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Chapter One

"Okay, where is it?" I said to myself as I squinted at the street signs. Trying to find my new apartment was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Of course, I guess that was a given since I've never been to New York before.

This was a huge leap of faith I was taking. I was moving from a small town in Washington state, to the big city of New York. I was still sort of in shock that I was actually doing this. But this was my dream, and I was determined to see it through.

I finally found Bloor street, which was the street my new apartment and my new business was on. I didn't have to drive too far to find my building.

It was a small little brick building on the corner of the street. I sighed in relief as I turned my noisy truck into my private driveway.

My apartment was around the back of the building. There were wooden stairs that lead up to a blue wooden door. As I got out of the truck I twirled my apartment key in my hand. I couldn't believe I was here and that I was doing this.

I ran up the stairs and unlocked my door, eager to finally see my new place in person. I opened my door and took a look around my apartment.

It was a studio with one bathroom. The floors were scratchy dark wood, and the walls were a dull, yellowy-white. The kitchen was very small, just two counters, an old stove, and an old fridge. The sink was a standalone beside the fridge, which also doubled as the bathroom sink.

I opened the plain white door to the bathroom to check it out. There was a claw tub that the real estate lady said I could buy parts to make it a shower if I wanted. The toilet was pink and looked old. I stepped out of the bathroom and opened the small little closet that was on the other side bathroom door.

This place needed a lot of TLC, but I was envisioning how I was going to arrange it and decorate it. I was actually excited.

I walked back down the stairs and started to get the stuff out of the bed of the trunk. I didn't have much, just a few boxed and my mattress. The boxes went up, no problem. But the mattress a little harder to get up the stairs. It probably took me a good twenty minutes to push that thing up the stairs.

Once everything was in the apartment, I started unpacking. I started with my dishes. I didn't have too much, just things I took from my house. I think I had four bowls, plates, cups, and just three of each silverware piece. It had only been my mom, me, and my dad for the longest time, so we never really needed to buy extra.

Once the kitchen was put away, I worked on my clothes. Again, I didn't have much. I was never really into fashion, I just mainly loved anything comfortable. The same went with my shoes. I had a couple of sneakers, a pair of rain boots, and one pair of flip flops that had never been worn.

After putting my clothes in the closet, I put my pajamas and underwear in the tote. I didn't bother bringing my dresser with me; I was scared I didn't have enough room. So I had to improvise.

I made my bed and sighed in relief. It didn't take me long to unpack. I only had one picture. It was of me and my parents. It was the one thing that sat beside me as I drove here.

I placed it on the counter since that was my only surface. I had planned on getting a small table sit and eat, but I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money in my apartment. I was focused on spending money in the place downstairs.

Once my apartment was set up, I walked to the front of the building and opened the big glass doors to my new building.

The place was dirty and sort of run down, but that was how I got such a good deal on this place. I was planning on opening it in three weeks. Hopefully, that would give me enough time to get everything set up.

I had decided to open a bakery, since I loved to bake. I knew that it was going to be hard, since I had only ever worked at a little diner in my old town. But baking was something I always loved to do. I didn't have any culinary training, but everyone in my old town would always beg me to make cakes or cupcakes, or pies for different occasions.

I walked to the backroom to check out the kitchen. The lady who sold me this place had said that the kitchen needed new equipment. That was fine, I had set a large chunk of the insurance money to upgrade this place.

I needed a new oven and display cases out front. And other appliances. Plus I was planning on giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. The floor just needed a good scrubbing. The whole place needed a good scrubbing.

First thing I needed was cleaning supplies. And a new store phone. The lady said the phone was all set up with a number and everything, but it just needed a new phone.

I decided I needed to go to the nearest store and grab a bunch of cleaning supplies. I decided to find a Walmart, since I needed a phone too.

I grabbed my keys and headed to the Walmart. I had passed one on my way to my new home, which I had been thankful for. Getting around New York was going to be tough without a GPS.

It took me about forty five minutes to get to the Walmart. The street I was now living on was a quiet little strip with a verity of shops and homes. It was on the tamer side of New York, which was nice. I had planned on going deeper into the city to explore, but that was after I got settle into things.

Once I was at the Walmart I filled my shopping cart. I had also grabbed myself some dinner. Just something I could quickly pop into the oven later. When I finally walked up to the cashier, my cart was loaded. I ended up spending almost three hundred dollars, but it was all on necessary.

