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Deep in the oddly forestlike Makai. . .

Yusuke was standing there, beside his hot dog stand. He put on his sunglasses again, thinking they looked cool, but couldn't see in the dim light filtering through the trees overhead. Tossing them to the ground in annoyance, he jumped, noticing they'd landed beside a pair of feet.

"Huh?" he gasped, startled. Those feet looked oddly familiar somehow. But, he couldn't place it. They were big feet. Abnormally big. The shoes encompassing them were ragged and had holes in them. The big, dirty feet wriggled a little. As if they were saying, "Look at us! Don't you know us, Yusuke?"

A little ahem from above the shoes startled Yusuke from his trance. He blinked twice, and slowly let his eyes rise up from the feet. Lo and behold, attached to them were ankles. Then shins, knees, a waistline . . . egad! A belly button could be seen from where the shirt was torn quite a bit. Yusuke jerked his eyes up to the face of the person standing before him, and was greeted cheerfully.



Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei (who still believed he was a dog) were walking down the streets of downtown Tokyo. Kurama held the end of a leash in one hand, the other end attached to a collar, around Hiei's neck.

"Woof!" he was barking, crawling down the street on all fours. Kuwabara marched alongside Kuwabara, saluting to his captain every now and then.

"Gasp!" Kurama screamed at random, halting suddenly and pointing. Kuwabara ran into him from behind, and Hiei was jerked to a stop. He released a growl that said, What the hell? I was walking over here.

Kuwabara looked to where Kurama had pointed, and gasped. "Yes, captain! Let us go!"

"Of course," Kurama replied, smug. "I have all the best ideas, you know."

Hiei picked his hands up off the ground, now on his knees, in an attempt to be a taller dog. "I can't see—arf!"

"Come on, Hiei-chan!" Kurama walked forward, and pulled Hiei along with him. Kuwabara followed, the loyal soldier he was. The three of them walked in this manner toward the building Kurama had seen. Attached to the building was a sign. The building was only one story tall, and the bricks were chipped and broken in spots. Worn graffiti on the sides of it, a door of rusted iron, the building seemed to invite them. The sign on the building, or rather, the sign spraypainted in yellow onto the front of it, read Dirty Dancing! High-class chicks! XXX!, among some other various, vulgar things that were worn a little from being there for years.

Kurama's fried-out brain told him, "Mmm. . ." Hiei sat on the ground, tilting his head to one side like a confused puppy. Kuwabara had a light pink hue to his cheeks. "Heh heh heh. . . girls in there." He nodded knowingly.

"They aren't open yet," Kurama said, almost as if he'd already planned this out, "There's a place to eat across the street. Let's get something to eat first."

"Yes, sir!" Kuwabara saluted. Hiei gave a sharp bark, and saluted with one hand made into a fist, to resemble a dog's paw. Kurama put on a haughty dictator's smirk and led the way across the street to hijack some burgers.


"Jim!" Shouted Yusuke excitedly. Jim grinned wide, and shouted back.






"I can't understand you, Jim."

Jim seemed a little perturbed by this last comment. "Jiiiiim," he muttered, shaking his head and putting one hand against his forehead in a frustrated manner. Yusuke reached into his stand and pulled out a hot dog.


"Jim!" Jim gladly took the hot dog, and chewed on it with his mouth open, while Yusuke spun the tale of the time Botan had tied his underwear in a knot. Jim just chewed on his hot dog, nodding continuously throughout the entire story. As Yusuke talked, and Jim chewed and nodded, they walked from the hot dog stand through Makai.


"Okay," Said Kurama, throwing away his still uneaten hamburger. Gotta watch the figure, something in his mind told him. So he did. "I'm ready."

"Yes sir!" said Kuwabara again. That's all he'd been saying for the past hour and a half, and that made Kurama happy. Hiei drooled a little, which was also good enough for the fox boy. He wasn't picky.

The three of them, in all their high glory, walked across the street to the little run-down home-away-from-home they had stumbled upon. Kurama pushed open the heavy, rusted door, and walked into a dimly lit room.

"Welcome," a seductive, feminine voice spoke. "I assume you want the—"

"No, no," Kurama interrupted. "We want work."

A light flicked on, and a girl with a high-cut, slightly torn skirt and a low-cut, slightly torn top stood there looking at him with bloodshot eyes and a curious look about her face. Without a word, she motioned for them to follow her. She turned the light back off, leaving the room dim, and led them to a door labeled Staff Only, however Staff was crossed out and replaced by something vastly inappropriate.

Only a few minutes later, the three of them were ready for the show to go on. Hiei was dressed in all tight, black leather. Chains attached collars around his neck, wrists, and ankles. One went up from his neck to the ceiling. Rrrowr, he kept growling for effect.

Kuwabara was dressed in a kitty outfit. Ears atop his head, and a tail attached to the black thong he was wearing. Nothing anywhere else. He meowed and winked, and Hiei barked threateningly.

Then there was Kurama. Long, silver hair reached almost the floor. Golden fox eyes, silver fox ears, and a poofy, silver fox tail. He was dressed in a simple white outfit, almost like a robe. The same thing he always wore when he went Youko. He was pole dancing, and that seemed to do the trick. No borrowed outfit for Kurama.

A loud whistle came from the crowd, and a black-haired individual walked up to put a wad of cash into Kuwabara's thong.

"Hey, sexy." He said.

"Thank you—YUSUKE!" Kuwabara yelped. The music suddenly cut off in the background, and everyone in the establishment turned to stare at Yusuke and Kuwabara. All save Kurama; he was still pole dancing like nobody's business.

After a few seconds of silence (apart from the noises Kurama had begun to make), a sound broke the silence. "Jim!"

Kurama stopped suddenly. "Jim?!"



The fox leapt into the crowd, and ran to Jim. Turning back into his red- headed self, he gave the hobo a hug. Then they both coughed nervously and backed away from each other.

Nobody's gay around here!

Hiei, Kurama, Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Jim all made it out of the strip club with their lives. Hiei kept the collar. Jim had some things to tell Kurama.

"Jim! Jim, Jiiiiiim!" Jim threw his hands up excitedly. "Jim! Jim. . . JIM!"

When he was finished, Kurama sighed gravely, and then faced his friends with a cheery smile. "Jim says he's glad to be back."

"He said a lot more than that, Kurama, "Yusuke said knowingly. "What else?"

"Nothing else!" Kurama snapped defensively. The rest of them cringed. Good enough for us, they thought.

Suddenly, a boom echoed through the streets, bouncing off the tall buildings of Tokyo. The crew turned to look, and the strip club was still in sight. As the smoke cleared, they could see a lone figure standing in the street.

The figure had long, shiny, flowing black hair, and wore a mask over the lower part of his face. His eyes were narrow and angry, but somehow looked like they were having fun. The maniacal smile on his lips could almost be sensed, though it could not be seen for the mask. Standing in a haughty ha, I win, give me your money or the badger gets it pose, the figure let the wind billow his black cloak and hair, giving him a mysterious, sexy appeal. The figure was, indeed, a completely sober Karasu.

"KARASU!" Kurama shrieked in terror. The rest of them followed up with their own unique gasps.

"Nice to run into you again . . . Kurama."


Dum dum duuuuuuuuuuuum . . .