[Bella's POV]

Edward was pacing in at the foot of my bed going over all of the reasons why I shouldn't trust Jacob to be alone with me. I tuned him out about half an hour ago, and was mentally going over our whole relationship up to this point. Why was I even with him? Yes, at first, he was a mystery, but there had to be more that drew me to him. Right?

Try as I might I couldn't think of a single resaon. I thought I loved him, and I thought my reaction to his leaving was proof of that. Once we returned from Italy I thought everything would go back to normal, but I was wrong. Now it seems like all we do is fight. Every little thing quickly turns into a fight. I want to go to La Push to visit the pack, but Edward thinks it's far to dangerous for me. I want to just have Poptarts for a quick and easy before school meal, and Edward complains about the lack of netrational value. I want to spend time with our family, and Edward hissses that Jasper can't be trusted not to attack me.

All at once he twist to face me and hisses, "Are you even listening to me!" I meet his eyes calmly and nod hoping to keep the peace between us.

"Your lieing to me." He hisses grapping my arm in a steel grip. I clench my jaw to stop a small cry when he squeeses a little to hard. "He could hurt!"

"Like you are now?" I ask calmer then I really felt. My mind is already going a mile a minute to find a way to get Alice to see that I need her help. She promised to keep an eye on me as my fights with her brother got worse. Edward jumped back shock colouring his face. I moved over to my window opening it, and leaning against the wall.

"Get out of my room, Edward, before I get Charlie." I was still so calm outwardly, but inside I was fuming. I didn't want my failing relationship with Edward to cause problems with my relationship with the rest of our family, because the thought of losing them hurt so much worse than the thought of losing Edward.

"Bella, love, let me explain-"

"No, Edward, I don't want to hear it right now. You are going to leave, and maybe tomorrow we can talk about this, but not now." I intreainded the thought of calling Alice to toss him out.


"Now Edward, I know you heard her." Jasper seemed to spawn next to his brother before my eyes. Alice sat neatly on the edge of my bed lightly smiling at Edward.

"Bella was going to call us for help kicking you out." She explained softly as Jasper palced his hand on Edwards shoulder. "We can do this the easy way, or Jazz can toss out the window Edward. Mom and Dad are already waiting to speak with you at home."

He bared his teeth at Jasper before moving out the window. "I'll be back later," was all he said before dissapering into the night.

"Thanks, Alice, Jasper." I closed the window and moved back to the warmth of my bed. Flopping onto my back I sighed. "I think I should break-up with him. All we do is fight now, and to be honest I think it would be better for me all around to just not be with him. I always wanted a relationship like Esme's not my mother's, and this isn't it. The only thing stopping me is that I don't want to lose my family." I closed my eyes against the tears I could feel forming.

"Bella Esme was a mess having to leave one of her childeren behind before! She's not going to care if you aren't with Edward, because you're her little girl. Also she would be proud of you for getting out of an unheathy relationship before it gets too bad!" Alice moved so that my head was in her lap and she could play with my hair. I felt the bed shift as Jasper sat next to the two of us.

"I think you should leave him, Bella. If you two were really mates he wouldn't be so controlling, because he would trust you to make your own choices. Also as someone who can feel what he feels I know that what he feels for you isn't love. You loved him once, but he hurt you. It's okay to say that you aren't over that pain yet." Jasper's voice was soft and kind as he spoke, like he was explaining something he thought might be hard to hear.

"Are you saying he never loved me?"

"I'm sorry. It sounds cold, but no he didn't. He loved the peace your blocked mind could give him, but never you not really."

"It's okay Jasper. It's just a lot to take in. I think I need a to get my mind off all of this for a bit. Would either of you be willing to help me with the Civil War paper that due next week?"

"Oh Jazz can! He was there, and he loves studing the war!" Alice quickly moved out of the way. Jasper laughed.

"And you don't want to, right Al?"

"Well someone has to go make sure Edward stay's home!" I sat up as she danced into the night leaving me alone with her mate. He rolled his eye's at her antics, but seemed fond of her none the less.

"Okay, so what are you writing the paper on?"

"I thought I might write on the affect the war had on women and children?"

"Are you asking me or telling me Bella, because that sounds like a question."

