Standing in a run down dark kitchen listening to the sausages sizzle was Nick Travers. Pots and pans washed themselves over by the sink and a mop was crossing the floor which eventually went over his black boots. The rain pelted the windows and made the day even more glum. Nick was nervous, waiting for his twin sister to awake. He knew she had Apparited last night but he wasn't sure where. They never use to have secrets like this but now it was the only thing between them. Nick ran a thin pale hand through his hair with his eyes closed before jumping at the sound of a slamming door.

"You're burning them dear," a tall woman stood at the door with long straight black hair. Mother. Lucy Travers. Behind her was a man Nick recognized as Professor Snape along with Draco Malfoy and two people who looked a lot like him, parents most likely. Nick gulped before turning to flip the sausages over. How could his mother bring more death eaters here knowing Emma was still in the house? She could have waited until they went back to Hogwarts in a week, at least then she was safe there blending in. At least there up until the past year at least Emma had Cedric Diggory looking after her but now Nick would have to find another Hufflepuff he trusted to watch over her.

"Lucius and Narcissa come with me," Lucy led the Malfoys out of the kitchen while Snape and Draco took sits at the kitchen table. Nick tried not to pay attention to them. No one talked. Snape and Draco just stared around the kitchen, looking at the dust collecting on certain things. Nick prayed Emma wouldn't wake right now and would just stay in bed until they all left. His prayers were not answered though when he heard soft feet padding his way down the hall.

"I thought you weren't ever going to wake," Nick tried to sound light as Emma entered the kitchen. Her wild brown hair all over the place and bags were heavy under her brown eyes. She looked thin and worn out underneath her orange sweater and black sweatpants. She also looked out of place in the dark kitchen.

"Sadly, I did," Emma threw a comment back before crossing the kitchen and grabbing a glass from the shelf above the sink. She filled it with water before chugging it down. She ignored the two people in the room although she could feel their eyes on her. She tried to calm her nerves. Professor Snape was someone who she was use to seeing, he was someone who knew who she was but ignored her, as if she meant nothing in which she enjoyed. But Draco Malfoy was new to her, she knew of him of course but she was sure he did not know of her.

"Dry mouth?" Nick asked slyly knowing exactly why her mouth was dry. That type of magic drained you.

"Just a tad," Emma answered back while side eyeing his left arm. An arm Nick had covered with his black sweater. She knew. Nick knew she knew but neither one ever commented. Nick had been given the dark mark in the beginning of the summer, same as Draco, although no one would talk about it. Emma even knew about Dracos dark mark as he suddenly only wore things that also covered his arms.

"Any plans for the day?" Nick asked again hoping Emma would just go away before the others returned. Snape was trying to get into either twins mind but neither allowed it. Draco on the other hand didn't even know of her, same as the others. Draco was more focused on wanting to leave or scream at least.

Everyone in school never associated the two being twins even though they entered school at the same time and of course the same pure blood last name. Even though when they were placed in different houses it was a big deal because Emma was the first ever Hufflepuff in the family. Emma just blended in though until recently when things were getting dark.

"Yes," Emma answered vaguely finally. She had plans alright but she also was aware of the two men at the kitchen table. Two men who would destroy her if they wanted to. Two men who if they found out her plans would destroy her.

"Good," Nick answered simply. At least if she was out of the house she would be safe for the day. Neither one talked anymore while Nick finished up his breakfast. Emma stood though staring out the window watching the rain come down. Today would be the last day to see the rain come down on the lush greenery outside of their house because tonight she was leaving, leaving to join the Order. The traitors as her family would put it. She knew she couldn't stay at her house no longer, not with death eaters like Snape and the Malfoys coming around now. No, she must get out. Nick was aware of this too. He protected her for years in school and kept her busy during summers but now You-Know-Who is back and there was no more protection he could do. Emma had to do it herself.

"We shall be in touch Lucy," Lucius Malfoy had a voice that carried into the kitchen before anyone saw him. Nick and Emma looked at each other before Emma ducked behind a counter. Nick stood over her and had his wand ready just in case.

"I appreciate it. Now don't you two be shy to ever come by, that goes for you too Draco. Come whenever you like," Lucy tried to place a gentle smile on her face but it just looked forced. Lucy didn't smile. Draco nodded and stood quickly wanting to get other of there. He was tired of being around death eaters. For the first time ever he just wanted to go back to Hogwarts. He looked over at Nick to see him shake his head slightly, scared he'll rat his sister out. All Draco did though was nod his head and duck out the door. The other also nodded in his direction before leaving. Snape lingered for a moment before raising an eyebrow and exiting.

"You can come out now," Lucy announced once the door was locked, like it would stop them. Emma stood up and brushed herself off like she was just looking for something on the floor while she slide her wand back in her holder.

"You could have warned us," Nick was furious at his mother. How could she almost get Emma caught like that?

"Unfortunately I didn't have much time to prepare myself. I was out in the garden when they came," Lucy looked bored with the conversation as she went to leave the room back to her wing of the house.

"I'm leaving tonight," Emma announced before Lucy disappeared. Lucy just nodded before continuing to exit, she knew it was only a matter of time. Nick on the other hand looked heartbroken.

"So soon?" He asked with a small voice. He felt like they were children again, he felt as though he was apart to lose part of himself.

"It's time. I have instructions where I am suppose to go and I will be protected there," Emma sat at the table with another glass of water.

"That's where you went last night," Nick sat next to her but refused to lock eyes. He knew he would cry then.

"Yes. I met up with the others and secured my spot," Emma felt like she was breaking inside but held it together. "You know it's not safe anymore here or around...," Emma didn't want to finish that sentence.

"Me," Nick did it anyways. He knew it was because he was officially a death eater that she was leaving. A part of her knew he would never hurt her but a part of her knew that this was the only way to protect each other.

"No one must know though. We protect each other in secret still," Emma held out her pinky finger for Nick to wrap his around which he did. He knew she was right, this was the only way.