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It was a nice October day, and Class 2-3 was still as chaotic as always. Then Yukari enters the classroom and starts writing on the blackboard.

"Look, everybody," Yukari explained, "Halloween's coming, and we're having a big party at the auditorium with a costume contest organized by Mr. Kimura-"

All of the girls groaned at the mention of the name of their "beloved" classical lit. teacher.

"and the prize is a limited edition Neko Koneko GameBoy Advance SP bundled with Pokemon Emerald. So, dress up in some fancy costume or cosplay as your favorite anime character if you want to win."

"I can't believe they're giving out a copy of Pokemon Emerald for free!" Kagura said, "I can't afford a GBA game."

"I have to wait until Christmas to get another GBA game!" Tomo added, " Plus I already have my own GameBoy Advance and copy of Pokemon Emerald, so winning will be pointless for me."

"So, you're not participating ?" Yomi asked.

"No Yomi!" Tomo said, "I'm still participating in the contest to win!"

"Of course," Yomi sighed, "So are you entering by yourself or with a group of people?"

"Oh, I'm entering with Kagura, Sakaki-chan, Kaorin, and Chihiro!"

"Well Tomo, your group better have some great costumes to win."

"Don't worry Yomi, I got it all in the bag! Right, Sakaki-chan?"

Sakaki nodded yes to Tomo.

"Wah, I can't wait for Halloween!" Chiyo said in glee, "Are you excited, Osaka-san?"

"The daemon parade..." Osaka blurred out, "It's comin'."

"Uh... okay," Chiyo gulped, worrying that what Osaka said was not normal, even for Osaka standards.

At Sakaki's house, Tomo unrolled a piece of paper and shows it to Chihiro, Kaori, Kagura, and Sakaki. "Okay girls, our plan to win the contest and get the grand prize so Sakaki can have the Neko Koneko GBA, Kagura can have the game, and I can have that sweet victory is a simple one: We'll dress up as Tokyo Mew Mew characters!"

"But which girl we're going to dress as?" Chihiro asked.

"Well, I'm going as Mew Ichigo, Kaorin's going as Mew Mint, Kagura's going as Mew Lettuce, You're going as Mew Pudding, and Sakaki-chan's going as Mew Zakuro!" Tomo answered, "Now then, I have the costumes, but they need some modifications. So, we have to finish before Saturday next week, that's when the Halloween party will happen!"

As the five girls started to work on the outfits, Sakaki stared at her Pokemon Emerald cartridge.

"Sakaki-san, I never know you like cute stuff," Kaori said, noticing the abundant amount of cat plushie, "Why you didn't tell me before?"

"I was too shy to tell everybody about my love of cute things," Sakaki explained, "But, thanks to my new friends, some of who actually share some of my interests, I felt more confident in telling everybody about my interests."

"Oh, I thought that since you never speak a lot in class that you're a strong, silent type," Kaori said, "But now I know about your true interests, I... I..."

"What, Kaorin?"

"Sakaki-san, can you call me 'Kaori'?"

"Sure, Kaori."

While Kaori is squeeing in glee at what Sakaki said, Kagura and Tomo were staring at animal photos.

"You know, for a girl infused with the DNA of a yamapikarya," Kagura said, "Mew Ichigo's ears and tail don't resemble that of an actual yamapikarya."

"Yama...pikarya?" Tomo repeated in a confused tone, "What's that?"

"That's what we Ryukyuans call an Iriomote cat in our language," Kagura answered with a confident smirk on her face.

"Iriomote cat, what's that?"

Kagura then grabbed one of Sakaki's many cat books, flipped through the many pages, and shows a picture of an Iriomote cat to Tomo, "This is an Iriomote cat."

"Oh... I thought they were just black cats," Tomo huffed, "But for a girl infused with the DNA of a sunameri, Mew Lettuce doesn't have any features from a sunameri."

"Who you're calling 'Mary'?!" Kagura shouted.

"No no no, Kagura, I didn't say 'Mary', I said 'sunameri'. You know, Japanese for finless porpoise. Don't tell me that you never saw one before."

"I did see a finless porpoise once, Tomo. I saw one when I was snorkeling in Tokyo Bay last year. I'll show you a picture that Coach Kurosawa took for me." Kagura then pulls out a picture of her in a light purple tankini hugging a finless porpoise, "By the way, I support wildlife conservation. I just don't want to see these guys disappear from the face of this planet."

"Oh look, you're such a compassionate person," Tomo snarked, "But, I understand your motivations, so I'm not going to mock you. Now then, for the modifications..."

The day of Halloween is here, and the school auditorium is packed with students and teachers dressed in costumes, some dressed as generic monsters, others dressed as anime characters. And some came in their school uniforms for the heck of it. At the punch bowl, Yukari (dressed as Sailor Neptune) is guzzling down some fruit juice.

