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Hina ½

Chapter 2 – Let the Games Begin!

"Breakfast!" Shinobu called for everyone to come eat. Slowly the residents gathered, including the new ones, Genma and Ranma. Kitsune came in first, and sat at her place with a bottle of sak¾. Keitaro came down with Naru after him, promising to keep an eye on the "pervert." They had decided that he could stay yesterday, but it still didn't mean she liked it. Keitaro sat uneasily at the table, feeling Naru's glare. Motoko came down obviously feeling better. The room fell silent as she entered. All that was heard was the occasional contact of chopsticks against a plate or bowl. Ranma and Genma came down last. Genma quietly took his seat and Ranma next to him.

"Ranma, How are you and your inazuke doing? " Genma asked while his and Ranma's chopsticks clashed for food. Everyone watched on in awe. Even Motoko was slightly taken aback at the speed.

(A/N: inazuke is a fiancé or fiancée. Since I don't remember which if for male or female, I choose to use that Japanese term. It is pronounced inazke. The u in this case is silent, like it often is in Japanese)

"I didn't want a inazuke anyway." He turned a glance at Motoko. "It's not you or nothin'."

"No offence taken." Motoko paused as she watched them for a moment. "What are you two doing at the food table?!"

"Oh, this? Pop says everything can be made into a training exercise, this is one of them. If he or I want to eat, we have to earn it. Plus, the better you get, the more you get to eat." Ranma winked at Motoko. She blushed lightly.

"I see." She never thought of turning everyday things into Martial Arts training.

"Well, Ranma, I want you to begin training with her."

"Awww, but I don't hit gir-" Ranma was cut off by an icy stare by Motoko.

"You don't hit what?" She said a bit forcefully. This man and his father are quite insulting. Male bigot.


"It would be great for you to learn the sword, and especially her way to manipulate her chi. You have to admit you're probably excited to learn about that."

Ranma thought for a moment. He remembered her attacks. Those would be useful, and with chi like his, very powerful. He shook with anticipation. "Of course! It'll take no time!"

"It does take time." Motoko spoke up, "It took me years to be able to project it, and then years more to do it precisely."

"Aw, it's nothin. Just another technique I haven't learned yet. It'll be pie."

Motoko's brows furrowed at that statement.

Naru decided to speak up, "Ya know, with as much as you both are eating. You should pay rent. Probably a little higher too...."

Keitaro blinked. He picked up on that, and then took a glance at the non-existent seconds of food that were normally there. "Uh, yeah. You should at least pay something to cover the cost of what you eat."

"We can't help it," Ranma began, "Us high caliber Martial Artists use a lot of energy!"

"Here, Here!" Genma agreed. "Oh also, Ranma, you will begin to attend school here. You will be attending Motoko's."

"Aww, but Pops! I never needed school before, an' I don't want it now!" Ranma stood in challenge.

"Ranma, a Martial Artist must have a sharp mind, as well as sharp skills in the art."

Motoko raised an eyebrow at that. The old man had a few good gems of knowledge. "Yes, I agree Ranma. Plus, any inazuke of mine is going to be educated."

Ranma's eyes bugged out. "But, I don't wanna inazuke! Besides, who would want an inazuke like you!" Ranma maneuver #1, 'Put foot in stomach, via mouth.'

SHING! A sword found itself pointed at Ranma. "What's wrong with me, huh?" How can a guy that was so sweet to me last night, be so mean to me now?!

"Um," Ranma gulped at the blade as it glinted in the light. "N-Nothing."

"Good. Now that we agree, inazuke," she said the last word with a cold tone, " I want you educated!"

Genma laughed from his position at the table. She reminds me so much of Nodoka chan. "What spunk! That's good in a inazuke, boy!"

"Ya think death threats is spunk?" Ranma glared at his father.

Genma cleared his throat. "Would you rather have a quiet, demure housewife, or one that you could spar with, fight with, and keep you on your toes, boy?"

Ranma dropped his head dejectedly. The old man had a point. "This ain't over." Genma just chuckled.

Naru spoke up, "Ya don't have to marry a pervert like him!"

"Hey, who ya callin' a pervert!"

Naru stood and pointed accusingly at him. "You change into a girl! Probably do things in that body too!"

"WHAT!?! I'm a girl because of my dumbass father, and number 2, I DON'T DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT!" Ranma took a step of challenge in her direction.

