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I normally write stuff for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. But I saw the movie X: 2, and loved the Rogue and Bobby pairing so much that I had to go with it. This is my first so be gentle, although constructive criticism is always welcome. The show Angel inspired this story. The character Gwen Raiden, who is somewhat, electrically charged, smacked a little of Rogue, so I'm following that idea.

* * *

"Well, there has to be some way." Scott Summers was pacing Professor Xavier's office, tastefully decorated in deep mahogany. He was frustrated.

"I agree Scott there must be, but as yet we have not been able to ascertain what that way is. And I am hesitant about submitting that girl to a lot of testing that may be fruitless for a long time."

Scott flopped down into a chair, "I know. But the situation between them is going to get worse and allowing her to keep on blaming herself isn't helping either. She really does think that it was her fault. It wasn't though it was his."

The professor smiled, "Are any of us truly responsible for are actions when we are young and in love? He just thought he would be able to move away quick enough and . . ." his voice trailed off, "He was mistaken. Does Ororo know when he's going to wake up?"

"No, he's well and truly out of it. She says that there wasn't any permanent damage but it could have been a lot worse. He just slipped into unconsciousness, and of course she was still sleeping at first she didn't wake and push him off until it was too late and then she didn't have her gloves on so she touched his chest with her bare hand, that probably didn't help but it was the lesser of the two evils."

"I'm surprised he was able to get in there without alerting someone."

Scott shrugged his shoulders, "I checked the hallway cameras, he's been checking on her two and three times a night. Logan says it started when she almost died in the jet, you know when she couldn't get herself fastened in on time, and Kurt saved her. He keeps making sure that she's okay, he afraid of losing her. I get that."

The Professor looked at Scott sympathetically, "Was this the first time that he kissed her?"

"No idea. We don't have cameras in the bedrooms obviously. Maybe this was the first time he kissed her for too long. This does bring us back to the point. It's not fair on them. No one should have to go through this, not being with the person you love hurts and it's just not fair."

"Are you coping Scott?"

He avoided the Professor's eye, he didn't want the older man to see the tears in them, "I'm coping, and this is how I do it. I help other people. And I want to help these two." He hesitated, "She was Jean's favourite student and she often said how hard it must be for the poor girl. I want to help them."

Charles Xavier nodded, "I think you're right, at least in the long run. Though, of course, only if she's willing to go through with the testing. The first step is to try to find out why she has this power."

Scott frowned, "Well . . . it's her mutation. Isn't it?"

He smiled, "Yes it is. But why? Which of her genes is altered to make it so, and what function in the body is accelerated or reduced to have this effect."

After a second Scott shook his head, "I'm not following."

The Professor took a breath, "Well, your mutation increases the reflective power of your retina. This means that almost pure light energy is beamed back out of your eyes. We combat this by shielding your eyes."

Scott caught on, "So if we can figure out how Rogue's mutation is caused, we might be able to combat it?"

"Exactly. And hopefully we'll manage it before Mr. Drake makes any more late night trips to her room and nearly kills himself."

* * *

Rogue sat by the bed holding Bobby's hand in her gloved one. She was still wearing her pyjamas and she only had socks on her feet. She was sitting in a chair that had been brought in for her, there were tears streaming down her face as they had been doing since he had been brought in here last night. She hadn't moved from his side that night, the next day, and she was prepared to stay here for the rest of this night too until he woke up. If he ever woke up.

Rogue bit her lip. This was all her fault. She should never have agreed to start seeing him. It was only natural that eventually he'd desperately want to kiss her. She'd tried to dissuade him but . . .well, the problem was that she hadn't really wanted to. She hadn't wanted to dissuade him even though she had to. He could tell, he knew her.

And now look at him. He looked so pale. Rogue stood and looked down into his face. He was here because of her. She ran her hand over his cheek, wishing that she could touch him, kiss him, and tell him that some how they'd make it all okay. But they couldn't make it all okay. She didn't know how.

The door opened behind her and Logan slipped through it. "Hey. How's he doing?"

Rogue turned her tear stained face towards him, "He's the same. Not moving, not talking."

Logan pulled a chair up next to Rogue's at the side of the bed. "It really wasn't your fault you know. You had no idea what was going on and if you didn't know then you couldn't stop it."

She turned and looked at Logan, "Look at him," she said pointing, "I don't care what anyone says. It's because of what I am that this happened. He could have died and . . ."

Logan took her hand, "But he didn't, because you woke up and saved him."

"I should never have gotten into a relationship. It's too dangerous. I should have told him no and then we wouldn't have to sit here wondering if he'll wake up."

"He will wake up. He wouldn't leave you. Do you know how lucky you are?"

Rogue looked at him with her mouth open, "Lucky? Are you kidding me?"

"No, I'm serious. To find someone at your age who you can love and who loves you back, most people would kill to feel that way."

Rogue gave a scathing laugh, "And that's the point. This feeling, these feelings are going to kill him. It's just a matter of time before there is another accident. They happen. You can't plan for them, you can try to avoid them, but eventually one way or another, there will be an accident. And this isn't like normal relationships, an accident here will end up with him dead."

Logan didn't know what to say. He slipped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her to rest her head on his jacket covered shoulder, like he had done on the train the time when she ran away.

After a second Rogue spoke hesitantly, "What about you?"


"Yeah you. Sitting here looking at him, I know how I'd feel if he had been killed. For you . . .she was."

Logan tightened his grip on her arm slightly, "Yeah."

Rogue sat up straight, "And for you it's even worse."

"How'd you figure?"

She shrugged, "If he had been killed, at least I would know that I loved him and he loved me and that we were together. You don't even have that. Mr. Summers does but you don't."

Logan felt his eyes sting, for a young girl she was damn insightful, "It hurts. But . . . I have to bear it."

