Chapter 3

As the huge black jet zoomed across the sky Toad leaned over to Brenda " by the way Brenda, do

you know where we are going?". "Yeah" Brenda said "I've got some personal business to take

care of with some friends of mine"

"And since Brenda has done so well" Magneto said " we have decided to help her out". "Ok"

Sabertooth said "as long as I get to bust some heads".

"Oh and you know" Quicksilver said rapidly "if you are going to be part of the team, you're going

to need a nickname".

"Hm" Brenda said as she considered it "how about....LIVEWIRE!". "Fantastic" Gambit

said. "Yeah totally cool" Toad said.


In Brenda's house Scott Summers (a.k.a Cyclops) and the other X-men were explaining to

Brenda's parents and Crandall and Hector (who had volunteered to help search) what was going

on. "So, can you tell us why our daughter has left?" Brenda's father asked them . Then suddenly,

with a BAMF!, Nightcrawler appeared next to them.

"Sure thing" he said "you see, your daughter Brenda, like us, is a mutant". "A what?" Crandall


confusedly. "A mutant" Storm said "A mutant is a person gifted with special abilities". "Excuse

me" Hector said " but if Brenda has special powers how come she never used them?"

"Well, she probably never knew that she had them" Cyclops said. "Yeah" Rouge added "it took

me a while to figure out that I had powers" . "So that's why she ran away" Brenda's mom said "

she was afraid of her new powers".

"That's right" Cyclops said "But we had better start searching more, at this point she would

probably go with anyone who said that they could help her".

Just then they heard a voice on the tv. "We interrupt this program for a special news report" the

newscaster said "It seems that downtown is being ravaged by a group of people with mysterious


As they turned their attention to the screen the saw a picture of what was going on. It showed

Gambit, Toad, Mystique, Quicksilver, Sabertooth, Magneto, and Brenda (a.k.a Livewire)

destroying everything.

As Crandall and Hector stared in disbelief at Brenda on the screen lifting cars up with her electric

bolts the heard the newscaster speak more "we have just received word that one of the people is

in fact Brenda Snyder also known as Rope Girl of Teamo Supremo, Why one of our states

greatest heroes would turn evil is beyond me" he said gravely. "Wait a second" Brenda's mother

said "what did he mean when he said that our Brenda was with Teamo Supremo?" she turned to

Crandall and Hector who had started sweating nervously. "Well you see" Crandall said "we are

actually super heros who protect the state, we just never told our parents".

"Well" Wolverine said as he extended his adamantium claws "we had better go teach them a

lesson". As they ran off, Crandall and Hector shot in front of them. "Wait" Crandall said "Brenda

and those other guys could make a pretty deadly combination, your going to need some help"

"Well, okay" Cyclops said as they shook hands "now we had better hurry, before it's too late"

To Be Continued...