"I will marry him.," Motoko intervened. "It is family honor. As of yet, he only has done one thing in my eyes that could be called 'perverted', but it was an accident. Or at least it better be." Motoko threw a look of plotted death if such a thing were true. "Otherwise, I might be a widow quite early."

Ranma gulped. Genma laughed again. "Such spunk!" Ranma spun on his old man. "Shut up, ya dumb PANDA!"

"Son you sound like a little g-rowf!" Water flew across the room in opposite directions. Suddenly the battle went out the kitchen and into the backyard area.

Motoko watched closely. They moved about as fast as she did, but had awesome skill. She decided to step in and end this fight. She was going to be late for school.

SHING! A sudden halt of a panda and a young girl ensued. Blade glinted in the sun as it was placed under a pigtailed girl's neck.

"NOW, the time for training is later, while the time for education begins shortly. Get changed, inazuke," She emphasized the word as if it was demeaning or commanding, almost sounding like 'slave' to a degree. It was like her control over him. "And be out front in 10 minutes."

Ranma grumbled, but went to the house. He snatched the book bag that his father was holding out to him as he walked in the door.


Motoko was waiting for him as he exited the house. She started walking, seemingly ignoring his presence.

"So...ummm," Ranma decided for a little small talk. "Where's the school at?"

There was silence while Motoko weighed whether or not to continue ignoring him. "Well, after the trolley, about a mile walk east."

"Trolley?" Ranma repeated. "Why take a trolley?"

"Because it is quite a distance away. We would be late walking," Motoko stated a matter-of-factly.

Ranma gawked in disbelief. He hopped up on a nearby fence. That raised Motoko's eyebrow as he continued walking, and looked at her, like he was still on the ground. She could do something like that, but only with conscious effort. "Why don't we just run the distance. How many miles?"

Motoko smiled as she decided to break his arrogance with some reality. "Fifteen miles."

To her surprise, he answered, "That's all? We could probably beat the trolley there, and take a more direct root."

He was right about the direct root, but beating the trolley? Motoko pondered.

"You're a Martial Artist, right?" Ranma said as he rested his hands behind his head.

"That should go without saying."

"Ya know why I'm walking on the fence?"

"Why?" Motoko turned her head to look at him as she walked beside, and below him.

"It's like I said earlier, you can make anything into training. The plan was for me to train you, and you to train me right?"

Motoko nodded. "You may have much skill, but you aren't up to par with me or my pop."

Motoko started to get angry. Ranma decided to rephrase his statement.

"I mean, that your form is as good, if not better, but your endurance, speed, strength and other physical aspects need to be worked on."

She stopped and turned on him, and Ranma stopped along with her. "Who are you to say that!"

"Okay then. I guess I'll just have to prove it to you." Ranma paused. "Did you know that me and my father SWAM to China for our trip? We were too poor to fly there by plane. We also don't know of a technique to fly yet." Ranma continue mumbling to himself in a lower tone, "Though we are an aerial school.... It would be handy if we knew a chi technique to fly....."

"Swam! That's incredulous." Ranma gave her a serious look. "Fine. Let's say you did." Her words were laced with sarcasm.

"Oh yeah, I'll race you to the school, or you can take the trolley, if you want, but I'll still beat you there!"

Motoko paused. That was a challenge. "Alright, we'll race to the school. I won't use the trolley."

"Suit yourself. You'll need all the help you can get." Ranma suddenly darted off eastward.

Motoko began to glow slightly with anger. "Ooooohhhh, you're gonna pay for that! I'll show you and your kind Saotome!"

Ranma ran along rooftops agilely as Motoko attempted to mimic his feats. She was hard pressed to do so. He was doing it without hardly looking in front of him, often looking back at her and often sticking his tongue out. She narrowed her eyes, and began to move faster. She began hurling chi shots at him with her katana. To her surprise, Ranma could dodge, WHILE running across buildings and fences. Eventually he began to purposely kick back roof tiles as he ran. She would chop them to bits with her sword, but then her arms started to get tired, and she started to swat them away, instead of wasting energy shredding them to dust.

Ranma yelled back to her, "Good, you're learning. Anything Goes school is just that: doing anything it takes to win. The goal is efficiency, not style or beauty. But that can be an added bonus."

