Returning Home

Chapter Six

By Crow Skywalker


Disclaimer – Don't own Days of Our Lives, nor do I claim to. Just using its characters for my own amusement.

Author's Notes – See? Updated twice in one night! Told you I'd update more often, didn't I? And guess what! Lucas appears in this chapter, so rejoice! Lol…too bad him and Sami are getting off to a rocky start! ;) Heheheheh…the fun's only begun.

Other Notes – This fic is AU, Sami has never met Lucas because she was sent away to boarding school at such a early age. Sami/Lucas romance.

Summary – Samantha Brady was sent away to boarding school at an early age. Now, feeling abandoned by her family, she struggles to make a living for herself. That is, until an important phone call calls her back home to a place she hardly remembers.


Sami stared up at the building, eyes wide as she handed some cash over to the taxi driver with a muttered "thanks". The yellow taxi car drove off, leaving her on the sidewalk to stare up at the large building that was supposedly Titan.

Sami swallowed, glancing down to the front doors. This is where Eric works? She wondered, shifting the bag in her arms. No wonder he can afford such a big apartment!

She'd spent most of the past few hours wandering around Salem looking for a good place to find something to eat. She'd managed to find a small place that supposedly had good food (according to the signs, anyway) and had went in. Perhaps if she had read the sign over the place – The Brady's Pub – she would have had thought twice about going in there.


"Samantha Gene Brady! Is that you!?"

Sami had been looking at the menu when someone had yelled to her, and she glanced up, startled. As far as she knew, nobody here in Salem knew she was back besides her mother and Eric, and her mother hadn't even seen her in fourteen years…so who could know it was her? But sure enough, she caught sight of a lady, who sat down across from her without even asking.

"May I help you?" Sami asked, blinking at the woman in confusion. The woman was old – not old enough to have gray hair, but certainly older than Sami. She was shirt too, and she wore a happy smile upon her face.

"Is your name Samantha?" The woman asked, looking her over. Sami felt uncomfortable under her gaze.

"It might be," She said carefully, "Who's asking?"

"Aha!" The woman's smile widened, "I knew it was you the moment you set foot in here!" Her eyes seemed to twinkle in merriment, "Why, I haven't seen you since…well, since you were only a wee little girl," She held a hand out to indicate height. "But I knew it was you! You have your mother's eyes, and her hair too."

Sami winced at the mention of her looking just like her mother. She hated her mother for abandoning her as a child – the last thing she wanted was to be compared to that woman. "And who are you, if I might ask?"

"Don't tell me you don't remember me!" The woman sat back, hands folded on the table, "Caroline Brady – does that ring a bell?"

Sami tried to think if she'd heard that name before, but couldn't remember it for the life of her. She shook her head, and the woman frowned. Sami suddenly felt bad for not remembering, although she didn't know why.

By now her Coke had arrived, brought by a young waitress who gave her a small smile before laying the beverage in front of the blonde. Sami thanked her, and raised the glass to her lips to take a sip.

"I can't believe you've forgotten," The older woman sighed from across from her, "My little girl's all grown up and forgotten about her dear old grandmother."

Sami choked, laying the glass down so fast that it spilled. "WHAT?"

The woman, Caroline, smiled. "Your grandmother, dear."

Sami continued to choke on her Coke, "You…you're my grandmother?"


Sami sighed. It had turned out the woman was her grandmother on her father's side, and she hadn't even recognized the woman! Yet another reason to hate my mother, Sami thought with a frown. I don't even know my own grandmother!

Holding the bag in her hand closer, so that the food inside wouldn't fall or get mashed to the side, Sami entered the building to find her brother. Stepping through the front doors, she found herself looking at a very big waiting room of some sort. Over in the corner, near the elevators, a woman sat at a desk.

"Uhm, hi.." Sami coughed, trying to get the woman's attention as she approached the desk, "I'm looking for Eric Brady…could you possibly tell me where I could find him?"

The woman looked up at her, pushing her glasses up her nose as if to give Sami a better look.

"I'm his sister," Sami went on, indicating to the bag in her hands, "I brought him something to eat…figured he'd be hungry and all.." She trailed off, as the woman continued to stare at her in silence.

Finally, she spoke. "Fifth floor. Ask the receptionist there for further directions."

Sami broke into a smile. "Thank you!"

The woman paid no attention to her, returning to her work. Sami entered the nearest elevator, pressing the button to go to the fifth floor. The door closed behind her, and she was left to herself. She scrunched up her nose as she heard the snooty classical music playing above her, and she tapped her foot, silently wishing the elevator would go faster.

I hope Eric's not too busy…I'd hate to bother him if he were, she thought, leaning back against the wall. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the fourth floor button light up. Oh good, only one more floor to go!

She was in a hurry to get out; the corny music was driving her nuts. So as soon as the elevator door opened, Sami was out of there before it even finished opening the whole way. She was so set on getting out of there, she banged into someone, and losing her balance, she dropped the bag she was holding, spilling the contents all over the floor.

"Shit!" She cursed.

"Why don't you watch where you're going?" Came a male voice, and Sami looked up to find a man not too much older than herself studying her, his arms crossed and a stern look upon his face.

"Sorry." Sami muttered, bending down to pick up her things.

"You'd better be." Came his response, and Sami was about to open her mouth to give him a piece of her mind when she heard Eric's voice.

"Sami? What're you doing here?"

Sami looked up to see her twin brother approaching her, and she sighed, indicating to the mess. "Bringing you dinner, but unless you want to eat it off the floor, I guess you won't want it now." She gave him a small apologetic smile. She then flashed the man standing not too far away a glare, remembering his rudeness.

"Brady, a friend of yours?" The so called rude man asked.

"My sister, actually." Eric frowned at the man, before turning to Sami. "Samantha, meet Lucas Roberts." He hesitated before dryly adding, "He's my boss."

To Be Continued…