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1. Introductions and analyses


"Isabella Swan?" the teacher called my name from the register to mark my attendance.

"Present, miss." I shyly replied and quickly dipped my hand as fast as I had raised it.

Mrs. Denali did not quite like me and that, I had already figured the first month of my junior year. Whether that was because I never got a single answer wrong even to her most twisted questions, or as everyone else thought, it was because her daughter Tanya had always gotten the highest grades in her form before I came to this school and she "didn't stand a chance now", their words not mine, I didn't know.

This is Forks High School we are talking about. The only high school in the green, wet town of Forks in Washington, and I, Bella Swan absolutely hated it here. No, actually to be very honest, I didn't. At least, Forks High gave me the peace which I craved every moment I was at home.

At least the banter at school overrode the panic and insecurity I felt at home. Quite the irony for a teenager, isn't it? That being said, there is a reason I left the big city life of Phoenix and came here, but again that was a chapter I do not want to revisit.


I quickly shook myself from my thoughts and looked ahead to see Mrs. Denali and the whole class looking straight at me.

"Um.. yes, miss?" I gulped at the various troubles she would enjoy getting me in for failing to answer her call.

"You have been called to the Principal's office," she said.

I quickly put my books inside my bag and walked out the door. I was clueless as to why I had been called by the Principal. Not that I did anything wrong, but I was seriously confused. I went inside Mr, Greene's office and knocked on his door.

"Um, Good morning sir. Can I help you?"

"Ah, yes Isabella. You certainly have to. Come inside and meet some new friends." He replied with a smile.

I went inside, and saw a boy and a girl whom I didn't recognize at a single glance, sitting on the sofa of the Principal's office, but I quickly looked back at Mr. Greene, not sparing a second glance towards them.

"Meet them. These are Alice and Edward Cullen, and you have to take the responsibility of making them feel comfortable at school and if you want, outside school too. They have just arrived from California and you of all people know, how weird it feels to be suddenly dropped in a group of strangers who pick and tease others."

"Ye..yes.. yes sir" I tried to smile but it turned into a grimace.

Me? I was as comfortable as a person in torn clothes could be in a hall full of decked up Hollywood celebrities with the people I already knew, and they expect me to make two strangers "at home" with my presence? Woah, now this is going to be awkward with a capital A.

"Isabella is one of the brightest students of our school. Always at the top of form since she joined here. I think it will do you two good to be friends with someone who is just as studious and intelligent as you both." He boasted as I blushed a million shades of red at that statement.

My only friend Angela always said, that I was not good with compliments, and now it was in front of two complete strangers.

"You three can now go and extend your friendship towards each other. Good luck." He waved his hand dismissively.

I quickly turned and started outside sensing them follow me. Just as the door closed, the girl said, "Hellooo there Isabella, I'm Alice."

I looked up to see her grinning in a way that reminded me of the Cheshire Cat. I couldn't stop smiling myself.

"Just Bella and um, yeah, hi."

"Its going to be great being friends with you." She said and quickly pulled me into a tight hug and I was left wondering how such a small, petite body can have so much strength.

I saw the boy nudge her, from the corner of my eye, and she said, "Oh! And this is Edward, my one and only other twin brother, but sadly doesn't have the same brilliant coloured eyes as me."

This statement made me look closely at Alice and I noticed her brilliant blue eyes, twinkling like stars. Her hair was short and pixie-like but she had tried to tie it in a ponytail at the nape of her neck but the little hairs kept escaping from her scrunchie and were now pointing at every direction. Her lips were full and she was pretty. The kind you want to preserve in showcases so you can look at that beauty time and time again. A mobile phone rang very close to us, and only when I turned to look at her brother and see that he was on his phone talking to someone with his back to us, did I realise that it was his phone that had been ringing. From what I could make out, he had broad shoulders, bronze coloured hair and very fair skin. Pale, and almost as pale as me, and when I say like me, that's saying something. I looked back at Alice and she looked at me pointedly, "Oh, he's always like that, never mind. C'mon Bella, show me around, hospitality remember?" she winked.

"Sure, um, this way, come..." I trailed along the whole school building, with Alice and Edward Cullen following me.