Motoko blinked at his wording. It made some sense. She then narrowed her eyes and continued to chase him, this time she wasn't so angry. She realized he was just provoking her into practicing and pushing herself into doing new feats. This time she calmed down and concentrated. She came really close to hitting him with her chi shots, estimating where he would land from watching, but as soon as he set foot on any surface, he was back into there air. The first time she figured to use this strategy, it came close to hitting him, and she smirked in anticipation, and then he suddenly was up in the air and the chi sailed under him.

This chase went on for longer than Motoko could remember. Then suddenly he stopped running. She wasn't watching her surroundings more than what was necessary to move and attack, and hadn't realized that were now the school. She was breathing heavily, and Ranma only looked lightly winded. If anything he had a huge amused grin plastered on his face. It made her want to smile back. She gave him a mock indignant look until she couldn't resist and chuckled a little bit. He joined in laughing.

It was then that they noticed all eyes on them.


Silence of similar to that of the graveyard filled the air. The students gazed upon them with unreadable looks. Motoko and Ranma suddenly felt nervous. They looked towards each other, then back at the crowd. The students finally remembered to breathe, and they all gasped. Rumors began to fly. All schools were the same, whether in Ranma's reality, or this one's. Motoko was never even seen speaking to a guy unless out of necessity, much less enjoying ones company. Something had to give and break this air. Motoko and Ranma felt frozen in place, a spectacle or human freak-show.

Ranma decided to ignore everyone. He didn't quite know what was causing the stir amongst the students, but then again he knows Motoko differently. "Motoko... What time is it?"

Motoko gladly accepted the excuse to prevent her from feeling so self-conscious in the face of everyone's stares. Motoko said it was around 8:00, school didn't start until nine.

"So, didn't I tell ya we'd get here faster on foot?"

Motoko could not believe that she covered such a distance on foot, faster than a bus or a car! "Yes, you did."

"And I beat you here. I also take it that the trolley hasn't even made it near here yet, meaning you wouldn't have beaten me that way."

Motoko looked thoughtfully. She had thought him arrogant, but he everything he says doesn't seem to be overstatements stemming from an over inflated ego. It was still obvious he needed to learn some humility though. I suppose I just did. I don't think he was trying to teach me humility, but that was the result. Yet again things are put into perspective.

The kendo club approached Aoyama and Saotome. They gave the Saotome a regarding look, and turned towards Motoko. The assistant Captain or who was called her second spoke up.

"What an unprecedented way of arriving at the school. Off a roof, and over the outer wall? What a vagabond way to arrive."

Ranma sized him up as the second in command waited for his evaluation. By the way he moved, Ranma could tell he was good, but not good as Motoko. He also walked in the fore, indicating he was in charge of the group.

"Ha! Vagabond you may call it, but could you do it?" Ranma smirked and crossed his arms. "Even your captain here was hard pressed to keep up. In a few days though, she should be able to do it with the best of 'em." Motoko blinked at his awesome deduction. She hadn't even told him.

"Hello, I haven't had the...pleasure of meeting you before. I'm Kenji, Nakano Kenji."

"Saotome, Saotome Ranma."

Motoko watched this confrontation from beside Ranma. She was basically invisible to them at the moment, but she still felt the tension in the air.

Motoko decided to make herself known. "This is my...friend who has come to stay with me. He will be attending school here."

"I see." He gave Ranma another stare. He doesn't desire to be near her. He lacks dignity and refinement. He probably doesn't even have honor

"Moving on, I must escort Ranma to the main office to make sure everything is fine, and to get his homeroom number. I'll see you at practice."

Kenji bowed. His eyes followed them as they continued walking toward the main entrance.


As Ranma and Motoko walked towards the main office, Ranma decided to speak. "What's up with that guy?"

"He is my second, the assistant captain. I, however, am the captain. The males around here have gotten use to my superiority in the arts, even though it was hard. They have much respect for me and my style."

"Hmmm, I suppose that's good to hear. He didn't seem to like me though."

"Oh.....well, perhaps I'll talk to him later about it."

"Don't worry yourself over it."


"Ah, yes, a Ranma Saotome you say? Hmmmm....yes a man came by recently to register him. He emphasized on him attending the same room as you Aoyoma." The secretary was digging through files and folders on her desk. She had glasses on that were a maroon color, and had a strap. She was close to middle age.

