Why is she feeling this way, her chest warmed a bit for just look at the android. She tightens her fist and hardens her face, "He's dangerous," she muttered.


The pod flew from his right to his left, it's tentacle from the bottom extend and slightly patting the android shoulder.

[There there]

[I-I-I'm fine T.X... I can do do this]

The android wipe out his tears and stared at the camera with determination.


[Oh! If you need help, I created several manuscript for a distress signal!]

[Uh no, I'm fi-]

[Like this!]


[ Or maybe something courageous. Oh! Heroic!]

[I'm fin-]

[Or maybe something dramatic?]

[No T.X. I'm fi-]

[ Or maybe something more direct like this one!]

[I-it just said help?]

[That is as direct as I can give it]

[... thank you T.X. but I'm fine.]

[Oh well, if you say so]

[Thank you]

Commander White watched the android breathing deeply with his eye close for a mere second. His eyes opened with determination and hope.


The screen went black, leaving everyone in a stun silence, "What happened," The Commander questioned.

"Uh.. the message has ended Commander,"


"Commander!" One of the Operator's calls out, " We are able to identify our hacker,"

That called her attention, "Name,"

"Teletraan-X," The Operator answered, she paused as she types down her command console, and add, "It's preventing us from accessing it data on its hard drive Commander, leaving us a message that says, "Your not crew member."

Commander white rose an brow, what an odd saying, "Are you able to track it?"

There was a long pause, every operator type down furiously trying to find it's location, fortunately, 21O found an answer, "Commander, I have pinpointed its location,"

"Excellent," Commander hum in relieved, "Put it on screen,"

"Affirmative Commander," with that, the main screen shows a grid preference of the location of Teletraan X, its location... Abaddon Factory, the same location where the Machine are activating themselves.

"Are you sure the coordinates are accurate, 21O?" She questioned while staring at the map with a puzzled expression.

"It is commander,"

"Hmm," Commander's eyes narrowed, something is up, she is not sure what but she can tell something is up. Machines are sprouting up in great numbers, something has hacked into YoRHa system, and the strange... android... message... Her eyes widen.

"Find the location from where the message was sent," She barked, causing some of her Operators to jump in surprise, not one denied as the return to their respected screen.

"I got a location Commander,"

"Show me,"


She watched as the main screen change coordinates from the Abaddon Factory to... Abaddon Factory! Same location, same coordinates!

"Units 2B, 9S, 8B, 22B, 64B are the closest Commander,"

"Inform them of the situation, this is a seek and capture mission, target: John Pax. Send them an image. Destroy every machine if they must, they must retrieve this Android." She commanded, while not taking her eyes from the photo.

"I want every capable unit to engage the machines, destroy them all."

"Affirmative Commander,"

She stared at the screen, "Who are you, John Pax?" Her eyes narrowed, glaring at the image.

"Open!Open!Open!Open!Open!Open!Open!"I gritted my teeth as I fired several consecutive shoots from my Energon Blaster against the freaky robots! By golly, they ARE EVERYWHERE!

It wasn't any easier for me, especially when I have one of my arm occupied. Dragging this poor woman, she looked in terrible shape! It's a good thing I was there, she would have died if she stayed here any longer than...

Honesty I have no idea what she's doing here, the fact that she is really heavy that left me to drag her instead of carrying her and her really weird chose of fashion... and her box drone left me clueless. But I'm glad neither the less, to find another human that is so beautif-

I nearly tripped for distracting myself like that, I can feel my cheeks heating up, "Idiot," I muttered to myself, I quicken my pace, turning left to right, making sure we are safe before escaping.

T.X. is floating ahead of me, carrying the woman box drone that was proven to be a useful thing.

"Alert: Multiple Machine Detected"

I gulped, my arm is really tired from all the fight. I don't think I can take much more. "T.X.?"

