The Mutation

(A/N: This is my second crossover fiction so don't be too hard on it)

It was 12:00 in the afternoon and Crandall (Captain Crandall) Hector (Skate Lad) and Brenda

(Rope Girl) also known as Teamo Supremo were on route to the first national bank were the

Governor had reported a robbery going on.

"I hope We're not too late" skate lad said. "WU-PAH! I sure hope not!" rope girl replied. As the

neared the bank, they could spot the crooks getaway car parked outside. " That's good" Crandall

said, " that means they haven't left yet".

Inside the bank...

The villain robbing the bank was none other than the sinister Mr. Large and his henchmen! " Ah,

my big, big plans are right on schedule" he said. "Not if we have anything to say about it Mr.

Large!" Captain Crandall shouted, Mr. Large turned around to see Teamo Supremo standing

behind him!

"Grrrrrrrr" he growled " you little kids are always spoiling my plans, well not this time!" he then

turned to his henchmen "goons and lackeys, get them!" as they approached teamo, Crandall

quickly pulled out a small pellet from his utility belt and threw it at one of the henchmen. As it

exploded, it covered him in a pile of goo, sticking him to the floor. As the second one ran to rope

girl, she used her jump rope to tie up his feet and trip him up. As the third henchmen ran to skate

lad, he activated the thrusters on his skateboard and shot it at the henchman. It shot under his feet

and sent him crashing into a wall.

"Good job teamo" Crandall said as they stood over the pile of henchman. Suddenly, they heard a

click and turned around, only to see Mr. Large with a gun pointed at them! "Like I always say, if

you want something done right, do it yourself" he said. As they looked up at the gun barrel,

Crandall and Hector just stood there scared, but rope girls thoughts were racing "oh my god, this

is it, we are gonna die, I always knew I was going to die, but I didn't think it was going to be so


As Mr. Large was about to pull the trigger, a blast of electricity shot out and slammed him into a

wall. Crandall and Hector turned only to see that the blast was coming from rope girl, only she

couldn't see it because she had her eyes closed in fright. As she opened her eyes and saw what was

happening, she gasped and the blast stopped.

Later, as Mr. Large was being transported to jail, Teamo Supremo stood in the bank looking at

Brenda, who was staring at her hands and refusing to believe what happened . " I don't believe

this, im some sort of freak" rope girl said. "I wouldn't say freak, Brenda" Crandall said "sure that

was odd, no question". "ARE YOU JOKING!" rope girl screamed " did you see what I did to Mr.

Large, I'm a freak and I've got to get out of here before I hurt someone else!". With that, she

turned, and ran away crying. "I hope she's going to be okay" skate lad said. "I hope so too"

Crandall said.


In the Xavier's school for gifted youngsters, a man was siting silently in a wheelchair, he seemed to

be in some sort of trance.

Just then, a man walked in, he seemed to be very gruff, he had a haircut that ended in a spike on

each side of his head, and he was wearing a leather jacket.

"Hey Charlie, what's going on?" the man walking in said in a gruff tone. "Logan, for the millionth

time, call me professor"the man in the wheelchair said, " and to answer your Question, I am

currently tracking another mutant, but this one seems a little disturbed, I think she's just

discovering her powers.

"Seems like she's going to be difficult to reason with" Logan said " so, should I call the others?".

"Yes" the professor said "we have to get to her before magneto does, trust me, this one is a strong

one". "Great" Logan said, extending 3 adamantium claws from housings in his arms. "I could use

some action"

to be continued....

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