Summer in the U.S.-2

Chapter 2

Dinner & Meeting

"Kagome! Kagome dear, wake up." Ms. Higurashi shook her daughter's shoulder until the girl groaned and sat up on her bed. "Kagome! Hurry up and get dressed for dinner honey!" Her mom rushed out of her room mumbling something about earrings.

"Ugh! Stupid dinner and stupid restaurants." She stumbled around her room and looked at her watch, 5:55pm. "Blah." Kagome put on her favorite dress and headed down to the dining room where her mom said to meet them.


Inuyasha rushed down to the dinning room, he was starving! He spotted Sesshoumaru's white hair and headed towards him. He was talking on his cell phone and surrounded by co-workers.


Kagome entered the large room and searched for her mother or brother. She spotted them. She hurried over, she hadn't eaten in hours!


Inuyasha and Kagome both rushed a little to their tables and ended up bumping into each other.

"Oh, uh..." Inuyasha stuttered.

"Ah, um..." Kagome glanced at him.

"Gomenasai!" They said at the same time. For a second they stared at each other in disbelief.

"You can speak Japanese?" Inuyasha broke the silence.

"Hai." Kagome smiled politely.

"I'm Inuyasha." He said and glared at the staring people. 'What is it with Americans and other languages?!'

"I'm Kagome."

Inuyasha smiled at her a little too long for Sesshoumaru's liking. "Inuyasha! Sit down." Inuyasha said bye and went to sit with his boring brother and his boring brother's boring co-workers.

Kagome walked over to her mother who only gave her a knowing smile. "Kind of cute huh?" She asked her daughter.

"Mom!" Kagome hissed.

Inuyasha picked this up with his ears that were scrunched up under the hat. He smiled as she blushed.

(after dinner)

"Come Inuyasha!" Sesshoumaru called to his brother. They were standing at the entrance to the dining room and Inuyasha was looking back at Kagome as she finished her desert. He wanted to at least say good bye. "Inuyasha!"

"Huh? Oh, sorry." He replied to his brother who looked thoroughly annoyed.

"You are a hanyou brother, remember that." Sesshoumaru glared at him and Inuyasha looked down at the ground sadly. Why did he of all beings have to be a half-breed?

Kagome saw Inuyasha's brother tell him something and then Inuyasha looked really sad. What could be so mean to make him look like that? After Inuyasha and his brother left she waited for her family to finish and they went back to their rooms.

(Inuyasha's room)

'I wonder what room she's staying in. She wouldn't want to be my friend if she knew I was a hanyou though.' He pulled on his pajamas and went to bed, he was finally getting used to the time difference. He dreamed about foods and climbing trees when he was little and...Kagome.

(Kagome's room)

'I hope I see him again. We both will be here for the month so...maybe. He's really cute. But he's the only other person I can talk to! Thank god someone else speaks Japanese here. I would go nuts if I was only able to talk to others through mom or Souta!' She flipped through the channels on the small TV in her room. Nothing she could understand, yay. Kagome slipped under the covers and forced herself to sleep.

(Next morning-Kagome)

"Ugh. Why so early?" She mumbled as the sun shone in her eyes making her dream world go red. She got up and saw her mother come through the door that joined their rooms.

"Good morning dear." Ms. H said happily.

"Too early!" Kagome groaned and rolled over.

"Hunny, it's noon and you should get up now. I am going to get a message today and Souta is going to the kids fun house for the day. You can either come with me or find something to do."

"Like what?"

"Like...the pool, or ..."

"Okay, okay. I'm going to the pool." Kagome rose from her bed and dragged herself to the shower. Her mom said bye and she and Souta left. After a refreshing bath Kagome put on her dark blue bikini and ran out the door not bothering to lock it.

(Inuyasha's room ^ ^ oooooo)

"Inuyasha!" Sesshoumaru yelled. Inuyasha bolted upright and yawned. "Inuyasha, I have a meeting to be at and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon. Don't get yourself into trouble or I will send you to Sweden with the crazy shoed people again."

Sesshoumaru wanted to laugh at the look of horror on his little brother's face. They once had to wear large wooden shoes when the were on a Scandinavian business trip. Inuyasha thoroughly hated it and snuck on board a plane back to Japan after just one day.

"What am I supposed to do for two days?!" He mumbled as he pulled off his pajama shirt and searched for a clean one. Sesshoumaru sometimes wondered how such a lazy HANYOU could be so well toned. His brother often attracted females until they saw his teeth or ears. One of Inuyasha's friends, a girl, actually wanted him to get plastic surgery so she could date him. Inuyasha stopped seeing her after that and seemed to be more closed off ever since. "Hellooooo?"

Sesshoumaru snapped out of his daze of staring at the wall. "Well, no bars, there is an arcade but it's for the younger youth, a pool, a drawing room, some lounges, and a spa. There are some other things but I must go now."

"Yeah, see you in two days." Inuyasha put on a fake smile. It disappeared the second his older brother shut the door though.

Inuyasha had gotten dressed while his brother made eyes with the wall, obviously thinking about Inuyasha's past. He always looked like that when he remembered their childhood or something bad from their past.

'Well, I might as well go to the pool. It'll be just like taking a shower only more fun.' He thought to himself and again got changed.

He walked out of his room wearing a tee-shirt and his dark blue bathing shorts. A casual hat covered his ears. He knew he would have to press them hard against his head in order to keep others from seeing them but also to keep the water out.