Naruto characters property of Masashi Kishimoto

Sweeping over the wooden floor of my room, I was in a state of utter confusion. Kakashi, a fellow ninja, a man, kissed me. What the hell. Is he playing with me? Does he want more? Why didn't I push him away? I stop walking and nervously scratch my head. I didn't want to push him away.

An hour passed and the sun was no longer shielded by the horizon. I made my way to the school early that day. I couldn't go back to sleep after that encounter. Allowing my feet to guide the route, I found myself crossing the practice field. I stopped for the briefest moments to gaze toward that spot. The patch of grass where he first touched me, just hours ago. I blinked forcefully and continued my path.

We couldn't do this. It was wrong. I have students to think of, I have no time for this. My mind flittered back to the countless empty nights before the last. Not right.

I set down my clipboard and sat on the front desk of my classroom. I feel so heavy. I bent over and rested my face in my rough hands, slowly rubbing my eyes. I was born to handle stress, but not this type of stress.

"Good morning," I heard and snapped alert. Looking up, I saw Kakashi standing there, smiling innocently nearly a foot away. "You look tired, have trouble sleeping?"

I blinked. Not only did he sneak in again, but he got so close to me without my realization. So close. "Kakashi, this isn't right. I--"

At that moment he closed the short distance between us and laid his hands on the desk to either side of me. His face was inches from mine, even as I leaned back away from him. I froze as he leaned closer, lightly pressing his cheek against mine. He whispered into my ear.

"How can something bad feel so good, hm?"

When I failed to respond, he again removed his wrap and broughgt his lips to mine. This kiss was softer than the first two; sweeter. It was barely a kiss, more like a premeditated brushing of lips. He stopped, and without giving me some mystic glance, he roughly pressed himself against me, lips and all. I stumbled for a second, startled, but regained my hold on the edge of the desk, which by this time I was gripping tightly. His lips continued as he ran his hands down my arm and to my hand. The slightest touch somehow forced me to relax my grip. He slid his long fingers around my wrist and coaxed my hand to raise to his chest.

Taking advantage of my newfound imbalance, he pushed me down slowly into the desk and pinned my wrist. My free hand found its way to his back where it pulled at his shirt in mock rejection.

He was kissing deeper now, so deep and hard that it almost hurt my lips. I felt him force his tongue into my mouth. I involuntarily struggled at this new pleasure, but quickly gave away to his swirling tongue.

He released my wrist and roughly brought his hands to my waist, bending it upwards. This amazing feeling! I was lightheaded and swimming in the sensation, lost in the moment. I no longer thought about the desk, school, or village. It was just Kakashi and I. Then, suddenly he stopped.

"Time to leave, again," he said shortly, adding another rough, short kiss. I blinked and he was gone. I propped myself up on one arm in disbelief, face red with heat and embarassment. Then, just as suddenly, the students started filing into the classroom. I jumped up, straightened my shirt, and grabbed my clipboard as something to hide behind.


Author's note: Heh...been a while, huh. Oopsie. Sorry to anyone who read this forever ago. I've been uber-busy with school and DDR. . I'll try to keep this going and get some actual yaoi into it. My goal is to make myself blush when I read it, so hopefully this'll tickle your fancy, too.