When I got home, I ran some of the things upstairs, then took the rest of the stuff down into the store. I decided I was going to scrub the walls first. I had grabbed paint and I was planning on painting the front room tonight. But before I could do that, I really needed to clean off the walls.

I grabbed the bucket and filled it with soap and water. I had to run back up to my place to fill the bucket with water.

I started scrubbing the walls. It took me a good two hours to completely scrub the walls in the front room. Once I was finished with that, I set about painting. Painting didn't take as long as I had thought. The space wasn't all that big.

I was surprised that I had finished the painting in less than two hours. It was great, because now I was going into the kitchen to clean.

Again I scrubbed the walls, then all of the counter tops, the fridge, and finally the floors. I was sore by the time I had finished. It was only eight o'clock, but my stomach was growling. I decided now would be a good time to relax and eat my dinner.

I slowly trudged up to my apartment and turned the oven on. I had grabbed a premade thing of parmesan chicken. I hoped it tasted good, but at this point, I'd still scarf it down. I was starved.

After a good time minutes in the oven I took it out and dug it. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't totally disgusting. I finished it in about three seconds.

Part of me didn't even want to get up and go back downstairs, I was so sore. But I wanted to finish with the big stuff tonight.

When I walked around the corner, I noticed an old man and a little boy looking in the window of my shop. I smiled and walked to them.

"Hello," I said, taking my keys out of my pocket.

"Hi," The old man said, "Did you buy this place?"

"I did. I just moved in today." I said proudly.

"Well welcome to the neighborhood. We live right up the street above the hardware shop. I'm Billy, and this is my grandson Jacob." He said, extending his hand.

"It's nice to meet you too. I'm Bella," I smiled before shaking their hands, "It's good to know where the hardware shop is, this place needs a few repairs before it's up and running."

"I'm surprised someone bought this place. It's been empty for the last thirty years. What are you putting in here?"

"I'm opening up a bakery." I said.

Jake's face lit up, "Really?"

"Mmhmm, I'm going to make cakes, cupcakes, pies. Anything I can think of. I love to bake."

"That sounds amazing," Billy said, "We love sweets."

"Well, I hope a bakery will be a good change to the neighborhood. What other businesses are on this street?" I asked.

"There's my hardware shop, a boutique, a diner, a bookstore, a toy store, a consignment store and a little grocery store. We're all kind of like a big family. Everyone who lives on this street knows each other. We try to look out for each other here."

"It'll be nice to meet everyone soon." I said, "I'll definitely come by and pick up a few things from your shop. This place could use some updates."

"What needs to be updated?" He asked.

"I need to buy a new stove, and a sink. And other little appliances. Plus the bathroom down here need new flooring. I'm not sure who tore up all the tiles, but it needs to be replaced."

"Well, when you get the new appliances, I'll install them. I'm sort of the handyman on the block. And me and Jake can replace your tiles in the bathroom too. Our treat."

"Oh, you don't have to do that."

"No, no, it's our welcome gift to you." He said.

I smiled, "Well thank you so much. And when I open you guys can pick out whatever you want, on me."

Jake smiled widely, "Do you make chocolate cake?"

I leaned closer to him, "I make the best chocolate in the world."

"My birthday is next month. Chocolate cake is my favorite. Would you make my cake?"

"Of course I'll make your cake. You know what, since you guys have been so welcoming, I'll make you a cake every year on your birthday for free."

He looked up at his grandfather, smiling widely.

"Thank you very much," Billy said, "We should get going now. It's getting late. But we'll come by tomorrow afternoon to replace the tile for you. I have some extra tile from when we redid our bathroom."

"Thank you. I really appreciate it." I said, "Its was nice meeting you two."

"You too, we'll see you tomorrow." Billy said.

"Bye Bella." Jake said.

I was so happy to have met some of my neighbors, especially really nice neighbors. Hopefully, they were all nice.

I walked into the store and finished cleaning the kitchen. Once the kitchen was clean, I plugged the phone up and grabbed a phone book. I needed to order a stove and a sink. I marked the pages so I could remember to order the stuff in the morning. I also made a mental note to check out the local grocery store to pick up some groceries.

When I had done everything I could down here, I locked up and went upstairs. I needed a long bath and a nice rest.

I filled the tub and sunk into the water, sighing in relief. The hot water felt amazing on my sore muscles. I knew that deep cleaning this place would take a lot out of me, but dang, this was intense. I felt like an old woman with aches and pains.

After soaking in the tub for a little while, I stepped out and changed into my pajamas. I sat on my mattress as I dried my hair with the towel. As I dried my hair, I looked around the small little studio and thought of the things I would eventually add to it.

