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He intrigued me even before I knew him. I understood that I would have to send my favorite students into his care, I even envied him.

As I read of his past students, I was sickened as I came onto a single fact: he passed no one. Each had failed on the path to their dream of becoming shinobi. My three favorite students would fail? If they did not pass, it would be my fault for not training them well enough. I questioned my abilities as a teacher, a mentor, a friend.

I had to meet this man who held their fate in his hands. I arranged to meet him in the practice field at exactly sundown that night. I arrived early and busied myself with the glowing red clouds above.

"You wanted to speak to me?" Came a voice from behind. I was a chunin and I couldn't even hear him arrive? I looked back and he was sitting on a tree stump, his white hair caught in the glow of the sinking sun, presently staring at the clouds, too.

"Yes," I replied, a bit flustered, "I would like to speak with you about the members of your cell."

With this question, he arose and walked within an arm's distance, hands resting on his hips. "Yes, quite an odd bunch. What do you want to know?" He asked, off-handedly. His confidence made me feel child-like.

"Well, I-I'd like to know how they're doing."

"You are concerned for them?" He asked, and raising his eyes to mine for the first time, I saw a glint in them that accompanied this question.

"Well, yes. I consider them some of my best students and would like to be informed on their progress, now that they're not in my care." I said, drawing myself up with pride.

He took a step closer to me, so that he was barely a foot away. Most of my pride melted away and I seemed to shrink slightly against his countenance. "Sweet sentiments, but you don't need to worry. They're destined to fail." He ended with a smile.

I was so shocked by this that I was overwhelmed with anger. How could he say that? "You don't even know them, how can you just sentence them?! Just like that?!" I threw my hands up in the air in frustration. I expected a reply, but all he did was stare at me as I lowered them. At first, I could see no emotion, just empty orbs reflecting the light of sundown in an attempt to pass as living. After several moments, I noticed that there was satisfaction in his eyes, though his face didn't show it until he grinned.

He brought his face within inches of mine and spoke. "You are intimidated by me." He replied, not as a question, but a fact. Without warning, I felt his hand take hold of my chin and raise my eyes to meet his. He leaned in and kissed me. My eyes widened as I felt his warm lips on mine and my mind panicked as I tried to make sense of the situation, eventually leading to a dead end. I gave into him and closed my eyes.

I hesitantly raised my hand to his waist, but before I could, he loosened his grip on my chin and pulled away gently. I opened my eyes and he was gone. The red sun was gone. All that was left was the darkness of night.

*~* Author's note: after reading your reviews, I shifted some things and poked and prodded to make things fit. I do realize that I don't even presume to understand the two of them, so this is just my artistic license being thrown about at 1:00 in the morning. Also, I like the cocky Kakashi. ^_^ I intended for this to be a one-time thing as I prefer short quips, but I'll try to add to it. Yay for my first yaoi! *~*