The Closer- A Halloween Surprise

The knock on the front door is faint from the bedroom closet but his daughter's elated shriek is loud and clear.

"Willy Wonka!" reverberates off every wall in the house and is followed immediately by loud clapping and giggling from Junior despite not having the foggiest idea who Willy Wonka is. Jessie, on the other hand, is obsessed after seeing the stage production twice and the movie countless times. The homemade Oompa Loompa costumes had been her idea.

He's early, Harvey mutters to himself as he tries to get the buttons on the shirt just right.

"J-Bug, how many times have I told you not to answer the—" He stops mid-sentence when he enters the family room and lays eyes on the man in front of him, completely decked out from head to toe. If he hadn't been dead for years, Harvey would have sworn he was in the presence of Gene Wilder himself.

"Wow, Dad," he says once he finds his voice. "You look incredible."

"You look pretty dapper yourself, Clark."

Harvey scoffs as he looks down at his costume. "Wait until I add the glasses." He still can't quite believe he's doing this. "You're early," he adds as he walks into the kitchen to grab his father a well-deserved beer.

"You know who else is always early? Your wife."

"Touché." Harvey chuckles. "She should be home in about 30 minutes. We'll take the kids out with you for a bit and then the limo will be here at 8:00."

"You really think she's in the dark on this, Son. Donna has the intuition of a Jedi."

"I'm sure. She doesn't even suspect it." Taking a swig of his own beer, Harvey shakes his head. "Doubted by my own father." Feigning disappointment he heads back to the bedroom for the final touches of his costume.

Donna jiggles her key in the door with excitement. Halloween has always been one of her favorite days of the year and she can't wait to see her pipsqueaks running around in their new costumes.

Halloween had definitely changed since having kids. And if she was completely honest with herself, she was a little disappointed to be missing the party Tanner and Scottie were throwing tonight. God knows she and Harvey could use some alone time. Baseball season had just finished up, but with a seven-year-old and a toddler, date nights were few and far between.


The force of Jessie's embrace causes Donna to lose her balance and when Oompa Loompa number two wraps around her legs, she goes down to the floor with a yelp.

"Help!" she calls out playfully. "I'm being attacked by Oompa Loompas!"

"Excuse me, Ma'am. It looks like you could use a hand."

Donna's eyes slowly move from the extended hand in front of her up to the man looming over her. Black rimmed glasses and a distinct curl of hair over his brow. She swallows thickly as her heart lodges in her throat and a fire ignites in her groin.

"Harvey?" It's somewhere between a gasp and a whisper. The twinkle in his eye as he smirks transports her to the first time she ever laid eyes on him. A lifetime ago.

"Miss Lane." He nods.

A giggle escapes as she takes his hand and is lifted effortlessly from the ground.

"Mommy. Mommy. Gampa's Willy Wonka. Gampa's Willy Wonka." Jessie's tendency to say everything twice when excited was one of her most endearing qualities.

Gordon enters the room right on cue and tips his hat with a twirl of his hand.

"Miss Lane." He liked his son's line so he repeated it.

"Oh, Gordon." Donna's hands cover her mouth as she admires her father-in-law's uncanny resemblance to Wonka himself. With her eyes darting back and forth between the two Specter men, she is taken aback at the time and attention that has clearly gone into their costumes.

"Okay, seriously you two. Why are both of you calling me that? What are you boys up to?"

"Come with me," Harvey says with a soft smile as he takes her hand and guides her into the bedroom.

She feels his fingers tighten around hers as he stops in front of the closet, gesturing with his free hand for her to look inside. She hasn't even caught her breath from the surprise of Harvey's costume when it catches yet again in her throat.

"You got me a costume?" The question is meant for Harvey, of course, but her eyes are still fixed on the outfit hanging in front of her. "We are wearing a couple's costume to trick or treat in the neighborhood?"

"No." He tilts his head. "Well, yes. But not just for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood."

Harvey reaches for Donna's other hand and turns her to face him. As she looks up into his eyes, through the lenses of the fake glasses, she has the strangest feeling of being on a movie set. Or back on stage. He looks incredible.

"You have been so busy lately. Shit, I've been so busy lately." He rubs his thumb across the back of her hand. "With you teaching classes at the theater, and my season extending into October again, we've barely had a chance to say hello, much less have a little us time."

She hadn't been sure he'd noticed. He was an incredible father and a wonderful man. But she'd be lying if she didn't admit she'd missed the passion they'd seemed to have lost track of recently. She'd missed the way he was looking at her now.

"You've always loved Halloween. And ever since Jessie, we've had a blast celebrating with the kids. When my dad mentioned coming over, I thought it would be the perfect chance to take you out."