"Hmmm, Man said you are inazuke. I haven't known many people so young, planning to marry. Nowadays everything is getting more lose, and kids grow up faster." She paused to sigh, and then continued with her papers.

"It wasn't our choice or nothin'." Ranma decided it to be known he did not choose this.


Motoko spoke, "Our parents arranged it. Has something to do with our Martial Arts schools. I'm not entirely sure how my parents even know Saotome's." Motoko started to muse, talking out loud more for herself. "Perhaps I should ask Saotome's father today...."

"I see. I did not think anyone did arranged marriages anymore. Pretty traditional, and nowadays tradition is not regularly practiced. I still hope ya happiness, just the same. Besides," She looked at Motoko, "Ya got a cute boy there, girl."

Motoko blushed a bit. Ranma did a little from the compliment.

Motoko's ego defense kicked in along with her distaste for males. "I do not have any interest in him, at least that way."

"Ah. Suit ya self." The secretary shrugged with paper in hands. It was surprising she was not buried in it. "His records are cleared and his homeroom is with you."

Motoko bowed. "Thank you." She turned and walked out the door. Ranma stood there.

"Are you coming?" Ranma realized he was left behind.

"Oh, yeah." Ranma jogged lightly to catch up and fell lightly into step next to her.


Motoko and Ranma made small talk as they approached their room.

"So....um.... how do you like school?" Ranma asked.

"It is fine."

"Oh." Ranma paused in thought for a moment. "So....since I'm gonna be training you....are you gonna train me? I'd love to figure out how to project chi like you do."

"I guess that is a fair exchange. However, I will train you in the art of the sword first. Besides, I am not aware how to project chi without my sword. I am used to using some sort of weapon as a focus to do so."

"Well, that's cool. I suppose after I learn it, I'll figure out how to get around that problem. I'd love to do something like that with my fist."

They arrived at the room shortly after the end of that conversation. The class all turned their heads when they heard people entering. They always turned from curiosity and the possibility it could be the teacher or one of their friends. What the girls found was one very attractive male. The girls looked Ranma up and down, practically undressing him. Their stares made Ranma uncomfortable. Motoko noticed their stares and had to suppress a scoff. She found it foolish to act so hormonally drenched as these females were. Besides, Ranma wasn't all that special. Motoko cast a side-glance at Ranma, taking in his features from a side view. Motoko broke her stare after a few moments and swore to herself that he was not all _that_ handsome. She turned back to the class and unknowingly cast an icy stare at them. The girls suddenly thought it a safety hazard to look the direction of the pigtailed boy with Motoko nearby. Motoko looked around the room, and spotted two seats near each other. She took Ranma's hand and pulled him to them. The girls frowned and groaned when they saw this. The good ones were always taken, but how did Motoko snag this one? The answer had to be found.

Meanwhile, the guys sized up the new guy. From the stares the women gave, he was good competition. They wouldn't admit to themselves that it was no competition. The guys looked warily at him and their eyes followed him as he and Motoko moved across the room. Their gazes were hooded as they scowled at him. The males' scowl let up a little bit at the prospect of the remote chance the Motoko was his girlfriend. That would take him out of the competition, or so one would hope.

Ranma sat down beside Motoko. He was at the window and she the row over.

"Well, I suppose we have to wait for the teacher to arrive for introductions."

A few girls approached Motoko and Ranma. They were closer to Ranma. One spoke up, "So, are you two going out?"

Ranma answered as Motoko turned her attention to the conversation, seeing how it was relevant to her.


The girls had questioning looks on their faces; they were almost sure that was why. "Well, how do you know Motoko?"

Ranma looked at them nonchalantly, as he rested his chin on the palm of his hand. "Well, we live together."

The girls' eyes bulged out at that statement., their heads turned sharply towards the one referred to. They surrounded her.

"So how is it to live with such a hunk?" Motoko blinked.

Another girl asked, "So...have you seen him naked? I bet he looks damn fine." That caused a light pink hue to adorn Motoko's face.

"Um....." Motoko stated intelligently.

"He said they live together. Do you think they...ya know," one girl stated her pondering to the other girls.

"Hmm, he looks so strong. I'd just love to run my hands over him..." The girl blushed at her accidentally stated aloud thoughts. Ranma had blushed too. Girls were weird.

The teacher took that moment to enter. Motoko sighed in relief. The girls sighed in disappointment and returned to their seats.

"Morning class." The class rep called out, "stand, bow, sit."