Rogue nodded, "You seem to be . . . bearing well."

With a smile, he squeezed her hand, "Thanks." Logan could feel her sympathy for him, despite what she was going through. He blinked and sighed changing the topic, "Aren't you going to go and get some sleep it's late?"

"No. I'm not moving until he wakes up. I . . .want to . . .to be here when . . ."

Logan nodded, "All right. Have you eaten?"

"Not since dinner last night. Not hungry."

"Yeah, well, if you want to stay here then you're going to have to eat something. If you don't want to move then I'll go and get you something but you are going to eat."

Rogue smiled at the parental tone in his voice, she missed that about her own family, one of the only things that she did miss. "Right. I wouldn't say no to a spare sweater if you have one too. It's not cold, but I'm still all the time."

"I'll be back."

* * *

Okay, so maybe he had overdone it just a little. Logan pushed open the door of the hospital wing with his hands full. He looked over to Rogue to see that she had fallen fast asleep, her legs at the side of her bent at the knees, her head resting on her arm, her other hand holding onto Bobby's.

Logan smiled and walked over, dropping the things he carried on the bed next to him. If any one saw him doing this he would he embarrassed enough to die, he was sure that he would actually die.

Logan fumbled around and picked up the slippers that Rogue roommate Kitty had given to him. If Rogue was going to stay there the night, he didn't want her to make herself ill sitting in the cold.

He pushed her feet into them. He doubted that she would wake up. She hadn't slept properly the night before and it was late.

He pushed the sweater over her head and pulled her hands through the sleeves, making sure he didn't touch her skin. Rogue moaned in her sleep. He had been to the kitchen and gotten her some food, and yes, okay, he'd admit it he had even made her a thermos of hot chocolate. He put the flask on the side table along with a packet of biscuits, a wrapped sandwich and two packs of crisps.

As an after thought, he got a blanket out of the cupboard and draped it over her. Yes, if anyone saw him . . .just die.

* * *

Rogue woke a few hours later but didn't open her eyes. She was tired, why had she woken up? She wasn't ready to wake up. Her mind was drifting back to unconsciousness when she felt a gentle pressure on her hand, "Rogue?"

Rogue head snapped up and she looked at Bobby, "Oh God, you're awake! How are you feeling?"

Bobby shrugged slightly, "I'm okay. What am I doing here?"

She flushed in embarrassment, "I almost killed you."

He stared at her for a second, his eyes went vacant as though he was reminiscing, "Ah, of course I remember . . .a little. Wait . . .you didn't nearly kill me. I almost killed myself. It wasn't your fault."

Tears started running down Rogue's face as she fought to keep control of herself, "If I wasn't like I was you would . . ."

Ororo Monroe coming through the door of the hospital wing cut off their conversation. "Hey, I got an alert in my room saying that you had regained consciousness. How're you doing?" She hesitated for a moment before smiling, "You idiot."

Bobby smiled, "I'm okay. I little queasy."

She nodded, "That is to be expected, it'll go away soon."

"Can I go now?"

Ororo smiled, "No, you've been unconscious for about thirty hours. If everything's okay in the morning then you can go." She started reading off the monitors, "Everything seems to be okay, but you are staying." After a few minute she wrote something down on a chart at the end of the bed, "Okay, I suggest that you try to sleep some more and then I'll check on you in the morning. Rogue . . ."

Rogue shook her head, "I'm staying."

Ororo would argue with her if she had thought that it would do any good at all, the girl was even more stubborn than she herself was, "All right."

As she left Rogue looked down at Bobby, "You want anything?"

"Some of the cookies would be good."


"The ones on the table there."

Rogue smiled, "Logan must've brought them, he was going to get me some food and a sweater . . ." she looked down at herself, "Which I am apparently wearing as well as my slippers. I guess I fell asleep. Okay, cookies it is."

* * *

The following afternoon Bobby was back in his room, sat on his bed talking to Rogue. Since John had left Bobby had the room all to himself, and normally it was fun. Today it wasn't. There was something on her mind, "Rogue, why don't you just tell me. What are you thinking are you still blaming your self? It really was not your fault."

Rogue looked at him, "You know what we were saying last night, I was going to say that even though you might not care . . .you should. If I wasn't like I am you wouldn't nearly have been killed."

Bobby interrupted her, "If you weren't you . . . I," Bobby gripped her hand, "Rogue, I love you. And I love you just like you are. It doesn't matter about . . .anything else."

Rogue bit her lip, "I love you too. But that doesn't matter. I have to stop seeing you."

He looked at her in horror, "What? You can't. I'm sorry that I kissed you but it wasn't your fault, it was mine. You will not take the blame for this."

She shook her head, "It's not even about blame, either way it still stands that you being with me, it's dangerous. You'll get hurt again."

Bobby shook his head and sat up, "So, you tell me that you love me and then break up? You can't do this. I need you."

Rogue didn't try to stop the tears anymore. "That's just it Bobby, I am exactly what you don't need, what is very, very bad for you."

Bobby leant forward and tried to take her hand but she stood up, "Rogue don't do this, don't pull away. If you love me and I love you then we'll find a way."

Rogue almost laughed as she felt her heart break, "That's just it. We might not. And then you spend your life with someone who can't give you anything. Our lives are so weird and you need to try and have a life safe and away from this craziness. I will just pull you back into it. I don't want to do that."

Bobby stood, still a little unsteady on his legs, "I want you to do that."

Rogue held her hands out, "Have you really thought about this. Seriously, I mean. You can never kiss me, we could never relax our guard, there would be no chance of sex, children, even brushing past me is dangerous. No. This is my choice as much as yours and I have made it."

"Please don't do this. I love you and I am begging you not to do this."

Rogue touched her hand to his cheek, turned, and walked out of the room.