Returning Home

Chapter One

By Crow Skywalker


Disclaimer – Don't own Days of Our Lives, nor do I claim to. Just using its characters for my own amusement.

Author's Notes – I started writing this fic on Sami & Lucas : Second Chances, and I didn't think I'd get so into it…but I currently have three chapters written already, and I still plan on writing, so I figured I might as well upload it here. It isn't my best work, for I was going for short and sweet…because I never get around to finishing my more longer and detailed fics. But it is my first Days fic, so go easy on me ;P

Other Notes – This fic is AU, Sami has never met Lucas because she was sent away to boarding school at such a early age. There is no Will, nobody hates Sami and wishes her dead…like I said, AU :P Will end up Sami/Lucas in the end.

Summary – Samantha Brady was sent away to boarding school at an early age. Now, feeling abandoned by her family, she struggles to make a living for herself. That is, until an important phone call calls her back home to a place she hardly remembers.


The phone had been ringing loudly for what seemed like hours before the blonde headed twenty four year old finally opened her eyes, growling as she pulled herself up on her elbows in attempt to find the source of the noise. She had been asleep up until that moment, and having a good dream at that. Now all that had been interrupted by the annoying sound of the phone.

"Sami, can you please get that?"

Samantha Brady rolled her eyes at her roommate as she reached for the phone. They had been living together for a few years now, ever since boarding school, and Sami simply detested the other girl. Katie was her name, and Sami had met her through her waitressing job she had had during school. Katie had been looking for a place to stay, and Sami had offered to share her apartment with her. But now school was over, and Katie was still around. It wasn't that that bothered Sami, but the girl had guys phoning her at all hours of the night waking her up. Being woken up was something Sami didn't like at all.

"Hello?" She said sleepily, holding the phone close to her ear with one hand, the other being used to prop herself up.

"Samantha, I thought you'd never answer." Came a feminine voice. Wow, for once the phone isn't for Katie!

"Hello mom." Sami smiled in recognition. It was her mother again, checking up to see how her daughter was doing. "Why're you phoning at," She paused to look at a nearby clock, "3:54 in the afternoon?"

"What? I'm not allowed to phone my own daughter?" The voice asked.

It's not that, you usually only phone when you want something, Sami thought with a frown. Or unless something bad has happened. "No, just wondering." She lied.

"Well actually, I did phone you for a reason."

Ah, here we go, Sami smiled. "And that is?"

"It's Eric –"

Sami's eyes suddenly widened at the mention of her twin brother's name. He, like her, had been sent away to boarding school. However, instead of staying in New York when he had finished school and working like Sami had done, Eric had headed back home to Salem to be closer to the family. "What's wrong? Is he okay?"

"He's fine, Sami…nothing bad. Do you remember the girl he met a few months ago?"

"Yes," Sami replied, still confused and curious at where this was going.

"Well…they've decided to get married."

Sami was silent for a moment before she finally got over her shock. "WHAT?? Eric's getting married to that WHORE??"

"Sami – language, please."

"But mom," Sami protested, "That's what she is! He met her at a bar for God's sakes! Please tell me this is all some kind of joke…"

"I'm afraid not."

Sami sighed, closing her eyes and sitting up. "And I suppose he wants me to come home for the wedding?"

"Of course, you're his twin sister…he wants you to be there."

Sami bit her lip, cursing her brother. The last thing she wanted to do was return to Salem…she hated it. She hated the people in it. Her mother had sent both her and Eric away at such an early age, and she had felt so abandoned…she still did. That was one reason she hated her mother and the rest of the family, and she had refused to ever return to a place where no one wanted her. She had stayed in New York after boarding school and had started making a living for herself…but now she would have to return home…

"When is it?" She finally asked.

"Two weeks from now."

Sami sighed again. She hated to do it…but it looked like she had no choice. She would have to return home, at least for a little while. She had to talk some sense into her brother – there was no way she was going to let him marry some slut he had found at a bar.

"Fine," She gave in, "I'll be there Tuesday. Tell Eric to pick me up at the airport."

"He'll be happy to know you're coming. He's missed you, Samantha…we all have."

Sami rolled her eyes again at that. Right…if she missed me that much then she wouldn't have sent me away in the first place! "Yeah, gotta go. Bye."

With that, she hung up, sitting in silence for a while as she made plans. Finally, she stood, looking over at Katie who was sitting at a desk writing a paper. Katie looked up as Sami moved across the room.

"Who was that?"

"Mom." Sami answered.

Katie continued to watch her as Sami grabbed some of her things.

"Where are you going?"

"Home." Sami said simply.

To Be Continued…