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DNAngel (1) - Welcome to Azumano

How long is this going to take?

"—just got a call from your uncle. They said that they can't take care of another kid, so we can't have you go there. The only one who was willing to consider the idea was the eldest Kujikawa-san, an old lady who lives in a small country town by herself. However, her children convinced her otherwise., so that avenue's closed"

Nagi frowned as the man in front of him continued to talk about his options. Having woken up early to have this meeting, only to waste the majority on talking about how his options were limited, Nagi wasn't in a particularly good mood.

"But I did talk to another uncle of yours. If I recall correctly, I believe he is your late mother's cousin."

At least it's better than nothing. "So what did he say?"

The man searched through the pile in his hands before answering. "We talked it over a bit, and he agreed to house you for a few years. At least until you reach an appropriate age where you can make any further decisions after that."

Which is about four more years.

"Hah… fine, so when can I move in with him?"

"Hold on, I got his information here somewhere." Finding it, he passed the paper over to Nagi. "He has a large manor in the Tokyo prefecture, in the Azumano district. It's only him living alone there, so you won't be inconveniencing him."

The word inconveniencing tugged at something in Nagi, but he ignored it.

"We also talked about enrolling you into the local middle school. You'll find that most of your papers are already filled out. You'll be transferring in late though, but it shouldn't take too much effort to catch up to your peers."

Having already finished the equivalent of high school education in his previous life, Nagi didn't feel too worried about that prospect.

Seeing that things were finishing up, Nagi slowly got up from his seat and shook the man's hand. "Thank you for doing this, sir."

"Not at all. Your father made sure that you would be taken care of in case he couldn't, and it is my job to ensure that his wishes are met."

"Nonetheless, thank you."


Nagi Kujikawa.

That is the name that he goes by now, but he still remembers another name that he used to go by.

Amongst fragmented memories, he recalled another life living in another country across the ocean. Memories of growing up and slowly emerging into an adult, only to be cut off too soon by events outside his control.

It took a long time for the memories to come back, for his brain to make sense of the strange mess of information. Even now, Nagi still didn't have the entirety of his past life's memories, every now and then learning something new about his previous self. While inconvenient at some times, it may have also been a blessing in disguise. Learning a new language, growing up in a higher class of wealth, dealing with a new culture. Growing up without any preconceived notions or habits from his previous life made assimilating into a new culture and lifestyle so much easier.

Sometimes, Nagi wonders how or why he still recalls his past life's memories. But usually, those trains of thoughts just led him in circles, and eventually, he grew up thinking that it was probably just a quirk of fate.

His new life was extremely different from his old one.

After consolidating and absorbing his memories, he understood that his mother died soon after giving birth to him, having a weak body since she was young. His father - while loving and caring when available - was often busy with work, leaving him in the company of a multitude of carers for the majority of his life.

And quite recently, an accident took the life of his father. Barely in his teens, his father's arrangements allowed Nagi to not worry about his living situation, setting up several lawyers to deal with the aftermaths.

Which is how he found himself greeting his uncle from his mother's side outside his castle.

Let him repeat that last bit, he's standing outside his castle. As in, a gigantic medical looking building that towered over him and was most certainly not a manor. Nagi knew that his father was rich, but he didn't know that his mother's family was also wealthy.

"Hello to you, young man." A tired-looking man greeted him at the door.

It took a moment for Nagi to recall the name of his uncle from the information he received.

"Greetings, Nishizawa-san." Nagi lowered his body and bowed to the other man.

The man waved him aside.

"No need for that, we're family. Please, just call me Uncle." The man ushered him inside, and Nagi followed while dragging his luggage behind him. "I was sorry to hear about your father. My condolences."

Nagi was distracted by something and didn't respond to his uncle immediately. That is until he realized that his uncle was waiting for a response. "Thank you. Did you know him well?"

"A little bit. I met your father when your mother - my cousin - was dating him, and I attended their wedding to celebrate their union."

The two of them walked upstairs and down a hallway before they stopped. Opening a door, his Uncle showed him a bare room. "I had someone clean up the room just recently. This is where you will sleep from now on. Just tell me if there is anything else you need."

"Not at all, this looks perfect."

"Most of your belongings were already mailed ahead of time. They're still in their boxes that I had temporarily stored in a storage room. You can spend tomorrow unpacking them, and I'll explain to you how the school system here works."

Once again bowing, Nagi gave a polite smile. "Thank you."


They had a nice, but quiet, dinner together that evening. His uncle left to retire for the night, while Nagi changed into his nightclothes and slowly waited for the clock to tick.

11:57 p.m.

Nagi thought about what his new life would be like for the next four years. His uncle seemed like a nice guy, even if he was a little quiet. And the castle, while offputting at first, seems like a perfect place to explore.

11:58 p.m.

It kinda sucks that he had to transfer schools though. Especially since he lost a lot of his friends and classmates when he moved to Tokyo. Nagi reminded himself to ask his uncle later for the home phone number so that his classmates could call him.

11:59 p.m.

Nagi yawned as the exhaustion from everything that's happened that day finally hit him. Pulling his sheets over his head, he quickly fell asleep.




"... it seems like he is not ready yet, let him rest for now. Until we meet again, young traveler."

I'm in the mood for starting another big project, since I stopped working on EscRe (Escalating Reincarnation). D. is the first anime I've ever watched - unless you count Pokemon or Yugioh episodes. Either way, I want to write a self insert story on the first real anime I've ever seen, and because why not, I'm adding Persona elements to this story.