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[Jutsus, Techniques, and Spells]

"[Chapter 2: A Promise]"


One can't do much about it, but it can do so much for the one being affected by it. Emotions are the ones that often cloud our minds causing us to move to our instinct's dictations. It can either be good or bad or right or wrong but it still is a major determinant of why we do such things.

It's basically the same for anyone and everyone who has a mind and a heart. People for one are too exposed to these emotions, thus making them vulnerable. Sometimes, the effects can last for such a long time driving our sanity to its limit.


"You're not doing this for us! You're doing this for your own self interest!"

"Just admit it. You're just a greedy bastard looking out for your own good!"




"You stole your own brother eyes in order to save your own skin, you're a disgrace to our clan!"

"That's not true! I'm doing this for the Uchiha's safety! All for the Uchiha Clan!"


A hand shot up towards his face, grasping the temples slightly due to the sudden ache that had been brought about by a nightmare. A cold sweat descended his brow as he tried regaining his breath. Somehow the man found himself panting as if he had run a few miles or so without stopping. In reality, the man was just sleeping.

"NOOOOOO! I'm not a monster! I'm not a monster! I'm not a monster! I swear I was doing it for the sake of our clan! Why doesn't anybody understand?! Why?!"

Tears made their way down his cheeks and fell into the white blanket that was covering him.

Unknown to him, his screaming had woken his baby sister up.

"What is it, Onii-Chan?"

"It's nothing Emilia, you shouldn't worry about anything. So, how was you sleep?"

Not wanting to make her sad with his problems, he simply shook his head. She had plenty of shit to deal herself already. The fact that she looked like the Witch of Envy was enough trauma for her as it was, he wasn't going to rub his problems down her throat.

Emilia simply cupped his cheeks and wiped his tears away.

"Don't you dare change the subject, Onii-Chan. This time you will tell me everything! If you don't, I w-will c-cry!" She sutured, trying to fake it.

Even through she said said those words, Madara still didn't budge.

She asked the same question again—

—and again.

——and again.

———and again.

Seeing that her brother wasn't budging, she decided to let it go for now, but that didn't mean she had given up. She vowed in her mind that she would find out what was bothering her sweetheart big brother.

"Okay Onii-Chan, I will drop it for now, but please promise that someday you will tell me what has been bothering you. Promise?"

Madara didn't respond.


Emilia repeated.

Madara looked at her and hugged her.

It was always like this — no matter who tried to calm him and her down when they cried, they simply couldn't, not even their own parents, the only one who could calm them — were they themselve. It was truly as if they were made for each other — as if they were two splited pieces of the same soul.

He loved her with all of his heart. If someone were to try to split them apart, to take her away from his sight, he would burn the world to ashes without as much as a second thought.

She was his love.

She was his world.

She was his hope.

She was his everything.

She was his salvation.

She was his redemption.

"Yes, I promise.

End of Chapter 2.