"I didn't mean to kill her, but death lurked in every doorway with hell at that one dark window.

One minute I was stationed there, geared up to fight, and then the next minute the air bowed black

around me.

My voice gripped the icy wall of her mind in the darkness, her cry muffled amongst the mist.

The arctic rain slashed at her face, an evil dance upon her head, as I tried to get my bearings.

The hair on the back of her neck stood firm, a shiver ran down her spine, and a lump came to her throat.

And that's when it happened.

I attacked.

Like I said, I didn't mean to kill her. But I did."


I walked silently down the corridor to first period, my ponytail swishing softly behind me, my hand shaking around my bland backpack. I had been doing this for nearly a year here in Forks, and still, I didn't fit in. I tried to keep myself out of the public eye, hidden away from society, but that didn't seem to work. I was deemed a freak, an outcast, a monster. The girl that no one went near at lunch because she had "issues with food". The girl who everyone called "fat" and "worthless" and someone who should "never have been born." My mother and father were rich; they resided just on the outskirts of town in their mansion with me. Because of that, I was called all sorts of names such as a "snob" or "stuck-up". I wasn't like that at all. People assume that those who are rich have a perfect life but it's more difficult than people imagine.

My parents always expected high things of me, from a very young age I had to be perfect. No toddler is perfect. I was never allowed to play with things in fear that the house would get dirty or ruined. I always had to wear the best clothes and was never allowed to wear anything other than dresses. I was told to only speak when spoken to and to follow along with what people asked of me. I was punished for not getting full marks in all my subjects, was never allowed out with friends, and my parents chose who I would 'date' once I hit my teenage years. They were currently trying to find me a "suitable husband." Before moving to Forks, I ate what I wanted to eat despite my mother's disproval. It was only when she called me "obese" that I started going to the bathroom after meals to throw up. She approved of this, encouraging me that this was the way to get back to being perfect.

I walked with my head down into English, judging where my desk was just by looking at the floor. When my hand brushed the wood, I slowly looked up and slid into the seat. I was just about to slouch down out of view when my eye caught the desk to the left of me. The desk was normally vacant, but today some handsome stranger was settled comfortably there. And he was staring at me.

I swallowed softly, sitting up a bit straighter as he offered me a quiet hello. He was impossibly good looking; his skin a granite-pale but perfect and flawless. There were light purple circles just under his eyes which were a golden topaz colour and dimples at his pale lips that made him seem a little less threatening. His hair was a mess of matted curls, a strange shade of dark black and dark brown and styled in casual disarray. He was tall, even sitting down, and had an extremely, burly, muscular build. In comparison to the other new person – assumedly his sister – he was the most intimidating. "I'm Emmett Cullen." He said, his eyebrows scrunching up in what seemed to be frustration. "You are...?"

"Rosalie Hale." I croaked, my hand brushing my bangs to the side of my face. "I…uh…are you new?"

"Yes." A small smile tugged at his lips. "And so is my sister, Alice." He inclined his thumb to the right of me – pointing to another stranger, extremely godlike.

"Hi!" The petite girl chirped. She had pixie-like features, large eyes and long, delicate eyebrows. Her hair was cropped short, spiky and deep black, her moves a carriage that would break any ballerina's heart. She was perfect.

"Um, Hello." I stumbled softly, feeling the blush cover my pale cheeks.

"You must know our brother and sister already? They've been here 2 weeks?" Emmett offered flawlessly.

I stared down at my notebook. Why was I surprised? Of course, they were related. "Edward and Bella? Yeah…"

"Have you talked to them?" Alice asked. "Jasper's new too. He started today but doesn't have English." She frowned a little, seeming upset at this.

"No, no one really talks to them…" I said, feeling a little guilty about that. Edward and Bella seemed too perfect, too god-like, to even approach. People just stayed clear. Even the 'popular', confident people.

"Well," Alice brightened up, sitting higher in her chair. "I'm sure you'll get to know them! We don't bite!" she giggled softly.

Emmett shot her a look and she settled back into her chair. "Nice to meet you, Rosalie." He murmured a few seconds later. The sound of my name on his lips made me melt.

"You too, Emmett." I replied, just in time before the teacher came in to start the lesson.

The rest of the morning passed slowly, and I managed to dodge the Cullen's. Music was the second lesson of the day where I ran into all five of them. I gathered their family was very musical, unlike me, who only took the subject because I loved to sing, and because it was the only other option left.

Alice waved excitedly at me from the back of the class and I slowly made my way over to her. "Hi, Alice." I whispered quietly.

She smiled as I settled into the seat next to her. "What do you play?"

"I don't." I blushed in embarrassment. "I sing."

She beamed in excitement. "Emmett likes to sing sometimes as well! That's cute."

Emmett smirked and quickly moved his hand to cover it. "Don't worry, Rose. She'll cool off eventually. She's just very excitable. We never went to public school." I didn't miss how he'd already given me a nickname.

I nodded in understanding, not wanting to butt in on their personal life. "That's good that you sing, Emmett."

"I play too." He told me, but not in a way that seemed stuck-up. He was just being honest. "I can play a little piano like Edward, but my massive fingers mess up the keys, so I really love playing the drums."

"My mom used to play the piano for me." I whispered, not wanting to talk about my past, but not wanting to be rude and not reply. "It was my childhood."

Emmett smiled in sympathy, as if he sensed there was just something sad behind my statement.

