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Royal Woods Juvenile Correctional Facility. One can say it's a lively place. Well for one inmate, it is far from it. It was a very dreary place, one that promises to improve your behavior but everyone knows that's a lie. There is nothing "Correctional" about a place that kills you on the inside and scars you on the outside. We only see that which is on the outside, but not the inside. We travel through the facility, seeing the less, confrontational children, but the deeper we go, the more dread we feel. Traversing deeper into the facility, until we end up in solitary confinement, where we only see the silhouette of the inmate currently residing. Their features are hidden due to the total blackness of the cell. Before, it would be a comfort, but now, it became true agony. Sensing they are not alone upon being aware of your presence, they began to monologue. A deep raspy moan, followed by a toothy grin of hostile intent, visible from the darkness.




I know you're there. Let me tell you a fun story.

There are many people in the world who are stubborn, many who are quiet, and many who are stoic. So many tough nuts to crack, but any nut can be cracked eventually. It just takes a little force. Excessive force; or in regards to someone I know, incomprehensible force. It is at that point where the walls they've built up, will come crashing down in a downward spiral of total madness and hysteria.

I've seen all the signs up close, but I willfully pushed things further, and without any remorse. I've shown the utmost support and nurturing that is only rivaled by one. I've done a lot of things to show how much I cared. And in the end, seems it does do wonders in the long run. Many are under the assumption that I'll rot here. If only they knew. Despite my temperament, I won't be here for long. But, as I wait, let me tell you a story. I come from a large family. It's mostly me and 10 siblings, along with my mother and father. We're a strange bunch, but we still have each other backs. Now when it comes to my siblings; I'm afraid to say I only get along with just a couple of them. My oldest sisters could be considered your typical valley girls, then again that exactly hasn't been the case for years, not since one of them had to step up after our oldest left for college and eventually settled down on her own. I think. I barely pay attention to her anymore.

My other sisters are, oh boy, this going to sound very hypocritical. They can be rather strange. opinionated, aggressive, vain, you name it. And my brother, oh I get along with him swimmingly. He's basically my partner in crime. We worked together on many things before, and once I'm out of this smelly dungeon, we'll continue where we left off. But there is one sister that is a special case. Stoic, composed, even have her bratty moments. And yet, I adore that tiny thing. I would follow her to the ends of the earth if I have to, and I certainly will. But even she has limits, and well, I should just start at the very beginning and where everything went to total shit. Because as I said, I would gladly do it again.

So just get comfortable, this will be a long one. Let's get the main introduction over with. My name is Lucy Loud and my sister? She's the most intelligent person to ever grace our strange yet thrilling lives. This is a story of how even our most composed and headstrong loved ones, can completely lose it and descend into a total spiral of chaos and ruin.

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