"Honestly I don't know. The only thing I have written is my name and when the war took place. I know next to nothing about the war, and just want to turn in something that can help me pass this class." I flopped back on the bed covering my eyes with my arm, as Jasper chuckled. I felt him get off the bed, moving my arm I watched him walk over to my school bag. He dug though it until he found what he wanted, and moved back to the bed.

He had gotten my history notes. He shuffled though them looking for, most likely, the notes I had on the chapters we were using for the war. He wouldn't find much. History was one of the few classes I had without Edward, and normally I was half asleep in the class. As fun as I found historical romance the class itself bored me.

"Bella, you only have one thing written for this paper in your notes," I nodded already knowing that, "and thats just saying you have a paper due!" He seemed to be trying not to laugh. "Where's the rest of your notes?"

"Right there. I'm not a fan of history outside of my romance books, so I find it hard to listen in class." I waved my hand in a what can you do motion. Jasper did laugh at that. "Can you help me, or should I do this the normal teenage way?" He just raised his eyebrow in silent question. "Night before it's due Redbull fuiled 3 a.m. bullshitting mad house method, and somehow still get at least a high D." I explained.

"That sounds like something Carlisle would hate to see." He smirked, "I think I can help, but I need to get my note from home so you can use those to write the paper. Maybe some books I have on the topic, too. We can do it tomorrow if you want."

"Sounds great. We can meet here at noon, but we would need Alice to come over so Charlie doesn't say anything. We could also just meet at a cafe or the diner if she deosn't want to help out, but I do have plans with Jacob later in the day." He nodded and pulled out his phone. It buzzed the moment it left his pocket.

"Alice say: first I need to stay here tonight incase Edward slips passed her, and second she deosn't mind coming over so we can study tomorrow. Also Esme says hello." His voice was relaxing as he read the text. I nodded when he looked over at me.

"Tell her I said hello, but let's be real here Alice already has. You can stay I really don't want to wake up to Edward in my room. If you want I have books over there on the shelf." I waved me hand toward the small shelf I had. "Or there's a wood carving set in the closet if you want. My Mom sent it to me after she found she didn't like it as much as she thought she would. I've never used it seeing as I have no intrest in it at all, but I somehow always end up with the things she loses intrest in." I shrugged as I waved at the closet. Jasper looked that way with intrest before glacing my way again.

"I'm going to sleep, so have fun." I crawled under the blankets drifting to sleep quickly.

[Jasper's POV]

I looked around the room as Bella drifted to sleep. Without really thinking about it I pushed calmness into the area around me. Soon I felt Bella and her father both fall into a deeper sleep. I moved to Bella's book shelf to see what books she had. The shelf was overflowing with different classical books. There weren't any that I hadn't read, but that was normal. Sighing I went to the closet to look for the wood carving set Bella said was in there. That would at least keep me from thinking about what I had seen Alice and Edward doing during the last family hunt.

I went looking for Alice hoping to spend soome time with my wife before we all gathered together to run home. When I caught her scent it was wrapped up in Edwards. I could smell both, but Alice's scent was fainter as if she was being carried. Worried about why Edward would need to carry her I rushed after thier scent while clearing my mind. If there was troble I didn't want my thoughts to distract Edward from a fight. I almost wish I had found a fight. After six miles I could smell sex in the air.

I stopped when I saw Alice, my so-called mate, riding my brother on the forest floor. I could feel thier emotional state where I was standing and there was no way this was a new thing. They moved together far to well for that to be the case. Edward met my eyes as he sat up to kiss along Alice's neck and smirked at me. I turned around running back to the family, and tried to forget what I saw.

I pulled the small kit from a box that seemed to be filled with random little hobby kits. Bella really did seem to have a starter kit for everything, yet it all was just collecting dust in the back of the closet. Did her mother really send her all of this? There didn't seem to be anything in here that Bella might really enjoy. Shaking my head I went to sit in the rocking chair in the corner of the room. I toyed with the kit a little as my mind thought went over my relationship with Alice. Did she ever truly care, or was I simply just a way to insure the safety of the family she always wanted?

'You know the answer to that question. She was never your mate. You just blindly followed her, because she could give you freedom from the prison your mind made.' My other half whispered to me.

'Ah, hello again Major. I wondered when you would return.'