"He is correct member John Pax!" T.X. chimed happily, he turn backwards and facing me with it's big optic," I'm surprise that this drone is able to detect the robots like myself! Isn't that great! Two are better than one!"

"Inaccurate assumption," it spoke, "This Unit Is Not A Drone, Designated As Tactical Support Unit Pod-056. Assign To YoRHa Type 11 Battle Unit: 11B,"

"Assign?" I muttered, I looked down to the woman I'm holding, "Battle unit?"

"Oh-oh! Are we giving names! I'll start!" T.X. cough as if he's clearing his voice, "Greetings! I'm Tel-"

The building is shaken, I struggle to stand up straight and ended up falling on my back, I wheezed when the lady landed on my stomach, and gasp for air when T.X. pick her off from me.

"By golly! She weighs a ton!" I breathed out until I can breath normal. And the first thing I notice how silent T.X. is. I mean that drone can go on and on and on about irrelevant thing, not that I'm bothered about it... mostly... But to see T.X. to be silent that long is weird. Not even my Minicon isn't that silent. I paused on though. Aside from Ratbat. But aside from that, it's still weird. Now I noticed that T.X. is just floating... his single eyes staring down at black gothic dressed woman.

"Inaccurate Assumption," The drone spoke, "Unit 11B Weight 149.02 Kg."

My mouth dropped, "W-what!" I choked, "149 kg! That about 300 pounds!"

"Negative: 328.510817 Pounds. Proposal: Refrain From Mentioning Unit 11B Body Weight For Such Action Will Cause 11B To Lash Out Violently To Does That Mention Her Accurate Body Weight."

My mouth feels dry, "T-T.X.?"

"He's," T.X. begin, he looks back at me, "He's right,"

My mouth opened and closed like a goldfish, I was unable to say anything.

"Alert: 38 Hostile Detected."


"T.X.! You carried her, I'll carry the Pod. We are going up!"

"Righty-o!" I turned... and sigh.


I panted heavily, but cheered as we made it to the top. Sure it was hard, running into as the pod said 'machine' but I made it!

"Ya! You made it!" T.X cheered, "Now we can go back to base."

"Yes," I cheered tiredly, somehow I feel awaken once I noticed that T.X. wasn't carrying the lady, "T.X. where's the lady?"

"Oh, she's over there," He pointed out, I sigh in relief once I take a good look at her, she's sitting down h her back on the wall. Though I grimace when her head hung low in an uncomfortable position. I wanted to fix that but...

"Alert: Large Enemies Group Detected"

Instinct, I put up my defense stance, T.X. hovered beside me in case he needs to activate his energy shield. I was terrified but at the same time, eager to fight these useless pieces of metal. However, the eagerness disappeared and replace with pure fear once I looked down. The machines are everywhere! From all size and- Holy Moly! That one is the size of a combiner!

"Oh dear," T.X. said worriedly, once he looked down he... and me... could see all the machine looking up at us. Their red eye blinking before all of them screeching in a terrifying tone kill, kill, kill... They all climb up to each other like ants, as if they are going to make a tower of themselves. The only ones that are not climbing are the flying machine and boy... they are all flying up at us like angry bees.

I immediately activate my commlink, "Beastbox, get us OUT OF HERE!" I cried as I brought up both my arms, summoning my energon blasters which the transforming already begin, covering both my arms to the weapons I called for. I begin to fire the flying drones, "Beastbox!"

"Working on it boss!"

"Work faster!"

The earth rumble.

"Alert: Engel Detected,"

"Huh," I kicked a small stubby machine off the building, "Engel?"

And just like that, the earth rumbled, soon enough a giant machine arose itself up from the ocean, it body slowly turned and now facing me with it's big red eyes.

I can feel my heart is beating 100 mph, T.X. looked back at me, "Well it can't get any worse?"

"Alert: Large Group Engels Detected." And just like that more are rising like zombies, all are staring at me. I couldn't help but to glared at T.X., "You have to ask,"

The Engels roared.

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