David Wells is the son of Doctor Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan of Earth Three, they were both a brilliant scientists and were the founder's of the S.T.A.R. Labs which on this Earth is primarily a defence company that develops and manufactures advanced weapons and military technologies however they both die in a car crash leaving their son to inherit when he became twenty one but he would eventually become Iron Man the protector of Star City.

(I might replace Earth 19 HR with him where they recruit him when Earth Two Harry has to return back to his world)


Takes place before Crisis on Infinite Earths on Earth 38 where we meet the Dark Knight who we know exists on this Earth thanks to Kara

(I'll use material from multiple different Batman media like Comics, Gotham, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Arkham series, The Batman, things from ben affleck and Batman the 1989 film)


What if Superman the Man of Steel was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting back at phase 1 and perhaps other characters from DC may appear?

(I'll use material from multiple different Superman media like Comics, Smallville, Superman Returns, Man of Steel, Krypton and CW Superman & Lois and I may use the Tyler Hoechlin Superman or Tom Welling Superman instead of the Henry Cavill simply because when other writers do this story they always use him, not that it's bad thing I just want to do something different)


What if Hyperion who is Marvel's version of Superman was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting back at phase 1 and maybe he'll meet the other members of the Squadron Supreme if things with the Avengers?