His words slowly sink in.

"We're going to the Tanner's party?" She could feel her eyes swelling and the small crack in her voice. It seemed foolish to get emotional about going to a Halloween party, but it was so much more than that. He'd felt it too. The distance. Nothing bad, just regular life getting in the way. He noticed, and he'd acted.

"Unless you don't want to?" Concern flashes in his eyes as his lips pull together tightly. "You don't want to be my Lois Lane?"

Donna laughs at the pouty look and plants a kiss firmly on lips.

"I can't think of anything I'd rather do than find out what's under that shirt and tie, Clark. But what about our Oompa Loompas?"

"We have about an hour and a half before the... Before we have to go. Get changed and we'll take them around the block." He kisses her softly on the lips and lets this one linger a bit. "Get dressed," Harvey whispers in her ear and gives her butt a squeeze.

He walks out of the room, leaving Donna more than a little flustered for the second time tonight.

Checking his watch and noticing the time, Harvey cocks his head to one side and looks up at Harvey Jr who is planted firmly on his shoulders. "Last house, Champ." He lifts him up and over his head. Before his feet are planted firmly on the ground his mini-me is running up to the spookily lit house.

"What?" He furrows his brow when he sees his wife staring.

"Oh, nothing," she says as she lays her hand on his bicep. "Just admiring the view." The way she bites her bottom lip and bats her eyes makes Harvey's knees weak and his pants tight. Suddenly he finds himself wishing they could just skip right past the going to the party part and get right to the us time.

The two of them walk back to the house hand in hand as Jessie runs ahead and Junior walks with his grandpa. Sometimes the domesticity of it all still catches Harvey off guard. There had been a time in his life when he'd thought this kind of thing, trick or treating in a couple's costume and chasing after your kids, was the last thing he ever wanted. Now, he feels like he's living on the set of a Holiday Hallmark movie and can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else.

When they round the last corner to get back to their street, Donna spots the limo parked in front of their house, and their best friends leaning against it. She stops dead in her tracks.

"Surprise," Harvey says with his signature smirk.

Mike and Rachel are dressed as the gangsters Bonnie and Clyde and the grins on their faces reveal that they are in on the whole thing.

"How long have you two known about this?" Donna questions as she approaches the long black Cadillac SUV.

"We just found out today," Mike teases, giving Harvey an exaggerated wink.

Rachel gives Donna a kiss on the cheek and giggles. "Happy Halloween, Donna." She pulls back and takes a good look at her and then Harvey. "Man, you guys look amazing."

"So do the two of you!" Donna replies. "I still can't believe the four of us are going out. It's been, what, months? I'm still in shock that Harvey planned all this without me knowing."

"Why is everyone so amazed I can pull off a surprise?" Harvey asks no one in particular.

After a round of kisses with the kids and a hug and thanks to Gordon, the four of them pile into their fancy ride and head off to the party.

The hotel where the party was being held had only been open a few months. It overlooks the Hudson River in Soho and was part of a chain that Scottie had some business connections with. The two of them were dressed as Woody and Bo Peep from Toy Story and may have been Donna's favorite couple costume of the whole night.

She and Harvey were having a fabulous time. They drank, danced, played some silly games, and drank some more. Donna couldn't remember the last time they'd had this much fun. Well, grown-up fun, anyway.

As Harvey's hands slowly work their way down her back on the dance floor, she feels herself leaning into him. She's tipsy, maybe a little more than tipsy, and he smells good.

"You're pretty sexy, Clark Kent," she whispers, looking up at him with her head on his shoulder.

The heat that flashes in his eyes makes her stomach coil.

"Can you keep a secret, Miss Lane?" His voice is deep and husky as he whispers just above her ear.

Donna nods as her throat goes dry.

"I'm not really Clark Kent." He takes her slender hand and slips it inside his button-down shirt, revealing more of the tight blue shirt underneath.

Donna can feel him flex his pecs as she runs her hand over the hard muscles of his chest.

"Oh... no?" She plays along. "Well then who are you, really?"

"Why don't we get out of here, and I'll show you."

His breath is hot as he nibbles ever so lightly on her earlobe, eliciting a moan from both of them.

Harvey takes her hand and leads her straight for the elevators, but when he pushes the up button instead of down, Donna tilts her head.

"Where are we going?" She almost calls him Harvey but this role-playing has her all worked up and she doesn't want to break character.

"To our room." Harvey exhales as he pulls a key card from his pocket and backs Donna through the opening doors, pinning her to the elevator wall. Harvey had saved his best surprise for last.

By the time the elevator dings at the 32nd floor, Clark Kent's true identity has been revealed and Lois Lane is missing her blouse.