I would like to have a small round table, where I could have my meals. There was plenty of room in front of the little kitchenette to put one. On the wall by the front door, there was a beautiful big window. I wanted to put maybe a little love seat underneath of it and a bookshelf beside it. I didn't plan on getting a television, I never really watched it. I did want a radio though.

Tomorrow I was planning on putting another coat of paint on the front room of the store and ordering the appliances I needed. Before I got too comfortable on my bed, I found a piece of paper and a pen to write down the little appliances I needed to get.

1. Large Mixer

2. Pots, pans, cookware

3. Dough Sheeter

4. Large Fryer

5. Large Chalkboards


I knew there was other stuff I needed, like ingredients and what not. I also needed to think of a menu. I knew I wanted to make a verity of things, but I'd also like to have a specials menu where I added things that I didn't offer all the time.

I knew I was going to make cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and cookies, but I'd like to do creative specials, like candies, pies, and donuts. I was just so excited to get baking. For me, baking was so relaxing. I always wanted to go to culinary school, but when everything happened, I had just wanted to throw myself into the business I always wanted.

My parents both died about four months ago. I was lucky to have walked away with my life. my parents weren't as fortunate.

We were on our way to have dinner in Seattle at my parent's favorite restaurant. It had been their anniversary and every year we always went to Angela's Italian Eatery. It was special to them, because they both met there when they had been waiters when they were sixteen. When we were on the highway, and a semitruck crossed over and slammed into our car. It happened so fast; I didn't even remember anything. The only thing I remember was waking up in the hospital.

That was when the doctor informed me of the news that my parents hadn't made it. I had been in a medically induced coma for two weeks, so my parent's friends had already arranged the funeral and it had come and went. I had missed it.

I was stuck in the hospital for another week. I had broken a couple of my ribs, a broken leg, and a broken vertebrae. The doctor said that my legs and ribs would heal quickly, the breaks weren't that bad, but the vertebrae in my spine would take a little longer and would most likely cause me pain throughout my life.

Honestly, all of the breaks and bruises I had didn't compare to the fact of me loosing my parents. That had been the worst pain I had experienced. I couldn't believe they were actually gone. I was grateful for my parent's friends that were constantly coming by and visiting me, but it had just been so hard not having my parents.

And then the lawyers burst into my hospital room. The truck driver had worked for a big company, and the day he hit us he had been under the influence and playing with his radio. Well, the company panicked. Of course they assured me they fired the driver, and he was being charged with a DUI and vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

The company had given me a large settlement, to keep me from getting a lawyer and suing the crap out of them. Apparently, this wasn't the driver's first DUI, and I could've won nearly a million if I had pursued, but I didn't want that.

So, the company ended up giving me 140,000 dollars to not go to court, which I accepted because I just wanted them to leave me alone and get it all over with. And the judge who oversaw the driver's case gave him eight years in prison and 15,000 is restitution. Plus, my dad had life insurance, but his friends used it to bury my parents, so I only got about two hundred dollars from that. In total, I ended up with about 155,000 dollars.

I really wasn't concerned with the money. I couldn't care less about it. I never even touched it until I got the idea to move and start my own business. But I had been trying to think of a way out of the town since I left the hospital.

Everything was reminding me of my parents, and I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I knew living in the house I grew up in was going to be hard, but I never imagined it being so painful I could barely breathe half of the time.

It was a month before my eighteenth birthday when I got the idea. My dad's friends were planning to throw me a birthday party, to get me out of my funk. I didn't want that because it wouldn't make me feel better, it would just make me feel like everyone was feeling sorry for me.

When I got the idea, I had baked myself a pineapple cherry upside down cake to make myself feel better. And while I was digging into the cake, I got the brilliant idea to open up a bakery in New York.

I wasn't sure why I picked New York City. Maybe I had just wanted a change of pace from the small town. Well, that same night I had wrote up a whole business plan, found a cheap building that offered an upstairs apartment, then I went to my dad's friend Harry.

Since I wasn't eighteen yet, I had to get him to put everything in his name. He and Sue agreed, and the day of my eighteenth birthday he signed everything over in my name and I moved to New York.

I had been shocked that they agreed to everything, but I figured they just wanted to see me happy. They had wished me luck when I had left. I was so glad that they had been so supportive.

I yawned and pulled the blankets back. I was exhausted. After a long day of driving here and then unpacking all by myself, I couldn't think of anything better to do except crawl into be and sleep.

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