"Yukari, stop drinking all of the punch," Nyamo (dressed as Sailor Uranus) scolded, "You're going to get a really bad hangover."

"Oh, come on Nyamo," Yukari said, "We're adults! The kids wouldn't take a single sip of this fruit punch!"

Meanwhile, Yomi (dressed as a witch) and Chiyo (dressed as an adorable pumpkin) are waiting for the rest of their friends to show up.

"Yomi-san, what's taking everybody else so long to get here?" Chiyo asked her bespectacled friend.

"Chiyo-chan, when Tomo is one of your friends, expect her to be late," Yomi responded, her glasses becoming fogged up.

But then, a familiar voice was heard in the crowd: "Hey y'all! I'm here!"

"Osaka-san, you're here!" Chiyo said as she sees Osaka hopping towards her, "Anou, why you're a karakasu-obake?"

"Chiyo-chan, it's mah disguise for the daemon parade," Osaka explained, "I'm hopin' for them to not spirit me away."

"Yahoo! We're here!" Tomo shouted from a distance.

"Ah, Tomo-chan's here!" Chiyo said as Tomo, Kaori, Kagura, Chihiro, and Sakaki walk towards them, "Oh, you all are dressed as Tokyo Mew Mew characters."

"It was Tomo's idea for winning the costume contest," Chihiro said, trying to be relevant to the plot.

"Of course Kagura and I did some modifications to our outfits," Tomo said, "For example, the cat ears and tail of my costume look more like a yamapikarya's-"

"And I added sunameri flippers and tail to mine," Kagura finished.

Osaka then stared at Kagura and Sakaki's costume for a little bit. "Yanno, those magical girl outfits are kinda skimpy."

Sakaki blushed in embarrassment and Kagura got flustered.

"What do you mean that these outfits are-" Kagura then paused and thought on Osaka's comment, "On second thought, who in their right mind will give middle school-aged girls these outfits?"

And right on queue, the Pedobear a.k.a Mr. Kimura shows up and give some praise:


He then turns around and stared at Sakaki and Kagura, freaking out the two girls.

"I like those outfits very much," he stated, "I... Like...You."

"YOU?!" Kagura shouted in English, causing Mr. Kimura to flee.

"People like him are the reason why magical girls wear skimpy outfits!" Kaori added, with everybody else nodded in agreement.

The time has come for the costume contest to begin, and Kimura's got a speech for the students. He steps on the podium, clears his throat, and gave his speech: "FIRST PLACE VICTORY!" He then leaves the podium. The costume contest went as smoothly as possible, Yukari not caring about judging her students' costumes, Nyamo giving accurate scores, and Mr. Kimura awarding 10s to any student that is a high school girl. And now, the winner of the contest is about to be announced.

"ANNOUNCEMENT!" Mr. Kimura shouted, "And the winner of this contest is-"

Then, the lights suddenly flicker as Japanese music softly played in the background.

"The daemon parade," Osaka whispered, "It's here."

The music gets louder and louder before the parade phase through the wall of the auditorium. Blue flames lit the parade. Everybody got a cold shiver in their spines. The parade's participants were all yokai. Some were animated objects, some were animals with multiple tails, others were just plain weird. The parade then stopped, and the leader came forward. And the leader is Chiyo-chichi!

"Hello, every-nyan," the cat thing announced, "How are you? Fine, thank you."

"Father, what are you doing here?" Sakaki asked.

"I was just leading these yokai throughout the streets when I saw that you guys are having a party," Chiyo-chichi explained, "So that's why we're here."

"Ain't ya goin' to spirit us away?" Osaka asked.

"No!" the mango cat replied, "The yokai are friendly, they're just here to party!"

"As I was saying before they show up," Kimura said, "And the winner of this contest is: Tomo Takino and her group for their amazing Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay!"

All of the students cheered for Tomo and her group, even Yomi. Yukari was crying tears of happiness.

"Nyamo!" she said, "My class won... again!"

"Yeah, yeah, you won again," Nyamo sighed.

"But you still own me Mr. Yukichi," Yukari teased.

"No, I'm not giving my 10,000 yen bill to you, " Nyamo said, "After all, you still haven't paid the debt."

"NOW LET'S TANGO!" Mr. Kimura shouted, turning up the knob on the boombox.

All the students and yokai danced to the music coming out from the boombox, even Kaori and Sakaki are dancing together.

"This... is.. the best day of my life!" Tomo yelled.

"Mine too!" Kagura and Kaori added.

"And everybody lived happily ever after!" Osaka said.

Endnotes: ... And nobody had to wait for Christmas to get a Neko Koneko GBA or Pokemon Emerald. BTW, the daemon parade Osaka was talking about is based on the hyakki yagyo, a parade of yokai that happens on certain nights, and if anyone as dumb as the Knuckleheads goes out when the parade comes though, they'll be spirited away. And you guys know what yokai are, right? So read, review, and have a safe and happy Halloween!

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