Every vampire had an second half so to speak. The side that was made when the venom filled thier vains. Carlisle thought it was our brains way of coping with the change. This other half seemed to already know how to be a vampire, and guided the human half until they no longer needed a guide in this world. There were of course cases were the other half never left, and instead just went doment at times. This happened when the persons change was tramatic in a way they never learned to cope with, and so their vampire and human sides never merge.

I named my other half Major letting him shield me when the fighting got to hard to deal with, or when my sire asked something of me that I couldn't do. Major left shortly after Peter drug me out of the wars, and without him at my side I was unsteady. When Alice came it seemed like a breath of freash air. A new start that I wanted more than anything. Peter and his mate let me go telling me they would always be a phone call away.

Meeting the Cullens was nice, and over time I thought that maybe Major had quitely merged with me. Then I slipped up the first time, while the family's anger seemed to much to bare, he was there helping me stand looking for a way to salvage what I thought I had broken. He calmed Edward, soothed Alice and Rosalie, joking with Emmette, and asked for forgiveness from Carlisle and Esme. He fixed everything and helped us relocate before retrating to the far coners of our shared mind. He was alway there just waiting for me to need him.

'Bella's my mate isn't she?'

'Yes, little one, she is. She just doesn't have a guide to tell her that like you do. She'll need a little more protection then mates normally would, but thats fine. I can look after you both when needed, and you know I mean you no harm. I must admit I hate that seer you seem so fond of.'

'Is that why you left?'

'Yes, in part. Also because I wanted to see if you could live without me. I never meant to make you dependent on me, but I fear I might have.'

'It's alright. I know your part of me and at some point I'll need to let you go so we can merge like we need to, but I still feel like I need you. In the grand scheme of things I'm very young, and I don't feel like navigating the world on my own yet. You don't have to hide fom me all the time.'

'Alright, little one, I can stay. Bella might need me as well. Right now you need to hide. Charlie's waking up for work, and he might check on Bella before he leaves'

I quickly hid in the closet waiting to see if her father would look in her room. After thirty mintents he did, and left for work after see her safe in bed.

'Wait if we're mates why can't we communicate the way you told me we would?' Alice always said we couldn't because her mind was almost never in the present, so it was difficalt for her. I never questioned her logic.

'Bella and you haven't tried, and there's the fact shes human. If you two were to figure it out it would most likely be an acedent. Her mind isn't made to link with yours yet, but it can be done if you two were to admit your feelings. That need I remind you she doesn't yet have.'

'I could court her. She plans to leave Edward, and I want nothing to do with Alice after what I saw.' I could feel his smile.

'She's waking up.' Bella yawned one arm raised over her head while the other rubbed at her face. She kicked at her covers as she tried to move to the edge of her bed.

"You alright there, Bella?" She didn't seem to be fully awake. She mutterd something that sound vaguely like room as she shuffled to her closet and pulled out the first thing she felt before leaving the room. I put the mostly untouched carving kit back in her closet, and sat the bed to wait for her to come back. After ten minuents she walked back in looking far more awake.

"Sorry Jasper. I needed to splash my face with some water to wake up. How was your night?"

"It was fine, Bella. Your father already left for work. Do you want to head over to the house to get the stuff we need for your paper? We can stop for food on the way."

"Sure, I'll drive. There's a McDonalds on the way I can there." I nodded following her down the stairs to her truck. We sat in silence as she drove not having much to talk about. She ordered her food quickly when we got to the menu seeming to already know what she wanted.

"Maybe I could write about one of the generals or something. What resourses do you have?" She glanced my way after paying.

"I have an copy of one of the majors jourlans. It could work it you wanted, but I guess I should let you know that it's mine. My niceces child thought it might sell some copies and the family needed money so they sold it to be mass published." Bella nodded apecntly as she got her food and left the parking lot.

"Okay that could work." Her voice trailed off slightly. "Yeah, yeah I can write a paper on you. You don't mind me reading it do you?"

"Not at all, Bella. I'll get it for you when we get to the house." She smiled and sent a flash of gratitude my way.

'See she even uses your gift to talk to you. Alice never did that.' I smiled rolling my eye's at him.

'I know that, Major. I'll court her soon.'

'You better. Or I'll do it for you.' He voice was light almost teasing. I huffed lightly as we pulled into the drive. I could faintly her Edward playing Bella's song.