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Bella POV

The din of the cafeteria fell into the background as they walked in.

At first, Bella only saw four of them. The tallest of them had russet skin and looked like a professional athlete in-training. A dark-skinned blonde was the next tallest with a lean posture rigid enough to suggest a military bearing. Odd for someone who looked too young to serve. Bella noticed, golden eyes constantly scanning the room for exits, on the lookout for unknown dangers.

The only red head of the group had a scowl perfectly etched onto a broody face, almost as if Shakespeare's greatest tragedies were a personal bible. The tiny, raven haired one was the shortest and seemed to glide on the linoleum, feet barely brushing the ground, with a smile that looked to dim the sun.

Then, Bella's mind completely short-circuited.

An ethereal creature swept into the room looking like the modern interpretation of Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Strikingly, statuesque with platinum blonde hair that fell in perfect ringlets. Molten, gold eyes pinched into a glare as blood-red, cupid's bow lips down turned in a frown. Bella quickly averted her eyes to let her long hair fall as a curtain between them.

Thankfully, the kind and talkative girl from her Spanish class named Ashley leaned over to whisper, "Glad to know that no one is immune to the Cullen Charm," with a wink.

Jessica didn't even need to turn her head away from her conversation with Angela to answer Bella's unasked question. "Those are Dr. Carlisle Cullen's adopted kids. They moved here last year from Alaska. They mostly keep to themselves. I have Jasper, the tall blonde boy, in my US History class. Honestly thought he wasn't paying attention for months until he started an argument with Madame Schrader about the existence Union Spies hidden within ranks of the Confederate Army. You would've thought it was personal the way they were going at it."

"I have Art with Alice, she's the shorter one with the darker hair in chaos mode. She's very talented and even gave me a couple of tips on how to improve my work." Angela admitted. "I'm pretty sure that her and Jasper are together."

"Dude! I once literally ran into Emmett when we were playing basketball in gym and let me tell you, that guy is like a friggen tank, man. He's really nice, though. Coach always picks him as team captain, so he makes a point to pick 'last kids' first." Tyler chimed in opening his soda.

"Mr. Jones tried to get Edward to recite some of his original pieces in English." Eric said. "Apparently, Mr. J was hooked after reading one of his class journal entries. His poems make you think he's survived some major epidemic with how devastatingly, melancholy they are. Dudes got some serious feelings."

"Well, I hate to burst your Brady Bunch bubble, but Rosalie Hale is a straight up bitch." Lauren snarked across the table as she tossed her hair over her shoulder.

Rosalie Hale.

Of course, she would have a name as beautiful as she was.

Bella narrowed her eyes at the girl, but before she could say anything Jessica beat her to it.

"For god's sake, Lauren. Build a bridge and get the fuck over it before I kick you over it. You're just bitter because you asked her out and she turned you down. Repeatedly. Publicly."


Well, that was unexpected. Bella's eye's snapped to the table that all of the Cullen's were seated around. Rosalie had yet to look over in their direction, but Bella swore there was a small smirk on her face; almost as if she could hear their conversation.

"It's not my fault she's a homophobic asshole." Lauren crossed her arms over her chest. Bella's attention snapped back to the table. 'Could it be true?' She thought.

Ashley leaned onto the table and said, "Lauren, just because someone turns you down doesn't automatically make them a homophobe." Her curls bouncing as she shook her head.

"Besides, someone as hot as her has got to be open to all possibilities, if you catch my drift." Mike said as he threw a wink at Bella. Jessica threw a fry at him in response.

"Mike, I swear to god, if you scare Bella away on her first day with your creepy boy ways, I'll sneak into your house and dismantle all your little dolls myself." Jessica said.

"Aw Jess, babe, you know that if you wanted to come over, then all you had to do was ask. You know I hate when you make promises you can't keep." Mike replied with an easy grin. "And they're action figures, I'll have you know. Rare, action figures."

"Mikey, when are you going to give up?" Jessica smirked and leaned closer to him, clearly slipping into what looked like their usual banter. "Besides, I don't care how rare they are. They're made by the same company that makes Barbie and they even come in the Ken box."

Mike looked incensed and dramatically put his hand on his chest. "Why Jessica Anna Stanley, even though you show no appreciation for the lost art of collecting, don't you know that you are, and will always be, the greatest love of my life? I could roam this earth for a thousand years and never find your equal?"

Bella laughed as Jessica rolled her eyes and threw another fry at him before returning to her conversation with Angela and Ashley. Bella's eyes drifted back to the Cullen's table to see Rosalie Hale's eyes on hers.