It was only then that I realized Edward, Bella and Jasper were sitting right behind us.

I looked at Bella cautiously, knowing all too well that she avoided the very few girls in our grade that had tried to talk to her. But with her family, she seemed content, kind of nice. She had a beautiful slender figure, the kind you would see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She was just beyond belief. Her long dark brown hair was flowing in large ringlets down to her waist, her wide-spaced topaz eyes glittering against her pale skin and prominent cheekbones. She had long eyelashes, perfectly sculptured eyebrows and large, shaded pink lips.

"Hello, Rosalie." She said quietly, her face a stone mask, never changing. Her eyes stared at me intently, mixed feelings hidden behind them.

I looked down at the table, feeling powerless under her deep stare. "Hello, Bella." I managed to mumble back.

Before I could sink into my own hurt thoughts and feelings, I was pushed to the side forcefully by a large but slender elbow. I shot my hands out to the ground, landing awkwardly on my chin as I hit the floor.

"Oops!" The quiet voice grew louder, and I jumped. "I didn't mean to make you fall. I'm Edward." Edward reached down his hand in offer to lift me up. I stared for a few seconds, dazed, before taking the offer.

Edward was tall but not at all muscular compared to Emmett. He had the same pale, granite skin as the rest of the family with bronze colored hair that reminded me much of a lion's maine, high cheekbones and deep topaz colored eyes.

"You need to be more careful, Edward." Emmett told his brother. He held a very reserved, concerned expression. "Rose, are you okay?" He took me by the elbow, pulling me around to face him so that he could study my chin.

"Yes, thank you Emmett." I blushed. I was bruising a lot lately and really didn't need the hassle of somebody noticing what was going on.

"I'm sorry, Rosalie." Edward replied, his lips dropping in regret.

"It's alright, honestly." I told him quietly. "I'm clumsy anyway."

He smiled again sympathetically, taking note that the situation was okay.

"Hello, Ma'am" A voice with a southern accent said from behind me just as I turned to face the front. "I'm Jasper."

"Nice to meet you, Jasper."

Jasper stood at around 6'3" and had golden honey blond hair. He was muscular, but lean, unlike Emmett. His skin was pale and granite-like, masked with inhumane beauty and purple shadows under his eyes. His eyes, like the rest of the family, were that same golden topaz. The only difference with Jasper was that he had many crescent-shaped scars scattered along his jawbone, eyes and neck.

The rest of the day moved slowly, and I found myself exhausted by the time the last bell rang.

The rain bounced off the sidewalk heavily on my journey home and it didn't really help boost my mood. My mother had taken my car off for me for the week, stating that she was getting it fixed after the engine gave out, so I was forced to walk. I didn't mind when the weather was dry, but when was Forks ever dry?

My bag hit the ground as my shoulder eventually ached in protest. Although the contents in my bag were probably drenched to the bone, I couldn't really care less. I settled on dragging it behind me, barely lifting it off the ground to avoid a couple of heavy puddles.

"Rose!" The cry was so quiet I wasn't sure it even existed. It was only when it arose through the wind again that I turned. Alice was hanging out of a silver Volvo, an elegant patterned rain hood covering her hair from the downpour.

The car pulled to the sidewalk, and she looked towards me with a look of pure confusion. "Why are you walking in this weather?"

"My mother has my car and I don't know when I'll get it back." I sighed reluctantly; it just made me look even more shameful. The Cullen's might have been new, but it was obvious that they were rich too. I just looked pathetic standing in the rain, my canvas bag and shoes covered in filth from the ground.

"Well, get in the car!" She screeched, almost frowning at the look in my appearance. "Edward, Emmett and I don't mind about the wet." She added, seeing my alarmed expression.

I stood on the pavement for a few seconds, bouncing from foot to foot, feeling the icy rain hitting my scalp. I reluctantly accepted the offer, cringing when I climbed into the back of the car next to Emmett and relaxed against the pristine, dry seats. "So," I started. "School finished almost half our ago."

"Yes." Edward replied from the driver's seat. "We had to stay behind to discuss some things with reception, because we're new."

"Oh." I nodded in understanding, still aware that I was getting rain all over his beautiful car. "Thank you for the ride. You really didn't have to."

"Rose," Emmett butted in before Edward could speak. "The rain here in Forks is alarmingly cold and for you to have walked in it for 30 minutes is very concerning. You are shivering and your speech is quite slow. Are you okay?"

I stared at his swirling eyes for a few seconds, taking in what he was saying. I hadn't noticed my shivering or decrease in speech. The rain wasn't that cold, was it? "I'm fine, Emmett." I whispered, not liking the concern he had for me. Concern from other people never led to anything good.

He sighed inaudibly, leaving the conversation at that.

It only took just over 15 minutes for Edward to come to a stop outside of my house with his alarming speed. "There you go, Rose. This is the right…house?"

"How did you know where I live?" I asked as I slid out of the car and into the icy rain once more. "I didn't tell you."

"Our dad is a friend of your father's." Was all he said. As I turned to leave, he reached out and grabbed my wrist to get my attention. When I was looking into those swirling topaz pools exactly like Emmett's, he whispered, "Be safe Rosalie. I suggest a steaming hot bath, some blankets and a good night's rest. I wouldn't want you getting sick as Emmett said."

Nodding in shock, I turned and headed into the house.