Emma laid low over the weekend, hanging out with the others in the Gryffindor common room or by the lake. The topic of Draco, You-Know-Who and the order was off the table. They all needed a break from the constant paranoia. Monday morning though was different. Something in the air felt different.

"Emma! Wait up!" She turned around at the sound of her name to see Harry hurrying after her. She still had two more flights to go up in the castle to get to the seventh floor for her next class, she was going to be late. Harry huffed for a moment in front of her catching his breath before talking.

"Where is your next class?" He asked pushing his glasses up. Emma ran her hands through her hair wanting to rip it out with this annoying question.

"Seventh floor. Why?" She asked while trying not to notice at the amount of students disappearing around them.

"The Room of Requirement is there correct?" He asked while pulling out a blank piece of paper that was folded. She nodded not understanding what he wanted with that room. No one needed that room.

"Do you think you could skip that class and go into it?" He asked while mumbling words to the paper which soon lit up with red marks. She could see footprints moving all over it and labeled classrooms. It was a map.

"I suppose...why?" She asked getting more and more confused as she saw her and Harry's name on the map standing still next to each other. Then she looked at the seventh floor placement and saw the name Draco Malfoy disappearing. That's why. She nodded understanding before turning and leaving Harry behind. She wasn't sure what she was going into but whatever it was she knew Harry needed her to do it. She was one person that Draco might not suspect as apart of The Order. He might just assume her as a girl who was friends with them still. No harm, no danger.

Emma marched up until she saw the place where he had vanished from. She closed her eyes and focused on what she needed, to find Draco before stepping through the wall. She opened her eyes to see a room full to the top of just stuff. Old furniture, jewelry, books, you name it and it was there. But the one thing she needed wasn't seen. She placed her hand in her robe until she felt her wand and drew it out just in case. She walked around a few corners, making mental notes of the items around her so she could find her way out. Then she saw him looking at a piece of furniture that was covered in a white sheet.

"What are you doing here?" Draco asked like he already knew who was behind him. But he didn't. He assumed it was Nick, his ever following new backup. He wasn't expecting to hear the voice he did.

"I didn't mean to stumble in, I just leaned against the wall in thought and fell in," Emma tried to sound like she was lost. Unaware of where she was. Draco turned and met her eye before quickly looking down, he had been followed somehow.

"Sure you did," he said in a snarky voice before stepping away from the vanishing cabinet under the sheet and eyeing a piece of emerald jewelry on one of the tables around.

"I'll just keep trying to find the exit," Emma no longer wanted to be here. Something about this boy made her feel off.

"I'll help you. Seeing as you aren't the brightest Travers," Draco sneered at her with bright eyes, like he knew a secret. Which he did of course. Emma felt her face drop but she quickly pulled it together and watched as he walked past.

"You don't want to be one of them. Just like him," Emma told him confidently as they rounded corners. If they were going to battle now was the time, in a room no one ever thought about.

"You don't know anything," Draco called back keeping his facial features even. This girl would not get the best of him.

"I think I do," Emma know ran in front of him and blocked his path. Draco stopped and took a step back from her.

"Then you're dense," he raised his eyebrows at the girl who dared to cut him off. To stand up to him. Didn't she know who she was dealing with?

"Not as much as you," she commented back while gripping her wand tightly just in case. She was waiting to push him over edge.

"Get out of my way," Draco simply commanded but she didn't move. She didn't even blink. "Didn't you hear me?" He got louder this time but she once again did nothing.

"You're apart of them but you don't want to be," Emma shook her head slowly. She knew how to read people and Draco was cracking.

"Oh that's right, Harry Potters little friends know everything right," Draco chuckled and rolled his eyes while crossing going to his arms. But mid cross Emma caught his left arm and raised his sleeve before he could even react. The mark was now in the open. Draco yanked away causing the girl to stumble after him. He steadied her as they almost tripped over a chair that was laying in the middle of the path.

"You're one of them," Draco talked slowly like he was stunned. He couldn't believe this girl just pulled up his sleeve like that. He couldn't believe this girl just saw his mark. Emma couldn't believe it herself. She hadn't even seen her brothers.

"Yes and you're one of them," Emma confirmed what she had already known. Draco was a death eater and he was now aware she was apart of The Order like the others. They stared at each silently before he let go of her arms which he was still holding from keeping her from falling.

"If you speak a word I'll kill you," Draco told her with a death glare but Emma just stood up straighter.

"No you won't," she told him before turning and finding her way out of the room, leaving him behind.

She was right. He wouldn't.