"Today we have a new student, his name is Ranma Saotome." The girls snapped their fingers. They knew they forgot to ask something.

"Ranma, would you please come to the front of the room to introduce yourself?"

Ranma stood and the students eyes followed his path across the room. The guys feigned lack of interest. The girls followed his form with dreamy eyes. Ranma's handsome features were multiplied in their minds. Motoko resisted the strange urge to get angry and glare at the staring girls. She couldn't explain why she had that urge. A hand brushed across Ranma's rear only made her resistance break and her eyebrows furrowed with her lips in a frown. She glared at the girl who groped him. She let out a feeble "Eek" and pretended to be interested in things elsewhere.

Ranma had felt the hand across his rear, and did his best not to yell in protest to that action. He did not want to make a scene. The only outward reaction was his eyes widening. The other reaction that was only noticed by the girl who groped him, was the tightening of the muscles in his rear. She shuddered at the thought. So hard. That was when she noticed kendo girl's glare and looked elsewhere.

Ranma arrived at the front of the room shortly after a few more hands brushing him. He did his best to keep from glaring at the girls he suspected touching him. He cleared his throat.

"So, Ranma, where are you from, and what do you like?"

"I'm from this town, but I left on a ten year training journey for Martial Arts. I love Martial Arts; I'm the best there is."

Some of the students that practiced forms of Martial Art snorted at that. They gave him skeptical looks.

Class began and Ranma practically slept through the day. Motoko eventually noticed he wasn't just looking out the window, he was asleep sitting up. She discreetly knocked him on his shin with her bokken. Ranma almost fell off of his hand he was resting on and turned do give her an annoyed glare.

What was that for?! He thought in her direction. He could not outwardly speak at the moment.

I don't want my husband an idiot. Besides, if I have to, you have to listen! She mentally replied. They, of course, could not hear each other's thoughts. Motoko knew what he was thinking from his face, but Ranma didn't know what she was thinking. He still decided to stay awake from her commanding look. Lunch soon approached.

Ranma looked over at Motoko. "Why do I haveta stay awake, huh?"

Motoko leveled a stare at him. "If I have to learn, so do you."

"That's not fair."

"Life's not fair."

"Hmph. What reason do I have to listen to you anyway?"

"I'm not gonna have a stupid husband!"

The girls approaching over heard this. "WHAT!?" Some were threatened to faint right there, and recovered as quickly as possible.

"He's your husband?"

"That's not fair."

"You are too young. Besides, He's gonna be MY husband." Ranma raised an eyebrow at that.

Motoko spoke up. "I didn't care for the whole school finding out, but Ranma is my betrothed."

"EH!?!" All the girls replied. They silently vowed to steal him.

"Wha? It was our parents' idea. I have no intention of marrying her."

"What was that?" Motoko asked. "You're going to marry me; family honor is at stake."

"Hmph. Why would I want to marry you ANYWAY." Ranma turned away. Motoko's face now adorned a frown.

"First, on the top of my list to do, is to make my husband show proper respect to his wife. Not that I want to marry you either." Motoko said icily.

"Eep." Ranma didn't like that look. It reminded him of the look on a certain amazon who had given him the kiss of death. "um...er....."

Suddenly girls spoke up. "If he doesn't have to marry you he doesn't have to."

"Yeah, arranged marriages aren't done anymore. Besides I'll steal him for myself."

"No, I'm going to!"

"No me!"

"Shut Up, what would he want in a girl like you!"

They continued arguing amongst themselves until class beginning interrupted them. (Students are in homeroom all day. The teachers change, not the students. They usually eat in the classroom, just like you see in Ranma ½.)

The day ended and Ranma jetted out of the 3rd floor window he was sitting by to avoid the mob of girls. The following day, ALL the students would know about their engagement. Gossip travels far and wide at an amazing pace. Motoko gawked at him jumping out the window. The girls started to advance on her, protesting her and Ranma's engagement. She could not harm them here, and they were not armed. She turned took a deep breath as she jumped out of the window following Ranma. She had to bend her legs more and use one of her hands to aid her landing, unlike Ranma. Ranma looked back at her.

"C'mon. Let's go."

He took off across rooftops as the students made it to the outside. Motoko took a glance back and then hopped up on a roof, to take off after him. How in one school day did they become Hyaku High's most wanted?"

End Chapter


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