I wasn't a fan of missing lessons, but it was Mrs. Denali's class and she was teaching Romeo and Juliet, whose lines I already knew by heart. And anyway, I wasn't necessarily skiving, was I? I was following the Principal's orders. As we came back in front of the Principal's office, right where we started, the lunch bell went off. I led them toward the cafeteria and as we entered, everyone stared at us. Well, I guess not at us, at THEM. They were the newcomers and that at Forks High was like a page 3 celebrity scandal in gossip magazines. I gestured Alice toward the queue for food and she hopped off quickly. I had brought an apple from home and I sat at my usual table, nibbling on it. On any other day, Angela would sit here with Ben to give me company. But today, she was not at school and so Ben was with his guy friends. Hence, I sat alone. I closed my eyes and revised the formulas for Trig next period.

"Hey, care to share the table?" a high pitched voice chirped. I looked up to see Alice and nodded with a smile.


She sat right across from me.

"Where's your brother?" I asked since I hadn't really seen him and I didn't even know what he looked like and according to the Principal, we were supposed to be friends.

"Oh, he's sitting there with his new girlfriend." She pointed behind me. I turned to look back and the first person I saw was Tanya Denali staring directly at our table. As my eyes met for a fraction of a second with the only girl that absolutely loathed me and even though I wasn't usually hateful, the feeling was mutual in this case. I didn't bother to look for Alice's brother or his supposed girlfriend, immediately breaking the contact and looked down before I shook my head and sighed, "Oh, yeah". Alice took a bite from her pizza and continued, "How in hell Edward can have a girlfriend in a week of.. arriving.. I can't.. unders.. woah, Bella, who's that?" I looked to where she was staring with wide eyes and an open mouth and saw Jasper Whitlock sitting with his usual mates. "That's Jasper Whitlock. He's doing a major in Psychology and he's very.." "Hot." She finished. I had wanted to say "intelligent" but I giggled internally at her analysis.

I looked back at her and saw her smiling at the handsome blonde with dimples and a muscular body, who was oblivious to this pixie-like girl looking directly at him in a way as if he was the only person present in this entire cafeteria. The bell indicating the end of lunch went off at that very moment and Alice got up to dump her tray in the trash can. I tried to follow her in a hurry, and being the klutz that I was, tripped on my own feet and shut my eyes waiting for the inevitable pain and my head to slice in two for a second.

Instead, I was so shocked to feel a strong pair of arms supporting my back and holding me as I was arched backwards in mid-air, when at the same time I felt a jolt of electricity pass through my entire being that I screamed in unknown fear.

"Shh, shh, you're fine. Just relax." A smooth, velvet like voice whispered in my ear. I very slowly opened my eyes and looked straight into a pair of intense emerald orbs that bore straight into my chocolate brown ones. My mind reeled. It felt like I lost myself in those eyes at the same moment that I looked into them. He instantly steadied and released me in a single movement and I flushed scarlet as I realised that all the people in the cafeteria were staring at us. I looked at the boy who had just saved me from a major embarrassment, and felt like I knew him from somewhere but couldn't place my finger on it.

"Sit here", he said, taking out a chair and pushing it towards me, "..and drink some water. You'll be fine in a minute."

He handed me a glass of cold water and sat in the same chair that Alice had abandoned earlier, right in front of me.

I nodded and sipped from the glass, "Thanks" I murmured. I looked at him this time and was blinded by his beauty. I had no doubt that he was the most beautiful human I'd ever seen, which was more likely to be true than not.

His brilliant emerald eyes that shone like sunshine playing on the leaves of a lush, green forest, his messy, untamed bronze hair with golden streaks, his perfect nose, his pale, white complexion, his strong, muscular arms and long , slender fingers. Ooh, and how can I forget, that voice! That voice, that is worth a million deaths..

I was soon taken out of my reverie by an irritating nasal voice.

"Edwarrrrddd! Come here babe, what are you doing with that nerdy prude?" the voice that I knew so well snickered. Then it clicked, THIS was Edward Cullen. Ofcourse. This was Alice Cullen's twin brother. And, I was assigned to give him company. Wow. But yeah, he, HE, was Tanya fucking Denali's boyfriend. Holy shit.

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